10 Real Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories You Have to See.

Wealthy Affiliate holds over 2 million members as of 2020 and many of them are success stories. Today I’d like to share with you 10 who openly blog about their results. 

Spoiler: I ended up sharing more than 10…

wealthy affiliate success stories

And these aren’t the only 10. First let say that there’s a lot more, but…

Many of them are in hiding and that’s really because once you publicize your success in this business, you’re going to get a lot of people bugging you about how to do it too. And while it’s natural for people to want to gravitate to successful people and mimic them, this attention can really become too much for people and I’ve personally experienced this too.

Now specifically, I blogged about 10 other Wealthy Affiliate success stories and it just so happened that every single one of them started with Wealthy Affiliate as well, but some of them moved into other businesses and do their own things now, like Dom Wells who created Human Proof Designs and Ian Pribyl who made FIMP. Both companies are very successful thanks to the training these 2 gentlemen got from WA and I know them personally.

Then there’s people like Russell Brunson who is currently one of the top internet marketing success stories in the world and guess where he got his start? That’s right, Wealthy Affiliate.

Then there’s me, another one of Wealthy Affiliate’s biggest successes:

Let me briefly state that I, Vitaliy am indeed on this list of successes.

The training I received to make it to this point comes Wealthy Affiliate as well, but specifically, some of the longest running success I’ve personally had is promoting WA itself and thanks to their bootcamp course, and here is a personal video I made explaining this:

wealthy affiliate success story picture

Before you read the success stories, here is how you can become one yourself:

Besides joining and getting my help with that (click the link above for that offer), all of the stories you’re going to be seeing today, including those names I mentioned above became pros in the internet marketing business by following the same courses within WA.

Here is a review of Wealthy Affiliate that explains what you learn within the program and how it leads to you succeeding in this business.

But having shown all of this, let me say that:

Today’s article is going to cover 10 other Wealthy Affiliate success stories (from existing members):

And here they are:

1) Grace, aka Littlemama.

Grace has been a member of WA for sometime now and I actually got to meet her recently in Las Vegas (twice), when we both attended the annual Wealthy Affiliate Vegas Conference.

She is a very kind lady and it was a pleasure to meet her. She basically got her results by following the Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp course and became a super affiliate for the program.

You can read one of her blog posts where she discusses how she earned $40k in a year promoting WA to others here:

littlemama grace

In addition, if you wish to visit Grace’s official site and possibly even join through her link, and/or want check out what she does, here is the link to her blog.

Now the $40k is one of the many results Grace gets from this platform and becoming a member in WA (which you can do for free), you can check out all her blog posts.

2) Eric.

I met Eric last year in Vegas and we reconnected this year too (along with Grace). He’s been promoting WA for a long time as well and is also one of their biggest promoters.

Here is one of his blog posts where he explained how he earned $7,000 in a matter of a few days of promoting WA during it’s Black Friday event:

wa eric

I also want to note real quick that some of the success stories featured here are from people who do NOT promote WA and run their own businesses promoting other things. Like I have said throughout my talks about WA, they do NOT only teach you to promote them, but how to build an online business from any topic.

And of course, here is Eric’s blog where he actually brings in the traffic and money.

3) Craig’s Amazon success post.

I have to be honest, I don’t really know Craig, but I did find the following post (and info on the member) from looking WA’s success post area. One of the posts this gent has is on his results promoting things on Amazon and getting to near $1,000 in affiliate earnings from it:

wa craig

Now as for Craig’s site, I currently don’t have a link, but I did reach out to him to see if he wants to share it (he might be one of the private success stories I talked about). If he shares it, I will provide it here with an update.

What I can tell you though is that Craig’s results come from promoting something other than WA.

4) Brandon.

I don’t know much about Brandon, other than the following post I’m about to share with you where he talks about selling a site and making over $10,000 on the sale. As far as I know, Brandon does NOT promote WA, but here is that post where he shares his results:

wa brandon

Believe it or not, flipping websites (sounds like real estate, because it technically is, digital real estate that is) is a legit business and if you can grow a website to get a lot of traffic and sales, then you can also elect to sell that site.

For example, my website earned over $50k last year (report), and if I decided to sell it, I’d probably get $200k+ for it Even though I have no intent to sell my site). Either way, this is another way you can make money online and WA will teach you how.

I don’t have a link to Brandon’s site either (he probably practices selling sites) but if you’re reading this Brandon, congratulations on the success and if you have a blog you’d like to share with myself and my readers, please let me know below. 

5) John.

John is also a massive success story in WA. To be honest, I didn’t really see what business model he uses to make his money, but it sounds high ticket and consulting related, meaning he probably consults with clients and gets paid big money for this (it’s a legit business model, people like Sam Ovens practice that and teach it).

