Super Affiliate Network Review. Here’s an Inside Look.

I wrote a review on the Super Affiliate Network (SAN) a number of years ago. But then Misha Wilson, the creator of it reached out to me and asked me to update it.

The reason being is that the program went through a number of changes and the old review I wrote up simply wasn’t relevant anymore. And for fairness purposes as well because Misha was polite in asking me about it, I did and this current review will talk about my experiences within the Super Affiliate Network, if I recommend it and what I think of it.

Before I continue, here’s a screenshot of Super Affiliate Network:

super affiliate network review screenshot

5  important disclaimers about this Super Affiliate Network Review:

1) Overall, the new, updated version of the Super Affiliate Network is substantially better than before and even in the previous review I did of the program, I did say the program was legit but I had mixed views of recommending it back then. 

I’ll go over the things I saw in the members area within this review.

2) I joined this program for the $1 trial they have (something they also had previously), to get access to their Profit Boosting Bootcamp training (after 1 month, this area costs $47/month to continue having access to) and while this DID unlock a few extra modules of training and lots of content to explore (it was a good deal), I didn’t explore it fully (15 modules in total) because at many points during the training, I was asked to contact a coach/mentor to move forward, and I honestly didn’t feel comfortable with that, so the review I am covering will only show the areas I was able to access.

3) One of the reasons I’m usually not comfortable with calling or setting up online meetings with coaches (even though I do internet marketing coaching myself, just without appointments, get my coaching info here), is that I typically expect there to be a sales pitch of some sort.

I also didn’t have the “best interaction” with the coach I contacted let’s just say (Let me be clear, the coach is NOT Misha Wilson, it’s someone else. Misha was actually pretty cool).

And if you look at the products page, beyond the Profit Boosting Bootcamp are other things you can buy, some of which are free (shipping has to be paid), and 2 other programs that are each $297. 

4) At the very least, I will say that the FREE and $1 trial offers a lot of content worth exploring and you should decide for yourself if you want to stay, upgrade and move forward. Here is a none affiliate link to check out the SAN program.

I will say my overall experience with the program, while brief was pretty positive and much better than the first time I was in it. But I still need more information before I can actually start recommending it personally. And this is also because…

5) There’s another alternative to this program which is the Wealthy Affiliate program, one I consistently pitch on this site and recommend because of my success history with it as well as the results I’ve had there.

Yes, it is biased on my part, but that is a program I recommend for many positive reasons explained here. But you should still make your own independent decision on which program to try which is why I’ll give you the unbiased info on both programs to help with that.

So with that said, let the official review of Super Affiliate Network begin:

profit boosting bootcamp screenshot

Name: Super Affiliate Network (SAN) by Misha Wilson.

Pricing: Free membership available.

There is also a $1 trial for 1 month to access advanced training called the Profit Boosting Bootcamp available, which after month becomes a $47/month cost. 

  • There are also 3 additional products you can get:
  • A program on learning solo ads for $297.
  • An IM Profit Formula book that costs $7 for shipping.
  • A Super Affiliate Inner Circle Membership for $297 which actually gives you access to 12 months of the Profit Boosting Bootcamp and coaching included. 

Also I was informed that there’s 2 additional upper tier memberships/training packages you can get:

  • A “Maui Intensive” program for $9,997.
  • An “All in” Package which is nearly $25,000.

These 2 packages provide personal coaching and many other benefits, but obviously, I didn’t buy it, so my review will not be rating, nor covering these programs.

What does this program teach? In short, it helps you start an affiliate marketing business. The training I saw in the members area ) went through things like:

  • Explaining the potential of it (which there definitely is, speaking from my personal experience).
  • Showing me a lot of success stories of other members of this program.
  • There is also a lot of tutorials on solo ads, which I don’t particularly use but they do work.
  • There is also additional bonus training material on things like starting a successful business, traffic training & more.
  • They also have a list of places to sign up with to do affiliate promotions with/from.
  • As a whole this a pretty big program that covers starting, building and succeeding at affiliate marketing. You can also read my personal, fully disclosed tutorial on this business here.

Overall, my $1 membership to SAN got me access to a lot of content and many hours worth of learning experiences, which is why I decided to bump up my original score for this program.

