Is Dan Henry’s Get Clients System a Scam?

No it is not a scam and there have been new systems like Get Clients coming out recently. Is Dan Henry’s the best or are there better ones? 

I personally think there’s at least 1 better one you should consider, which has actually helped me make a living online for many years, and I will explain that alternative VERY shortly…

But let me cover the most important things you need to know about Get Clients, because I understand very much how this system works, so even if you do decide to try it, you’ll at least know the risks (which is a high starting investment).

Get Clients summary (how it works):

is get clients a scam

Cost: Over a $1,000 starting price. Additional costs are necessary to use the training in the real world (you will be making ads online and that cost varies).

Income potential: Honestly, it’s limitless. The more leads you are able to find and turn into customers, the more you can make monthly.

The idea of $10k a month is NOT unrealistic at all.

Overview (what do you learn)? It’s a simple idea, you find people who run small businesses on Facebook and offer to create ads for them on Facebook so they can attract more customers to their business and make more money.

Where YOU make the money is from the marketing service you offer them. The more business people you can find and turn into clients, the more you can make.

There is no scam here, it’s legit, but it’s not a method that’s as easy to make money from as you think. There IS a learning period you will have to undergo and spend money on for the lessons learned (not just Dan’s program).

And success is NOT guaranteed, it depends on your work ethic and being able to intelligently find the right people who are most likely to turn into clients.

Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Do I recommend this program? I honestly do and if you’re interested and you should join IF you have the money and understand the financial risks and other cons (listed below) to this (you will have to spend money, there’s no avoiding that and there’s other real world issues you need to know that are explained below).

The only other thing I’m not exactly a fan of is the hype of making so much money. Yes it’s marketing and it’s used to attract customers, but I will tell you the other side of running this type of business and the risks. You CAN make good money, but this is a system that not many people succeed from…

Now about the other alternative I mentioned earlier…

dan henry get clients alternative 1

Lets go back to reviewing Get Clients:

The training within this program is one I’ve seen trending lately. There has been a pretty big up rise in high ticket systems coming out where people who are really successful at online business teach people their “secrets”. 

Now I didn’t get this program because I already do what I do and know how to enter into this stuff if I ever decide to (I don’t really help businesses grow online, I teach regular people to make money online and promote a system that does that).

Now some systems that come out teach more than one way to succeed at this business, but in the case of Get Clients, it’s pretty much focused on one thing:

It teaches you Facebook Advertising and finding business people who need help marketing on Facebook. 

Since Facebook has so many members, a lot of whom are business owners, that NEED leads and more business, you becoming an experienced marketer in this network and helping them is what will make them your paying lead.

Let’s go over the pros:

The market for helping businesses grow ONLINE and get more leads is HUGE. 

Imagine studying Dan’s course, becoming experienced and finding just 1 lead (a struggling business owner). Now imagine telling them you could build them a site and get them a 1,000 extra leads a month for $5,000 a month.

If they become your customer, that basically “guarantees” you an extra $5,000 monthly (minus ad expenses in finding that 1 gold lead).

Now if you can learn to scale that and get more leads of that sort, that $5,000 a month figure can easily multiply to more and this is something you’ll be shown within the webinar Dan offers, a lot of figures like these and potential.

 But let’s be honest about the cons (what you need to know):

1) High costs and risks.

Any sort of system that carries a high earning potential also carries high costs and risks.

Firstly, you need to know that Dan’s course is NOT cheap and unless you’re willing to work VERY hard and understand that it’s usually not an instant gold mine undertaking, and is more likely a learning experience that MAY eventually lead to success, the more suited you are to buy this program and succeed with it.

2) Competition.

I assure you, that you are NOT the only person who is entering this same market, and trying to find business owners to help. You first have to be an authority in this and probably will have to earn a reputation to be trusted.

3) There’s more competition than you think.

I also assure you that many business owners are probably already being bombarded by offers from people who are saying they will help their business grow.

Who will they choose?

