Empower Network 2.0 Review. Is It Legit THIS Time?

If you’re someone who is considering joining Empower Network version 2.0 (Env2), having been a former member of the original EN or someone whose completely new to this program, I’m about to save you A LOT of money through this review. Let’s not beat around the bush. This time Empower Network is different, but legitimate? No. not even close frankly. And I’m going to explain exactly why in this review.

To begin with, I was EXTREMELY critical of the original EN platform because their methods of marketing were shameful, unethical and they were promoting what I as well as many former members consider a pure scam, not to mention a pyramid scheme.

So I was reluctant when I heard Env2 was coming out especially when they claimed “This time it’s different”. Though I’m a skeptic, above that I am an optimist and was hoping maybe, just maybe this time they got something right. They did, they improved their “brilliant scam”, but their new system offers nothing more than a hook which reels you into the scam. More specifically, here’s what I mean:

Let me summarize what Empower Network Version 2.0 is:  It’s the original business model of the original EN, which you already know my opinion on, sugar coated with new “perks” to further promote the same scam all over again. There it is.

But obviously to most people who are interested in joining this program, that sentence is not enough to convince you and rightfully so. Therefore I would like to get into greater detail to back up my claims…

Why Env2 Is More Of The Same Nonsense…

Firstly in order to understand how Env2 works, you first need to understand how the original business model works. I’m going to provide you with a basic idea of that without over explaining. But if you want to get a full in-depth understanding of this company’s dirty methods, I would strongly recommend reading my full review here

In short, EN is a program that is extremely disingenuous because it lures you to join their $25 membership promising riches. What happens next is this:

1. You discover the $25 a month blog is nothing more than a hook to reel you in.

2. You are then asked (via harassment, intimidating tactics and even being ignored in MANY cases) to join a higher level membership called the Inner Circle ($100 a month) in order to promote it to other people as well as “Go All In” and buy….

3. A number of up sell products which total to over $5,000 and worst of all, they will claim you NEED these products to make money with the program. Kind of funky considering they claimed that if you joined them for $25…

4. The “training” you get from this organization centers ONLY around promoting EN to other people. And most of the time, this training involves spamming, writing up duplicate content, using subliminal messaging and luring others to join the program via the same intimidation tactics that were used on you. This is NO way to make money online honestly.

5. Oh and the “free blog” you originally got for the $25 a month? It’s pretty much worthless due to Empower Network earning a bad rep from places like Facebook, Youtube & even Google because of it’s affiliates spamming the hell out of it which made these places ban the promotion of this program as well as DE LISTING EN blogs from the search engine. In fact as I stated in my original review, you literally get WAY more benefits from a free blog. 

Putting it Altogether: What You Need To Know About Empower Network:

It is ta program which lures you into it, then through very shady tactics, intimidates you to pluck down $1000’s if not more to get their “REAL training” which is NOTHING more than ways to promote the company to others. 

What ends up happening is 1 of 3 things:

1. You either realize it’s a scam and leave it before you get too deep into it (Those people are the lucky ones).

2. You go “All in” and realize the only training you get to make money online is how to promote EN, nothing else which then forces you to…

3. Promote the same scam to other innocent people in order to get yourself out of the hole you were put into by EN. 

And there you have it. The business model of Empower Network. 

Does ANYONE make good money with EN? Yes, less than 1% of it’s members…

There are 2 types of categories of people who make money with EN. These people make up less than 1% of all EN members (proof):

1. People who have large followings who trust the opinion of the person who recommends EN.

Ex: A person has 1,000 followers who he/she teaches to make money online. They then recommend EN to these people and whoever joins and buys their services, the person will then make a lot of money. People like Rob Fore, who I honestly consider to be a scam artist for recommending EN as well as proven ponzi scheme.

2. People who have popular blogs that get a lot of traffic and refer their visitors to sign up with EN which makes them money off each referral’s investment into the company. In fact this is what EN teaches you to do. 

But my question to all of these people is this: Are you really willing to earn money at the price of screwing over innocent people? I think it’s a horrible trade off. And if you say yes, shame on you and may Karma strike back at you with a vengeance. 

If the rep of the original company is this bad, how is Env2 Any Different?

They already have a bad rep with a lot of their former members. In fact if you want to see REAL complaints from former members, check out this page and go to the bottom to hear some truly horrific stories.

