A Short Guide on How to Increase Amazon Sales by 10 Times!

Why is it that some vendors and affiliates who work with Amazon make pennies or nothing, while others make big money? What is the latter group doing right and the former wrong?

Well there’s lots of reasons to explain this, but I want to focus the majority of this article on what you can be doing that’s RIGHT to increase your Amazon sales.

Spoiler: After adding more and more stuff, this guide ended up being a lot longer than I though. I apologize, but this isn’t exactly a 3 step guide, it’s a comprehensive tutorial that will help you make more sales if you follow it.

how to increase amazon sales

By the way, I did say 10 times, but I can tell you that this number could be much higher if you use the following strategies correctly. As someone who has made many sales online, all across different networks including Amazon, I have figured out different “stimulus” ways to boost sales. 

Now the guide I have here is both for affiliates & vendors…

Who are the vendors in Amazon? They are people who have a product to sell. If you’ve been considering becoming a seller on Amazon, you can join here (but read the guide first!).

The biggest problem vendors have is that they usually have a product to sell, but without any PR work, without a website, without anyone knowing about them and their product, they usually do not do well. This guide will help correct that problem.

What about affiliates? Affiliates on Amazon are people who sell the seller’s product (here’s a link to join the affiliate program). They make 4-10% commissions and a lot of this guide is going to be dedicated to them, because I am actually an affiliate of this place and I often run into people who tell me they have this problem:

The commission rate is so low that they don’t make a lot of money. I’ve seen people work for months to only make $10-$20 in commissions over that time. Such a small amount for such a long amount of time invested in work is certainly an incentive killer. We’re going to correct that too through this guide.

A message to both vendors & affiliates before I get into the guide:

I want to encourage BOTH parties to leave a comment below (after reading the guide) and let me know if it helped them and if not, to tell me what products you are selling (as a vendor/affiliate) and let me help you figure out a way to grow your sales. 

1) Get yourself a website.

For sellers (vendors), this can be a HUGE stimulus boost to their sales. Let’s say you have a product to sell. Simply putting it up on Amazon without having any marketing done for the product is a surefire way to fail. Unless you have something magnificent, the title of your product is good or somehow it goes viral, it’s just not going to succeed.

But if you have a website that sells that product, then you can link it to your Amazon buy page and increase sales that way. 

Now the right way to go about this method isn’t so much about having a website, it’s about having a NICHE website meaning that whatever product you have to sell, you need to identify WHICH niche audience is best suited for it. 

Let me take THIS website and imagine that I have a hypothetical book I’m selling on Amazon which talks about making money online. The book is $10, but I am sending traffic from THIS website to the checkout page there to make the sales happen.

What I am doing on THIS website is writing content on making money online, gathering visitors (I get about several 100’s a day) and then sending them there. 

Now compare having the original book for $10, but me having NO PR, no marketing, nothing and trying to make sales that way VS having a website that gets 100’s of visitors that sends them there. 

Which do you think will make more sales? We already know…

For affiliates…well you’re probably not going to make any sales unless you have a website, so this is mandatory for you guys. 

Every sale I’ve ever made on Amazon was done through having my own website. It is also just as important that it be a niche site in this case too. You absolutely have to write as much content as you possibly can for your niche. I’m talking 100’s of articles (it is not impossible, this website has over 700 so far). Again, check out the recommendation I have to vendors. It applies to affiliates just as well.

2) Absolutely make product reviews a part of your website.

The way it works is simple (and it applies to both vendors and affiliates):

In MOST markets out there, there are PLETHORA of potential products to review. Each product has their own popularity in terms of people looking them up on Google. Finding these products, writing about them, but linking them to your product OR the product you are promoting as an affiliate on Amazon is one sure fire way to boost sales exponentially.

Let me explain how I go about this:

  • I determine my niche audience.
  • I determine the products the niche audience wants.
  • I browse places like Amazon, Google, forums, websites, eBay, ect… and see which products are popular.
  • I then do keyword research on each product and organize which products get the most searches, write about them first, then work my way down to the less popular ones. Here is also a guide on how to write reviews and blog posts that get sales.

So let’s put this into specific stuff:

Let’s say I am selling a six pack abs book OR I find say a product on six pack abs to promote as an affiliate…

-I determined my niche is six pack abs, belly fat loss, ect…

-I figure out my audience wants to look for exercises that get them this stuff, possibly supplements, workout machines, and even guides on this too (they count as products too).

-So I find and create a list of products I find from the places I listed. For things like six pack abs, you can find PLENTY of products, books, ect… to review.

-I then filter the list through keyword research (I use this tool to determine that), find the most popular ones and start writing reviews, dedicating 1 review per 1 article. Each article can then link to my own product or the product I am promoting, it’s that simple. The hard part is the research and then writing up all this stuff, but believe me this works VERY well.