Overall Rating:

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. This review reflects that $1 trial and the things I saw from it, and based on that alone, this program is not a scam. Like I said before, compared to my initial review, many years ago, this version of the program has improved a lot. 

And here is a link (not promotional) to the program if you want to try that $1 trial.

Whether you should go further with it should be your decision, and I personally decided not to, but here is also a brief mention of the other program I talked about earlier:

SAN alternative

My overall viewpoint of Super Affiliate Network:

I was very impressed that I could join it for free, but then when the $1 offer to see more of the Profit Boosting Bootcamp came up, I took it and I’m glad I did, because there was a lot of good content to view.

There are 15 modules of training (each of which hold numerous tutorials, so it’s more than 15 things) as well as tons of bonus content/training to view.

As far as I saw, the $1 membership got me access to the first 5-7 modules and some bonus content videos/tutorials (way more access than I had before).

Here’s a brief inside look into the program (certain areas were locked to me unless I spoke with a coach):

super affiliate network members area screenshot

Note: You may notice a “20% complete” message. This isn’t so, as I went through the modules available to me and submitted them for completion. However, each time I log into the site, it “resets” my progress for some reason. But I thought I’d mention that.

Let me explain certain pros and cons (my personal opinion):


  • This version of SAN is way better than before.
  • I’m glad you can try it for free.
  • The $1 monthly trial has good things to show.
  • I like the success stories I saw.
  • There used to be a lot of red tape to proceed in this program, but that has eased up a lot.
  • You have many hours worth of training and beginner friendly stuff on affiliate marketing.


-I still saw a number of restricted places I couldn’t unlock unless I spoke to a coach. I understand that for $1, they can’t really give me “All the info”. Even my alternative program, despite also having a free membership, has it’s restrictions, but here, constantly seeing that I have to contact a coach is not something I particularly enjoy seeing over and over. I personally hope they adjust this.

-I already mentioned how each time I log in, it always seems to show up as though I didn’t complete any of the modules and in order to access any available ones, I have to go through them in sequence again.

-One of the reasons for the yellow rating is that there are numerous other pricing offers aside from the main one, and some of them are very expensive. I wish Super Affiliate Network has 1 main paid membership with access to everything and even if it was like $300 a month, I’d still be fine with that. 

Final Rating: Super Affiliate Network.

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. It’s gotten way better, but I still believe that the WA alternative is a better choice for creating your own affiliate marketing business and you’re about to see a comparison below this that will explain the differences and why I stick to WA. It helped me become my own personal super affiliate, without paying so much to learn/become that.

Before I do this comparison though, like I said before, this 5 out of 10 star rating reflects ONLY the $1 trial and the things I saw.

Like I said, there’s lots of value, but that products page I linked above shows other programs/training modules in other affiliate marketing fields which you can get which obviously means more possible expenses. I’m sure they all offer value, but since I haven’t explored them, I can’t comment on them.

You can check out SAN here. And I am not promoting it, so that link is not promotional.

My final thoughts: Wealthy Affiliate (WA) vs SAN. 5 reasons I prefer WA.

I like the improvements that SAN has made, but I still like WA a bit more due to the benefits it provides, which I will list out shortly. Just know, like I said before, that both these programs are free to try now, so you can see this for yourself. But having said that…

1) Value offered in both programs compared.

I didn’t check out the free membership of SAN, but I did try a bit of their Profit Boosting Bootcamp (it offers more) and while it’s good, in my personal opinion, the free membership of WA offers more value, support and training. And if you take into consideration the premium membership of WA, then it’s massive.

There’s several modules, bonus content and hours worth of training in SAN.

But in WA, you get 20 main lessons and 100’s of others, so there’s more overall value you can check out and this is for the FREE membership. And just like Super Affiliate Network has a Profit Boosting Bootcamp, so too is there a bootcamp course in Wealthy Affiliate.

2) Navigation, it seems easier in WA in my opinion.

I feel like in the SAN program, the coaching thing is a bit mandatory to move forward. In WA, the coaching is just there in case you need help.