Either no one or someone with a great, trusted reputation so just entering into this as a newbie means you’ll have to make a name for yourself in order to get the business owner to pay you good money and that will take time and probably a lot of money spent reaching that goal.

4) Leads can become annoying to deal with (and for a good reason).

Considering you start accruing leads, there’s also a period where you’ll have to make them your customers, keep them as your customers and answer the millions of questions they’ll have.

The less results you get them, the more frustrations you’ll get out of them and the better results you’ll send them, the less questions you’ll have to answer, will make more money, but that will take a lot of growing experience to REACH. It doesn’t happen quickly, believe me.

Those are the most realistic and major cons you’ll probably have to undergo.

I also want to mention, other competing programs like Dan’s you may have seen or heard about (like I said, this is a growing trend):

Bossless Forever. Same exact concept as this program.

Sam Ovens. I consider Sam to be the person who started this trend on providing these types of high ticket teaching programs to teach people on how to attract business leads. 

Final Rating: Get Clients.

Green Flag

5 out of 10 stars. It’s legit in it’s potential and opportunity, but difficult to achieve with so many others doing it too. You have to become good at this before you truly attain the high paying leads. Then there’s also the high starting cost/s.

Lost on what to do? Don’t be. Read about this alternative option:

Since I understand this business well, I have to give you the more realistic (other side) perspective on these types of investments. 

I’ve gone through these types of challenges before as I was coming up in the business and I know how tough it can get. Here’s a little bit about myself you need to know:

I don’t do exactly what Dan does. The way I operate my online business is like this:

Wait Vitaliy, didn’t you say your alternative program is similar to Dan’s? Yes:

Earlier I did say my option has training similar to Dan’s, so let me specifically explain how that works within the program:

Now I’m not bad mouthing Get Clients at all, but I am pointing out the risks and in my opinion the limitations that program offers since it’s really only centered around getting business leads and giving them marketing services, which is NOT bad at all, but that specific way of making money online is not easy.

I personally believe you should learn about making money online from a number of different options and pick the one you like most and without a doubt the program I recommend does that.

  • With it, you can try the initial stuff for free and learn to do online business how I do it.
  • And if you decide to upgrade, you can also choose to do the same stuff Dan teaches in his system, but for WAY less.

And there’s also other options you can elect to build your business out of too, so with these options, coaching, many tools, support a great price for all of this, in my personal opinion, a safer, better investment is the alternative program I’m recommending to you here.

14 thoughts on “Is Dan Henry’s Get Clients System a Scam?”

  1. Hello Vitaly,

    Thank you for another excellent product review. I have not heard of Dan Henry’s course, but I have seen many other gurus like him in this consulting field. I got lured into the idea from Sam Ovens and his webinar. I didn’t go through with it though, because of the large upsell. I wasn’t quite sold on the idea being worth that much to start off with. I think later on I could do something like that, but I need to practice actually advertising a product or service first and have success with that. 

    I get the whole create your product or service around SEO and ad services for the small business. Another guru I ran across had his own software that used Google maps to find potential clients. I also have a software called Find that Lead that is pretty good at finding potential contacts as well. It does require some phone selling and relationship building, which I need to work on. 

    I think eventually I will pay for this kind of training. It is just hard to figure out which one is the best investment to make. Some of these guys push really hard and others won’t do anything extra like mentoring unless you pay for their even higher upsell for personal coaching and masterminds. I generally try to avoid these until I’m sure I can handle losing that kind of money comfortably. I appreciate the great advice that you give here and informing me even more of what makes Wealthy affiliate the best platform to earn with. Thanks again.

    • Daniel hi, if this is a field you want to get into, the BEST deal is within Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership by far. You’ll learn all about marketing and finding clients from Jay Niell and will be able to do more than just get them through FB, you’ll also learn to do it through SEO. 

      For the $49/month, you really will save a lot of money and learn everything you need to make this a business for yourself.

