Fast Start Side Hustle. How it Works Explained

I’m going to try and make this post of Fast Start Side Hustle as objective as possible so let me say this:

  1. I wrote a review of this a few months back and had a lot of questions about it (some red flags popped up).
  2. Then I saw a number of changes were made (many improvements, but I still had serious questions that needed answers).
  3. Recently Adam Holland, the creator of Fast Start Side Hustle personally reached out to me and we had a good exchange and he answered many of my questions.

Long story short, Fast Start Side Hustle has gone through several changes since it’s inception and this review is updated to reflect the current version (which I do think is a lot better than the previous ones, even though I personally think it’s still very expensive and there likely are better alternatives).

Quick report on Fast Start Side Hustle:

is fast start side hustle a scam

Name: Fast Start Side Hustle (AKA Social Media Success System).

Creator: Adam Holland.

Price: $0 to get the free eBook, then you have 4 different options to join the program that start at $3,000 (gold)  and range to $20,000+ (Royal).

There is also one downsell to a “Bronze” membership which is $499, then $50 a month afterwards.

What is provided for these memberships? A lot of training ranging on online business topics (selling high ticket items), cryptocurrency investments, and other various business training.

Update: Adam has informed me that admin fees for the program have gone up, but there is more training coming to accomodate the price rise.

Final rating: 3 out of 10 stars

Recommended? I personally don’t (and I told Adam this too) and my main reason why is because the prices are in my opinion ridiculously high for a make money online program. But it’s important to note that your opinions/thoughts might differ from mine. And so keeping it honest, I do believe that:

  1. You can make money with Fast Start Side Hustle.
  2. Adam honestly struck me as a good dude. We all make mistakes and I think he left the old program for good reasons.
  3. You should do your own research and I’ll provide several links in this review to help you decide, including Adam talking about his new updated program.
  4. Depending on what your goals and interests are in making money online, there are different options out there and I’ll share some that might be a better fit for your wallet.


I’m an online business person and from that point of view, I have some recommendations here. However, I do have one personal recommendation (that I am affiliated with) which teaches online business for SO much less and it’s this:

alternative to fast start side hustle 2

If you’re looking to start an online business and your budget is tight, this would be the option I’d recommend. But let’s move forward:

Fast Start Side Hustle explained (full review):

So originally Fast Start Side Hustle was actually an affiliate promotion for a extremely big ticket program. That old promotion had massive red flags in my opinion including a lack of actually telling me it’s name and that, plus the high price was why I said no to recommending it (I just couldn’t in good conscience do that).

Now that OLD promotion had 4 high ticket options each of which basically offered the following opportunity:

1) You joined at one of the 4 levels and were eligible to repromote that same opportunity for 50% commissions (depending on which level you began at).

2) Adam WAS a promoter for this program (no longer based on our discussions).

3) That program also offered PLR products for members (which I thought was a massive issue), but also a done for you sales team, funnel and sites. In short, you’d sign up, pay big money and you could buy advertising from the same company to market that promotion on your behalf. Every sale made from YOUR unique affiliate page would give you 50% sales too.

4) Affiliates for this particular promotion could earn anywhere from $1,500-$14,000+ per sale.

Moving forward to today’s Fast Start Side Hustle (what’s new and what changed):

1) First, the pricing is still the same. There are still 4 packages, with the same pricing offered.

2) However, while the OLD promotion went to a completely different program/opportunity that Adam promoted, today’s Fast Start Side Hustle is it’s own seperate program, no longer an affiliate for the other.

3) When you buy one of the packages (pricing breakdown below), you will get access to masses of training Adam has created that teach online business topics of various sorts.

4) In addition you will also have the opportunity to repromote these packages as an affiliate for Fast Start Side Hustle.

5) One of the major things Adam has updated on his program is that it now offers it’s own tracking/analytical system so if you do become an affiliate for it, you will get a bunch of reporting and tracking to see how many people visit/click on your affiliate link so you can properly track it. Support from what I was told has also improved greatly.

6) Affiliates for this program can make money in several ways:

They can let Adam’s team market the opportunity for them (they don’t do anything basically) by paying large sums of money for Adam’s team placing online ads in a “rotater” set up. You pay for a certain amount of clicks to come to your affiliate page promoting Fast Start Side Hustle and anyone who joins through you is recorded as YOUR sale, making you earn a commission based on what the person signing up as joined through (one of the 4 levels).