I for example contact and offer help to my referrals (and you can read about their experiences here, where they comment on it personally) but it isn’t required that they use it and it certainly doesn’t change how much of the WA website they are able to access.

The only possible benefit of the SAN coaching in my opinion is that you can talk to someone, whereas with WA, you would chat with your coach online through the WA website.

3) Which program has less restrictions to navigate around it?

While there’s way LESS restrictions to navigate around the SAN website, I still would like to see it be eased up even more. 

Although WA’s free membership has it’s own restrictions and the premium membership unlocks all of them, in my opinion, you still have way more places to see, check out and learn from within WA than SAN.

4) Comparing success stories.

You can find a lot of success stories in both programs, which is great, so in that regard, decide for yourself. You can check them out in SAN , and/or you can check out success stories of Wealthy Affiliate here

It is worth noting that WA has been around far longer than SAN and has much more members.

5) Costs.

I strongly think WA has the BEST deal for beginner-advanced affiliate marketers, as they offer free tools, sites, support and plenty of other tools to make the free and upgraded, $49/month membership really worth it.

SAN does offer support, tools and training, but a few of them are separate costs based on what I saw, which are in the $100’s each for 2 of them (but one of them is free).

And then if you include the other very expensive high ticket up-sells of SAN, the Maui Intensive and the All in package, that’s a very sizable price tag and while I said I couldn’t comment on them, and I am sure they offer good value, once again…

Being that I’ve explored the word of affiliate marketing and great money from it thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I personally do not believe in buying such expensive programs. I truly believe WA has all you need (training, coaching, tools, services, ect…, for a free and very low upgraded premium price).

And the bottom line is that I have yet to see ANY program compete with WA in regards to these fields: 

And finally, I do want to thank Misha again for reaching out to me and asking me nicely to give his program another look. We have communicated back n forth a few times and he did give me the extra info I sought.

But overall, my main recommendation will still be WA.

53 thoughts on “Super Affiliate Network Review. Here’s an Inside Look.”

  1. Hi Vitaliy,

    I remember when I first started affiliate marketing, I would spend hundreds on bad solo ads and manufacture zero results. Most of these providers are burning out there list and a real solo ad provider is very defensive of their list. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great choice and one of the solutions. Thanks again once for awesome post.

    • Most solo ad providers are like this unfortunately, but you are right, no person with a profitable email list is going to sell their leads to someone, lest it be for a HUGE price, and even then, the person buying needs to adjust their sales funnel to connect with the list. 

      Either way, I do not believe that buying solo as is the way to generate good, targeted leads and most people will end up spending too much and probably lose more than anything else. 

  2. Super Affiliate Program may be a good network but I really can’t say because I’m already a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I’m more than satisfied at Wealthy Affiliate. Needing a coach is actually recommended but the password aspect is really not good. I can view which ever lesson I want at Wealthy Affiliate and this helps me when I get stuck. For me, it’s Wealthy Affiliate all day.

  3. Hi, Vitaliy. I’ve not tried Super Affiliate Network because I found Wealthy Affiliate first, and I’m glad I did! I’ve looked at a couple of other programs that teach how to make money blogging and some are good, but none really compare with WA. I think that they are the industry standard as far as online training programs go. I haven’t seen anything as well done.

    • This has also been my experience Grant and believe me, I’ve seen a lot of programs out there. And I tell people that I always compare every single one to WA, and it is still the best.

  4. After reading this review, I would agree that will all the passwords and having to ask permission to view the training would turn me away from this program immediately. I would probably be wondering what are they hiding, and just the fact that it’s an inconvenience. Along with their traffic method being that you use solo ads is a let down — because I’d rather learn some free traffic methods first of all.

    • Well it’s not that they are hiding anything in my opinion, I believe it’s more so because they want people to feel like someone experienced is making sure they are doing the lessons, but I personally dislike that controlling nature and feel that as an adult, I need to decide my own pace and work with the training without having to get permission so much…

  5. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks for this review on super affiliate network. I had not heard of this before or Misha Wilson. I can see how the $1 trial offered value but it’s a shame you needed so many permissions and passwords from your “coach” in order to continue. I thought the internet was meant to make things smoother, not create barriers to stop clients from participating (hmm?). You spent a lot of time researching and trying to find information on this product. It should not be this hard. I was wondering if there was anything in the training that you were able to use as a “take away?”

