Is Legendary Marketer a Scam? Review Shows 3 Reasons I Left

I hesitantly joined Legendary Marketer, and this review will explain the 3 reasons I decided to leave, none of which ironically had to do with any scam.

Let me be clear: Legendary Marketer in my opinion is NOT a scam but the 3 reasons I left will make it pretty clear why I made that decision. At the same time, I am also going to be showing a better alternative to it which has and continues to work for me (and a ton of other people, info coming up).

Quick Report on Legendary Marketer:

legendary marketer review

Name: Legendary Marketer (Aka Duplicate Dave) by David Sharpe.

Price: 4 membership levels (that I know off):

  • Legendary Marketers Club: $30 a month, which is what I tried.
  • Masterclass: $2,500.
  • Leader Masterclass: $5,000.
  • A Six Week “Indivisible Influencer” package for $997 or 3 payments that add to a little over that. 

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

I somewhat enjoyed the “club” level membership I was in, but ultimately:

These are the reasons I left Legendary Marketer:

  1. The limits on my activity within that membership.
  2. The pitch to try and upgrade to very expensive memberships ($10,000+).
  3. And what I know about David Sharpe ultimately led me to leave this place.

I’ll explain every single one of these details as well as the pros and cons within this review.


I personally do not recommend it, but it is legit and if you have the money, it might be a good program for you.

Here is what I recommend instead of Legendary Marketer:

legendary marketer alternative

Legendary Marketer explained (Also known as Duplicate Dave):

This is another class of high ticket make money online programs, made by David Sharpe. Normally, I refrain from joining high ticket systems, but the club level membership, only being $30 and containing a 30 day refund was enough to get me in. And my goal was to see if the expected high ticket costs following it would be justified (I didn’t think they were).

Note: There is another branch program to Legendary Marketer called the 15 Day Challenge. If you came to this review because you heard of that program, it’s because it’s tied to this one.

The following review reflects what I saw inside Legendary Marketer, albeit within the limits of the club level membership:

The “club” level membership I was a part of consisted of the following things:

1) 15 core lessons on making money online.

2) A “Marketers Club” which contained 8 modules of training on things like list building, list tracking, YouTube ad tutorials, FB ad/FB fan page tutorials, and various other stuff.

Truth be told, if there was any good value I got out of the $30 I paid, this was the place where I got it.

3) The rest of the members area was locked unless I’d upgrade or contact a coach, which frankly was one of the biggest reasons I got frustrated and left. But before I explain that and the 3 reasons for me leaving, let me give this program the benefits it deserves: 

The good things about Legendary Marketer (there are some):

 1) The members area is very organized, clean and easy to understand.

Although every tutorial is in video format, it is organized in a way to make anyone follow along easily.

2) The marketers club has a lot of value inside it.

But I do have to say that regarding the topics that area covers, I know free YouTube videos which will explain the same things. For example, here’s one of my YouTube tutorials on this subject that you’ll get a lot of great info from.

3) I do like that each module of training they have is set up such that you:

Can’t access the next lesson without going over the one before it.

So for example, you can’t access lesson 2 without finishing 1, you can’t access lesson 3 without doing lesson 2, and so forth. This is a good policy because it keeps the person watching organized.

Too many times people skip ahead in these trainings and as a result miss out on the essential steps that explain the whole process, and this makes them feel lost and impedes success.

Allow me to show you a quick look into Legendary Marketer’s members area…

Here’s a quick look into Legendary Marketer:

legendary marketer members area inside look

4) Despite not wanting to stay, I am happy to report my refund request for this program was done VERY quickly, without questions (you have 30 days to do it). This is a good sign of legitimacy.

Ok, now the mixed things (the 3 reasons I left further explained):

First things first:

1) David Sharpe (his history):

So this isn’t my first review of a program made by this gentleman. A few years back, there was a popular and questionable MLM program sweeping the internet world known as “Empower Network” of which David was one of the founders of to my memory (correct me if I am wrong please).

It went down in the end, but from what I know, David made a lot of money from it. The reason it was considered very questionable was because of it’s alleged pyramid, MLM system set up.

A lot of people didn’t do too well in that program, but the ones who were in the higher tier of members did. In short, it may or may not have been a pyramid scheme and as such was dissolved from what I remember. I was never on the Empower Network bandwagon but I kept my eyes open for duplicate programs after it which tried to mimic it’s set up.

