Bossless Forever Review. A Scam or Really a Way Out?

Bossless Forever is a system that’ll show you how to work from home and for yourself doing what is referred to as local marketing. But is it legit? Is it a scam? This review will let you know.

bossless forever review screenshot

Here’s 5 quick things I need to say about this Bossless Forever review:

1) It’s legit and I will be giving you a breakdown of what you learn.

2) I’m not affiliated with it (even though I was offered to), but I will provide a NONE affiliate link to the program if you wish to try it.

3) The reason I didn’t choose to promote it is because there is an alternative program that will literally teach you THE SAME STUFF Bossless Forever does. 

4) And I have used that alternative program’s training to get results, and I will be showing you others who have too.

This alternative program is literally $1,000’s LESS than Bossless Forever is (It’s only $19 to see the whole thing) and I will be showing you the proof of success and how all of it works in this review when I explain Bossless Forever in more detail and what it teaches.

5) I chose not to buy nor promote Bossless Forever, but like I said before, it is a legit program.

I just think that when you read my review and also see the alternative that once again teaches the same stuff, you may want to consider the latter and you’ll see why it’s recommended, besides the savings.

Bossless Forever, the quick review and info on the program:

bossless forever website screenshot

Creator: Amiee Ball.

Price: Varies, you go through the webinar, then are scheduled a sales call that’ll give you the price, and it’s likely going to be in the…

  • $1,000’s and possibly more.
  • Some estimates people have gotten have exceeded $3,000.
  • I have had people who went through the webinar and found my site comment on it and tell me there’s even some price tags that exceed $3,000. You’re welcome to see those comments below and see how much they were quoted from this system.

Overview: This is a training program that shows you how to become an online marketer and help local small businesses grow their business through the online world by basically getting their business to be seen online so they can get more customers/leads and for doing this for them, you can get paid a lot by the business owner.

In other words, you learn to find businesses that know nothing about online marketing, consult them, do some work for them to help their business get online and more clients, and get paid for that work.

And once again, this is legit and I have done it personally. But as for a rating for Bossless Forever, this is what I’d give it:

Rating of program: 5 out of 10 stars.

Before I continue this review, let me give you some quick mention of the alternative I suggest over Bossless Forever:

alternative to bossless forever program 1

But let’s continue with Bossless Forever, because it is good and I want to explain how it works in greater detail so you understand the subject, the program and the alternatives better:

Here’s the breakdown of how Bossless Forever works:

If you wish to join Bossless Forever, there is a main page which will take you through a webinar explaining how that program works and there’s a 5 step blueprint within that webinar which encapsulates that training.

Here it is:

Let me personally explain these 5 steps the way I understand them because in many ways, how I used to do and still would do local marketing is very similar to this (Wealthy Affiliate’s local marketing training taught me this), and this is why I say the Bossless Forever program is legit (just very expensive).

But allow me to get into greater details and examples of how each step works in this system, and explain my personal experiences with it:

Step 1: You start your business in this program by looking up niche markets.

In this case, it’s any local businesses seeking online marketing services to help them expand. I can tell you that it is true that MOST business owners have NO clue how to run an online marketing campaign and seek to hire people for them.

That’s how I got my first local marketing gig, a happy client and then recommendations about me to their other business friends, which led to other business owners wanting my help. But I will say, that I also found that there will be MANY other marketers who will scramble to get the same clients you do.

Competition in local marketing is fierce.

Step 2: Then the program goes into how to filter these businesses out.

The goal is to see which ones have the most potential for growth as well as which business would be willing to pay you the most.

Step 3: Followed by that is contacting the business owner/s, so they can become your client/s.

And you can charge for consultation fees, giving them a breakdown of how you can help their business expand online, what types of services you offer and it can be high ticket and/or services where the owner pays you monthly.

This part of the system is what Amiee refers to as lead generation, aka generating business clients and getting them to pay you.

In my case, when I had my first gig, I talked to a business owner about how his website wasn’t appearing on Google or for certain important keywords which if his site did appear on, he’d get more calls and clients.