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Unfortunately, I can’t point to anything new I learned. The lessons were gearing up to show me how to make money through solo ads and opt in marketing, something I have heard a plethora of times already, so there was nothing new in that regard. The only difference from what I saw was the compensation rates were higher for following this overused strategy.

  6. Hello Vitaliy, I really like how you spilled all the beans on this super affiliate network. A lot of these programs only look to benefit from you but not the other way around.

    They make more money from people signing up done helping people to make money for signing up. I’m glad I joined Wealthy Affiliate platform. It has been really great and keeps pushing me to better my business.

    No $$ down free 7 day trial and two (2) free websites to begin with. JACKPOT! Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best platform for online business and niches.

    Thank you for this information Vitaliy.

    Best regards.


    • Hi Edmond, while I agree with your point on WA, I have to be honest in regards to Super Affiliate Network. While the owner does want to make money, he is trying to get his members to do the same. If they can promote the program and make money, so can he. So from that standpoint, it is a legitimate program.

      But when you compare the value and training of it to WA, that’s where you see a stark difference and far more value offered inside Wealthy Affiliate. In addition to the perks you mentioned, I want to clarify that the 7 day trial in WA is actually just or chat abilities so they can get help. People can be a member there for as long as they wish, for free.

  7. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this article. I had seen this program before and I had considered joining Super Affiliate Network. I am really glad I read your article first because many of the things you mention would make me nervous too. I would never invest into something that was not upfront and is pressurizing to get your money. I would certainly not consider Super Affiliate and that is confirmed now I have read your detailed article.

    I did however also consider WA too at the same time. I found everything upfront from the beginning without a single hint of having to pay for anything. The training and contact I received was excellent and I can say it is the best I have seen for many years. 

    Even though I was never pressurized to upgrade in WA, I saw the value within a few hours, what you receive is only a fraction of what you pay. Simply put it is super value. So thanks again for the heads up.

  8. Hi Vitaliy:

    Thank you for making us aware of the Super Affiliate Network. I have a couple questions:

    I have been hearing the term “solo ads” quite a lot lately and was not aware of them before. Can you explain a little bit more about what these are? Do you pay for the ads? Where do you get them?

    This seems like a program that you really can’t check out very thoroughly without paying. Is that correct? Having to use passwords all the time would drive me crazy!

    Also, how would you say this program differs from WA?


    • Hi Christopher, here are my answers:

      1) Solo ads are clicks you buy from people who have email lists. Once you pay them the amount they ask for, they send out their email list/s a notice about your site, the list goes to the site and signs up and you can potentially make sales this way. 

      But usually this does not result in the best conversions from my experience and it may cost a lot too. There are many sites that do solo ad networking, but the good ones are typically the most expensive ones. You may end up spending several $100 for about 50-100 clicks and those aren’t even leads, just clicks. In my opinion. this is not worth it

      2) You are correct, when I joined it, I had to get permission for every next lesson and I didn’t enjoy that at all. I felt like I was being parented and I just wanted to run through the course at my own pace, not be monitored all the time…

      3) Wealthy Affiliate is very different from this program, here’s a few good reasons why:

      It’s got a free membership which has access to a lot of training and community access, no annoying red tape that I talked about, they teach SEO and other methods of marketing (not solo ads), I have found the training allows you to do your own thing in making a niche business, and not having to promote the same business you just joined like with Super Affiliate Network and much more. In short, it’s more flexible, risk free and I have personally gotten awesome results from it.

  9. I have been in the SAN program since early May of this year. I have observed what you claim. I just went Pro so I’m wondering about when I’m going to see returns. It needs to be soon.

    If you have to buy leads on top of the upgrade costs, this probably won’t work for me. I don’t have deep pockets and have stretched my credit a bit as it stands. I have purchased a trial set of 50 leads which I’ll direct to the SAN site (when I get it) to see if at least one or two convert (the lead source quotes 3-5%).

