Is Alex Becker a Scammer? My Mixed Experiences With Him.

Alex Becker has been in the internet marketing game for many years and is one of the biggest names in it. But is a scammer? Well no, but my experiences with him have been mixed.

I’ve reviewed several of Alex’s programs over the years and originally my views on him were pretty negative because I didn’t like how he taught certain topics like making money through SEO. 

However, as time went on, I started purchasing more of his products (to review obviously) and looking at more of his content throughout YouTube, and my opinion of him has greatly changed and that’s been an up and down experience. What I mean by that is this:

It first started off being bad, then got better, ecstatic, then a bit disappointing and overall, I have settled on him being legit, but so far, I can’t really give any of the products that I have reviewed a full recommendation and I will be explaining that history in greater detail below and why I have settled on this conclusion as of now…

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is alex becker a scammer

Let’s start at the beginning: My detailed history with Alex Becker…

I first found Alex (screenshot above in case you never saw him) through a product called SEO Zen.

Truth be told, I did not purchase it but at the time I stumbled onto it, I already had intermediate knowledge of SEO and great success with PPC (which involves Bing Ads, which is something Alex doesn’t teach), so much so that I already had several six figure earnings under my belt (This article on affiliate marketing explains how I made over $1 million in sales online, much of which came from Bing Ads).

With that knowledge, I looked at what the program (SEO Zen) was showing me and didn’t find it matching the knowledge I was taught at a program I still recommend and follow today: Wealthy Affiliate

While my thoughts on SEO Zen weren’t positive (I though it was too black hat), I continued to scour the internet for more products and through my searches found more of Alex’s stuff, namely:

  • ROI Optimization.
  • Source University.
  • Source Phoenix
  • Currently Market Hero is the main program he promotes on YouTube. Being a FORMER member of the branch of that program (Hero Sales Academy), I will be adding my review of it shortly and why I said I’m a former member of it, not current.

I didn’t like that many of these programs were very expensive and that I was seeing a lot of different products from Becker. At the time (and I still have this belief) I felt that people should have access to 1, all inclusive program vs numerous ones, each priced expensively.

This is why I suggest most people, especially the ones who are beginners, start with Wealthy Affiliate, because it has amazing training on many things Alex’s above programs already teach, but for a way better deal and with more chances of success because of HOW it teaches these things (More pragmatic) and because I’ve personally been experiencing great results from it (see other Wealthy Affiliate success stories here), and I can tell you it’s a better investment in that regard.

I also had this belief because I had seen other marketers also do this thing where they were making one product after another and it seemed to “cheapen” their previous products. It felt like a hustle, so perhaps those bad experiences I had with the other guys played a role in how I felt about Becker’s products.

In any case, I had stopped reviewing Alex’s stuff for awhile, until…

10 Pillars of Wealth came out and my opinion of Alex Becker improved a lot…

Let me explain what happened…

In 2016, Becker released a book on Amazon called 10 Pillars of Wealth which I bought, fully read through and quite frankly enjoyed, so much so, that I still believe it’s one of the best self help, business books I’ve ever read.

The framework I had in my mind regarding online business and business in general really expanded after reading that book and I was more inclined to take more risks and grow my business from it, so for that, I am thankful to Becker.

In doing so, my opinion of Becker improved substantially…

Fast forward to 2018, more positive stuff about Alex Becker worth mentioning:

I discovered Alex Becker had a YouTube channel running, and accidentally stumbled onto it while looking up different reactions people had of one of the recent Star Wars movies.

Seeing his thoughts on the subject increased my curiosity to see what other content he was providing and that’s when my opinion which was pretty negative the first time I found out about him, changed to being very positive.

He offered and still offers a lot of great, free content on his site regarding things like like list building and generally good, solid business advice, which quite frankly resonated with me because the advice he provided on topics such as which mistakes not to make are mistakes that I indeed had made in my online business experience and seeing that good advice from him, really propelled me even more forward to look up his existing programs he has, namely Market Hero.

While my thoughts on Market Hero started well, then fell (I’ll explain why that happened below), once thing I do recommend people do is check out Alex Becker’s YouTube channel, as the advice is free, although it is true that he is also looking to get more leads/clients to his businesses from it, which is fine, I do it too, so as long as it’s done ethically, no problem.

Most of the advice you’ll get on his YouTube channel involves using Adwords & FB to funnel traffic to a landing page to collect email lists and then sell them stuff through Shopify stores, dropshipping and/or other affiliate marketing related things (And you can find detailed training on those things within Market Hero).

But in general, his other videos on basic life/business advice are highly recommended.

Here’s one very important thing I learned from Alex Becker…

And that is the need to evolve your business and grow it by taking more risks. Complacency is something I am guilty of in my business experience. Having started with $0 and grown my own business to making multiple six figure incomes like I said before, I came to a point where all that money actually stopped coming in and in the process, I went broke (2013). 