3) Finding the top products on Amazon itself and reviewing them.

So this is a more narrowed down version of the second option I just wrote, but it’ll save you a lot of research time. There’s a method by which I discover the hottest seller products on Amazon and it’s the best seller list.

I wrote an extensive guide on using Amazon’s Best Seller list here, but I use it very often to find popular products to review.

Using this tip alone can quite literally increase sales 10 fold (and even more). In my case, I use this for my diet website to review popular diets, some of which individually get 1,000’s of searches a month (again, I use this tool to determine the numbers). As a result of doing this and then writing reviews, I increase the visits to my website substantially and consistently.

As a vendor, you can also use this tip, find products in your related niche market on Amazon’s best seller list, write reviews on them, but compare it to your product and explain why it’s better, then link to it. 

Also, as a vendor, you will want to LAND on the Amazon best seller list for your product’s category. This is done by making enough sales to be put in that hierarchy. But there’s a system to it and I have written about it here (read method 1).

If you can land on that list, you can start seeing sales come in on auto pilot and you won’t have to invest as much time into your website to stimulate sales.

As an affiliate, I am giving you the exact same tip on using the best seller list to get product reviews on your site, except in the end, just link it to the product you are promoting.

4) Making compelling reviews = making more sales.

People who hear about writing product reviews often overlook how important it is to actually write a good one. If you write in a way that sends the vibe that you’re just trying to sell something or are trash talking one product to push yours, then it will absolutely affect your sales (conversion rate). 

You have to often buy the products you are reviewing and/or make very compelling, simply and intelligent arguments as to why your product is better. Maybe it’s the price, maybe it’s the quality of what you offer, maybe it’s something completely overlooked by consumers but once you mention it, it creates an “ah hah” moment for them and that leads to a sale.

The point is, if you can write a good review, that can absolutely increase sales. If you can’t, then you’ll spend more time than you have to writing one product review after another, having horrible conversions and working much more than you should, whereas if you tweak things around just a little bit, that can double, triple or increase your business more times than you can imagine. 

I have an article on writing good reviews here and after personally doing them for years, I have a pretty good system for helping you make more sales in general. Use it. 

5) Thinking long term. Create an email list. Use it to pitch your product.

One of the greatest investments in online business besides having a website is to have an email list, especially one that is thriving with leads who love getting your emails. I will explain this briefly, but I will link it back to making more sales on Amazon right after:

Growing an email list is often done through a website. Generally, the idea is that by getting traffic to your site, you can collect leads from that, thus creating a following and in the future, send them product offers with stuff you own or promote as an affiliate.

Now it is important that this is looked at an investment. It is generally NOT a good idea to try and sell your list anything until you gain their trust and this is done by giving out free tips and content. 

So let us imagine (and this is based on actual stuff that I personally do) that you have a website with 100’s of visitors. You collect leads and get about 20 of them a day. Over a month’s time, you will collect 600 leads. 

Then you will send these leads free info on whatever niche topic you want. For the sake of keeping it simple, let’s still use the six pack example. Just send them tips on getting six pack abs. Don’t give out too much info, but incremental stuff that they can use and get results from. 

Now we return to the Amazon part…

Then after about 10 emails, send them a link to your product (as an affiliate or vendor). This is a great way to grow sales. Not only that BUT…

Suppose you release a new book or product later in the future OR as an affiliate, you decide to promote a new product. That list you’ve been gathering and gaining trust through will be ready to get that new offer from you and buy it.

As an Amazon vendor, this can lead to instantaneous profits being made upon the release of your product (as you’ll inform your list that it’s out and people should get it now!

As an affiliate, you can also do the same thing.

The point is that by the time they gain your trust, this will make sales easier. It may even eliminate the need to focus so much on growing your website content as gathering a list will essentially get you a following and that following, when they buy in droves will get you a lot of people buying the product, very quickly.

And as an added bonus, if you are an Amazon vendor, and release a new product and send out the email to your list, and they buy it in droves, guess what’s going to happen? Your product is VERY likely to land on the best seller list and that will make the sales grow even more…

My final thoughts: How to guarantee that this all becomes a reality for you…

I always advise that people use all the tips I’ve given them together, but that can be very overwhelming. It’s tough enough to have a website and write content for it, let alone collect a list, while having to manage your own product or find one to be affiliated with. I get it, it’s information overload…

So to make all of this a possibility, I strongly suggest that you guys invest your time in a program that will take you through these very same processes incrementally, so that you build it little by little and overtime create a business that works on autopilot. Now I know the though of incremental business growth may sound slow and long, but believe me, you cannot sit down, with no website, experience and build an entire business in 1 day. This is how people fail (they rush). 

Whether you’re an affiliate or vendor, you will want to use this program I’m about to recommend. It will:

-Give you a website.