Anyway, here is a post about how much he made from a single lead in 1 day:

wa john

I do believe John has a multi promotional business where he not only promotes WA, but also promoted other things like Bitcoin.

Here is a link to his blog. Congratulations John!

6) John Cruz.

John happens to be one of my closest WA friends and we met several times in Vegas throughout the years, but recently even started doing a hiking trip every time we meet.

Last year we visited Zion National Park and in 2019, we hit up Mt.Charleston near Las Vegas. Both trips were incredible and we aim to only continue doing this every time!

It’s become a tradition that many of our Vegas colleges were skeptical of (because we woke up early to go and it was very far!) but now are more and more on board. We’re marketing our trips to marketers here! 

Anyway, John runs a blog also promoting WA and here is one of his success stories:


John runs an awesome blog called Askdads.com where he promotes products to help dads raise their kids including making money to support them. And he does this by promoting the WA program to them. Here is a link to his page. 

Update: John also started a new website called BrokeVeteran.com which is a more updated site he now runs to also promote WA.

7) Melody.

Melody is also someone who like to sell websites, and her story is a “bit” larger than Brandon’s above. She made an over $30k sale on one of her sites she sold. Here is a link to her article:


Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to Melody’s official blog. It’s possible it’s the one she sold above but like I said to the others in this post, if you wish to share a current blog on this site, feel free to let me know below.

8) Jerry. 

Jerry runs a blog called SmartAffiliateSuccess.com and I do believe he is the youngest WA super affiliate so far. At about 20 (could be 19), he made his first Vegas trip this past month and it was nice to meet him. 

Here is one of his many case studies where he cites some HUGE revenue numbers for his blog:

wa jerry

Jerry does also promote other things on his blog you’re welcome to check out in the link above.

9) Dave.

Dave is an interesting story.

He basically landed a gig and added a extra $100k to his income by helping improve an existing site that he doesn’t own. And this is certainly one of the possible ways one can generate a six figure income online, and I have my own six figure stories like this.

The ability to consult and help other businesses improve their site’s look and reach (marketing) is a huge industry and Dave, using the skills he got from WA landed him to get this job. Here is his post explaining that:

I’m not sure if Dave owns a blog or he’s just a consultant, but either way, I congratulate him on landing this gig and quite honestly, it doesn’t require a lot of work either based on that blog post he wrote.

10) Mike.

Mike, the last one on this list, is also another person I ran into in Vegas during the WA conference there. He was a former trucker, turned full time affiliate marketer and he too runs a great blog you can check out here

Here is one of Mike’s posts about what he managed to get done thanks to WA:

wa mike

One of the awesome things this dude has done is taken the affiliate marketing business he learned from WA and applied it to traveling across the United States. He has some awesome stories he shared with me when we met and you’re welcome to check them out on his blog I linked above.

Ready to become another success story at Wealthy Affiliate?

Then try the WA program here for free if you’re ready to go.

But if you need to know more about this place and read even more success stories, check out the review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

In any case, I had to sift through more than 10 stories while doing the research on this topic, and there were numerous ones I wanted to include, but I wanted to keep this list to 10, to keep this article “short”.

If you have any questions on the stories mentioned here or myself, do let me know 🙂

38 thoughts on “10 Real Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories You Have to See.”

  1. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 4 years now and I must say if you stick to the program by implementing what you can learn and by being vigilant and do your own due diligence there is no way, ever, that you won’t achieve success one way or another.

    I don’t like to talk much about my success since it is a bit out of the ordinary. My success came with WA but not so much in just one way by earning money online, no, it gave me a boost in my existing offline business by receiving more clients due to my online presence and representing/branding myself through my website.

    For me, this proves that success can be different. Nevertheless, I would never have achieved it without Wealthy Affiliate and this is always the biggest plus of all.

    Thanks for sharing all the online successes. It feels good to read about it and to see that others also do achieve their goals

    • Hi Sylvia, I too can relate to your offline success as well. From the experience I gained in internet marketing, I was able to find myself a few clients and have word get out about my experience which led to other opportunities and yes, this all stemmed from Wealthy Affiliate as well for me. I can totally understand why you keep silent about your success, it basically goes back to what I said earlier about people not wanting the publicity.

  2. This is so motivating. I keep hearing about the possibilities of making money online and always wondered if people really can do it. These testimonies and actual examples are so motivating. 

    What I love about WA is that, apart from selling your product, you can make money in a variety of ways. This affiliate marketing program is great and it adds up. I am going to work on the marketing part of my online business. 

    Thank you for these examples.

    • No problem JJ, indeed WA offers more than one way to succeed online and it expands beyond just affiliate marketing, even though this is what WA originally taught when it began operating in 2005. I have some examples of sites I’ve made money with through their training here. Enjoy!