I had to rebuild everything I had made and I have to admit that it was a blessing because it forced me to work and legitimately grow a new business out of these experiences. Now I will admit, a VERY huge part of my regrowth and success after going broke was following the main training program Wealthy Affiliate and thanks to it, I now have a stable income coming in.

In 2018, I’ve picked it up a lot and the business continues to grow, but to make it grow further, I am now looking into Becker’s stuff (currently Market Hero) to see where I can expand and his videos and “pep talk” so to say have really inspired me to stop being complacent and continue to see where and how I can grow my existing business.

A quick mention of Market Hero (2019):

As of 2019, that was the latest program I purchased and reviewed from Alex and initially, I was very impressed by it, but eventually, it fell in quality in my eyes and here’s a full review of Market Hero which explains exactly why.

Basically it taught paid advertising, but it’s outdated and disorganized content in my opinion is what caused me to quit that program.

And this is also why I continue to stay and use the training in Wealthy Affiliate to get me a lot of free traffic, the majority of my online earnings. And being that WA is growing and also starting to cover many of the same paid traffic methods as Market Hero was meant to, it is my recommendation.

My final thoughts: Alex Becker is absolutely NOT a scammer, but…

There are pros and cons to the stuff he releases and teaches people about making money…

First the pros:

It’s that he’s amazing when it comes to sales pitches and motivational things which is why I personally believe his YouTube channel is very valuable in terms of the advice it gives. I still recommend that place and Alex Becker’s Instagram page is also good.

Now the cons:

However, out of his programs that I’ve reviewed (and I did purchase some of them, not all though), there is common issue I find and that is that a lot of his training is outdated and his video presentations are a bit “messy”.

I find it hard to understand the details of what needs to be done when I listen to his instructions, even though pragmatically, what he says makes perfect sense and it’s a strange, yet common thing I’ve been seeing over and over with him and his programs.

He talks very well, but it’s when you get into specifics and trying to take action with his stuff that you start to see issues.

For example, if you take his Market Hero program, his overall message is clear about building online businesses, but when I started going through the training and really trying to make it work, that’s when I found many holes (outdated things and difficult to copy instructions).

That’s when I began looking differently at Alex and believing his good talk doesn’t always mean his training is also as good. And I hope this is something that I can change my mind on in the future, but without trying to sound entitled, I do believe that depends on Alex.

Here’s what I recommend:

If you’re a beginner to online marketing and seeking to make a stable, GOOD income, you can absolutely do it through the program which helped me earn a full time income: Wealthy Affiliate.

The main cons I just talked about with Alex Becker and his teachings are why I stick to Wealthy Affiliate, because it’s teachings are precise, up to date and beginners are able to follow them, which is why there are a lot of success stories (Not saying Alex doesn’t have them, but I think Wealthy Affiliate has more success stories).

And here’s some of my results from it:

As for Alex’s teachings and programs…

I still like the guy and do believe he’s legit and well meaning, but…

I have also learned to distinguish his general message which sounds great but in my experience, often is not as great when you dig into the details of how he teaches you to get those things done. If there will ever be a point in time where I find that Alex’s specific training is as high quality as he markets it, then I will be happy to start promoting his program/s again. 

16 thoughts on “Is Alex Becker a Scammer? My Mixed Experiences With Him.”

  1. I came across Alex Becker a few months ago from his YouTube videos on the internet.

    While I feel that he is sincere in what he tries to share in his videos, I do agree with you that there is room for improvement in his presentation style.  

    I have never bought any of his programs before but personally for I feel that as a newbie or someone who is starting out, it is still best to stick to a program that offers a step by step training system.  

    That is why I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member myself. Thank you for sharing your review article on Alex Becker.

    • Honestly, I also believe in his sincerity and I still watch some of his new videos, but him preaching about the online business world, and then giving you the step-by-step process to it afterwards are 2 different things.

      He does the first job well, but the second really needs improvement. 

  2. Good day, Vitaliy.

    Thanks for this informative post on Alex Becker. Lately I’ve been researching online courses for when I retire from my day job. 

    Talk about “used car salesmen” and “selling snake oil”. A few years ago I gave the “online home business” idea a try and I got ripped-off, even though it wasn’t very much in dollars and cents, but it did leave a bad experience.

    Some of these operators are so smooth that they could sell sand to Dubai. I like your approach. Purchasing someone’s product is the best way to properly assess the contents of their course.

    The problem I find with these purchases is their “up-sells”. 

    They never end. This is a big turn-off for me, and my biggest fear in restarting this online business idea all over again.

    What was the training support like when you purchased his course? Is he the only person teaching this course or does he have a support team that can be reached without too much trouble?

    Is this a course that you would recommend to a beginner?

    I need to find answers to these questions before I get involved again.


    • Paul hi, I totally understand why with all the bad experiences, you are looking very skeptically at people like Alex Becker and being that I’ve also been burned by online programs and courses and also lost money, I can relate.