  2. This was a revealing look at the Get Clients system, and I imagine the post title you used is useful to pull in people doing due diligence before investing into Dan’s program (as they should). Particularly since it is a high-dollar investment (from my perspective, anyway), likely the prospect is serious about investing in themselves and in their online business.

    You rightly mention that the focus of the training is on a market that has huge potential (business leads). But it is not easy to break into, maintain, nor have success with.

    You are also spot on when it comes to the amount of work that will be required to get to know the business, then to get clients, then to keep those clients happy. It is a hands-on business, and you are only as good as the results you made over the most immediate past period.

    For someone who does not mind the hassle of dealing with clients on an almost daily basis, someone who is willing to spend the time required to keep the business growing, this may very well be a good option to make money online. I would love to know what the success rate is for members.

    On the other hand, I personally believe in working online activities that are cumulative in monetization potential over time, as in they will keep generating income for you after you have put the work in up front. The business you will be doing with Dan Henry’s ‘Get Clients’ does not fall into that category.

    There are many ways to put into practice this cumulative passive-income business, and they include affiliate marketing, selling digital products online, selling services online (i.e. checklists, tools to support online activities, lead magnets, etc.). Any of these are viable options. They do require work initially, then less later as you fulfill orders or make a commission on sales…

    I have been in online and offline sales now for over 20 years. In the old days, we used to make the sale one time and get ongoing sales for months and years after. There was some minimal maintenance required, but once the cycle was in place, I made money month after month with little ongoing effort.

    If you do this with 20 products, you will have a nice recurring income that can sustain your lifestyle and provide for your family without a normal 9-5 job. Most certainly it did for me and still does. I decided that I did not want to trade time for money as you do with a normal job. Creating mostly passive streams of income allows you to trade a lot less time overall for more money long term. 

    Dan’s Get Client system is a real opportunity, as you say, but the person must understand what they are buying. Your review lays this out clearly. The reader can make a better-informed decision after reading this. I do hope they also think about the alternatives you mention and determine if they may not be easier and cost less.     

    • Hi Dave, thanks for sharing how long you’ve been doing this and confirming my points. I don’t know about the success rate with Dan’s system, but I can tell you it works for those who really do it honestly and in fact, one of Dan’s members left a comment on this article awhile back which you may want to check out.

      He basically confirmed everything I said (as did you) and he is a success story. Yet what you mentioned about month to month commissions is basically another way of saying recurring commissions and I wholeheartedly agree that it’s a great way to make a stable income online and today, that is actually how I do it.

      One time commissions, if they are high ticket are great, but they are tougher to make than smaller, but recurring ones, which I argue would be better. That’s what I learned from the same system (Wealthy Affiliate) which teaches online marketing, including material Dan teaches as well.

  3. The earning potential of Gets Clients is really convincing but it seems like one would have to trade off a lot of things and our success is not guaranteed. Aside from the cost which will deter me from considering something like this, Facebook has not really been my playground so it will be hard for someone like me to survive there. 

    From what I gathered during my read, it looks like this platform wouldn’t be newbie friendly. Correct me if I’m wrong. With that said, going for your alternative would be a good decision for me as affiliate marketing as I’ve read has a lot of advantages to offer. Thanks for the comprehensive information.

    • Actually the process is not newbie friendly, but it’s a legit business, and it is explained in a simple way. But yeah this is not a simple business, and it’s just very important to point out that difficulty, and not just the earnings potential.

  4. Thank you for your post Vitaliy. I really enjoyed reading it. I have heard of Dan Henry’s Get Clients System from a friend of mine but I was unaware what this product actually was. I can say that the price is kind of high for me. The concepts showcased in this product are achievable but is there any money back guarantee or at is owner 100% sure that his concepts will work on anyone? I would really like to know that.

    Thank you.


    • I don’t know the official refund policy of this system, but I am certain there is one. I’d have to check the webinar again, and wait for the offer to be pitched to see the return policy.

