The Top 10 Famous Internet Marketers. Whose System is Best?

Every industry has it’s big players. In internet marketing (IM) it is no different. The following 10 famous internet marketing names I’m about to list are the most known and successful.

top 10 famous internet marketers

Now I have written on this type of topic before where I listed 10 regular people who are success stories and making money online, but the following people in this article make the profits us regular guys generate look like nothing, we’re talking 10’s and even 100’s of millions of dollars.

And I am someone who is climbing in this world of internet marketing too and here are some my results from it:

But while they are out there, the more important question I have is which of these people have the best system for regular people and beginners to make money online? In my opinion this one, but you should see the list I’ve provided here first.

Well, having experience with several of them and personally being one of the people who generates an income online, I’d like to offer the names and my thoughts on who you should follow:

10) Frank Kern.

frank kern

Frank is one of the most famous IMers on the planet and in history.

In fact, one could argue his status and name is legendary in this industry. The man has made his money doing sales funnels involving email marketing, create high conversions through his sites/projects/marketing campaigns and lives quite well, to say the least…

Frank is a legit businessman and one I would recommend, but the prices for some of his training packages are astronomical. Visit his site here and you’ll see 4 different programs teaching different online marketing topics that range from $2,000-$4,000 in prices.

Is it worth it? Well the man is legit, but to pay this high of a price is only for extremely serious people who have that kind of money to spend. Just because you’re getting something from Jeff does not mean you’re going to succeed with it. Whatever system that whichever IMer sells you works in combination with massive effort.

9) Jeff Walker.

jeff walker product launch formula

Ever heard of product launch formula? It’s one of the most famous IM products ever made and it’s reputation is arguably bigger than Jeff’s. Besides that program (which is still available), Jeff also offers training packages where he teaches people to launch their own successful businesses. 

Is he legit? Yes. Is his program worth it? Well you can check it out here, but I would say for people looking to create their own products and have successful launches from them, then Jeff is a great resource to learn from.

8) Ryan Deiss.

ryan diess internet marketer

I remember hearing about this guy when he was still starting up. He was participating in the same forum I was when I first started in this business, a forum which connected different IM folks, of which I was arguably one of the most clueless beginners. In any case, I remember how enthusiastic he was and today, he is one of the most famous and successful people in the business teaching entrepreneurs how to utilize email marketing to grow their businesses. Like the other gentlemen, he is legit too. Here is his site

7) Russel Brunson.

russell brunson click funnels

This man created one of the most popular sales funnel programs in the internet marketing world: Click Funnels and  to this day, many other IM continue to buy that program and use it for their own campaigns. He also recently made a program called Affiliate Bootcamp to help people sell that Click Funnels program to others.

He also created another called the One Way Funnel Away Challenge, which is similar to Affiliate Bootcamp.

But he isn’t just famous for that, he is also a very successful IMer who knows how to teach people to make sales.

His site provides a ton of podcasts, courses and eBooks you can read about. Russell is actually so famous that he charges insane amounts of money for speaking engagements and private meetings, numbers which you won’t believe!

6) Pat Flynn.

pat flynn smart passive income

Of the 10 people on this list, Pat is actually one of few people who provides a more open ended solution for people interested in making money online. There’s more than one way to do it and his site provides a strategy for each of the popular options to start an online business.

In addition, if nothing else, then you can actually see Pat share his success by providing you with monthly income reports as well as a very successful podcast series where he talks online entrepreneurship. I actually reviewed Smart Passive Income not long ago.

5) Travis Sago. 

travis sago internet marketer

If there is one famous IMer I am familiar with longer than anyone on this list, it’s Travis.

I have history with him dating back all the way to 2006 where his course on Bum Marketing was the first that helped me break into this business and actually make some money. The course involved doing this sort of stuff, but seeing my efforts and dreams to actually make something happen in this world, to actually happen was an unforgettable checkpoint in my career doing this stuff. 

But in any case, what I can safely say about Travis is that he is the real deal. If you have an email list of people you want to monetize, one of the best people to help you do it is Travis. Here’s his site. From everything I’ve experienced with this guy, he is a very good person, in both business and personality. 