  3. Great article, and I like that you showed people’s testimonies here so everyone who has doubt can see for themselves that it’s not a scam. I joined wealthy affiliate recently (some few months ago) and I can also confidently state here that it is legit. I’d advise you all not to delay in making that decision to join wealthy affiliate. Nice post.

  4. I really like this article! It just goes to show that Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be for becoming successful making money online and creating a real business. The way you presented this information shows your honesty in marketing and that is so refreshing! 

    I am a member of this place as well and am making some money with my amazon affiliate website. I am now going through the Bootcamp course and am really enjoying it. Do you run another website or is this your main one?

    • Hi Cynthia, great work on the Amazon site! Even if it’s making a little bit, it can be scaled and that experience from making sales already puts you in a small minority of success stories. You can totally grow this with your existing site or a bootcamp site and frankly, ANY new site you start. 

      Regarding me, last year I started a few new websites, and in 2019 focus on this one, and at least 2 other ones I wish to grow to full time income sites by the end of this year. 

  5. The list is awesome! I enjoyed reading this piece. I love WA, even though I am a relatively new and have not made money like these guys but I see and believe in the prospect! The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can do other things as it requires little time and capital! 

    Besides you are allowed to join as a free member and if you like what it offers you can upgrade to the premium membership. I hope to get to this level too soon with the effort I am putting in! Please drop your username on WA so I can follow and learn from you too.

  6. You’ve chosen some great stories to share of some inspirational WA members, some of whom I know as well, as I use the platform myself. Not only is it a wonderful resource of training for aspiring website builders, small business owners, affiliate marketers, and bloggers, but also the best resource for continuing education on those income sources and community support. 

    It’s especially useful for anyone who has, or would like to have multiple sites, as WA provides the means to create and maintain several sites with hosting included & live support. I intend to keep my membership for years to come.

  7. Thank you for sharing these success stories, Vitaliy! I follow many of these people inside of Wealthy Affiliate, but there are some new faces here, and now I have even more to follow! I love that you shared both people who promote Wealthy Affiliate, and those that don’t. 

    I have seen some complaints that anyone “successful” inside Wealthy Affiliate is promoting Wealthy Affiliate. They didn’t see all of the success stories of people having success doing all sorts of things. 

    That’s one thing I love about this platform. You’re not just learning affiliate marketing. You’re learning all kinds of skills that you can take with you out in the world and create a living any number of different ways. There’s so much opportunity for us, it’s almost mind boggling.

    • Agreed Christina! And as I said in this article, many of the success stories do not like to publicly announce that they’re doing well. What happens is that many people then tend to try and copy them so it gets annoying for people to make these announcements, but considering many people stick around for so long, it’s logical to think many of them are doing so because they are getting results.

  8. Hello Vitaliy :),

    I am a still a new member to WA and I have been following some of these folks you listed. Jerry especially has been an inspiration to me. Thanks a lot for this list of successful affiliates. It gives me something to look forward to. 

    I would follow you on WA also and see how I can learn more from you.

  9. I loved reading all of those stories and some of those people I follow myself! It’s very inspiring to read and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to write these. I think people who are starting out on their own need those kinds of stories as boosts! I know it sure has helped me. Thank you again!

  10. Thank you for a very detailed and inspirational article.I found it very important that you also gave details on your personal success with making money online. This provides credibility to your presentation. I learned that you made half of your money promoting Wealthy Affiliate by using Bing Ads.

    What promotional methods did you use to earn the other half? What were the most successful promotional methods used by the top 10 success stories? I was glad to learn about Google Trends and that you recommended using.

    I was also pleased to learn that you also made a significant amount of money promoting these products.So the training at Wealthy Affiliate is not only for promoting Wealthy Affiliate but it also works for promoting other products. I am new at Wealthy Affiliate but I see that although I have much more to learn, that success is possible.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Carlos:

      1) For the most part my promotion of WA is done through blogging and SEO. 

      2) I made more money promoting WA through blogging than through PPC, it wasn’t 50%.

      3) I’m not sure as to everyone’s promotional methods on this list, but I did give some bios about them. I am certain most of them either sold websites, did SEO or used the training to get hired to do that work.

  11. I never met Dave, but I did meet Mike and he’s a pretty cool guy. We had a lot of discussions about his travels. He really does show how people can travel and work at the same time through affiliate marketing.

  12. Having been in WA for 5 years now, I am VERY encouraged by your affirmation of these wonderful people who have made a huge success out of WA. Why?

    Because they work hard, just like you do and came up with the right ideas to make money online. I’ve seen a lot of your blogs and read them with great eagerness because I have found them easy to read, easy to follow and easy and simple to digest.