What Empower Network Version 2.o “Offers” You:inferior

The new 2.0 version of EN offers you essentially 4 things which you’ll quickly find out are worthless:

1. Simple “2 Click” Blogging Platform: Here you can publish posts/pages using a 2 click system which is supposed to “automate” and even simplify the website building process. Sounds fancy for someone who doesn’t know anything about online marketing, but in reality…

Through a FREE wordpress blog, you only need to click the button “Publish” just once to make your blog appear online. Don’t let the fancy wording of this company get you. It’s a farce.

They’ve also stopped using WordPress which is a website building tool in favor of their own personal one. The only reason they did this is because their original blogging platform earned a bad rep as I mentioned before with Google and other places, so they moved to a new one to re-establish more of the same nonsense elsewhere. 

2. A mobile audio/visual broadcasting: This program gives you the opportunity to promote EN through a simple system which allows you to create videos and audio testimonials for EN. The problem however is that just like with their blog which you can get for free, you can also do this kind of stuff for free as well. How? By making Youtube videos. There. 

3. A Sales Conversion Tool: This helps monitor your sales and simplifies the hard work of promoting EN by providing you with stats to help improve your sale’s conversions. But just like with the EN blog vs free blog, the mobile audio/visual broadcasting vs making free youtube videos, this too is an inferior product.

This is because most programs that have affiliate programs online already offer this kind of tool for free and if not? There is a nifty FREE tool called Google Analytics which will help you figure out all your sale’s conversions, traffic numbers and MUCH more. This is again a completely free program you can use.

4. The ability to “entice” your leads to join the company’s higher upsell products. Through the training at EN, you will learn to collect leads (people signing up to receive emails from you) and promote EN to them. However, through this “new” system, you will be able to further entice them to join. Here’s how:

Say you purchased the All in package, plucked down $1,000’s in the process and now wish to promote the same packages to your leads? Some of them may already have purchased it, most have not. What will happen is this:

You’ll send an email to all your leads and those who have not purchased the expensive up sell products will not be able to see the email and all the information you provide there, UNLESS (here’s the enticement part), they purchase it first. It’s basically a way of shining a new toy to a child but not giving it to them unless they’re going to buy it. 

While I don’t agree with the marketing tactics of this company, this method can yield rewards, but at the price of the lead which is a line I’m never crossing and I never recommend you do it either. 

Final Rating: Empower Network 2.0.

1 star

1 Star out of 10. “Brilliant” scam. Not a legitimate company. See which program ranked highest.

Final thoughts: Empower Network vs Version 2.0. Has anything really changed?

Has the training changed? No. You still learn to only promote Empower Network via very questionable tactics just like the first version.

Has the structure of EN changed? No. It’s still based on the same pyramid scheme the original was based on.

Do the new tools of 2.0 make EN worth joining? Not in my opinion. These tools can easily be substituted with free tools which are by the way FAR superior. 

In reality nothing has changed. Remember my original explanation of 2.0?  I said it was the same business model as the original, just sugar coated with fancy worded “perks”, and all done to BETTER promote the same business whose structure is founded on shady tactics of marketing as well as teaching their members the same type of things. 

Well now you know exactly why I said that. David Wood & David Sharpe, EN’s creators have truly created a brilliant scam for the ages which rewards those at the top of the pyramid scheme (The ones who have followers and massive leads) as well as themselves, but through the process screws over the rest of the members (which I venture to say is well over 95% since most people who join it do not make money through it. Read complaints here).

It’s like the 99% vs the 1% where the 99% get the short end of the stick. And the only way the 99% can get out of the financial hole this company puts them in is to promote the company and get others into it. EN 2.0 just makes it easier to do that. And even if they do, who REALLY ends up benefiting? The 1%.  Because all the money you make goes straight up to the higher ups in the long run. Here is a picture which explains this theory:

Who REALLY Makes Money With Empower Network?

empower network pyramid

Again the ethical dilemma of this is just beyond controversial. It’s a downright crime in my opinion. If you’re tired of scams like this, check out my #1 recommendation, a program which is free to join and will teach you honest ways to make money online, no gimmicks. 

If you’ve been scammed by this company, let me know in the comments below. If you’ve considered joining this company, I sure hope this review has changed your mind. If not, you’ve been warned.

Note: If you don’t agree with my opinion of Empower Network & 2.0, I am fine with debating you on this. Unfortunately I’ve had many people curse and accuse me of ridiculous things. So if you’re going to post something negative, let’s keep it friendly and PG. Otherwise I will not approve it. 



6 thoughts on “Empower Network 2.0 Review. Is It Legit THIS Time?”

  1. The numbers you quote for success and failure in Empower Network are exactly the same as you’ll see for any business start up: 99% fail, 1% succeed and make money. The same is true in Network Marketing and… the same is true in any big business where 1% (company owner, CEO etc) make A LOT OF MONEY, while those at the bottom make very little.

