Is Millionaire Middleman a Scam? Read This Review.

I came across Millionaire Middleman’s ad on YouTube and explored it, while also researching it elsewhere. Find out in this review if this place is a scam.

is millionaire middleman a scam

And if you read my blog, you know I don’t like to hold out on the answer to this question, so I’m going to outright say that I didn’t see anything bad about the system and here the main points:

  • What this program teaches is legit.
  • What this program claims you can do, has potential.
  • And outside research also showed they are partnered with a reputable program called HOTH which provides SEM (search engine marketing) services for businesses and individuals.

Here is my rating and summary for Millionaire Middleman:

millionaire middleman homepage screenshot

Creators: Chance and Abdul.

Cost: Varies, you need to do a coaching/sales call and depending on how much you can spend will determine the cost of learning and putting this into practice.

Some people have said it can be around $5,000 or more.

What is the opportunity? You learn online marketing through Google ads and then find business clients that need better online presence get ads through Google. The business you find and work with is who becomes your client and pays you. 

Rating: 4 out of 10 stars.




Well. Read this:

I’m not exactly dead set on joining this program or recommending it and the reason why is because of price. While there is no specific number to the price of the training (Some of it is free), it can get quite high because I’ve explored and reviewed systems like this one before.

There is a growing market of training programs like these getting released as of late and with each one I review, they all seem to be just as good as Millionaire Middleman, but not exceptional…

There is ONE exceptional program in this field that I consistently recommend due to it’s great training in this particular subject and LOW price that puts the rest to shame.

What is the Millionaire Middleman? 

It is called Wealthy Affiliate and it offers training webinars on this very same stuff from a person like Chance and Abdul (he runs his own marketing agency and trains people too), and I personally find everything he teaches to be:

  • Just as good if not better.
  • He offers more wider training, beyond just Google Ads
  • Additionally, the price of access to ALL this person’s webinars are many times cheaper.

And overall, the Wealthy Affiliate program teaches many ways to make an online business, beyond just helping clients.

You can make your own business (in something like affiliate marketing) which is the path I chose to take (results below) and this provides you with the choice to pick a way of making money online that you love. Working with clients may not be for everyone (not me for instance) so you can decide to go another route, or work with clients if you choose to.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you that option and provides great training, for a very low price (free to try). Either way you choose to go, it has ALL the potential to become a success:

millionaire middleman alternative

Returning back to the Millionaire Middleman review:

For those who are new to the stuff that this program teaches, allow me, someone who understands this, show you an example and just give you a preview of how it works (although the Millionaire Middleman webinar does explain this stuff too).

The core concept behind the way you make money is helping local businesses (and by that I mean, any local business, anywhere in the world basically), get more online presence.

Note: This program has also changed names to The Modern Millionaires (among other things). You can see a review of what’s new there, but in the end, the same recommendation I have here, is the same there too (despite the changes).

Why is this important?

Well consider a coffee shop in any major city in the world.

Getting more online exposure from people visiting this city can get this coffee shop more visitors and thus more revenue, so it pays to have online exposure, and considering how many more people use their smartphones and laptops to find places to have coffee at (among other services), it would be foolish for this business NOT to try and do this.

However, the problem is that MOST local businesses out there simply don’t know how to do this. They don’t know:

  • How to get their business listed on Google or Bing or other places like Facebook.
  • They don’t know how to make a site or if they do, they don’t know how to attract more people to it.

These missing pieces inhibit their business from growing online, and thus this brings us back to the Millionaire Middleman program:

They teach you to understand how to do this online stuff, so you can take that to the business and offer your help. Specifically, what they teach you is using a program called Google Ads

Google Ads is basically a service ANYONE can use and it can help you or any business get listed on their search engine, get a lot of clicks, visitors and more potential business coming into the business.

However, this system isn’t exactly easy to understand and you really do need to know the way it works and from what I saw, Millionaire Middleman will teach you this. Then you will use that, find the clients (they teach this too) and let them know that your knowledge of Google ads can help them grow their business.

You basically become a middleman for a business trying to get more business, online, that pretty much sums up the job description.

And it’s legit, truly. There are however at least 5 cons:

Legit businesses and programs exist all around us, but being legit doesn’t mean it’s easy to get success from.

1) Finding clients is tough, no matter how good of a training you get on finding them.

2) Dealing with clients is not something that many can do (which is why I elected to go another route in my case).

3) Taking the time to learn the system and become good at it is also NOT easy, trust me, I know.

4) You are also investing potentially a lot of money into the training and then using the training to run your own ads to get clients. That itself can really add up with no real guarantee of it working.