  5. Hey,

    Great write up! Also, thanks for explaining affiliate marketing in the most simple and incredible way I’ve ever heard! I took Dan’s course and made it to his $10k club in 90 days. He mentions me (Anthony Huffman) in his current webinar that’s going around.

    I just want to say that you’re absolutely right about everything you said, pros and cons.

    My business made around $50k in it’s first year. But I had to spend 60 hours a week to make that happen. I also could not turn it off, because of clients texting and calling me everyday. Because of this perpetual cycle, I stopped working in this job I had created.

    It’s been 7 or 8 months since that and I’m considering reopening. However, to make this kind of thing sustainable you must do things a certain way. You can either get really high paying clients that you never lose or you should plan to outsource/hire employees.

    Either way I don’t suggest someone with a full time job, a family, or any other responsibilities take this kind of thing on unless they are prepared to work hard to find paying clients, to keep those clients, and to keep getting results for those clients.

    Hope this helps someone make a decision. And thanks again for the info on affiliate marketing.


    • Anthony hey, thanks for sharing you experiences with Dan’s program and congratulations on reaching the success you did. Certainly, it came with it’s own, huge responsibilities and taking on all the things you mentioned, by yourself is enough to drive someone nuts.

      I had moments in my online journey where I did deal with clients once in awhile and I only imagined how bad it would get if I had to speak to multiple ones, every single day, all by myself. Indeed, outsourcing would have been the answer to this, but then that would come with it’s own issues such as getting the right workers and training them.

      So again, this all leads back to the point I made about how this business, before success, comes with it’s own time frame to get results and if you do make, then that success also comes with it’s own responsibilities.

      This is all certainly one of the reasons why I chose affiliate marketing over getting clients, it’s just not worth the money for me to have headaches and constantly have to talk to people. I manage all of that through email and even in programs that promote like Wealthy Affiliate, I communicate with and coach my referrals within the system and it works because the program itself has a training ground it runs everyone through so I don’t have to work with a blank page when it comes to people.

      Now of course, affiliate marketing is it’s own business and hassle at times, but I do like it more than Dan’s business.

      Thanks for the positive feedback by the way, I appreciate you reinforcing my points as an actual member of Get Clients, cheers!

  6. Hi. The whole concept of the Get Clients system sounds interesting and it is something I would be willing to try. However, it is quite expensive and the amount of time needed is quite tedious. 

    Do you feel the system gives enough value for what it is worth? Or would I be better off trying different alternatives that model the same concept such as Bossless Forever? And if so, is the learning curve reduced for these other alternatives or I should expect to invest the same amount of time, money and energy for these programs as well?

    • Both these programs are very similar in nature and training. Dan in my experience has a better reputation, but you do get pretty great training from both things. It’s just that you have to mix in the training with action and getting through the normal obstacles like I talked about above before you make it work. 

      So if you have a few thousand to spend (and possibly lose, be prepared for this), and love the idea of marketing to local clients and taking their questions, as well as running ads on FB, then yeah, do Dan’s program.

      If not, then neither his program nor Bossless Forever would be ideal and I would stick to Wealthy Affiliate instead.

  7. Hi Vitaliy,

    I like the sound of the Get Clients system, but it’s a lot of money and the cons you point out make me concerned that perhaps I would spend this money and then have big regrets. 

    I’ve had many difficulties in the past with Facebook business pages and FB advertising so as interesting as it sounds I just think it’s too risky for me at this point. It’s also VERY specific in nature so that’s not ideal. 

    I also think you need to have a particular personality type to be successful at methods such as these, if that makes sense? 

    • FB in general is tough for many people to figure out, from it’s fan pages which get likes that lead to nothing or using it’s ad service and paying more than you need to, it’s not easy, so yes I totally get it Melissa. 

      I can say that Dan’s program would certainly help you understand the ad side of it better and possibly improve your own marketing methods, even if you don’t necessarily intend to use it the way it’s meant to be used, and that is for finding businesses to help.


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