That basically sold him on hiring me to work for him, and in my case, that consultation I gave him was free. But that one little talk led to many opportunities in the coming years, with him and the people he’d recommend me to.

But as a quick note, in spite of these opportunities, I chose to focus on my own website and business, despite having these clients on the side that I could work him at any point. I just prefer the “peace” of working on my own site. But anyway…

Step 4: Next you go through a series of steps to turn those business leads into actual clients that pay.

This part isn’t difficult to understand, you basically negotiate with the lead to make sure you have a deal on what service is provided and what the business client will pay. Here are examples:

  • If they have a website, help them improve it. Charge for it.
  • If they aren’t popping up on Google or search engines, help them get that accomplished and charge for it.
  • If they aren’t doing well on social media, help them out and charge for it too.
  • If they are doing paid advertising (Facebook ads, Google ads, ect…) and paying too much and not getting leads, help them by letting YOU run their ads for them. This will save them money while you get paid monthly.

And again, these are all examples of REAL life services I’ve done for my client/s and what I was taught by Wealthy Affiliate’s local marketing training. These kinds of services can get you paid $1,000’s a month, per client by the way.

Step 5: And finally, you then deliver the services for the business lead and make the money.

Now besides that 5 step system in Bossless Forever, you also have to know how to find the clients and potential prospects and this is where Aimee shows you marketing methods. 

Then when it comes to helping the business market, Amiee’s program will also show you ways you can provide services such as setting up ads on Facebook for the business to get more people seeing that business, and basically the examples I gave in step 4, which were of my own personal experience.

That’s the basic, yet in-depth formula and it’s absolutely legit. I personally know people who practice this and do it full time (and I’ll show you them shortly, but they are people who got their results with the Wealthy Affiliate training.

My rating for Aimee’s program, Bossless Forever:

5 out of 10 stars (50%).

Green Flag.

5 out of 10 starsEverything I heard from Aimee’s program, mixed with what I know about local marketing, points to it being legit.

My final thoughts: The 2 reasons I cannot recommend Bossless Forever:

And I say it again:

1) The very high price to enter it.

2) And the Wealthy Affiliate alternative providing that same kind of training for only $19 (the first month, then it’s $49/month after, so it’s still massive savings) are why I’m not giving my recommendation to it. If you still think Bossless Forever is what you want to invest with, then their page is still up to join.

Also, there are other systems that have come out besides Bossless Forever which coincidentally teach the same stuff, and ALL for high ticket prices. In case, you’re wondering, here is a list of these other programs:

There’s Dan Henry’s program, Sam Ovens, followed by Modern Millionaires and finally Billy Gene is Marketing, and I think they are all just as good as Bossless Forever (the same kind of training material and local marketing business model is taught).

But funny enough, here’s the issue I found with all of these local marketing programs:

The MAIN cons I see with those programs are the same ones I see with Bossless Forever: Price and Wealthy Affiliate being better for the same reasons. So let me actually explain THAT particular thing right now:

The 5 reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for local marketing training:

It’s actually pretty simple:

1) Firstly, you can try the local marketing training in Wealthy Affiliate for free vs paying $1,000’s with Bossless Forever upfront.

We’re literally comparing $1,000’s of dollars worth of investment in ANY of the above programs I listed to Wealthy Affiliate’s which you can currently try for free and I would take advantage of it while the option is available. Normally, it would be $49 every month.

Here is the breakdown of the local marketing blueprint you get in Wealthy Affiliate:

wealthy affiliate local marketing training


The membership inside this system is $19 for the first month, and $49/month after and this is because Wealthy Affiliate carries many additional benefits in addition to local marketing training.

They offer free websites, tools, a lot of support and improved, updated training to make sure it’s members get valuable information and strategies to make successful online businesses.

2) The value inside Wealthy Affiliate’s local marketing training is equal to or better than Bossless Forever.