Now Legendary Marketer isn’t an MLM, as it is a 1 tier affiliate system, so that already makes it better than Empower Network, but the part about David, whose previous program I just explained to you being questionable in my opinion and now having to jump into another program made by him, makes me uncomfortable to do that.

I just have a hard time trusting him after Empower Network, but I could very well be wrong here too, so I am open minded because Legendary Marketer in my opinion is legitimate, whereas the other program may have been a different story.

2) High ticket programs (paying big money for training that in my opinion other places offer for less).

Once there was a big trend in the online world where high ticket MLM programs were a big thing, and among them, Empower Network was at the top. When it went down, so did many others because of the similar set up.

But it is my opinion that many big players who once had successful MLM programs that were taken down, figured out that they could still bank if they made new programs that cost as much, but weren’t MLM programs, and so many of them created the high ticket systems we see today.

In other words, it’s like a fad. Before it was expensive MLM programs, today it’s expensive high ticket systems. And I generally do not like either MLM programs, nor high ticket systems (and they are different in nature).

I just simply do not believe in these kinds of programs and really believe their high ticket prices are far higher than their value and I would say the same thing for legit high ticket programs as well. 

Places like Wealthy Affiliate would teach you a lot of what Legendary Marketer would, for so much less and I’m not kidding. My results with programs like that (and these other Wealthy Affiliate success stories) really prove that.

3) Specific things I disliked about the Legendary Marketer members area (restrictions).

I want to dive more into the program itself and my negative experiences with it. So here goes:


While I like some of the training there, I absolutely disliked the fact the most important training, the 15 core steps I was most looking forward to was hidden from me and locked out.

But they were unlocked only if I would speak to a coach. Thus I was only able to access lesson 1.

Now I’ve been around this high ticket industry for years and there’s even programs like Super Affiliate Network that do the exact same thing (And I also left that program for those reasons).

Every time they say coach, it’s more of a sales person and I know that high ticket program’s aims are to get you spending more and being that there are more and more memberships to join, I can 100% certain the coach would try and get me in there.

I simply didn’t want to talk to anyone, I just wanted to see the training and I couldn’t do that. I dislike this red tape and I’ve seen it used in programs to limit people to get them funneled into sales, I don’t like it at all.


The support isn’t very good. There’s no forum, no community, there is a live chat, but it wasn’t active when I asked them a question. This is not good stuff considering people who have questions, are out of luck if they message at the wrong time:

A good program is going to provide you instantaneous support and help you move forward ASAP. Which is why:

Final Rating: Legendary Marketer.

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. I guess you can consider David Sharpe a legendary marketer, but that doesn’t change the issues I outlined about his program. I have a strong reluctance against high ticket systems, David’s past reputation and the way the program functions for the lowest tier members. It seems like there’s a push to get people spending more and as you saw by the prices, it’s a lot to spend.

My final thoughts: Do I have a better suggestion than this program? Why yes I do:

The good news about the program I recommend, Wealthy Affiliate is that knowing what it provides makes me appreciate it more and more when I see programs like Legendary Marketer and what they teach. My recommended program is better for 5 main reasons:

wealthy affiliate vs legendary marketer

You can also see a further comparison of Wealthy Affiliate vs Legendary Marketer here. But overall, I really believe that this year or perhaps before the end of next year, there is going to be a big turn in how people look at high ticket programs and that what happened to high ticket MLM programs will now happen to programs like this.

Either way, I’m going to stay to away from these places. I know from my experience with the other, recommended program that you can make good money without being a part of an expensive system.

I know there’s still a lot of people, even in 2021 who promote this program (like Affiliate Escape Plan) but I stand by not being a promoter of this place.

16 thoughts on “Is Legendary Marketer a Scam? Review Shows 3 Reasons I Left”

  1. So its 2:40 pm on a Friday 06/19/2020 and I was about to hit the buy button for the $2,500 dollar package with Legendary Marketer when I saw your opinion. I am extremely skeptical on many online endeavors.

    So I tried to do a eCommerce kind of business and didn’t go anywhere. Trying to create a website was horrible, lost all my enthusiasm and gave up.

    Its what they don’t tell you that’s required is the catch. I may investigate your Wealthy Affiliate program and look to see how much of a computer genius I need to become. I give anyone the benefit of the doubt and just let the program speak for itself. You do know however I will be digging up any dirt on you and seeing what those reviews say about yourself. No ones immune to criticism right, lol.