5) Landing a client is great, but keeping them means getting results and if you can’t keep this going, you can forget that big paycheck from them.

These are all very realistic expectations in this business. And while I do not disregard the opportunity and that you can make good money, you should understand that this is a business that comes with risks. BUT, that also raises other ways you can still make money without having to go into client work like this:

millionaire middleman alt 2

5 other programs like Millionaire Middleman (maybe you’ve heard of them):

And as I said earlier, Millionaire Middleman is one of the many systems I’ve been seeing lately on this very subject, all basically saying the same stuff, but not really getting into the detailed cons I just listed. Here are just some:

Get Clients by Dan Henry. Basically the same concept of helping businesses, but through Facebook Ads.

Score: 5 out of 10.

Bossless Forever. Pretty much the same thing as Get Clients.

My score: A 5 out 10 for this program. with Sam Ovens. In this whole business model, I think Sam’s program is the most popular and also one of the most expensive ($2,000 to start).

Also a 5 out of 10.

Billy Gene’s Marketing. I think Billy offers the second most attractive offer in this industry as he teaches this business model, but across other networks (FB, YouTube, Google, ect…) and his cost is $109 a month.

I gave this one a higher rating, 6 out of 10.

And the top one out of them all in my opinion is (again):

Wealthy Affiliate. This is the best system for learning this business. While the main program teaches you to make your own personal online business, there is training on this very same subject of getting local business clients in the Wealthy Affiliate webinar section and it is the most informative, practical and best training in my opinion out of this list of programs (Details on how to access it coming up).

The rating for this program is 10 out of 10.

Final Rating: Millionaire Middleman.

Yellow Flag.

4 out of 10 stars. I have no major complaints about this system other than the potentially high price which is technically, fair considering how other systems I’ve pointed to above have similar price points, but I showed you the less expensive ones to help you decide better.

My recommendation: Go with Wealthy Affiliate, here’s why:

While you should check it out for free, if you decide to do the training which involves finding clients, helping them get a presence online, basically the stuff that Millionaire Middleman teaches, then the WA premium membership is for you.

And it is only $49/month. Here is how to access it:

And here is how it looks when you get to step 4:

My final thoughts: 

What I said earlier about the whole business model that Millionaire Middleman teaches is absolutely a good way to make great money, but it does come with the risks I mentioned. Even though those same risks are the same if you go through Wealthy Affiliate’s webinar training on it, at least there’s 2 major benefits with this route:

1) It’s cheaper to gain access to this and learn from it and like I said, the level of training is as good if not better.

2) If you decide that local marketing and helping businesses isn’t your thing but you still want to make money online, the Wealthy Affiliate platform will show you other ways to do this, so you have options. 

The cost effectiveness, less risk, and more choices make this platform the #1 choice in my opinion.

16 thoughts on “Is Millionaire Middleman a Scam? Read This Review.”

  1. Unfortunately i purchased Millionaire middleman and it was extremely overpriced along with the information being outdated and the industry being oversaturated.

    I think this review is spot on. I paid over $7000 when it was all said and done and barely made a third of that back. I moved on to greener pastures.

    For me, AirBNB rentals were the cashcow.

    • Hi Brian, I wish you found my review of this earlier. I would have suggested Wealthy Affiliate instead to teach this and they wouldn’t give you this outdated stuff and for a ton less.

      But I hope you can dispute and get your money back if it’s possible from this program and invest it into AirBNB like you said.

      I do want to say that as I’m very deeply involved with internet marketing, I don’t find that there is any area of this business that is over saturated and that it is always possible to infiltrate and profit in any market.

      • Here is a question then because I am in the process of buying Millionaire Middleman (didn’t follow through with the transaction quite yet):

        For MM there is a huge price but it is a one-time pay.

        Depending on how long you keep your business going, $49/mo for 11 years is the same as $7000. So if you end up going client-based, wouldn’t MM be cheaper in the long run? All else equal you keep your business going for more than 11 years?

        • Well you’re assuming a few things here:

          1) You learn the same things (it’s kind of true for both programs).

          2) It’ll take you 11 years to get results with WA whereas with MM it can happen faster. This is incorrect. You can apply the client training teachings in WA just as quickly as with MM. The $49 a month cost isn’t some kind of trickle learning, you can learn as fast as you want and go at your own pace. That cost is really because of all the tools, help and other benefits this program offers to justify that cost.

          3) You assume the spending on MM ends after the initial cost. What they don’t talk about is all the ad spending you’ll be doing to find clients and learning curve experience that’ll take time to get results with basically (it’s the case for EVERY new program you learn from).

          WA teaches you to find clients and get work done for them too, so you can basically consider it the same type of learning material.