High quality training is something I’ve come to expect from the Wealthy Affiliate program and my own results with it, including the local marketing success I’ve had, have come from this program. 

I have also learned from my explorations of other online programs, many of which are high ticket like Bossless Forever, that price is not an indicator of value and that in every single case, what Wealthy Affiliate offers is just as good and in most cases, better.

3) The local marketing success stories. I didn’t forget, here they are:

wealthy affiliate local marketing training vs bossless forever

4) More ways to make money on top of local marketing training.

Whether it’s a local marketing business or personal online business website you seek to make, Wealthy Affiliate provides training in both fields. 

5) The local marketing training is created by someone as successful as Aimee Ball.

If you need to know the credentials of the local marketing training provided within Wealthy Affiliate and that they work, here you go:

The local marketing training you get was designed by Jay Niell, a man who possess a ton of online marketing experience and has a very successful local marketing agency:

jay webinar training vs bossless forever option

Jay got his skills from Wealthy Affiliate originally and then created his local marketing business out of it, and then as a way of giving back, created the blueprint here which goes over the same exact things he does in his local marketing business to get results.

This course is designed specifically to take you from being a complete beginner to local marketing, to getting that first client and then getting more.

28 thoughts on “Bossless Forever Review. A Scam or Really a Way Out?”

  1. Great post!

    My questions are:

    1) Does Jay’s local marketing training have some of the same tools like the calculator that helps you set a price?

    2) How to rank on google without ad spend and a community that can help you with backlinks to get site on 1st page?

    3) Phone number that shows all the incoming calls to know it’s working?

    4) How to create the page free on weebly so you own the site and rent it out?

    5) Is the training updated since it has been put out? If so when?

    They said upkeep is around $35-$55/mth each project. Which is good if they are rented out. I have no problem investing money but it would make sense to go with the $49 option if it had all the bells and whistles that they are offering. Sorry for al LJ the questions just trying to make my decision.


    • Hi Lucky, so the context of the questions you asked I assume are from the Bossless Forever offer you saw, so I have to give you my answers with the context of how I know local marketing. Here goes:

      1) You don’t really need a calculator to estimate how much you’d charge a client. For websites you make a client, you can charge about $500-$1,500, and for advertising their business, that can cost them $100 a month or $500 depending on the price of the ad you are doing for them and how many clicks it gets.

      2) Backlinks are a seriously mistaught topic. I didn’t even know Bossless Forever talked about this, but you can generally get a site ranking well for a local business keyword within 3 months and while backlinks are a BROAD subject, having people get you backlinks is NOT enough to get to first page rankings today.

      I set up a site for a trainer buddy of mine and his name was used as the domain. It literally ranks at the top spot of Google within 6 months time (completely normal time frame) and all I did was set up a few regular pages.

      For ad spend stuff, this is a completely different topic and taught within Wealthy Affiliate’s local marketing training.

      3) You don’t get a phone number with WA to track calls, but you can buy EXTREMELY cheap services like call fire for $3 a MONTH to do this. I personally used this service to track calls when I was promoting a local client’s business.

      You may even find that you don’t need this type of service. I’d start with the webinar series in WA and determine what your needs are afterwards because you may decide to go a different route and in local marketing you have several different ones.

      4) You can make sites through Wealthy Affiliate and we use WordPress, which is in my opinion better than Weebly and you can even use that to get clients who don’t have a website to join Wealthy Affiliate through you and promote the program that way. They’ll pay about $49 a month for GREAT services and you will be paid as an affiliate for each monthly sale.

      5) Yes, we have numerous 2019 webinars and plenty of older ones which are still as relevant today.

      As for your comment on upkeep, again this is a subject where you may not even need to charge that type of service. But I would check out the webinars and determine this for yourself.

      Join here and you can contact me privately if you have followup questions once you go through the webinars.

      You can always make the decision to leave later and go to Bossless forever, I’m sure their offers will still be available. But I’m also confident you’ll really enjoy WA’s local marketing training.

      • Thanks for the response. This particular course is a new local marketing course I’m assuming.