-Show you how to get the niche audience to it in large proportions (through product reviews and other means).

-Show you how to link to your product or an affiliated product you’re promoting.

-Grow a list (you already know the benefits of that).

-And to make it all connect together into a business that pays you VERY well.

One more thing…

So let’s say that you already have a business and in some cases are using one or more of the options I mentioned above. Cool, just keep using them and if necessary, tweak your existing stuff to be more similar to the strategies I explained. And you should also consider checking out the same program I recommended anyway as it’ll only help your business grow.

But in any case…get a website, seek out more popular products to review, write the product reviews, funnel it to your product/affiliate product, create a list, ect… but just PLEASE make sure you’re focused on being niche specific.

In any case, I can guarantee you that if you were to do nothing as an existing vendor/affiliate on Amazon, you will make FAR less than if you implement the strategies I just told you about. 

Bonus: An extra tip to affiliates who can’t get by the low commissions:

Selling even mass products on Amazon is still not a good deal if those commissions ad up to several dollars. I get it. So I have a tip that may help you lot out a lot and is this:

Find larger priced items, whether on Amazon or other networks and promote those instead. You can go on places like Clickbank.com and explore the same types of products you were/are selling on Amazon, just through there.

You will find that many niche topics for which you sell products in one area, are available in Clickbank, but for a higher price and in some cases, more value. In addition, the commission rate is also substantially higher so you can see far greater profit margins. Instead of earning pennies per sale, you can make a good $10-$20 or even more depending on the product you seek to promote.

For example: 

There is a best selling product in the green protein powder category. It’s a powder you mix in with water to get nutritional value and it’s price is about $26 a bottle. As an affiliate, you’d make pennies for each sale here.

However, if you hop onto Clickbank, you’ll find a good rated product there that also sells a similar green protein powder that is $81 an pays you about 75% commission, meaning you’d make a good $50+ for each sale.

How can you as an affiliate convince people to buy higher priced stuff? By being a good reviewer that lists the benefits of having your chosen product over the cheaper one. You can explain how the higher priced one offers more value whereas if you were to buy say the cheaper one, you’d get less and would have to pay for more bottles to get the same value as the higher priced one. You can also make things like comparison tables.

I’m just throwing out actual sales ideas I’ve implemented in my own experience that work. Believe me, people are ready to spend more if you give them good reasons as to why.

So yeah, look up other products on different networks and sell them. This will get you higher commissions.

20 thoughts on “A Short Guide on How to Increase Amazon Sales by 10 Times!”

  1. Hello there. I’ve been following your blog for a while because it’s one of the most helpful blogs in this niche, for sure. I have a joint pain website that I started in January. I’ve been using your advice, especially the ones about reviewing popular Amazon stuff. And I would send people to the review of the product I want to sell.

    What worries me is that a pretty low per cent of my visitors get to that second review. I would say about 30%. Out of these, I have a 20% clicking on my link. I’ve only had a sale so far. Now that’s not necessarily very little, after about 6 months of existence of my website.

    But I’m worried about taking people go to my second review. How do I increase that 30%? I know it’s all about content, but I would need a real recommendation/advice. Thanks.

    • Hi Heather, I looked over your site (but removed it from your comment). I have a few questions and suggestions:

      1) You said your blog is about 6 months old. How much daily traffic are you getting?

      2) Also how many blog posts do you have? I counted about 20-30. If this is the case, then your site is maturing, but needs more content and a bit more time to mature further. I estimate it may be 2 more months before you really start to see the traffic roll in from the existing content you have.

      3) Your main promotion’s title page needs work. Don’t change the permalink you currently have, but keep the title of the product, the word review, and add in how it’s the best solution for joint pain. This tells the audience right away that they are looking at a product that deals with THEIR problem (joint issues).

      4) I would write more about general joint related things. Look for keywords with the highest traffic potential and make those your next goal in content creation.

      Overall, I think your site is fine and it needs more maturity with Google (and traffic) to work better. I know you’re worried about the small sales and small click throughs but as of now, with just 1 sale and not enough info on how much traffic you get, I can’t draw a conclusion on what you need to change, but in any case, my advice on adding more content to bring in more traffic, will naturally lead to better click throughs to your promotional pages and this will likely increase the volume of sales.

      • Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll do as you say. I have about 100 visits per week, so around 12-13 per day. That’s not very little for 6 months, but my traffic only comes from a few posts (I have 33 right now on my site). Well, I’ll keep writing content as for now.

        Thank you.

        • Thank you for this info Heather. A 100 visits a week is not really a lot to make a decision off. I would hold off on changing anything on your promotional pages until you get at least 50 visits a day to the actual review itself. Once you have that type of consistent visitor count coming in daily, then you can analyze the clicks and decide if changes are necessary. For now, focus on writing more articles revolving around the joint pain niche.

