Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Bootcamp Review. How it Works.

There are a plethora of people promoting Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Bootcamp, and while the earning potential is high, I will NOT be promoting it.

And that’s because I don’t believe this program is fit for everyone, nor is Click Funnels itself which is ultimately where this bootcamp steers you into, even though I believe both programs are legitimate.

Why did I decide this? Well this review will explain it. 

At the very least you can count on this review being more impartial than the others out there you see on Facebook & Google which all seem to be claiming that this program is working very well for them, though I don’t believe that (a lot of people promote stuff that doesn’t make them money, even though they say it does).

Anyway, let’s not jump ahead just yet, let me explain everything about this program:

Quick report on Affiliate Bootcamp:

russell brunson affiliate bootcamp reviewCreator: Russell Brunson.

Price: It’s free to access it, and there’s 100 days worth of training.

However, to make money with it, you need to sign up with Click Funnels and eventually start paying monthly to be a member (that’s where costs add up). 

What does it teach? You learn to promote the Affiliate Bootcamp itself to other people. But you may be wondering, if it’s free, how do you get paid?

Well this program ties into Russell Brunson’s other, and main program, Click Funnels which has 2 membership levels of $97 a month and $297 (one of which you will need to be a part of if you want to earn money with the program).

If people who you sign up through you to take the Affiliate Bootcamp become a member of Click Funnels and join one of the 2 memberships, you get paid 40% monthly from whichever membership level they sign up to.

This is how you make money through this program and how you can technically “retire” promoting this program. But it is NOT easy and I’ll explain why…

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

Russell Brunson is one of the most famous and successful internet marketers today and both his name and this program is legitimate (Click Funnels included).

However, the reason I decided to NOT promote it is because I don’t believe many people will be able to succeed with it and they’ll waste a lot of money trying to. And especially if you are a beginner, it’s an even bigger risk in my opinion.

And I’d much rather they learn to retire building a business on a topic they love, not spending nearly as much in the process and I will be showing you a cheaper program with which this is all possible to do it through…

What do I recommend instead?

russell brunson affiliate bootcamp alternative

How Russell makes money through his Affiliate Bootcamp program:

In essence, all that this program is about is funneling (no pun intended) people into Click Funnels. Russell made millions with this main program and through Affiliate Bootcamp, he can make even more.

While the training inside it is high quality and there is massive potential for people to earn through it, it’s not as easy as sharing the link to it and getting paid, there’s a large amount of people who will fall out of it for various reasons. 

But back to the topic…

There are 3 goals of the Affiliate Bootcamp program:

And they are simple:

1) The first is get you to join Click Funnels and pay one of the 2 memberships.

This already will bring Russell a monthly income. And though you can sign up for 14 days with Click Funnels, eventually, you will have to join one of the memberships, otherwise, you will not be able to promote it:

click funnels screenshot

2) To get you to promote the program and get other people to join Click Funnels.

Once they do, they’ll also have to sign up with it after 14 days and this will make Russell even more money.

3) To give you an opportunity and incentive to promote the program.

While Russell is certainly looking out for himself here, he is also providing people who promote his program with a pretty good compensation plan.

And to help you make the money, you will be getting 100 days of lessons from this program to help you earn money and possible retire as his sales page says. Is it possible? I absolutely believe it is, but in spite of that belief, I wouldn’t promote this to people because I feel like most people would waste their money in the process.

There are also other very similar programs Russell has created in the past that mimic the Affiliate Bootcamp.

For example: The One Way Funnel Challenge.

There are certain types of people who would be able to earn money with this program and allow me to explain who that is:

Who Affiliate Bootcamp is for:

Even though I have my criticisms of the program, there are those for this program would be very good for and here is the list:

1) I believe this program is ideal for people who have online businesses that actually earn them money.

If you’ve made money online, have an email list of people who you teach online marketing to and you’re making a good income, then promoting this program will only help you succeed more.

