Is Push Button Traffic 2.0 a Scam? Half The Site is Broken!

Quick Report:push button traffic 2.0 review

Name: Push Button Traffic 2.0.

Price: I got it for almost $23 (a discount) and there’s also a lot of up-sells, which in hindsight I am glad I didn’t buy because the regular price I paid got me very little stuff as it is.

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

Either this site is outdated or they just aren’t working on it anymore. Half the links are broken, the training I did get in many areas was outdated and there’s a whole bunch of ads and links to sign up for other stuff to get “free bonuses”. Overall, I felt like I was scammed.

Recommended program? No!

What is Push Button Traffic 2.0? 

You know, it’s very hard for me to actually answer that and the reason why is because half the members area of this program is broken. Broken in the sense that some links lead to 404 errors and I am told the account was suspended and basically there’s very little. 

Some of the little stuff I did find that actually works was outdated training on making niche sites and auto making blogging through already debunked methods of traffic generation: Copying content through automated programs, which leads to SEO failure. Black hat things.

Luckily, being that I know a lot about free traffic generation and making money online, I can at least steer you guys who are looking for legitimate programs in the right direction… 

Want to know how broken Push Button Traffic 2.0’s members area is?

Let me give you a tour (you will be disappointed!)…

So the members area consists of 6 “steps” to complete in order. Each step has either 1 link/resource to take a look at or a bunch of bonuses and stuff to examine. One of them is the actual guide to what Push Button Traffic 2.0 is said to show you, how to get free traffic in under a minute, but upon looking over each step, most of them were broken as I said. Let me explain just how broken this whole place is…

Step 1: Has you try and sign up for a webinar.

The webinar is set to be live in November. Seriously? Is it November of this year? Last year? Which is it? I don’t know because clicking on the link to register provides me with a broken link that says it’s not working.

Furthermore, the way people set up webinars these days is that even if you miss the live event, there is a recording you can check out. And these usually pitch some sort of high ticket scheme. And while I can’t say that for Push Button Traffic 2.0, it has been my experience that programs which have webinars in their back office typically do this.

But even though there is no webinar happening in this program, let’s forget step 1, it’s a dead end.

Step 2: This is supposedly where you get the heart of the program.

By that I mean training and some programs. But guess what, that’s broken too. Whatever message I get, it says what I am supposed to view is “offline”:

Well OK, onto the next step. Hopefully that finally works…

Step 3: Gives you 6 bonuses. Half of them don’t work…

Let me briefly go through each bonus.

The first bonus gives you a 50+ page eBook on setting up niche sites. The information is broadly correctly but it also shows you traffic generation methods which are a waste of time these days:

Blog commenting, using software to generate content for you, which doesn’t work today, doing RSS feeds which is also a waste of time, and a bunch of other stuff which I have mixed views on.

Overall, I would not recommend this guide.

The second bonus gives you a short guide with links to download some programs. Some of them in my opinion have nothing to do with traffic generation so overall, this is a guide I would disregard too.

The third bonus is supposed to show you some interview, but hey, it’s broken.

The fourth bonus is a case study, but the account associated with it is suspended, so I can’t view it.

The fifth bonus is supposed to show me the original Push Button Traffic 1.0, but it leads to a blank page where the only thing I see is a bluehost header (it’s a hosting company), so that’s another failed part of the program.

The sixth bonus shows you 100’s of “offers” that are basically just titles of products you can review and promote. This is nothing more than an index for affiliates to check out. I honestly don’t see much value in this, other than as an affiliate marketer who just has some new things to review now and that’s considering if these offers are still available today. Being that this overall program seems so outdated as it is, I don’t even know if the stuff inside this list is even active anymore, but we’ll see…

Step 4: Just a tour over the up-sells again.

I didn’t buy any of thankfully, but step 4 is basically another way of trying to get me to buy them. And wouldn’t you know it, the links work here. 

Step 5: Basically just 3 offers to buy…

This isn’t even training, it’s links to 3 other products to get (buy).

Step 6: A bunch of free offers, but you need to sign up to get them.

There’s a lot of ads/banners here and a lot of them display free stuff you can, but the catch it, you need to sign up. I didn’t bother with this, but I am going to assume that in doing so, will send me to some pages where I’ll be pitched more stuff to buy.

Forget it, I’m tired of this program at this point and am just going to finish this review up…

Final Rating: Push Button Traffic 2.0.

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. There’s very little good stuff in this program and overall, it’s a combination of broken training, missing stuff and ads to get other programs. There’s no reason to give this program even 1 star.

My final thoughts: Get this program instead…

If you’re tired of programs like Push Button Traffic 2.0 that heavily under deliver on what their sales pages say, then get this program instead:

It’s not just better in every way, but it’ll also show you updated methods of creating a real income online. Oh and to add to it, everything works.

2 thoughts on “Is Push Button Traffic 2.0 a Scam? Half The Site is Broken!”

  1. Hi Vitaliy!

    Gotta say…kudos for trying out, examining and persisting with a product that the product owner couldn’t be bothered with! I mean, quite shambolic isn’t it? So many broken links, which as you very well know must be killing his SEO and rankings, and an obviously outdated webinar! I wouldn’t fancy your chances of a refund bro!

    What is screaming out loudly from this review is that if this guy/guys can’t take care of his own online business how would you trust or expect him (or them) to help you to take care of your own?

    • Great points Derek, although in regards to the SEO part of it, there’s no impact there, these people are doing most of their PR stuff through email marketing and putting up the program on JvZoo. 


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