4) Anik Singal.

anik singal internet marketer

Anik is known for his email marketing training and making several 10’s of millions throughout his career (as well as losing it and making it back). He provides a whole course known as Inbox Blueprint that goes for around $1,000. 

Is he legit? I’d say so, although I never found myself promoting his courses for their prices. I will say that you can get good and great email marketing training for less from some of the people on this list, but Anik is up there and worth mentioning. Here is his site.

3) Eben Pagan. 

eben pagen internet marketer

Eben is one of the more old school people in the business, but his celebrity status extends beyond IMer, he is also known to be a famous dating coach that goes under the name “David D’Angelo”, and he has made a lot of money being a marketer in the dating world, selling high ticket packages that provide dating advice as well as doing seminars for guys.

And in terms of internet business, he does the same things by providing people with a very detailed plan of action to start an online business. I’m not exactly Eben’s biggest fan but he is someone who knows what he’s talking about. Here is his site.

2) Alex Becker.

alex becker internet marketer

My opinion of Alex Becker went from negative to very positive, and then mixed because of my experiences with his programs, but I’m more than happy to put him as #2 on the list.

Overall, Becker is a very (and growing faster and faster) famous internet marketer who has had many businesses and success in various areas: SEO, YouTube Marketing, List Building, Adwords, FB Ads, Shopify stores, ect…

In addition to crossing several 10’s of millions in profits, one of the awesome things about Becker is his YouTube channel where I kid you not, he provides MUCH of the same exact advice he gives to people who buy his program and I’d know, I actually have one of them, Market Hero and I’m telling you he explains this stuff on YouTube channel too.

Without a doubt, Becker is legit, but I’m not exactly happy with his style of teaching which is often too fast paced and to understand, at times outdated and that’s why I actually left Market Hero not too long ago.

One of the other things I do however admire about the dude is his approach to business in which he is constantly evolving his mindset, his strategies and approaches and this has actually made him a far more evolved marketer than many other people on this list, which I dare say are still famous today because of their name, not so much their training tactics. 

Ok, before I get to the top person on my list, I have to say something…

While the people I listed here are great, the thing is a lot of their training is very advanced and/or expensive.

-In my opinion, there’s too many courses teaching the same thing about email marketing, even from these guys.

-There’s too many advanced courses that beginners should not get into until later in their business growth.

-There’s too many courses and coaching for very high prices where the same info can be gotten for less.

-There’s too many courses that are very overwhelming because you see how much they have to offer and the difficulty in processing that makes it harder to achieve. I slow, but steady step-by-step approach is way better.

-And finally, there’s too many courses that provide too many ways to head if you’re getting started with this that can confuse you and have you worried about heading in the wrong direction.

This is why my personal pick for the top spot is from a guy I’ve known since 2007 and personally having met him several times. His course in my opinion is the best for beginners and provides the more stable and actionable plan of action for anyone to get started with.

If you’re clueless about where to start your IM career and/or have little money to begin, this is going to the best choice out of the list:

1) Kyle Loudon. 

kyle wealthy affiliate

Kyle is partnered with a guy named Carson. Together, these 2 created what is arguably the largest IM community around: Wealthy Affiliate. In that link I provide an entire review and my experiences with Kyle and his program (I’m a success story there).

In short, compared to the other 9 people above, Kyle and Carson provide the same kind of information and training, but for EXTREMELY low prices, and most of it is about affiliate marketing. What you’d have to pay in $100’s and $1,000’s with many of the other people on this list, Kyle and Wealthy Affiliate provide for a VERY low price at $49 a month and people can start their program for free.

Kyle & Carson started this business in 2005, but before it happened and during the time it was picking up popularity, these guys were themselves very successful in the industry, acquiring millionaire status, which they then decided create a training platform out of, namely Wealthy Affiliate. What these guys taught and still teach is paid advertising, SEO, YouTube marketing, local marketing and more. 