        It does have Aimee as one of the testimonials so probably selling the same stuff. They say in the webinar they can get a site ranked in 1-2 weeks with no ad spend. I can send you link if you wanted to do a review on it.

        I’ll go ahead and grab WA to check it out further.


        • Hi Lucky, so I know a lot about ranking sites, and with local marketing, you need to be careful because what exactly are they trying to rank? Is it a site whose domain is something no one types? If so, then yes, it’s easy to rank those.

          But if I am trying to rank a site like the best coffee shops in NYC, then it may take longer to rank those.

          Much of the local marketing training in WA teaches you to help business websites appear on Google, Google maps and other spots online to get exposure and more leads. You also learn about ranking through the main WA training system, which I use on this site to get 100’s of visitors every day and you can also use that training to go to clients and help them rank their site and/or build it for them and rent it out to them.

  2. I am an insurance agent. I offer Medicare, final expense, and really really really just want to provide annuity information and make the sales. I have no website, but want one.

    I pay a too much for leads, but they suck. Can I develop my business by utilizing the basic service and then spending money on my own FB or Google ads to get them to my website without premium membership pricing?

    • Hi Art, there are a few free tutorials within Wealthy Affiliate that teach local marketing, but I would honestly recommend you do the premium program so you can get the top quality tutorials and webinars on local marketing. It’s only $49 a month and you can learn everything you need within the first month and leave after if you want.

      The value you’d get out of this 1 month and the money you’d save in the future on leads is priceless. You already spent a lot on cold leads, which bad companies try to sell making them sound like these leads are golden, and you’d definitely save money on the Bossless Forever program where you’d learn the same things, so it’s a good investment.

      You can join it above and see this value first hand. That is how I would do it.

      And if local marketing isn’t where you want to go, there is still the niche marketing training in Wealthy Affiliate where you would be able to build a business either way and that also teaches paid ads, as do the webinars (they teach more than local marketing).

      • The monthly fee is no problem to work with. If I get my own lead funnel for one or more of my insurance segments I could be a good fit for making money on promoting the business side too. I will be joining after Dec 7th when the annual enrollment period is finished. I got your link from searching for the reviews of Bossless forever.

        Also, saw her trainers YouTube videos and their chats between them.

        Screw paying $2500 to $5k. It is worth something but not that much. I have one good Medicare lead source for $15 a lead, but everything else is bad.


        • Hi Art, sure no problem, just a few things I want to clarify for you before you join:

          1) You will learn to create your own lead funnels using paid ad networks from the webinars we have in WA. You get the training to do this and find the right leads for your business and/or help others get them like Bossless Forever teaches. But you have to actually use the training to make the lead funnel work.

          2) There’s a Black Friday sale happening literally tomorrow until Dec 2nd in WA for the yearly membership which is $299. I know you’re interested in monthly, but your question about Bossless Forever and leads literally came up a few days before this annual thing takes place, so I would consider this an as option. If not no problem, do the monthly if this is what works best for you.

          3) Again, the link to join the WA program is above and I’ll be there to provide the resources and answer questions personally.

  3. Hello Vitaliy,

    That was a pretty comprehensive review. Thanks! Yet, I have a question.

    I was in a call with an “Bossless Forever” mentor and what differentiated them with any SEO program out there is that they promote their own lead generation website for a specific niche that has little competition on Google so that they can rank it easily.

    Then, they essentially lease the website and the leads to the client. At first, they send them leads for free with an automated message telling their prospective clients that the lead is coming from them. Then, they ask those clients for their business for more leads.

    My question is, if I join the premium subscription for Wealthy Affiliate through your link, will Jay Niell’s webinars provide me with all the tools necessary to setup my business like that?

    • Hi David, 100% yes, and this type of business model is very smart and is taught by Wealthy Affiliate’s general training as well as Jay’s training on local business marketing. Let me get into specifics so you know what to expect:

      1) The general training within Wealthy Affiliate (the one I personally follow for my results) goes over niche site creation so you end up targeting a much bigger audience than you would a local audience in a particular area. This is something I prefer and a route you can take within the training there.