  2. Hello there Vitaliy,

    I have been working with amazon, as an affiliate for almost 6 months now and I have only managed to make 2 sales thus far. I have followed almost all the steps you have outlined there except for an email list, and I think that what you say solves the problem I am having.

    The email subscribers are the best people to pitch a product to, and this is what I am going to get into right away. Thanks a lot for the help.

    • What niche are you in Dave and how much traffic are you getting? If you made only 2 sales in this amount of time, this info can help me better understand why this is.

  3. Hey I really enjoyed this article, it was very informative. I need to gain more sales for my amazon affiliate account. So far i have only made my first sale which was a success for me. My analytics are different for the site with my affiliate links because there’s not a section for organic traffic? I also need to get together an email list as well, I have not done that yet.

    • Hi Justin, you analytics data will show you different numbers. What you need to look at is the behavior of your audience and how many are visiting your pages with affiliate links, this will better help you figure out if enough traffic is coming in there to make you sales. Here’s an overview of Google analytics that should help you with this.

  4. Hi Vitaliy,

    I’ve been hearing that you can make good money from amazon but I never understood exactly how to go about doing it. I’ve been looking to start a online business but wasn’t sure which way to go,I certainly did not know amazon offered an affiliate program. I appreciate all the excellent information you’ve provided and I will continue to read your website.


    • Yeah the Amazon affiliate program is pretty common knowledge but I still do run into people who do not know it exists. Once you get in and figure out how to set up links, it’s pretty easy to navigate and they send out checks on time.

  5. Hi Vitaliy,

    I’m a newbie at Wealthy Affiliate and just in the process of building my website. I’ve been struggling with making product reviews and this article is really helpful.

    I will definitely start to look for the best selling products and making good reviews of them .Thanks for all the tips on increasing sales.


    • Hi Marita, are you struggling with the actual writing of the product review or finding products to review? If it’s the former, check out the webinars in WA as there’s plenty of great tutorials on this, especially Jay’s webinars where he actually explains this thing. As for the latter, yeah, use the best seller list, it’ll really help you save time!

  6. Hi there Vitaliy,

    Thanks for creating this rather helpful article for us all, As a struggling Amazon affiliate I really appreciate this. What I have done to turn things around, and indications are that this is working is I changed the style of my reviews.

    I stopped being salesy and more helpful in my reviews and made them more like a show and tell, show the prospect or potential buyer how this product could help them!

    With the same traffic my conversions went up from 8% to 15%…same traffic..more money!

    • Nice work Derek! Indeed the best reviews, aka those which convert best are the ones in which you help the prospective buyer out as you say. One of the things I know works very well is showcasing the product and telling them YOUR personal experiences with them, that always creates a very close connection between the affiliate and buyer because if they know you the product, tried it and it worked for you, it’ll work for them. 

  7. Hey there Vitaliy,

    I just got accepted by Amazon and I got my Amazon associates account approved. I now want to focus on building my sales volume within the program and this tutorial seems to be the best place for me to start.

    I will come back again to read and start implementing each step you have offered here. Hopefully, I can hit my goal of making $10,000 per month with it.


    • Hi Dave, what niche are you in currently? I can help you figure out if going through Amazon is the best route but in any case, to build up traffic more quickly, use the best seller tutorial I linked above, it’ll help you target some high volume keywords.

  8. Hi! Thank you for sharing! It’s handy stuff. I have some questions. 

    I want to sign up to ClickBank but am afraid that as I’m still a newbie and have just a few readers a day, I won’t sell anything for a while, and then will I pay taxes to Clickbank if I don’t make sales? Should I wait until my site grows for registering to that platform?

    The last question: where can I find useful information about products to sell? On others articles or it’s also enough if I take the data from the sellers? I don’t want to copy someone.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Marta, Clickbank is not a government organization, it can’t tax you or charge you any fees if you don’t make sales, you can safely register with it and then promote products then when you’re ready.

      As for the second question, you can find info on whichever product/s you wish to sell from forums and sites via Google. That or you can buy the product yourself to understand it better. You don’t have to copy any site’s info on the product you’re interested in writing about, but you can use the info to further increase your knowledge on the product, then put it into your own, unique words. 

  9. You said that we need to create a lot of review posts but I know that Google doesn’t want a lot of promotional content and I really think that my site may be suffering because of it. I wonder what should be a good ratio for information and promotional content? What is your experience?

    • You’re talking about bridge pages Furkan. This is indeed a topic in which if you post too many reviews, and have them all link to your products, that it can cause lower rankings. What I usually do is promote a few programs, then when I do other review posts, I link them to the recommended ones, that way only a few are promoted. 

      So let’s say in my niche topic there are at least 50 products I can review and only 2 of them are good. I’ll do reviews on 48 of them and link them to one or both products that I am recommending and those 2 will be the ones which have affiliates links. 


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