Additionally, customers of Fast Start Side Hustle can learn one of multiple ways to make their own business in different fields that I mentioned above. Again, Adam provides training on this within his program and it is his products.

7) If the pricing for this program is overly expensive, customers can elect to buy the Bronze package which is $499, then $50 a month where they learn online marketing methods to start an online business. They can earn money that way and then elect to upgrade if they choose.

You can watch Adam’s own video discussing his program here. He does mention other people reviewing his program incorrectly but draw your own conclusions.

Some questions that still need answers:

So one of the most major questions I have is that on the main page for Fast Start Side Hustle, there are still videos showcasing testimonials from the old members associated with the OLD program (the one I was very suspicious off).

I asked Adam to comment on that and want to wait until a response is given for this so I can properly update this part of the review. Perhaps it’s an old page that needs proper updating. Perhaps it’s something else, but rather than jump to conclusions, I think everyone deserves a fair opportunity to speak their position and until I get an answer, I’m not going to jump to conclusions.

Update: Adam recently informed me that he removed these older testimonials from his site and now has updated ones from what I assume is his own Fast Start Side Hustle program.

Here is a pricing breakdown of Fast Start Side Hustle:

fast start side hustle pricing screenshot breakdown 01

Final Rating: Fast Start Side Hustle

3 stars out of 10

Yellow flag

3 out of 10 stars. When I first discovered Fast Start Side Hustle, it was connected to a program which I would never feel comfortable promoting or recommending. Today, it really VERY different than before and that’s good in many ways. However, I still cannot recommend it, but this time for different reasons (really the pricing of it is too much in my opinion). 

My final thoughts on Fast Start Side Hustle:

wa alternative to fast start side hustle 09

Final words: The pricing for Fast Start Side Hustle is still ridiculously high in my opinion. I think Adam and I would disagree here, but one thing I do want to mention is that I appreciate him for reaching out and us having a polite discussion on this. He did give me access and information on most of the things I asked about, so that’s always a major plus.

Communication and being open minded especially when we disagree is an important factor overall and because he was very polite and communicable with me, I returned the favor. In many ways, having someone who communicates with you and is polite about disagreements is a good sign of an honest person.

Never the less, I am objectively not going to recommend this program even though I would say what it teaches is legitimate. If the pricing was way lower, I would consider it. But as of now, I will not, nor will I be an affiliate for it. Please do your own research and if you have any questions, let me know!

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6 thoughts on “Fast Start Side Hustle. How it Works Explained”

  1. I’m still not clear on WHAT is being SOLD here, or what a “repromote” program is.

    What are the financial risks?

    If lots of people are repromoting Adam’s program, how is competition managed to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to succeed?

    • Repromoting a program means you promote what you bought Marley. Financial risk wise, there’s a few things to consider: The investment for this program and if you use paid methods to promote it (which could be ads). As for the last thing on competition, everyone has an opportunity to promote the program but not everyone will be able to successfully do it like others. There’s always going to be a competition in any single or multiple promotions out there. That’s how online business works in this field (and many others).

  2. I just went through the website myself…And it looks like Adam Holland is still promoting this business. This is a a full blown scam. I sent the information to the FTC for possible prosecution.

    • So I commented on that in the review and also asked Adam about this. From what he told me personally, he no longer associates with those people (I hope that’s true). But yeah, I do know what you’re talking about with regards to the current page and the testimonials there (from the old opportunity). He does mention this in his YouTube video too I believe which I did link above to give more references.

      I believe everyone deserves to be heard and want to wait on Adam’s response to this first. I totally understand why you’re saying what you are, but never the less, I believe in giving people an opportunity to explain this.

    • Hi John, thank you for sharing these findings. I’ve been talking to Adam and from what I was told, he’s not associated with the business anymore (which is good), and overall he was very open and respectful with me, which is why I am doing the same in return. I think he deserves a fair second look but I do also see your points.

      While I am against ANY sort of major high ticket pay to play and repromote programs (because of the financial risks and so forth), I will still be taking all of this into consideration to give as fair of a review as I can. I won’t be this (it’s just my personal opinion), but I will be providing as much info as possible to help people decide for themselves.


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