      2) If you want to do something like you mentioned Bossless Forever teaches, then here is an example of how WA would teach you to do this:

      Let’s suppose you create a niche website for something like kickboxing classes for women in (insert local area). The competition for this keyword phrase is much lower than for terms like kickboxing classes for women (not including the local area). But it is popular in both cases.

      So if you create a website that targets a particular region and the niche topic of kickboxing classes for women, you can run ads or write articles to rank for people in the region you choose to target and get traffic there. Then you can find the leads in the local area who would pay you to steer those clients to them and set up a model where each person who joins gets you paid.

      For example, you can run paid ads on Google for this particular niche in a region and get clicks, let’s say 500 a month. Then you can go to a local kickboxing business in the area (or call them up) and tell them you have 500 people (potential leads) coming to your site and can send them your way and for each lead, charge them about $50. If they agree, then you can set up a deal where for each click you get and send to them, that multiplies.

      Or another example is that you can create a website for a client and run all the marketing for them and get paid monthly for this. In this case, you don’t own the site, but you are in charge of the marketing and that can pay you as well.

      Jay and WA’s training teach all of this and I say this because I’m summarizing the lessons I took from these sources. It sounds like it’s the same with Bossless Forever, but it will probably cost way more though. So if this answers your question, you can join WA above and get those webinars from Jay.

  4. Thank you for providing this information. I am looking into this arena of marketing online as a side hustle. I went through the first part of Amiee’s program to get information and had my call today. The price I was quoted was $4860 but if I took the offer today the price would be discounted to $2860. I noticed you said the price was in the hundreds so I am wondering if they quote different prices to every person. What has everyone else’s experience been when it comes to the price of the program?

    • Hi Nate, sorry, I made a typo, instead of $100’s I should have written $1,000’s. That is typically what I have found these types of programs go for. In my opinion the near $5k quote, then a downsell to almost $3k they hit you up with is a common “get it now” tactic. Nothing wrong with it and it doesn’t negate the legitimacy of the program, but I can assure you that in Wealthy Affiliate, you’d get the same training in the worst cases and in the best, way more information on everything online marketing. You’d also save yourself even more money.

    • Hi Dean, absolutely. The work you do in Wealthy Affiliate, is your own, at your own pace and no one is going to rush you, so you can make your own schedule on completing the lessons there and taking action.

  5. Hi, Vitaliy

    Good overview. My question is:

    Aren’t there already a lot of marketing agencies in business which a small business could hire to do this local lead generation for them?

    Maybe some small businesses don’t know anything about marketing. I’m trying to figure out how this local lead generation business works for individuals who really don’t personally know anything about marketing. Or maybe I am wrong here?? Thanks!

    • Hi Valerie, you are absolutely right in how you viewed this subject. There are indeed a lot of existing agencies that already try to advertise to companies (leads) and help them do what Bossless Forever would teach you, the individual to do. Plus, the other end of this is that a company which is unfamiliar with internet marketing may often head over to search engines and do a search for these companies.

      These 2 angles already make it harder for a newbie to get involved in this business, but what Bossless Forever would teach you to do is, it would give you the knowledge to become experienced in the marketing of local businesses and then to personally find them. While there is indeed a lot of competition for these businesses, you can still can get a lead or two, even if you do things like just walk around your town, walk into a store and just ask if they do online advertising.

      However, despite that, it’s still not going to be easy. Overall, I do believe that this is a HARD business to get started in and I do criticize programs like Bossless Forever for not mentioning these things. It almost seems like they want the quick, $1,000’s in sales. That’s my opinion.

      This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate instead, it’s just more realistic in this and a far less expensive experiment, but one that also teaches this business from a safer point of view (investment wise). Plus with the other methods of you being able to make money from an online business, you don’t have to rely on just this approach (local marketing lead generation).