      With regards to the questions you asked…

      Since the last program I purchased from Alex Becker was Market Hero, the support there was good for GENERAL inquiries. I didn’t really find much help when it came to questions about the training. He does have a private FB group for that.

      In Market Hero, most of the training is done by him, but certain parts of it were done by another person he entrusted the training to and that was FB ads if I remember correctly, and it was VERY outdated.

      Regarding beginner friendly stuff, I would say no. In fact, after my experience with Market Hero, unless things change, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

      What I will recommend to beginners is Wealthy Affiliate.

      That is where you’ll get amazing support and coaching. In my experience, that is the program that will reignite your trust in online courses and help you start off the right way.

  3. Hey Vitaliy,

    Thanks for the article. I just finished watching Alex Becker’s webinar about H-Com. Very interesting. It’s a great article on Alex Becker and how he got started and his many programs/products he is involved with.

    But I am already a member of WA and I have built 3 websites so far and I just got in the Super Affiliate Challenge. I’m not pushing my website, but I’d appreciate if you would look at the website. I’d really appreciate your help and advice since you’be been doing it for quite a while. I’d be glad to help you in any way I could. Thanks.

    • Danny hi, I did take a look at your site and I think overall, the content you have on it is fine, and you should keep doing the Super Affiliate Challenge that was made by Wealthy Affiliate. If anyone else is reading this comment, it’s a training program to help people promote Wealthy Affiliate itself, and you can find more info on it here.

      Now in regards to your site, I would adjust several things:

      1) Your current theme’s header (which shows the beach and all of that) is extremely large. Too large in fact, that it took up too much of my screen’s space when I visited the site. I would edit the header or possibly pick another theme where it’s not that big. You want people who land on your site to read your content right away, not stare at an irrelevant header image and possibly leave the site.

      2) Break up your paragraphs more, right now they are VERY long and this makes reading them even harder.

      3) Moving on to the topic of breaking things up, I believe your current theme is squeezing the content too close together which is making your paragraphs look fatter. A theme change could correct this and possible space out the paragraphs more. Always make sure that you pick a theme which allows for maximum content exposure for your reader.

      4) Add more images man, I hardly saw any on your WA review. You’re seeking to get people into WA, show them screenshots of the stuff you’re talking about, so they don’t have to imagine anything. You’re welcome to read my WA review for reference.

  4. Its good to see someone with experience making informed reviews on this kind of stuff. Someone with several six figure incomes obviously knows what they’re talking about, and I have followed Alex Becker on Youtube myself, but never bought into any of his books or programs. This has absolutely changed my opinion of him for the better, even though I was already a fan of his content.

  5. You have rekindled my interest in Alex Becker, with the information you provided. I was one of those who lost interest with the crash in late 2017. I honestly just got scared of the platform and decided to stay very far away.

    The history you provided is very informative and a really good read. I think I need to take some time to explore this a little more. As always, I am very worried about investing money with the potential to lose it all. I don’t have much to invest. What is the smallest amount I would need to have to be able to start the training?

    • If you have very little money to invest, don’t worry about anything related to Alex Becker, his programs or any other where you need to pay to try out the strategies. Focus on Wealthy Affiliate, there you will spend almost nothing on trying out the strategies Bibian. Once you earn from that, use the money to invest in Alex’s program then.

  6. Great article, I’m not very familiar with Alex Becker’s 10 Pillars of Wealth. I’m definitely going to have a look at his Youtube channel. I’m particularly interested in building and expanding my email list. Do you know if he has a program that helps with this? Thanks again for the great info!

  7. Hi Vitaliy,

    Nice article! I’ve heard about Alex Becker’s 10 Pillars of Wealth, but since there are so many books out there similar in content I never took the time to read it. I think I will check out his YouTube channel and look into his Market hero program to see what that’s all about. Maybe I’ll even get around to reading his book if I like the rest he has to offer. Is there a specific episode or area I should look into first on his YouTube channel? I’m interesting in learning how to create more traffic to my site.

    Thanks for all the great info!

    • Hi Becky, all of his videos have titles to describe the content in it, so being that you are looking for traffic tips, I’d look for a title which best matches that interest, you’ll find numerous videos that he does in that regard.

  8. Hey there Vitaliy,

    Totally agree with Alex on the the taking risks part! I have been standing idly by while I watch my business maintain but in stagnant motion until I decided to take a leap of faith and opened up a shop.

    It definitely was a risk as sales were slow and rent was high but eventually, it turned into a good business venture and more people started trusting us. I’ve had my eye on SEO Zen and wanted to give it a try but I’ve had this unsure feeling about the owner but after reading about him, you opened up my mind to try. Thanks for the awesome research man, finally someone wrote about him!

    • Hi Riaz, while I wouldn’t recommend SEO Zen, Alex’s free advice and his Market Hero program are worth taking a shot with, especially since you have an online store. I would consider that Market Hero program.


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