2) This program is also good for people who…

Wish to pitch Click Funnels to people who understand how to PROPERLY utilize Click Funnels. 

Without getting into too many details of Click Funnels and how it works (here’s the full review of Click Funnels), this program provides sales funnels for numerous topics and frames, such as webinars, sales pages, squeeze pages and more.

There’s really a lot to choose from and if properly used can help people make good money, but if they don’t understand these benefits or more importantly, how to use them correctly, then signing up with Click Funnels is a waste of time and money for them in my opinion.

So back to the point…if you wish to get people into the Affiliate Bootcamp with the intent to have them upgrade to Click Funnels, you’ll need to attract people into it who understand sales funnels and the true benefit of using the Click Funnels program.

Who Affiliate Bootcamp is not for:

There area wide range of audiences I would not recommend Affiliate Bootcamp to and here they are:

1) It’s not for beginner people who think that “just sharing” this program will earn them money.

This is the #1 biggest mistake I see people doing. They are writing fake blogs, social media posts and just spamming this program everywhere they can thinking that the more exposure they get, that they more sales they’ll make. 

This is leading to them being shunned by those who read their posts.

You simply cannot market successfully this way and it’s a sign that you don’t know how to market, which leads to the next point:

2) Inexperienced people who don’t understand online marketing will…

Likely waste money with this program. This is my personal opinion, but if you don’t follow the Affiliate Bootcamp as it instructs and/or don’t understand the principals of online marketing (relevancy, traffic generation, or you never made sales online), then you’re just going to be wasting $97 or $297 every single month being a member of Click Funnels and not getting anywhere with it and you should start here instead to get good training on these fundamental things and begin your online business.

3) People who are not in the make money online niche.

Another huge mistake I see people making, not just with Click Funnels, the Affiliate Bootcamp or online marketing in general is that they think that the make money online niche is the only profitable niche worth attempting to work in.

This is a major mistake because lack of experience in making money online should not have you making blogs or sales funnels trying to teach people to make money online. It’s simply not the right way to do it and you’re just going to end up spamming your way into failure.

How to do this stuff correctly:

People who begin online marketing with no experience need to begin in a niche market they actually understand and know about (here is how you do that).

If a person comes to me asking how to make money online, one of my first questions I ask them is about their interests and through that, I tell them to make a site that targets that interest and 99% of the time, it’s not making money online.

This strategy is one of the BEST ways to get into this world of online marketing and succeed in it because at least then, the person knows what they are writing about and promoting and this makes them more authentic to trust from their potential customers. 

For example:

There is NO way I’d ever tell someone who has a passion for cars and fixing them to make a site on making money online, it’s just wrong. I’d tell them and teach them (details coming up on how I do that) to start a niche blog on fixing cars, something they are good at, and then through that, they’d understand how making money online works.

THEN they can start a second blog and start teaching people to make money online. Do you see how this flow makes more sense? 

And it just so happens that MOST people who get into online marketing are in that same situation, they don’t understand how it works, which is why they need to begin with a niche market they like and not get involved with the make money online niche.

Why would I want to pitch these people the Affiliate Bootcamp?

They are just going to end up failing in masses and that’s going to also have a negative affect on my reputation. I want people the who know how to make money online get into the Affiliate Bootcamp and promote Click Funnels, and those people are few.

So instead, I just tell the majority to go their personal niche route. And that’s where a better program recommendation comes into the picture:

Final Rating: Affiliate Bootcamp.


Yellow Flag (But be cautious).

4 out of 10 stars. It works as does Click Funnels, but for a specific audience who knows how it should be used and who to promote it to who will then become a Click Funnels member. People who do not understand these concepts will not be able to make money with this program in my personal opinion.