    I particularly like the one where you give reasons why people haven’t succeeded and I faulted at all those points and am trying my best to amend those faults.The problem with me is that I have so many ideas going through my head that I tend to want to do it all at the same time.  

    However your recommendation is to stick to one idea and not to go after ANY shiny object that may come along! Thank you for always taking the time to encourage and inspire us every step of the way!

    • You’re welcome! Yes, start with 1 idea for now. I would list out every single idea you have going on right now, but to figure out which one would the best for you to focus on. Also consider which of those ideas are ones you know a lot about, this will help. Then once you choose it, work on it through the WA training and do not let your thoughts slip on trying another idea, until you really build this one into a business.

  13. I’m an affiliate and I haven’t made as much as these people here, but I know that I can if I continue to put in the work. I have made some money, so I can say that it really is a great platform for income.

    You sharing these success stories is a really great way to promote this wonderful money making platform.

    I’m very impressed by Grace, making 40k! I wish to share this same experience or with more of a profit. I just love how these affiliates have reaped the rewards of hard work!

    • Hi Angella, it sounds like you are on your way too. I would be very happy to see your success story and adding it in the next blog I make about this topic! And I do agree, Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome platform indeed 🙂

  14. Thanks for the article, I am a WA member and don’t think I’ve ever had contact with the person I signed up under, kinda makes me wish I signed up under you, but that’s in the past and I’m looking forward to the future of WA. 

    This is very inspiring and will be reading the original 10 as well, I follow 4 of the 10 you mentioned in this article and all are very helpful when they are online. Littlemama is especially helpful from what I have seen. 

    This has given me more inspiration and possibly will definitely get to work on a WA promotion site of my own besides my own niche that I’m very passionate about. Thank you! Wonder if I can cancel and sign-up under you? 



    • Jason hi, I can’t really tell you to do that. This is a decision you’d have to make on your own (I’ve had these types of requests before and I don’t think it’s ethical of me to try and take other affiliate’s referrals from them). 

      Regarding making a promotional site for Wealthy Affiliate, I would recommend that, IF you didn’t already have a niche you loved making a site on, which appears to be the case, so I would advise you keep working on it until it’s working well and flowing well in sales, in which case, you can take some time to create a second site, which does promote WA.

      • No, I wouldn’t leave the person that showed me this awesome site and since the time I’ve left the review, I haven’t even closed your site yet I want to read what you have, to teach some more.

        I have some domain names and would like to start using them, so I figured I’ll slowly start the WA promo site but just not actually publish it until I feel it’s ready.

        It’s like reading a book, you get tired of it and you go and pick another one up.

        Again thanks for all the info, much appreciated.


        • Hi Jason if you’re serious about going this route, I WOULD publish ANY content you produce on any of the domains you own, even if you don’t feel it’s ready. You never want to wait for content to be ready to be published, because it WILL take awhile for it to rank on Google. You will only slow yourself down if you wait until you think it’s ready.

          So again, publish whatever you create now even if it’s not ready, update it later, then re-publish it again, that’s my first advice.

          The second advice I have is to not start using multiple domains, just do one. You just will not have the time to work on all your domains when you really start doing the training. I’d rather you really grow one site a lot, than barely grow multiple sites through the same effort/time.

  15. It’s true WA has lots of successful people and I’m hoping to be one of them down the road. I’ve been doing training for a few months now and when I started didn’t have a clue how to build a website. Now I can make one with little or no problems. And the training never stops. So congrats on the success to everyone. 

    • That is already a major improvement Dorothy and I am certain you already know more than you think about this business! This will only continue to be the case as you progress in the training.

  16. These are all amazing and inspiring stories. It is really amazing what this platform has to offer to its members. I know many of these stories were achieved through hard work and patience and it is not like these people started today and started succeeding the next day.

    It did take some time and some discipline and I believe these are results everyone can achieve if they are willing to learn and work with consistency. It was great reading these stories and I look forward to more success stories with my own coming very soon.

  17. This is an eye opener for me; I must tell you the success stories are inspiring and its made me believe I can still write my success story this year if I work harder. Wealthy affiliate has been changing lives for years and i am hopeful they will still change more hardworking people’s lives. I joined last year and ever since then my income as a blogger has been multiplying.

  18. Wow. This is great. Thanks for sharing this and their links. Although I have read on some of them inside the platform, I will definitely check out each link and be inspired more so. This is a big encouragement for me. 

    Although I made some money on WA, I am not there yet. I have a lot to learn and lot of work still to do. Thanks again.

    • Everyone who is on this list reached that goal by having step by step success in terms of income and results Shiela and you will see this too if you keep working at it.


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