Is eCom Success Academy a Scam? 2 Better Alternatives.

I’m happy to report that Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy is not a scam and is a high quality program, but for it’s price, I’ll show you 2 better alternatives instead.

Let me 2 say VERY important things about this review of eCom Success Academy:

1) I haven’t exactly been a fan of Adrian’s or his brother’s since the programs I’ve run into from them over the years have not been to my liking (sometimes they were low quality, sometimes I even though they were a scam).

Naturally when I saw eCom Success Academy come out, I wasn’t exactly 100% convinced, but after looking over what’s covered and how it’s covered (we’ll go over this), and the success stories, this is a legit program. But I still am very skeptical given the previous history, and I don’t think you can blame me for this…

2) For the $2,495 price tag, I elected to not buy this system and another reason for that is because I am a practicing, full time online business man who understands eCommerce and making money on it, but practices mainly blogging and paid advertising to one page sites to make his profits (I find there’s less risk in this and 1 of the alternatives will show you how I do this).

Here’s an example of how well I do online in case you need proof:

ecom success academy alternative

Quick report on eCom Success Academy:

ecom success academy review

Creator: Adrian Morrison.

Price: $2,495 or you can also pay month to month (3 months), $997.

What you get: Access to training on MAINLY creating a drop shipping online business. There’s also email marketing training, as well as training on how to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Overall, there’s over a 100 lessons.

What you learn: You will be creating a Shopify store and marketing products on that store to niche audiences across Facebook and Instagram.

When they visit your site, and buy the product, you will actually place the order on another site, and send the product to them (since you don’t actually own it), and you will keep the profit.

Multiplied across many products and many sales, you can make a good living through this. Drop shipping does work, but I personally do not practice it for a number of reasons I’ll go over in the cons section shortly…

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

It’s legit, I already said that, but for over $2,000 at the very least, you will have to spend even more to test it out. One of the alternatives I will recommend also teaches Shopify and drop shipping success, but for WAY less.

Overall, the price of this program, plus my history with Adrian is why I am not really going to recommend it.

Let’s go over eCom Success Academy’s pros (4):

1) There is high quality training on the above things I mentioned (Shopify, drop shipping, marketing across social networks to get traffic to the site & more).

2) You get a comprehensive 7 week course on all these above things.

3) Reviews on this system do say support is good, which I will take seriously and add to the pros. 

4) Like I said earlier, there are more than a few success stories.

Now the cons (4):

1) I am extremely careful about anything I look at involving Adrian or Anthony Morrison (His brother and another internet marketer).

The last time I saw a program by Adrian (Social Commissions), I really didn’t like it, nor have I liked any program these guys have put out until eCom Success Academy came out. 

There was even a moment where I looked at this program and thought “Wait, is this the same Adrian Morrison, whose products I’ve reviewed before and didn’t like?”. I couldn’t believe he finally put out a product I liked, but hey, kudos to the guy, but I’m still adding this con in, because the reputation matters to me.

2) $2,495 is very high, but considering so many other programs which focus on the same type of training charge about this much as well, I am not exactly surprised. But one of the alternative I am shortly going to recommend (Market Hero) is one program you should consider trying for the fact that it teaches the same things, but for $47 a month and not this huge price.

3) There’s more to pay to run this experiment than just Adrian’s training. You need to pay for a Shopify store, you need to micromanage ads and pay for those too and there is a big learning curve when it comes to drop shipping and paid ads in general.

Because you do need to pay money to get ads out there to drive traffic to your Shopify store (with no guarantees of it making you money by the way), you are risking more than the initial $2,000+ investment, keep this in mind.

4) There is a lot of competition and people running their own Shopify stores trying to mimic this model. I am pretty sure Adrian has a good system and following it may really work for you, but this is a pretty competitive market you’re entering into.

Final Rating: eCom Success Academy.

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. The program seems legit and may be worth buying, but read about the second alternative shortly, Market Hero to see why that is a better investment in my opinion if you truly want to try this Shopify/dropshipping business model.

My final thoughts and the 2 alternative programs explained:

I’m going to give you 2 programs that I personally think are far better to invest in than eCom Success Academy.

One of the reasons why is because the prices for both these programs are far lower than Adrian’s and at the same time, the quality of the training you get is still very, very high.

In fact, I’d argue it’s of even better quality than Adrian’s program because there’s more lessons, more evolution and more widespread ways you can use that training to create an online business beyond just drop shipping.

Ok, here’s the first:

Now while that is actually my #1 recommendation, it doesn’t teach drop shipping, which quite honestly, I find to be a good thing, because that business is not an easy thing to get going. People do make good money from it yes, but it’s very few people and it costs a lot to test this out.

BUT if you find yourself being the sort of person who wants to do drop shipping and eCommerce (Shopify stuff), then I have the second alternative for you…

Here is the second alternative:

Undecided between these 3 choices? Here’s my advice…

Are you a total beginner to internet marketing? Start with Wealthy Affiliate

Have experience with dropshipping but need to be more successful at it? Go with Market Hero.

That would be my advice with regards to how to choose between these 3 programs.

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