    If there are no returns soon (say by mid July) I’m moving on. I’ve been informed by my security advisor (when I found him after I had already joined the program) that he was suspicious of the program and he did help me expose and exit from two other lapses in my judgement. I’m going to give SAN a chance for a while still and I keep working through their program but, no more money unless there are substantial results. I’ll get back to you.

    • No problem Jonathan. I don’t know who this advisor you mentioned is, but either way, if Super Affiliate Network doesn’t work out for you, let me know and you have a plan B with Wealthy Affiliate, a program I think both you and your adviser will like.

  10. I bought into Super Affiliate Network. It will cost me $2997 to go pro so I can get $1,000 commission off every person who joins Pro under my ads. They are now making it where you don’t need a password to continue the course information. Still have to buy ads to market the business. How does the WA differ from this? Which would return funding quickly? I need funds to turn my life around quickly.

    • Hi Rhonda, so here’s some of the plethora of things that make WA better:

      1) It’s free to try. Super Affiliate Network is not.
      2) They teach MORE than just buying solo ads, they teach SEO, making ads on networks and much more and many of the methods are free. Super Affiliate Network mainly sticks to buying ads and investing even more money.
      3) Even the premium membership of WA which is $49 has more content and lessons in my experience than Super Affiliate Network. There’s no insane price tags like $2,997…
      4) There’s an extremely supportive/helpful community inside WA to help you.
      5) You can make a full time income in more than one way.

      Overall, those are the main reasons. However, you did also state you want “fast returns”. That is a phrase I would caution you on because people who look for these quick methods usually get into deep trouble with programs and end up spending a ton of money. You absolutely need to work hard in any of these businesses, but I can speak for myself when I say that doing so has made me a full time earner.

      My advice would be to try the free membership in WA, then see if you want to expand further into their premium program, but either way, do their training and make sure to focus on the hard work part.

  11. Hi Vitaliy, Thanks for your review and your insight on your experience with Super Affiliate Network. Reading your comments it seems you hit a nerve with Misha for him to respond. He didn’t even answer your questions.

    I am glad I found Wealthy Affiliate and have been with for just over 2 years now. I love the fact that the training is so easy to follow, step by step and Kyle and Carson teach each module in an understandable language so even a dummy like me can get it right. Highly recommended for any newbie wanting to learn the correct way to start.


    • Hi John, obviously Misha isn’t happy about my review, but I made fair points and he didn’t dispute them, he just tried to make feel guilty, which adds more weight to my arguments than his as I see it. I wish he would have answered my questions as I’m always happy to reanalyze my reviews and give higher ratings.

  12. This article supported my choice to work with Wealthy Affiliate. The idea of having to get permission to go to the next lesson is a real turn off. Having to pay upfront money before you begin always makes me a little leery. I like free trials etc… before I commit. Good article!

    • I think any good company has to let people get SOME sort of free trial or even limited access, but for free so people can see if it’s legitimate. Fortunately WA lets people do that and frankly, out of all the programs out there, 99% charge money, 1% let you do some free stuff, but Wealthy Affiliate lets you in for free and gives you a lot, too much even 🙂 

  13. Hey Vitaliy,

    I’m not a fan of Solo Ads and like you say they cost money and I definitely do not like the idea of a password on each lesson. That would drive me crazy and make me feel like I’m not in control. It makes me wonder if there is a big surprise at the end of all the lessons… perhaps the $2000.00. I can’t imagine doing assignments (are there specific assignments?) and putting the time and effort…only to find out the final tab is $2000.00.

    As you know, I’m a huge fan of Wealthy Affiliate. Yea…no password on each lesson.

    Thanks again and I look forward to your next review!

    • That’s a good point about all the lessons leading into a bigger upsell. I can’t make that claim because I didn’t end up that far, but for sure I did hear Misha mention a $2,000 price tag on something and I would not be surprised if it was part of the training. 

  14. Might be a great site. But I have asked for a refund, no question asked and so far have been ignored. I put in $97, $97, and $48. I want a refund!

    • Hi Cindy, the best course of action I’d recommend is getting in touch with whichever thing you used to pay for the membership of Super Affiliate Network (credit card, debit card company).