But what separates these 2 from the others on the list is that they provide what I honestly consider to be the best starting course for anyone beginning in this business. The issues I talked about above are honestly solved within Wealthy Affiliate because while there is a lot of comprehensive training, people aren’t overwhelmed or confused as to where to head because there is a central training course for everyone to take, one which provides them with the startup tools and coaching to start a website, and make it successful. 

In addition what these 2 bring to the table above the others is that they offer this course absolutely free for members to try. 

So while you may have heard that “best way to start” is this or that, believe me, Wealthy Affiliate will show you the best way. And I vouch for this since it was through Wealthy Affiliate that I made over a million in sales.

Additionally, I have also met these 2 guys personally in Las Vegas several times when they flew myself and others out for a private conference, which they by the way paid for entirely. Their hospitality and my history with them makes them the #1 people on this list of famous IMers whose system of making money online I recommend above all the other choices.

Yes it is a biased thing for me to say, but I have heard from many people who have had experiences with others, and they can’t really compete with Kyle and Carson. I consider them internet marketing gurus I trust.

And finally, I want to provide a link to Kyle’s profile in Wealthy Affiliate where you can read some of his awesome blogs for free and see how legit he is.

Anyway this is a list of the 10 guys (technically 11) I consider to be the richest and most famous internet marketers today.

Which internet marketer should I follow? The answer:

I can only truly vouch for Kyle (Wealthy Affiliate) and Alex Becker. If you are a beginner, Kyle’s Wealthy Affiliate program is the BEST place to start learning about internet marketing and earning good money.

Alex Becker’s content is great for an advanced internet marketer and will require you spend good money to test his strategies, although as I said, you can check his YouTube channel for free content he gives out and see what he teaches, but yeah, if you’re just getting started, start with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s the least risky investment and the one which delivers the MOST content out of the 10 people on this list and their other programs.

16 thoughts on “The Top 10 Famous Internet Marketers. Whose System is Best?”

  1. This was a great eye-opener for someone looking to make money on the internet. I’ve been burned by internet marketing gurus in the past.

    I like how you give the good and bad of these internet marketers and I appreciate that you shared your own experience with them. Your post makes it clear that although the marketing material the others on your list offer is valuable, for the beginner, Kyle & Carson have created everything needed to become successful for someone willing to follow their guidance.

    I’m retired so I don’t have a lot of money to invest. I gave Wealthy Affiliate a try simply because I could check them out completely for free before making any kind of financial commitment. For a beginner like me, having a community of people who are anxious to give answers to my questions and personal encouragement is priceless. It is hard to believe how much I’ve learned in a very short time. I agree with your number one recommendation.


    Austin Grady

  2. I’ve actually had a little to do with all of these marketers over the years except Pat Flynn and Travis Sago, and I’ve learned quite a lot from Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson in particular.

    I must say, I was a little surprised when you named Kyle Loudon as your number one, but only because I don’t think he is as well known outside of the Wealthy Affiliate community, as some of the other big names in the industry.

    After reading through your reasoning, I totally agree with why he is your number one choice though… 

    I too began with WA and consider it to be the best foundation for anyone building a business online and I always go back to their training myself.

    Maybe, Kyle should consider going on the speaking circuit? Lol 😉

    Top post, thanks!


    • The thing about Kyle is, he’s too busy creating value for people inside WA. Unfortunately many of the people on this list have become much more geared to hype presentations while not really offering much specific value. They aim to hype their names and programs to sell them for high prices.

      Kyle provides massive value, for very little within Wealthy Affiliate, making the value of the program and his name way bigger than anyone on this list and he also makes insane money from this too, but in an ethical way.

  3. When looking over your list some are familiar and have at one time or another taken part in free webinar which turned out to be more of a sales pitch than training information.

    To pay their how prices for their courses seems extreme. A lot of finding a training program is to find somebody who has a similar personality and you feel a connection with on a personal bases. It is not easy find a good fit with so many internet marketers who claim to be making six figure income. Claims are easy to produce without having to provide reputable statistics.

    The reason for success through training provided through Wealthy Affiliate program is the caring leadership of Kyle and Carson. Kyle presents the training in a step-by-step process that provides self paced. Person can go through training quickly or as slow as necessary to learn throughly.

