Social Commissions Review. Good Idea But Overall a Ripoff.

social commissions reviewAdrian Morrison’s Social Commissions is another type of program sold to you as an easy way to make money on the internet.

Though the idea itself is good in theory, there are a lot of holes and missing pieces to this product which make it an overall ripoff in my opinion. 

Social Commissions in a nutshell:

You learn to place ads on POF (Plenty of Fish, aka a dating website) through instructional videos and link the ads to either a current website or to affiliate offers and make money off it.

That’s basically it. For those of you who don’t know, affiliate offers basically means you link to offers which if someone buys, you get a commission. More explanation on it here. And here is a great guide on this too.

There is additional training in bonuses offered on internet marketing related subjects, but overall, advertising on POF is what the product is all about. 

Now in theory this idea is good. POF is basically a social website, for dating. There are plenty of people registered there as members and the ability to market to them is certainly possible.

In addition, advertising on POF is relatively cheap (About $25 a day). But as I said before, I think Social Commissions is a total rip-off and I’m about to explain why…

The missing pieces: 

Aside from nearly 10 videos showing you how to set up ads on POF, you aren’t really shown anything else. There is no:

Explanation on where to link ads to. Usually ads should link to landing pages (your own website) where you promote somesocial commissions video sale's page screenshot sort of affiliate offer. Here’s an example:

POF ad on dating advice —> My landing page talking about dating advice books —> Affiliate offer such as dating books.

Directly linking to an affiliate offer (no landing page) doesn’t usually provide good results since people need to see what you’re offering is quality. Most of the time people who visit a website which directly sells them something aren’t prepared to buy yet and need to be warmed up to it first.

I’ve personally done tests with this approach to marketing and it failed every time. Some people say it works, but for me, I think the landing page approach where you warm up buyers is better.

This is where the landing page comes into play. It’s where you explain about products that can help them with their problem.

In my example above, I explained how I link an ad on dating advice to a landing page which talks about dating advice books. On that landing page I could give people some information on actual dating advice they could use and explain to them why they need this book. This is basically a way to help earn trust from the visitor. 

Also, a side note: This is a GREAT strategy for making money online in general, not just in the dating niche. Here is a guide to making this work and here are 100 additional niche markets where you can also use this too.

He doesn’t tell you that you should make a website or what to write on the website. If you’re going to promote something and make money of it, 99.9% of the time you’ll need a website. You CAN elect to directly link people to an affiliate offer, but I am certain that will not work (remember, I tried this stuff before and even more experienced marketers I know like these also agree with me).

This is simply how the internet world works today. In Adrian’s sales page, his basic sale’s angle of automated, push button riches is just fancy wording to get you to buy his product. You are led to believe a few clicks is all it takes to make riches. Never fall for this sale’s angle. 

I’ve filled in the blanks, but the point is this:

In a way these missing pieces can be compared to me building a house, but starting from the roof. No foundation, no ground floors, nothing else.

Are you seeing my point here? Adrian gives you the roof, but doesn’t explain how to build anything else so the roof ends up being totally worthless. This is what Social Commissions basically is.

There’s also the LONG list of up-sells:

If you’re gong to try Social Commissions, be prepared to go through a long list of up-sells once you buy it. Up-sells are further offers you’re given after your initial purchase.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: I HATE up-sells.

They always make me feel like the product I purchased which promised me so much isn’t enough. It makes me feel like I’ve been fooled. My suggestion besides NOT buying Social Commissions is to avoid buying the up-sells no matter how fancy they sound. In my experience, fancy wording doesn’t translate into quality products.

Is he related to Anthony Morrison?!

I’ve read somewhere that Adrian is related to Anthony Morrison, who is also an internet marketer. Why am I bringing this up? Because I’ve done a review on Anthony’s product called Success with Anthony and let me tell you, I rated it VERY low. In fact I found it a downright scam. There’s also programs of Anthony’s like this that I also rated low. There’s just basically a lack of trust for this guy from me…

While going through Adrian’s sale’s page, I noticed A LOT of similarities in the marketing tactics both men use:

  • They both use a video sale’s page.
  • They both give a TINY preview of what you’ll be learning.
  • They both give you the impression that their system is VERY simple to use.
  • On both sites, if you try to leave the page, you’ll go through a lot of related pages trying to get you to buy the product.

Certainly this could be a “coincidence”, but more likely than not I believe it isn’t. I think they’re related and are using the same marketing tactics. Either way, I will not be recommending either Adrian’s nor Anthony’s product to anyone. 


  • The theory of marketing on POF has potential. 
  • You can make money through this idea.


  • Not a system I’d recommend for beginners. If you are one to internet marketing, start here.
  • Too many up-sells.
  • You’re only taught how to place ads on POF, and nothing else that is essential to making the formula work!
  • The overall product uses shady marketing tactics I do not approve of.
  • You can market on POF without buying Social Commissions.

Final Rating: Social Commissions:

2 stars

2 out of 10 stars. Steer clear of this one. See #1 recommendation.

My final thoughts on Adrian’s Social Commissions:

I will give Adrian props for bringing up an idea that I hadn’t though of until I heard about this product. Yes it can work and I’m certainly going to be trying it. But if you’re a beginner to online marketing, I would strongly advise caution before getting into paid advertising. It’s something that can yield a lot, but can also cost you a lot.

What determines which side you find yourself on is experience and proper guidance. Unfortunately you won’t get neither from Social Commissions, nor most internet marketing training tutorials. However, there are still a few places that can legitimately teach you this sort of stuff in addition to other online marketing tactics like SEO, site building, paid advertising, social network advertising, building an online business, ect…

This is why I recommend my #1 recommendation. Because it is one of the only legitimate places where you’ll get all of that and it actually costs nothing to try the first phases of the training. For anyone seeking to learn realistic ways to do online marketing, whether a complete beginner or not, to utilize that place.

As for Adrian’s product, I’m going to add it to the LONG list of programs that I advise staying far away from. Save your money! 

3 thoughts on “Social Commissions Review. Good Idea But Overall a Ripoff.”

  1. Wow what a great site! I too have a make money online/from home website but is geared more towards moms. I REALLY love the breakdown of information and will definitely being making some changes to mine now that Ive seen what a site looks like thats farther along! I think the info is broken down really clearly and is easy to read. Great job and will definitely be checking back.

    • Thanks Jessica. There are certainly a lot of moms out there who are interested in staying home and making a living so you have a great niche in the works. As for design, I’d go for something that resonates with you. This is just my current idea and can change in the future.


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