Inbound Closer Review. The Pros And Cons Explained

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Inbound Closer and in this review of it will be sharing the info I found. In some ways the program is good, but there are things about that I personally wouldn’t want to get involved with and in this post, I’ll be explaining it all.

Quick report on Inbound Closer:

inbound closer review

Name: Inbound Closer.

Price: $97 one time but there are likely upsells to go further.

Does Inbound Closer work? Yes, but it will take practice and refinement of selling skills to make money with this program.

Final rating: 5 out 10 stars (Not bad).

There are parts of Inbound Closer I like and others that I don’t.

I am giving you this review based off my personal experiences in the subject of this program revolves around (high ticket selling via phone calls) and other sites which have reviewed Inbound Closer.


inbound closer alternative

Here is a full review of Inbound Closer:

The best way to describe this program is to give you a specific scenario:

1) Let’s say you are browsing the internet and find an ad for a make money online program.

2) You click on the ad, and get a free presentation (sometimes webinar) that showcases how the make money online program works.

3) At the end of this webinar, you are presented with an option to contact someone to get you started. This person can be labeled as a coach, mentor, sales person or something related.

4) You schedule the call with the person, get in touch and then that person sells you the product and possible upsells.

Now that person doing the selling via phone is the Inbound Closer. This leads into the program:

Within the Inbound Closer program, you learn to basically be a successful sales person, to find leads interested in buying high ticket programs and selling it to them.

And for every sale you make as the call person, you get paid a high ticket commission, which is about 10% as the presentation of Inbound Closer mentioned.

Now the purpose of the Inbound Closer program is to give you training and a sales script to use in those calls you get to “close” the deal and get the person to buy because the fact that you get the person to buys means you make a good commission off that.

As based on the sales page of Inbound Closer, you can make a great full time income quickly if you can get a few closing deals every month, which is technically true (if you don’t include all of the obstacles and difficulty of closing deals).

What type of training does Inbound Closer offer?

For the $97 there is a 21 day course provided to help you get your first sale from one of the sales call you’ll do and the thing to note is that with this form of selling, clients are scheduling calls with you and you’re not going out to find them (doing cold calls).

Are there upsells with Inbound Closer? Apparently yes:

I’ve looked at a few sites reviewing this program and they do all say there are upsells. In fact, here is a good review of Inbound Closer which basically says that even though the $97 gets you in the door of the program, to get the leads coming to you and scheduling calls, you will likely have to buy more expensive upsells within Inbound Closer.

So this scenario about potential prospects coming to you and you sitting back and scheduling the calls at your leisure comes with a “catch 22” which is:

  • You either need to know how to get the leads yourself.
  • You need to buy them and other expensive packages from Inbound Closer.

I can’t say I’m surprised by this because in many ways, the way this program operates is how just about any in the industry does, which is, it gets you through the door at a low price, and then for better services and options, upsells you and while they can be legitimate upsells, the likelihood you’ll need to spend a lot more to get a lot more out of Inbound Closer is likely.

My experience with what Inbound Closer teaches explained:

While I’ve never actually done exactly what Inbound Closer teaches, I have in fact:

  • Had dealings with these types of sales people before.
  • And I also do online selling, but I don’t do phone calls and have made tons of sales for numerous promotions as an affiliate for them. For example, Clickbank and Wealthy Affiliate, being a super affiliate for the companies.

So I know a bit about many subjects including online selling, high ticket selling and how to close deals. Now in regards to my experiences with the sales people and coaches, what I’ve come to find is this:

A lot of them are downright sleazy in how they try to promote to me because of course they are trying to get me to spend more so they can make a higher commission. I’ve run into numerous people and almost never a polite and patient person.

They don’t like it when you start asking tough questions about what you’re buying and this can often be considering just a bad attitude or bad experience. Never the less, I’m just commenting on my experiences.

In addition, sometimes the people who sell these high ticket options also sell extremely sleazy, scams and pyramid schemes and this is one of the major turnoffs I have about this industry.

You can be a great sales person, but in the high ticket business, there’s a lot of scams and garbage being sold. I don’t feel comfortable not knowing much about what I’m selling and I know a lot of sellers have no clue about that stuff and only care about making sales.

Realistic expectations. Does Inbound Closer work and how much can you make?

The scenario pitched by Payton in the sales page is that “if you only make so and so calls and close deals” that you’ll do amazingly well in this business is a quite rare. To get to that point that Payton talks about requires:

  • Not just a good sales script, but repetition of it.
  • Being able to build confidence and experience in selling on the phone.
  • Being able to generate leads who are actually open to spending a lot of money.
  • The ability to push through tons of “no’s” to get the “yes” closes.

This is just the reality of selling in general and its inescapable. Rarely do people have that talent to sell quickly so you will need practice to do it.

My final thoughts: Regarding Inbound Closer and my experiences with online selling explained:

As I said before, I’m an online seller and one of the main things I do is promote a company called Wealthy Affiliate. I am not a fan of being a promoter of shockingly expensive programs because I know most people can’t afford them and that it’s better to promote great products and deals for affordable prices.

This is important because when I sell Wealthy Affiliate for instance, this intent comes across as genuine and I give people the best quality information I can without trying to “sell them it” and that makes it much easier for me to make the online sales.

Why online selling might be a better fit for you than what Inbound Closer teaches:

I do all of my selling online like and I honestly prefer that over sitting on the phone and talking to people. I run multiple websites, YouTube videos and ads which through proper marketing get those sources leads and then because I understand how selling is done online (I learned this from Wealthy Affiliate), the process is truly automated (it does take work to get to that point).

While what Inbound Closer teaches works, like I said before, it’ll likely have to come with a lot of time spent on the craft and spending more money to learn it.

Alternatives to Inbound Closer. Why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate:

The thing to understand about any opportunity online to make big bucks is that in 99% of cases, you have to spend big bucks to get that opportunity and I’m personally not a fan of this strategy, which is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

It teaches people the art of creating niche websites on their passions and leading customers to their sites interested in that passion to. This makes the selling process much easier and in terms of what you can sell, there are limitless products which you don’t even have to own.

Now the type of money you can make in such a business (affiliate marketing it’s called) ranges from small commissions to huge commissions, but the site they help you set up is:

  • Genuinely based on your interest so it’s easier to get started.
  • Full of tools and training to help complete beginners start this.
  • Help and support from true experts like myself.
  • You can learn the first steps for free and while there are upsells, they are extremely cheap so the risk is very minimal.

At the end of the day, having a 24-7 running website make you sales to me is much more preferable than climbing the ladder and finding leads to sell extremely high ticket products to. I just don’t believe in that and prefer the other option.

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