    • Sure David, take your time. You can always come back to this page and join Wealthy Affiliate at a later time. I won’t pressure you, nor will you ever have to pay that kind of money with WA either. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Regarding your eCommerce website project that didn’t pan out, I suspect it was either because the training you got wasn’t sufficient or perhaps you just didn’t build a site on a subject you liked, which impacts failure greatly. But in WA we teach people to make sites they love.

  2. I also joined Legendary Marketer a week ago and in module 5 they are asking for this huge amount which I advised my coach that I don’t have enough to spend on since every time I purchase their programs, I get charged extra since converting pounds into dollars from my bank in the UK. I decided to check reviews about LM and I stumbled onto your review.

    I will check Wealthy Affiliate out to see if they are also helpful if not I will quit this affiliate system.

    • Hi John, I’m pretty sure you’ll find Wealthy Affiliate very helpful and you won’t be pitched high ticket sales related from a coach or anything like that in WA.

  3. Good afternoon.
    I actually DID join LM yesterday. Their “get to know them” offer was reasonable, one time fee. I have finished viewing the first 2 lessons, very informative and easy to listen. I have scheduled a meeting with an “advisor” to discuss my “business plan”. I don’t know how much we can do in 10 minutes! Not much, though. So, like another opportunity that wanted to charge me 2K for a turnkey franchise, I got cold feet when he wanted my money without any paperwork. Naturally, that was another example of my needing to run the other way.

    I’ve checked out WA. Their monthly 45 membership is reasonable, and I have no problem with that as I consider this “educational” and an investment in my new “trade”. What WA did not seem to have, is a up and running system within a short period of time and generating a few dollars, just to see how the entire process works, and show me its credibility. I am all for investing in their company and coaches, but we need to see money-albeit 20 a day-as soon as possible. Not in 30 days, not in 6 months. Something, NOW.

    I will continue with LM for the time being until they do something that prevents me from accessing the modules. Then, I will politely leave. Evidently, one masterclass had a hundred or so attendees: they all cannot be that stupid to pay him for his time, can they? So, he must have some value.

    This 2020 Copywritten LM seems to be transparent, simple for we “dweebs”, clear and concise. Some other programs I have viewed, I cannot listen for 2 hours: I need money and have to work! And Mr. Sharpe-so far-is okay with me. Again, nothing yet to cause me angst: yet.

    • Hi Michael, I appreciate you taking the risk and joining BOTH Legendary Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate to come to your own independent conclusions. You’re obviously very careful with how you proceed with these programs, so do whatever it is you wish to do with Legendary Marketer and if you find something that isn’t to your liking, it is obviously your right to stay or leave. I just have a feeling that they may start upselling you to their upper tier stuff, but again, what you decide to do is up to you.

      Now regarding what you mentioned about making the money now, I have to point out a few things regarding this, because I often run into people who ask this question in one form or another:

      Obviously, everyone wants to make money NOW in this business.

      The problem with the NOW mentality is that it comes with risks:

      1) Realistically the only way to make money NOW in this business is to do paid ads and promote expensive programs to people. The risk with that is that with paid ads, you are never guaranteed success and it’s a complex thing to understand too, which requires a lot of time and experience. I know this because I used to and still use this method as one of my approaches to online business, so I know it’s risks VERY WELL.

      2) You can try doing YouTube videos and those MAY work out quickly too, with no spending required, but again, you need to know how to review offers, make a good sales video and so forth. That will take time and a learning curve to master.

      3) Wealthy Affiliate’s teachings are like planting seeds. They take time to grow and this is indeed something that requires months of prep. I totally understand if you don’t want that, but it’s the MAIN way that I achieved long term success, because I grew and grew my business using their methods.

      It’s also the most inexpensive and risk free way of growing a business in my experience. The least riskiest ways typically the con of waiting for them to thrive, but I prefer that over the risky business approaches that are paid ads (which by the way Wealthy Affiliate teaches too, but at later, more advanced stages of your online business’s growth).

      4) Wealthy Affiliate provides side training on things like local marketing and other methods of attaining money online that are quicker and since you are already a member, should you choose to upgrade to their premium membership, you’ll have access to all this other side training, which I do recommend checking out.

