Is Sam Ovens Legit? What You Need to Know.

You’re more than likely here because you saw one of the many ads on YouTube (or social media) showcasing Sam Ovens and his consulting business. I saw it too.

And you also saw on that ad how his business and what teaches is booming and how he’ll teach you to create your own version of it, but you’ve probably wondered at the same time:

  • Is he legit or is he just a scammer?
  • What does he actually teach?
  • How much does it cost? 

Well that’s what I will be answering for you today since I have a lot of experience with what he teaches and have gone through a bit of his program and sales funnel. I also happen to be a businessman who has done a little bit of successful consulting (by choice) so I know how this business works and I will be showing how to do it yourself if you’re interested.

sam ovens consulting review

Here is my personal video review of Sam Oven’s program:

sam ovens alternative

Now besides this video, I have also included much more info on Sam Ovens and his program/opportunity, and we’ll start with this:

Who is Sam Ovens? 

who is sam ovens

He’s a guy who in his late 20’s became a millionaire via doing consulting work for clients.

Basically he helps his clients improve their businesses by getting more leads through the internet and in return, the consultation, the advice and even a service to do all of this gets him paid big money.

An example of Sam Oven’s teachings can work like this:

how sam ovens consulting works

Here’s a specific example:

Suppose someone who opens up a gym in a city comes to me (since I know this) and asks for advice on how to market his gym online. After all, more leads coming in from the internet = more clients = more money to the gym.

Being that I specialize in online marketing, I give him a consultation explaining how he can do this, then perhaps I charge him $1,000 or more for services to actually help make that gym become more seen online by people and in return, the gym owner starts earning an extra $10,000 a month from my help.

Forking out that $1,000 in that case is a no brainer for them because they are getting 10x their investment back (1,000% ROI). And provided I keep bringing him more clients every month, I can keep getting paid $1k a month.

Now taking that formula and multiplying it by several clients can equal to making $10,000, $100,000 or more every single month.

That is essentially what Sam Ovens does on his website, and he has reached a point where he has countless clients coming to him for help in building their businesses and him and his team provide that to them and get paid big money for each client.

But now he’s added to his business by offering training on all of this:

In addition to offering consultations to clients, he now offers training on how to actually replicate the success he’s had providing consultations.

In other words, through his program, he will teach you how to also become a successful consultant. 

And the price of this training is…$1,999.

It’s quite a lot and actually may cost even beyond that if you start using the training itself, but…

But is it worth that price?

Well he is legit as I said before, but I want to pause this review for a second and explain that learning to become a successful consultant takes effort. Here is a breakdown:

Before I explain exactly what Sam teaches, allow me to show you my stats:

What Sam’s training will teach you (the details of what you learn):

Essentially the training comes down to 2 parts:

Part I: Finding the client.

Your goal is to find people who would be happy to become your clients and you do so through Facebook. You would set up an ad that targets a specific group of people who have a business or occupation and offers them help.

Here is an example:

In this case, the target audience are plumbers who run a plumbing business. Your ad is basically saying that you will help their business grow by finding them more clients that need plumbing services.

Part II: Getting the lead to become a client.

Should a plumber or someone who runs a pluming business see this ad on Facebook and click on it, the next step is to run that person (who is the potential lead) through a sales funnel, that ultimately leads to a 1 on 1 call where you explain your services and basically “consult” with them.

In this part, the consultation has to be done right, so much so that the person agrees to pay you to work for them.

Part III: Delivering the service to the client to make them happy. 

Once you get the client and you both agree to getting paid, the next step is to actually fulfill the promise and get the person/business more leads. In this following example, you would be getting more people in need of pluming services to contact the plumbing service.

The way you would be taught to do this is by setting up Facebook ads, targeting people who are looking for pluming services in the area where the business operates and getting the leads to the client’s website. In other words:

  • Run a Facebook ad for people who need pluming services.
  • Make the ad lead to the plumbing business website where the people can hire the plumber.

Part IV: Make the client happy and start a long term business relationship.

If you manage to deliver that plumbing business more work, they will be happy to continue working with you and paying you (and if they don’t, they are foolish to do so, but it’s not a problem and you’ll see why in the next part). 

But if you make your client happy, the next step is to basically tell them that you’ll keep running this ad and helping them get more customers as long as they keep paying every month.

Should the client agree, that is going to be a solid way to make bank every month for you.

Part V: Replicate. Find more clients and start multiple long term business relationships.

The first client you manage to land and keep is going to really help build your reputation up and help raise your confidence in getting other clients, because now, you’ll have case studies to provide new, potential clients about how happy your other one/s are, making them more likely to agree to work with you. For example, I give people who ask for my proof, case studies like these.

And in essence, you’ll basically keep repeating all the 5 steps, getting more clients and keeping them around. The more you get will equal to the more you get paid.

Here’s something very interesting, about all of this:

The 5 parts of information I just gave you about what Sam teaches is actually my own knowledge shared with you and I have had my own real life experiences doing this (getting my own business clients and offers).

I didn’t go through Sam’s program (only his webinar), but as I have said, I have a lot of knowledge about this stuff and just shared how it all works, here’s some info on me:

Can you start your own consulting business through Sam’s training?

The answer is yes. Sam’s stuff is legit and so are other similar businesses like Millionaire Middleman like these, and ones like Bossless Forever, but they don’t compare to WA.

If you do decide to do it, I would make sure your decision in doing so isn’t because you’re thinking about all the clients you’ll get or all the money you’d make, but only based on if you see yourself going through the hard work of finding clients, learning the system and being prepared to spend money.

I PROMISE YOU, that if you try to do Sam’s program with the thought of easy money or thinking it’s easy to get clients, be prepared to fail, BIG time. I said before that it’s VERY tough to get clients and I am not kidding, this is a VERY hard business.

