Is The One Funnel Away Challenge a Scam? The Real Price.

Russell Brunson has a new program out: The One Funnel Away Challenge. I’m going to dig into it and explain if it’s a scam because while it does have value (which I’ll go over), the real price behind it all is more than you think.

Let me the following out of the way about The One Way Funnel Away Challenge:

I want to start by saying that Russell is a marketing genius and truly an extremely successful online business minds in the industry, BUT I’ve had mixed opinions on some of the promotions and products he’s promoted over the years (I think some of them were scams).

With regards to this particular program, I do believe it’s a legitimate opportunity, but I do also know how Russell operates and he is trying to push his other programs on you through this program, one in particular being the Clickfunnels (CF) service and that itself can cost you an extra $97 or even $297 a month, on top of this existing program.

The One Way Funnel Challenge quick review:


Russell way funnel challenge review


$100 to start, with a backdoor up-sell into Clickfunnels (CF) that starts at $297 a month and is down sold to a regular CF membership of $97. You do get to try CF for 14 days beforehand though.

It is important to understand that if you aim to really try out the OWFC and put it to use, you will likely need to also try CF, because this program is designed to be used WITH it.

Summary of how One Way Funnel Challenge Works:

You get training on creating successful sales funnels and using the Clickfunnels program to execute this. It’ll help you create sales pages, squeeze pages to collect email lists, membership sites and more.

Basically the idea is to find buyer niche audiences, get your pitch out to them and get them flowing through the sales funnel.

Does this work?

Yes, you can honestly have situations where these types of things can make you a full time income. More experience and skill with this business will = to better results using this program.

I’m actually someone has his own proof to offer you with regards to that and I will be explaining how I’ve actually made six figures from multiple sales funnels I’ve run over the years and I will explain how I’ve done this.


The success rate of this stuff is rare and requires you understand marketing on a mastery level for this to truly work well. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending $100’s every single month, if not more and not getting sales or results…

Essentially, Russell’s training is meant to help you understand this, to help you succeed in addition to pushing his other program on you, so it’s not a scam, but there’s a pretty big investment that can add up quickly while you try to make this work…

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars. 

Do I recommend this program?

Honestly no. The reason why is because spending $100 on training that I’ll be explaining here already saves you that money. 

Furthermore, Clickfunnels program itself is totally legit, but recommended for truly experienced marketers who have a lot of money to spare. As good as that tool is, it’s only really useful when used by someone who understands how to properly market with it.

As I have said, I’ve made my own sales funnels without the help of this program, through much cheaper means. You can make beautiful sales pages and promote your stuff on the alternative options I’m going to present.

In addition, if you’re totally new to these things, going with this program in my opinion is too complex and expensive, here’s a way better option in my opinion:

one way funnel challenge alternative

Breaking down The One Way Funnel Challenge and how it works (In detail):

A huge reason why Russell Brunson is so successful is because he does provide valuable tools and services for online marketers, with the biggest being Click Funnels (CF).

A big part of Russel’s business model is to help “spread the word” about that service and the way he does that is through 2 main approaches:

1) He allows people to promote CF directly and make an income from that, via the CF affiliate program. But in order to promote it, you have to actually be a member of CF and pay $97-$297 a month, giving Russell a healthy monthly income.

2) Russell has also further helped spread the word about CF through third party training programs like The One Way Sales Funnel and Affiliate Bootcamp, both of which are training programs that steer people into CF and of course, promoters can also push those programs, to help make more money as a CF affiliate.

When he gets people into that training and into CF, he makes more money and the people who promote these programs and sell them, also make money.

This is why you see countless blogs, sites, email pitches and more pushing Russell’s products on you. 

Let me provide you with $100 in free training, right now:

The main way you learn to use The One Way Sales Funnel is to first find a buyer/niche audience and to set up a page through CF to send them there. 

Then you can either sell them a product that they’ll buy or collect their email and then sell them things. And through CF, you’ll be able to set all of this up, the only thing you’ll really have to go out and do is get the traffic to the site, which can be very hard and expensive.

While you can elect to pay $100 for the training, let me help you save that money and explain the keys it takes to make ALL of this work and this is it:

Once you have these 3 ingredients set up, there is a 4th ingredient necessary and that is this:

I have a number of examples to prove this approach works, and you can read that about in articles like this on about laser targeted traffic, but I’ll give some quick resume notes on the success I’ve had with this 4 step formula:

This is more or less what Russell would be showing you how to do in his training and it’s the right way to make successful sales funnel happen. And by the way, if you are TOTALLY new to sales funnels or may not be a 100% confident on your knowledge of it, read this article on sales funnels.

Here is why I cannot recommend Russell’s program to everyone:

Unless you are a really successful person who makes money online already and have good experience with Click Funnels, I don’t think you need this program.

Beginners are the people I would least likely recommend Russell’s stuff to because as simple as the explanation was on how this stuff is supposed to work, the set up and learning curve is where it’s tough.

Add in $100’s to costs on top of all of this and there’s a lot of risk involved. This is why again, when it comes to rating, as whole, here is how I grade this program:

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

It is legit, this much I can 100% say, but you don’t need to spend this much money on it.

If nothing else, I’d suggest the better alternative I’m about to explain to you, to make your success there with far LESS risk or cost, and then if you decide to try new things and have money to spend, then go with CF.

And now…

Here’s a much better alternative to One Way Funnel Challenge:

I can tell you that this program is far better for beginners as well as far more cost effective. Click Funnels ain’t going anywhere, and you can always get it later if you want, and I can tell you that the education in Wealthy Affiliate and using that education can really help you, like it did for me, create an excellent online income.

The One Way Funnel Challenge


The One Funnel Challenge Score



  • Generally, most of Russell's programs are legitimate.
  • I think Clickfunnels can be a powerful tool, if it's used correctly (by experienced people).


  • I do not think Clickfunnels is good for beginners.
  • The way this program is set up, it's intended to get you to buy Clickfunnels, and that is expensive.

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