    Empower Network is clear in all their talk about money that most people make no money at all and those who do only do so if they put in the work, time and effort.

    The MLM I am with is well-established, reputable company where only the top 1% make money – yet, they never tell people at company presentations that this is the case.

    So, you are not telling us anything new – you just don’t like Empower Network!

    • Dorothy, while much of what you say about businesses (online & off) is true in regards to the 1% success rate, there are big differences between them and MLM’s like Empower Network. It’s apples and oranges.

      1. There are 2 pyramids. One is legal, the other is not. In a legal business pyramid, the money does flow to the top, thus the 1% make the most yes, but the value from the business flows downwards. People actually get something for their purchase.

      Now in an illegal pyramid, the opposite is true. The money does still flow up, but the big difference is that there is NO real value offered to the masses which make up nearly 100% of it. This is a prime example of what Empower Network does and it is in fact a pyramid scheme.

      2. This is an add on to the first point: most companies do offer value in a purchase, Empower Network does not. This company’s “product” is only really the training videos (which by the way are ridiculously overpriced) and YOU promoting the company. You are essentially just paying for the right to promote the company. They actually require you to first buy the expensive products ($1,000s) in order to legally sell it so in essence the only real value you get is the right to sell the same mirage to others. In what affiliate program besides this one are you actually required to buy the product before selling it? Only MLM’s do this.

      3. About the part with Empower Network being clear on most people not making money in this business and those who do put in the work, time and effort? They are extremely disingenuous about this. Here is an article on why. I’ve even used their income charts for proof. They decorate their charts to make it look like everyone makes money, but when you filter it out, you’ll see the BS behind it.

      And most people who work hard in this business still don’t make money. The smart (and dare I say unethical) marketers are the ones who do. They have the email lists and followers who trust their advice which is why they are successful.

      4. I’d like to ask you a question: How would you feel if a friend or family member came to you and offered you Empower Network, said it’s only $25 and got you to join. Then when you joined, you found out they make 100% commissions off you, but more so, you are basically persuaded to buy their “all in” package for $1,000’s to get any REAL training or anything out of the product?

      Would you feel the company and more importantly the friend lied to you?

      Would you feel like you were a means to an end to make your friend and the company money?

      Would this scenario change your relationship with your friend?

      I say yes to all 3 and if you disagree with me on this, I’d really like to hear your position.

      5. The big difference between the companies you bring up as an example and Empower Network is that Empower Network makes you believe that you need to $5,000+ to succeed. They bully you into it in most cases. And like I said before this price is VASTLY hyper inflated for training you can get elsewhere for much less and even free. How is right to take something that costs one thing, inflate that price to outrageous levels and then sell it to others?

      There isn’t enough honest information on Empower Network to go around since most people are still promoting it and spamming the internet with their pro Empower Network blogs. I don’t know which MLM you’re involved with, but I have a feeling (based on previous experiences) that it’s not all that different from this one. I could very well be wrong in this and if that’s the case, feel free to correct me.

      All the best,


  2. It looks like they are trying to change things up a bit. Even though they have been banned from Facebook, You tube and Google has de-indexed most of their sites this isn’t stopping them.

    This looks like the same old rehashed crap as before, just with some more washed up tools that you can get elsewhere for free as you have mentioned. When is the FTC going to step in and shut them down?

    Thanks for keeping us updated about the newest developments in the Empower network

    • It’s a sinking ship trying to get as many people on board before it’s too late is the way I see it Scott. I’m not sure how long it’ll take for this organization to sink though. But while this is going on, I think it’s imperative for honest marketers to inform the general public about this place before they join it too.

  3. This pyramid depicts the business model very well. Not only is ENV2 not a game changer, it is more of a visual “smoke and mirror” for what the product actually is, a scheme.

    A few people at the top, holding checks…with the foolish folks that are part of their team that stand behind them. Little do they know that their money they invested in the $5,000 worth of upsells is the only reason that person is holding the check.

    You can read directly from their earnings page that only 0.0675% (less than 1%) of people earn more than $1,000 in Empower….yet most of the brainwashees are spending thousands on the “all in”.

    If you are part of Empower and you think you are building a business, you have been fooled. Plain and simple.

    • Thanks for your comment Kyle. While I made the claim (based on an educated guess) that 95%+ people who are part of EN don’t make money, the stats you posted not only prove my point, but are even worse than I originally though. I’m going to look for that page you mentioned and put it up on this review. Thanks for mentioning it!


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