Alex Becker’s ROI Optimization Review. Worth it?

ROI optimization reviewDepending on which point in time you’re looking at Alex Becker’s ROI Optimization product, it may be anywhere from $500 to nearly a $1,000 in price.

I’ve done a lot of research into the program to find out if it’s really worth the price tag and honestly, in my opinion I don’t think it is.

I do want to point out that I have not purchased it and one of the reasons was because I had previously reviewed another program Alex created called SEO Zen which I did not rate favorably.

But in spite of that, I decided to look into ROI Optimization. Keep in mind that whatever I mention here is my personal opinion on the product so take my advice with a grain of salt…

ROI Optimization explained:

As far as I understand it, it’s a whole course on helping you get fast and effective SEO results in your campaigns. The idea is to implement a lot of the strategies Alex teaches in his videos, which by the way you can find on YouTube for free as well as updated tactics that are only available within the program itself. 

4 reasons why I will not be buying ROI Optimization:

1) One of the things I did not like which added to my final decision on not to buy the program was the lack of transparency on the sale’s page. There is no actual explanation of what the program is or how it works. No insight as to what you’ll be doing. 

There is a bold claim of refunding double what you paid for if you don’t get the desired results in a certain period of time. While I can’t say whether or not this is really true, I have seen in previous programs that offer a similar type of guarantee that it may be VERY difficult to prove if you’re actually implemented the training in the program or not.

Again, I can’t say that this experience applies to ROI Optimization because I haven’t bought it, but these sales tactics rarely differ in my opinion.

2) Alex does have a pretty good reputation among the internet marketing crowd, at least from what I’ve read. However, I am not exactly his biggest fan because there are things he teaches which I disagree with. I have watched a few of his video on YouTube and the guy at times makes perfect sense, but he endorses some ways of marketing online that I find risky. 

For instance, when I reviewed SEO Zen, one of his most popular programs, I found many things that it did were methods of marketing that could hurt your site more so than help it. Basically black hat marketing tactics. 

To summarize real quick without deviating too far, SEO Zen was basically a program which took content of other people’s articles/resources, spun it around, put it on your site and added YouTube videos related to your topic to it. It could do this very quickly as well as massively in terms of quantity. 

While it sounds good, I believe this approach to marketing is wrong because you’re taking content from other people without their consent, try to build out your site using spun content which many times doesn’t even read well and it’s all meant to be done to fool search engines. If there’s anything I learned in my time doing SEO, DO NOT try to fool search engines. They will eventually catch and punish you for this. 

I am mentioning all of this because from what I’ve seen Alex Becker still has this approach to SEO which I would personally not agree with it. I believe if you’re going to succeed, you need to write high quality content that is your own and avoid trying to find short cuts or loop holes. 

Update: Alex has gotten way better, see this updated article on Alex Becker. I did also try some of his other programs like Market Hero, which I liked at first, but then had to leave.

3) From what I’ve read much of the information already exists on YouTube. At least this is what one person who claims he’s tried the program said on the Warrior Forum, a popular internet marketing forum.

I rarely take anything I read there seriously because most of the people who review programs in my mind don’t share the same beliefs as I do in terms of SEO, but here is what this individual posted (you be the judge).

Roi optimization warrior forum screenshot

If you want to find this post, you can just Google “Alex Becker ROI Optimization” and you’ll find it on the first page. Though this person is obviously stating their opinion of the program, I tend to lean more towards their argument than to someone who is trying to sell me something. 

In fact, I’ve had my suspicions about the information in this program being seen in previous programs/videos by Alex because I’ve seen this kind of stuff used before with programs like Big Idea Mastermind, whose creator was basically utilizing the same kind of information from program to program, but constantly giving people the impression this was brand new and never seen before.

Now to be fair, this works both ways in that if Alex does keep using much of the same information from program to program, it gives massive value to the opinion that the training does work and stands the test of time, but this leads me to my final reason…

4) The price for ROI Optimization is just too high. I’m sorry, but I’m never ever going to be buying a program that costs $100’s, $1,000’s, whatever. I’ve had way too many bad experiences in the past to teach me better.

roi optimization price

While again I can’t speak for the quality of the training within ROI Optimization, I can only speculate and this has proven to be true more often than not, that the training is really not worth the price tag. 

What can possibly be taught in a program that costs so much that you haven’t already seen elsewhere? I’m sure you can find a few things here and there within the program that favor the price, but if it’s true that you can get a lot of the information on YouTube, then why even bother spending so much? 

In my long and disappointing time reviewing so many expensive programs, some of which are far more pricey than this one, I have YET to come across even 1 program that’s worth the price tag. The kind of information the programs I’ve reviewed in the past hold is really nothing new and you can certainly find it online or at the very most from programs that cost much less. In my opinion, ROI Optimization is no different.


  • Supposedly there’s a great money back guarantee.
  • Alex does have some good training you can find on YouTube.


  • It’s VERY expensive in my opinion.
  • I did not rate Alex’s previous program, SEO Zen favorably. 
  • I do not agree with some of Alex’s teachings. 
  • Supposedly much of the training can be found in his videos online for free.

Final Rating: Alex Becker’s ROI Optimization

2 stars

Red Flag (I can’t recommend it)

2 out of 10 stars. It’s not a scam, but I believe it’s hyped and you can get the information elsewhere and for free. I believe in fair pricing and truly great training and the only place I recommend for that is Wealthy Affiliate.

My final thoughts:

As I said earlier, take my advice with a grain of salt. No I did not buy the program so it can be assumed what I say in this review is speculation, but after having so many prior experiences and seeing programs that are hyped up, massively expensive, which then turn out to be disappointing, I can’t help but wonder if ROI Optimization is any different. I honestly don’t believe any program should charge this much money for it’s training. There’s a lot of other reasons not to pay $1,000’s for interet marketing training.

In fact, if you HAVE tried this program and agree/disagree with my opinion of it, by all means, let me hear what you have to say. Also if this program wasn’t so expensive, I may have even tried it. But the price is a total turn off. I will not be buying this program and again everything I say here is based on my personal opinion. 

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