I’ve listed the major cons above about working with clients and why it is I choose not do it anymore, but whether…

Interested in Wealthy Affiliate over Sam’s program? Here’s how to get started:

Like I said, you can go with one or BOTH options (some prefer to do both, I personally like the first one). But either way, here’s details on the second option where you get access to training that is literally like Sam’s:

Here is an example of the training (like Sam Oven’s) in Wealthy Affiliate:

And all of this basically concludes the review of Sam Ovens Consulting program 🙂

18 thoughts on “Is Sam Ovens Legit? What You Need to Know.”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for writing this article. I have seen Sam all over Youtube and Facebook and would be tempted if it wasn’t so expensive.

    I came across Wealthy Affiliate recently – only stayed free for a few days as I loved it. And I have upgraded to premium which I am really enjoying. Did you mention it’s about half price if you pay upfront for a year?  This makes it even more appealing.

  2. I like your assessment of Sam Ovens as a highly successful consultant who wants to become richer by passing on his secrets of the trade. The downside is that most people will pay him thousands of dollars without ever making that money back because not everyone has the personality, drive and other personal attributes that lead to massive success. 

    You touched on not being lazy, but I think it’s more than that. Some people just have a charm and give off an energy that makes other people trust them. 

    Other people are more anxious, less confident or just don’t give off that energy, so they will have a harder time gaining clients willing to pay $1,000+. They can pay for all the training in the world and never get to the highest levels…which is why we aren’t all rich and successful, right? On the other hand, if you naturally have that charm, you probably don’t need Sam’s training 🙂

    • What you say about charm makes sense Theresa and VERY few people have it. Can it be taught? I think so and I believe that as people become more successful at a particular field, their confidence grows with it and that can be passed off as an evolution of their charm.

      But there’s also another side of things and that is that people can get leads into their business through text ads and anything not involving potential leads hearing their voice. Obviously for high end, high ticket consulting, a person can and SHOULD talk to the client, but as long as they have good social skills, they shouldn’t have an issue with the sales.

      I believe that people can learn to become successful at getting clients via learning to master and market their craft through Wealthy Affiliate, vs Sam’s program.

  3. Good article on consulting, especially liked the description of Sam’s sales funnel and how it directs people towards his sales pitch and revealing the fee for his services.

    I like the prospect of being able to learn how to be a consultant with a small monthly fee verses paying a few thousand dollars before you see any results.

    Honest people can get taken advantage of online if they are not careful! Thanks for taking the time to share this information,


    • Yes, charging people monthly is a better deal than one big high ticket charge Chad, at least for the consumer, but either way this is why I suggest the Wealthy Affiliate route vs Sam’s one. In Wealthy Affiliate, you can build a site and get the clients for WAY less than you’d pay through Sam’s training.

  4. Considering being a consultant opens up all kinds of ideas, but Sam Ovens seems like high end pricing for basically teaching you about something you’re already good at.

    Teaching people about how to grow their business sounds like it will have huge growth, but I’m not confident I could do this, except perhaps as it applies to building an online presence.

    I do have a lead in that I’m helping my brother-in-law build an online presence for his roofing business which will be a good start for me to attract local clients who want a brand new online presence or who could improve their online business so this idea of being a consultant is very interesting.

    • Sam mainly explains how to get clients through online marketing Alexander. What you’re doing with your brother right now is actually an awesome start to what could potentially be a huge consulting business. It begins with one client and then if they let others know about their success through you, expect to be getting lots of leads.

  5. A free-to-try program sounds interesting, but it makes me wonder: It is the kind of thing where you can try it for a month or two and you’re cut off? Or do they give you limited functionality to do with whatever you want? Can you really make much money on a free-to-try program? Thanks.

    • Hi Kevin, here is the answer:

      The program I am recommending as an alternative to Sam’s is Wealthy Affiliate, and it is indeed free to try. The details about everything are here, but the short answer to your question is this:

      There’s 2 membership levels, the free to try one, and the premium one which I mentioned in this article.

      For the free one, you are able to access it forever (there’s training, sites, ability to view other training, ect…), the only “cut off” is after 7 days you can’t use the free chat anymore, otherwise, the other perks are available forever. And if you upgrade, then everything is accessible.

      Hope this helps!

  6. I see Sam Oven’s ads on YouTube all the time. Great to get some more info about who he actually is and what he offers. While what he is offering is a legit service, it does sound very overpriced.

    As for the methods you recommend, I can add that I have also followed that and make good money as an online marketing consultant. It definitely works, and without having to spend thousands of dollars.

  7. Interesting article. Great lay down of how the system really works and how to get started. As a rule, most people who are “looking” for a business to start don’t actually know that much about them in the first place. About how much money should someone realistically expect to invest in order to develop a truly thriving online business?

    • Hi Skip, there’s no average amount, but for someone who is doing, say SEO, I’d say under $100 a year. The real investment is time and work in that regard. If the online business is doing paid advertising, then that number can rise substantially and that varies. The business I recommend, Wealthy Affiliate helps people start online businesses through both options and they can choose, depending on their budget which suites them better.

  8. I have not seen any of Sam’s marketing or his ads anywhere before. I can see how someone like him could be really successful. It does make sense that all business people need more leads/clients and if you can show them how to attract more clients then you would make an excellent consultant. Its hard to believe that the course is almost $2,000, but if you are offering value then the actual cost of the program doesn’t matter, it’s all about the way it can help you achieve your dream consulting business faster. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Very good article. Not sure I would pay that much money unless someone was going to specifically show me how to grow my business from what it makes per month now, to what I would like for it to make. I’m actually in that situation right now.

    The consultation would also have to be from someone who specifically knows about the type of marketing one does, which sounds fairly obvious but is important to keep in mind.


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