    Another consideration is the membership of the Wealthy Affiliate program who are there to answer questions, encourage, and support.

    • Hi Barry, I agree with your point on many of these internet marketers leading people into high ticket sales pitches through webinars and I do agree that Wealthy Affiliate has the best system (and I know the owners so I further agree with your points).

  4. Yep, these are all famous guys. I have not taken any of their courses. But I did take an advanced marketing course from Neil Patel years ago. It is nice to see that they (some of them) give back in the form of free training on their YouTube channels or blogs. 

    I have always been curious where Roz Gardner, the Queen of Affiliate Marketing, fits in the scheme of things. Her Super Affiliate Handbook sold big in 2003 and has been updated a few times. She teaches a lot of what your #1 pick teaches.

    • Hi Glen, Neil Patel is a very successful online marketer, but I would say the 10 on this list are on another level. Regarding Roz Gardner, I did review her Super Affiliate Handbook years ago, but I did come to the conclusion that it was actually NOT updated and I did not recommend it. I had not since heard of any updates on her end and in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate’s training is the best one for affiliate marketing.

  5. After reading all those profiles, I must say I have been extremely lucky to encounter Wealthy Affiliate as my introduction to internet marketing. Before WA, I had always thought internet marketing was beyond me and only for people with substantial capital.

    Within months I was seeing results. Kyle and Carson really take the effort to always update the platform and keep things relevant. They are visible every day responding to posts and comments, and very approachable.

    While I’m not earning big bucks yet, I value WA as a place to learn about best practices in internet marketing.

    PS: I always wondered if Kyle was his real name!

    • Hi Regina, yeah Kyle is his real name and I know him personally (Carson as well). You are right in everything you said regarding these two.

  6. I have gone through your list and I only know two of the internet marketers. I have met so many other internet marketers all claiming to make millions but the price they charge to learn from them is just too expensive. If I had that kind of money, then I would not need the training right? I am still looking for one who can mentor me and won’t charge so high.

    • Hi Anita, you can get mentoring from myself. I reference the details here, but you won’t ever have to pay what the others charge on this list (with the exception of the last ones since I’m part of their program).

      Regarding WHY the other people charge so much, it’s actually normal and believe it or not legit. When certain marketers become very successful and start marketing that success, they will attract people who will want to learn from them and mimic them and they will be willing to pay a high price for the consultation and attention from those guys. Because the people on this list have earned their reputation, they can get away with charging so much.

  7. I definitely have to agree with your list of the top 10 because I have at some point or another come across some of their free webinars and so on, and there is a lot to learn from them.

    I also have to agree with the fact that you placed Kyle (Wealthy Affiliate) as being the #1! He is by far, the most ethical person that I have come across and what he teaches, along with the tools on the platform and the support system that the platform has, is one of a kind! I don’t think that anybody else in your list even comes CLOSE to what he, in collaboration with Carson, has created.

    What do you think about Matthew Neer? I know that he is pretty successful but the programs that I have looked into for him, I feel, is only designed to make him richer. But wanted to know what opinion you had of him.

    • Hi Reyhana, I have to admit, his name is familiar, and it’s possible I’ve done a review of him and/or his products before, but I honestly don’t remember much about him. I did a brief search on Google and didn’t really find that he is at the top, certainly in comparison to the 10 people here.

  8. This is an awesome list and a great inspiration to find relevant info about internet marketing. Many of the programs does sound quite expensive. No wonder they have made this much money 🙂 But good to see there still are some legit internet marketers out there. They are not easy to find.

    I will check out Alex Becker’s YouTube channel and see what he has to offer. With that is said I agree with you that Kyle is a great guy to learn from. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, and the training is not only affordable but also amazing value for money, and Kyle is a genuine guy.

    Great list, and a lot of good inspiration.



    • Yeah I know Kyle very well, he even helped me out personally back when I didn’t promote his program and that to me was the biggest reason to do it. You’ll also find great content on Alex’s channel.


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