      Keep me posted on your experiences with Legendary Marketer and if you don’t mind, I’d like to know how you decide to proceed with them, or Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. I was just about to join LM until I read your post and now I am considering joining Wealthy Affiliate. But would WA help give me the tools I need to get high ticket sales, promote products, get clients and such?

    I am new and know about the basics of affiliate marketing, but I need the right tools of the right program and help, with coaching.

    • Hi Brittany, the training in Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of flexible opportunities, so whether it be high ticket sales, coaching, lead generation via getting clients, and so on, WA will teach you to do all of this.

      The starting point is picking your niche and then growing an online business via a website based on it. As you do this through the training, you will be able to pick which route that website will go, and this is where all of the things you asked about will come into the picture. And yes, you do also get a lot of tools and coaching from WA and best of all, you’ll be able to test this out for free beforehand to see it’s real.

      See all of the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate here. Through there, you’ll be able to join and get personal help from me.

  5. I too have joined for $30.00 a month because it fit my budget and I am raising my grandchildren. Please send me more info about your company at my email address at (removed). I am quite disturbed about all the things they keep hidden till the last minute. I didn’t know about all the extra money I was going to have to spend. I signed up because I needed to make money not lose it on buying everything and not getting any sales in return. Please advise.

    • Hi Phyllis, I removed your personal info because this comment of yours is public, but I will email you. Anyway, regarding your Legendary Marketer experience, your issue is one of the things I unfortunately see with this program and many other high ticket ones and that is a lack of disclosure on the higher costs until you join.

      I am not a fan of this and it’s one of the reasons I don’t recommend this program.

      Now as for my advice, if you joined this program seeking to make an online business, I do think it can help you do that, but for the cost, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate instead. Now I want to tell you that both it and Legendary Marketer are not get rich quick schemes, but I can tell you that WA offers a better deal and great training which many have gotten results with because they used it.

  6. I figured that it is similar to MOBE and that kind of system is illegitimate and screws the people on the bottom who don’t have thousands to spend. They are unfair and it is like holding a gun to your head and saying, “if you want to improve, buy more training!”.

    The FTC will shut them down for the same reason as MOBE. It is inevitable because most people will fail with it and complain. When this happens, the FTC really does not care who is right.

    I personally don’t believe in marketing to other internet marketers any paid system in which they can make money trying to get other people into the training…it is shady at best. Thanks for your review.

    • Jeff I mostly agree with you, particularly on MOBE. I do believe in marketing other people’s products but only when those products offer more training to market other things than their own system. Wealthy Affiliate offers that and it’s at an awesome, FREE and low price if you upgrade, it’s something I would recommend.

  7. Wow, thank you for this. I’ve signed up with LM about two weeks ago. I’ve been taking my time going through the steps. I usually do my research before paying for anything online which is how I ended up here. I have seen a few reviews that say LM is great but most of reviews give it a low rating. One review stated that the only thing you’ll be marketing is the very membership you just paid for. In other words you’ll just be getting persons to sign up with LM and there’s nothing beyond that. Can you comment on that?

    • Khade, apologies for responding so late! Here is what I think:

      It’s been awhile since I was part of Legendary Marketer, so I don’t remember the exact training, but I know high ticket systems, generally speaking do not “only” teach you to promote them. However, there is a problem and that is the price you pay to join, which is very, very high as I explained.

      The problem is that you will naturally want to make that money back and the most “convenient” way you’ll be shown how to do that is by promoting the same program. So while it’s not a “rule” that they only teach you to promote them, in many cases, it turns out that way in action from my experiences.

      If you’re not the sort who likes to promote the same company you join, then I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to help you develop a business in a field where you can promote anything and make good money.

  8. Hello…

    I too had joined Legendary Marketer for $30. After step five I was seeing that now comes the gut punch ($$$).

    So I was intrigued to do a bunch of research on them, thus leading me here to your post about Dave Sharpe..or Duplicate Dave. I found your summary helpful in making my decision to not go forward with the company. People looking for a better way of life and a better way to make income, in my opinion aren’t sitting around with a lot of extra cash to roll the dice on such a thing.

    So in short I will to check out Wealthy Affiliate for myself. I’m college educated and hold two degrees. Although I’m not poor, I’m not rich either. I realize there is a better way. I really appreciate your input on your post.

    Thanks a Bunch Vitaliy.


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