  15. Please refund my $37 immediately. I also believed that I would have instant access to some type of program. I feel as though I was misled and that I am still receiving emails from Misha Wilson to watch this video.

    • Hi Valerie, I am not part of the Super Affiliate Network, I have no control over your billing issues with it, you will have to either directly contact the program or your credit card company, I don’t have the power to do this, I’m only another former customer of theirs.

  16. I consider myself to be one of the most skeptical people on the planet so WA’s transparency was extremely welcome. I started with the free trial and found it so rewarding that I soon became a premium member.

    I started a website that has nothing to do with teaching online marketing and I don’t even promote wealthy affiliate on my site. I’ve only mentioned them once on my site and their training has still been helpful every step of the way without any up-sells in between.

    • Well that’s the thing. besides learning to market WA itself, you can create a business in a field that doesn’t promote it and still make money. The training is open ended that way and not narrowed down to promote only the program itself, which is why I rated it much higher.

  17. Hi Vitaliy,

    I really dislike that so much and the hurdles to jump and go through just to get what you want – the free trial! Commendations for pursuing with it! I’d have told them to stuff it long ago!

    As far as I am concerned if you can’t give a customer of potential customer what they want you have no right being in business. That applies to all businesses!

    Interesting take on solo ads. Do you dislike them only because you have a preference to other types of traffic or are there better forms of paid traffic?

    I was under the impression that good quality traffic from solo ads that you managed to get to sign up to your mailing list was considered as good traffic.

    • In many cases it can be Derek, but generally people who have lists they sell through solo ads generally carry with them the context of the make money quick mentality that may not necessarily fit with someone who is promoting a program, say Wealthy Affiliate which does straight up mention that hard work is required, meaning if someone joins a promotion through a solo ad on the front end, it may end up not converting well on the back end.

      However, I am NOT totally against them, it’s just that the way they are used these days is for purposes I disagree with, kind of like it’s being used in this program. I don’t doubt there is way to make them successfully work and I am very much interested in testing a few of my own, but the best approach in my opinion is good SEO, It carries the best rewards and for a nearly free price.

    • I’ve joined this super affiliate network program as a premium member @ $90.00 and it was 2/14/17! However I’ve not heard from anyone in the program. Can you maybe explain why? I tried calling the number they’ve listed guess what? It’s a nonfunctional no.!

      How do they expect me to become a profitable member without emailing me or contacting me? Will You Help ME TO CONTACT THEM OR THEM CONTACTING ME? I have been trying every way I know of looking, research and it’s always a dead end.


      • Hi Cindy, I cannot call them since I am no longer a part of that program, and also please do not post your personal information such as your phone number (I have deleted it for your privacy).

        All I can say is that if you do not get a response whether by call or email from them and want to cancel/get your money back, one of the ways you can do that is through these options. Other than that, I cannot personally do this as I have no access to those areas of the Super Affiliate Network site.

  18. Nice post Vitaliy! I have tried several affiliate marketing programs, so many Im not sure if I tried this one or not, and Wealthy Affiliate seems to be the only one that truly cares about helping. I have been a member of Wealthy affiliate for almost a month now and I really enjoy all the training they provide. Everything is simple to understand and there are lots of people willing to help if you need it. I really enjoyed your post.

    • Well I think Super Affiliate Network is fairly new, but it’s great to hear you’re part of WA Prattej and confirmed the things I have said about them!

  19. Thanks for the heads up! Requiring a coach to approve me on viewing the next lessons doesn’t sound appealing to me. I like having an overview on what I am getting into, especially when I am making monthly payments. That way I don’t have to spend a bunch of money only to find out the program might not be for me at all.

  20. Great review Vitaliy, I joined a few days ago and quickly went through the fist 3 moduels, completed the questionnaires and tried to contact my coach to unlock my next assignments. That’s when I read they could only be contacted during business days and off on the weekends, so I’m spending my whole weekend not able to study a damn thing.

    What I did get over the weekend was a series of emails from Misha warning me that it was the last time he was going to tell me to contact my coach.

    Don’t like threats especially when I’m footing the bill.

    • I agree with you Fred, having the coach who is directly partaking in your progress not being able to respond because they’re off while you’re waiting to pay is certainly frustrating and something I too would not tolerate.