My final thoughts: If you are not cut out for Affiliate Bootcamp (do this instead):

Join the other program I listed which is Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike Affiliate Bootcamp which centers only around promoting Click Funnels and is aimed mostly for the make money online niche audience, this program has 2 main features:

1) Most importantly, it helps you create websites and make money online in a niche topic other than making money online (it is known as the Online Certification Course). Like I said earlier about the person who likes fixing cars, I would pitch them THIS program instead of Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Bootcamp.

In fact, to ANYONE who seeks to make money online and is just beginning, like I said, they’ll need to pick a topic they like, and this program will not only help them choose that but it’ll also help them build a profitable website in the process. 

2) Coincidentally, this same program I recommend also has a second program ALSO known as affiliate bootcamp, but it’s not the same as Russells. In this program, you will learn to promote the very program I am recommending and while that training is good, I would instead recommend the 1st course to 99% of people instead.

I’ve made profitable websites using both these options:

In the end, while I believe Russell’s program works, I just don’t want to promote it to a small audience who is best fit for it. I’d rather find a larger audience seeking to build an online business on any passion they have and teach them to do it through the other program.

So if you are someone who is new to online marketing, and have never made money online, I’d strongly recommend my other program instead of Russell’s.

6 thoughts on “Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Bootcamp Review. How it Works.”

  1. Hello Vitaliy, I want to first thank you for a very “thought provoking” review. As someone who is relatively new to niche websites and internet marketing, I can tell you that there is a temptation to find a way to accelerate your earnings. I firmly believe that many programs exploit this temptation.

    I struggle with this everyday. Building takes much longer than buying, but as you mentioned “buying” gets expensive quick. I completely agree that you should experience IM from the ground up. Start from scratch and learn each of the challenges you will face along the way.

    If you gain that knowledge and experience, you will become a much more believable writer. And truly help you visitors in the process. Do you find that people are much more likely to “give up” when their efforts start costing more money than it’s worth?  

    • Hi Glenn, the answer is yes. You are right in that people want to accelerate things and frankly, it’s a normal, understandable mindset, but in life, whatever is worth reaching REQUIRES effort to get there and in this business, that is absolutely true.

      But while people do get into it with that mindset (I did too), once they start losing money, that mentality sinks pretty quickly and I have found that to be a blessing of sorts because it teaches you to basically reach success the right way and not chase the quick way (not that I’m endorsing getting scammed lol).

  2. Russell Brunson has been one of my virtual mentors and he has helped me a lot. I have many of his books and taken many of his programs.

    I totally agree that his programs are legitimate. He is also very legitimate and his methods work. I also agree with you that his programs are not for everyone. In fact, I do not think he is targeting everyone.

    The price alone puts his program out of the reach for many people, but I personally feel he does this deliberately to work with a specific group of people.

    I do not use Clickfunnels, but I do emulate a lot of his techniques and they do work. I like your review. It is a very honest review and well written.

    Tim Bennett

    • Hi Tim, glad we agree about Russell’s work and his programs. I would like to know which of Russell’s techniques you use with success. I’m sure the readers here would also like to use that in their online marketing efforts.

  3. Hi Vitaliy! I was reading about the successful growth of Clickfunnels as a bootsrapped business. There’s no doubt they’re doing many things right. As a result of their popularity, people are thinking their product is a must-have for success.

    I agree with your review that it’s legit, but there’s a lot of hype. For me personally, if I’m looking to learn internet marketing or I’m starting a business, I’d want to minimize the risks in the upfront investment by focusing my funding on satisfying my customers. $97/month on something that might be a 5-10% component of the sales process is a little high in my opinion. 

    A funnel is a component, but it’s a tiny component of the overall sale, and there are many more cost effective alternatives. Great review! Also, the training recommendation you gave is spot on.

    • Tiffany, all I have to say is PREACH! You are more spot on in your assessment of running an online business successfully than you give yourself credit for. As long as people focus on the customer and making them happy, and solving the problem they have, that is how they get the clients, the recommendations and growth in their business to happen. This is exactly the core principal taught inside the Wealthy Affiliate program I consistently tell people about.


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