  6. I don’t know much about business or even models. How would I learn all the terminology and or computer skills from simple to more advanced? I am looking for a business to do though I haven’t done any marketing. I can comprehend things but my concern is I won’t even know the language – words that will be used. What do you think?

    • Thomas hi, all fair points and I can tell you, in this business, you will find a lot less terminologies than you think so there isn’t much need to learn all this new vocabulary, but most of the terms are actually quite simple to understand.

      Yet none of this really matters, what matters is finding an online business idea you can start and make great money from and I have a perfect suggestion that’ll help. Try out the free to try Wealthy Affiliate program I talked about in this review, it’s perfect for the beginner online business person and they’ll help you get started from scratch.

      Click here and it’ll explain more about this program as well as I’ll help you.

  7. I will try out Wealthy Affiliate and see how it goes for the first month. I actually have a call with Amiee today and I noticed that she is the same as the other guys that promote the same system.

    One guy talks about his Aston martin and he has a partner that he mentions that teaches the same thing, but it is not Amiee. I was going to try Tyson Zahner, but couldn’t get in due to the offer expired. I also, had to read another review that made me want try out Wealthy Affiliate, since I am used to affiliate marketing and know you will get credit if I sign up under your link.

    I will sign up under you. I am looking to help local businesses grow because I want to friends that have one. I had a friend that did social media marketing and made $1000 a month, but even though he is a cool guy, he is arrogant and it is hard to learn from him. I was going to do freelance web development on Upwork or contact local businesses and build them a website. I will try this out.

    • Hi Michael I appreciate you signing up to WA through me. Let me just a few things regarding Bossless Forever that you mentioned in your comment as well as WA in general:

      1) I kind of suspected that with these types of calls, that you’d get more sales and marketing, than actual content on how to build businesses. Meaning it’s more of a sales thing, than it is a value thing. I still believe the training in this program to be good, but let’s turn to WA because you’re getting a better deal there in my opinion…

      2) If you’re truly serious about promoting local businesses and doing something that your friend who makes $1,000 a month does, I would just go straight into the premium program, do the training, AND check out the webinars of the premium membership, which showcase all you need to know about local marketing, and helping businesses grow. I am certain (like I said in my review), that the value in those webinars in WA (because I’ve watched them) is going to truly help you make your goals happen this year.

      3) You can do the free membership too if you have any doubts, and then go premium to get the all the benefits anyway, I don’t like to up-sell people at all so I’m just throwing out all the choices out there.

    • I have been working with Wealthy Affiliate on and off and can say I agree with what this guy is saying. I was just checking out Bossless Forever and found it way too expensive. I’m happy to see someone is recommending WA.

      You will enjoy it and you can take your time plus, you can go over something again if you did not understand something the first time.

      • Thanks Charlene. I can definitely tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great program to learn similar kind of local marketing material Bossless Forever offers.

  8. Hi Vitaliy, 

    Thanks for providing this review of Bossless forever, while I agree it isn’t a scam you’re correct there are definitely other systems out there teach you the same information for less money. I see you recommend Wealthy affiliate as one of your recommended systems, I’m a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate myself, it gives you a lot of information but also a number of tools to help assist with your success. 

    • Hi Nate, there’s actually a plethora of tools they (Wealthy Affiliate) offer: Sites, coaching, mass info, support, tools for the sites you build inside the program and a ton more, and many of these things are accessible for free, not even talking about the cheap $49 a month upgrade.

  9. I just recently joined Wealthy Affiliate, and it is everything you just described. I am a newbie in this online marketing world, and I am very exited to know about Jay Niell’s webinar lessons. I have just recently subscribed to the premium membership and that would be my go to lesson. Thank you very much for this amazing review .

    • Jay’s webinars are perfect for anyone seeking to do the same type of things taught by Bossless Forever and Sam Oven’s program Solomon, but if you are seeking to build a blog that is promoting other things other than local businesses, make sure to do the main training program within the WA program. 

      More info here. It’s the direction I took to become successful at this.


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