          4) You assume the $7,000 cost is justified. I don’t think that is the case. In fact, one of the biggest reasons I don’t recommend MM is that price, it shouldn’t be like this, but the industry has become this in recent years, where people take concepts and training that shouldn’t cost more than $500 and jack up the cost to $1,000’s. WA has maintained a good price for most people to access great information and I even know of high ticket programs that don’t teach anything close to the quality WA does.

    • I think the new name for the same company is now Modern Millionaire. I so far have been investigating about them and the two guys doing this business (Chance and Abdul) and have come so close to buying it, but iI came across WA (I have no knowledge of WA other than what I am reading on this site).

      My question to you is, how did you not make the money back, they say to stick with it for 3 months. Did you do that, to put in 3 hr/day (some will go into training initially so eventually it will be like 1 hr a day), 90+ hrs of training provided. Did you do all that, how long did you stick with it overall, what was the difficult part?

      • Hi Monika, I had no idea this program switched to a different name, but I’ll check that out, thanks for letting me know.

        Regarding your question, are you asking me about Wealthy Affiliate or Millionaire Middleman? Because if it’s Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been there for MANY years and yes I did the training. The whole thesis of this review is that material Chance and Abdul say they teach people is already in Wealthy Affiliate (getting clients and doing online marketing work for them).

        We have tons of webinars on this from a guy named Jay who is basically like Chance and Abdul and he provides information on this stuff for way less, and this is why I suggest the Wealthy Affiliate program (premium, as the content on this material is there).

  2. Cost of MM is $5k if not higher by now. Videos are low quality and disorganized. Competition is fierce and you aren’t getting customers for your clients, you’re getting them leads (which rarely convert into customers). AVOID!!

    • Thanks for sharing Julio. Did you buy Millionaire Middleman? Just curious. Either way, it still makes Wealthy Affiliate more appealing.

  3. This is a good review but I do have a question, how is $49 dollars monthly potentially indefinitely cheaper? What am I missing?

    • Hi E.J, I believe Millionaire Middleman costs A LOT more to access and get training from. You can get plenty of training on Google Ads, other PPC networks and SEO from Wealthy Affiliate for the $49 a month. Most programs that are like Millionaire Middleman (and I mentioned some of them above) cost $1,000’s.

  4. Thanks for posting this thorough review!

    I agree with you that a program can be legit, and still not be the best option for someone. As you say, it’s very difficult to go out and find clients and to work with them and keep them happy on an ongoing basis. Also, it sounds like the MM program and other programs like it are all very expensive…

    I think the alternative that you suggest, to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, is an excellent one. 

    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, and I recommend it highly too. The training is excellent, building your own online business in a niche you’re passionate about is super-fun, and the community at WA is full of wonderful people.

    I feel blessed to have found Wealthy Affiliate, and I’m following the training and working on my website every day and looking forward to having a successful online business. So I agree with you in highly recommending the WA program to others. Plus they can start for free, and go through the initial training and build a cool website for free and see how they like it.

  5. Entrepreneurship is always going to be a risk. So, yes, there are no guarantees of success after spending money on training or setting up a local business. It is the same challenge I faced when I set up my tax practice. I invested heavily in professional tax software to offer the IRS efile services to tax clients as a benefit of doing business with me. It was a big financial risk for potential future gain. So, I would not include this as a con since it is inherent in any business venture.

    • This is generally true Glen, but I made it a con because these obvious things are overlooked and not mentioned on sales pages of programs like these. They talk about the potential and all the pros, but do not mention the cons and sometimes cons don’t necessarily mean it’s a deal breaker, but it just means they have to expect it.

  6. Thanks for this insightful review of Millionaire Middleman. I hadn’t heard about it before so I appreciate this info.  I agree with your five star rating out of ten as just because a program is legit does not necessarily mean that it is an ideal vehicle to employ.  

    Not being specific or at least in the ballpark on the price of the program upfront is a definite red flag to me.  

    And yes, Wealthy Affiliate is not only a good alternative to this program, but is highly recommended compared to all other legit programs out there.  

    Finding and retaining clients is always a challenge in any business. Millionaire Middleman requires a lot of time spent on learning the system before getting clients. It seems that the cost does not justify the results compared to other systems. Wealthy Affiliate is a great alternative. 

    • Joseph hi, the price of the program is found out within the webinar they give, so it’s not like they are hiding it. It’s a common method these companies use, to first get your email, get you excited, and then mention the price and with all the “marinating” of them selling you the potential, you are more likely to buy it at that point. 

      It’s not a scam tactic, so I don’t agree that this is a red flag, but I still stand by the alternative recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.


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