      You will never get that nonsense in Wealthy Affiliate, support is there 24-7 and is instantaneous, and obviously with none of that red tape…

  21. This is MOBE! $47 price is the same! The $2,000 upsell is the same! The 21 step program with approval to open next step is the same! The next upsell is $5000 with a $3000 Commission! MOBE!

    • Hi Mark, I did not see any link to MTTB or MOBE inside Super Affiliate Network and it’s common for programs like this to cost $47/month. I also looked on the main site and did not see any mention of these programs there and as a rule any company that promotes MTTB/MOBE must indicate that on their sales page or somewhere on their site.

      While I don’t agree with Super Affiliate Network’s approach to marketing, I have to be honest in that I do not see any link between this program and MOBE, sorry. If you have actual information that proves that link, please let me know.

  22. Wow and I was just about to pay 97$ to get nothing. Thanks guys! Wait 1 more thing if there is anyone that knows a good system? Hook me up please!

  23. Thanks Vitaliy for the review. The program smells like Empower Network or Digital Attitude. When l visited the signup page, the bio of the owner says it all. He sells traffic (the solo ads). l think the thing is just training on how to buy traffic from the owner (solo ads) then sell them the same ‘system’ to earn a commission. He is making a killing from selling Solo Ads while selling an auto-responder loaded with emails.

    • I also assumed there has to be some sort of inner network of solo ads taking place Amos, but I don’t know if it’s his personal one or an outside, trusted source. Certainly, I’d hope for the benefit of this program that it’s the latter, but the system and program is set up as a high ticket offer. Certainly it is NOT as expensive as digital altitude, or a straight up scam like Empower Network, but teaching what I personally gathered from it this single way of making money and recycling that style and people into the program is not something I agree with.

  24. It seems to me that if your wealthy affiliate program is so damn good, they’d teach you how to actually market in real and ethical ways, vs. just looking to tear other peoples business’s down to just get a little bit of exposure for yourself.

    Remember, it’s not just about how much you make, but also how you make it. I can sleep well at night knowing that. I doubt you can (unless your a sociopath).

    – Misha

    • Hi Misha, I don’t see how I “tear” your program at all. In fact, I didn’t say anything bad about it that wasn’t there.

      It would be nice if you addressed the concerns I brought up about your program and we could have had a debate about it, but instead, it seems like you’re the one ripping me and not actually bothering to refute the things I said in my review.

      I also find it interesting that you say it’s not about how much I make, when your program has a several thousand dollar up-sell (as based of you mentioning it in a webinar) and Wealthy Affiliate does not. Is this true?

      There’s also 2 other things I never got answers to and I hope you can answer that since you are the owner:

      1) Is it also true that there’s no way people can get access without always being connected to a coach?

      2) Do you teach people to build online businesses on ANY topic they want or is your program exclusively teaching them only how to promote your system?

  25. I joined the $1 trial just under a month ago and my first feeling was sheer rage lol. I paid the money to get access and I had no freaking access! I had to sift through a barrage of emails from Misha and some questionaries that were all geared to get me joining their FB group and jumping onto a live Skype session. I don’t know about you, but when I pay for access to something and then get told “oh wait up dude… you actually need to jump through another 10 hoops before you get access to a drip fed series of training videos” I’m not particularly happy.

    That said, Misha seems to be giving people good value and for $1 I think it’s worth it to see what it’s about. Cancelling the future payments was incredibly fast which is a big plus also.

    It’s also worth noting that the training is really just a front for an elaborate high ticket sales funnel. You will have products ‘suggested’ to you right throughout well into the thousands. Nothing wrong with that in itself but I don’t like how he controls what people have access to. It hinders a persona ability to make an informed decision from the get go.

  26. Nice post Vitaliy! Super Affiliate Network seems legit on the surface but they turned me off with the solo ads. I remember when I first started affiliate marketing I would spend hundreds on bad solo ads and produced zero results. Most of these providers are burning out there list and a real solo ad provider is very protective of his list.

    • Good point Dorsey! I figure people who are on lists that are then sold to solo ad buyers might be pretty angry when their email keeps being given away!


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