Is Billy Gene Marketing a Scam? Check Out This Review.

I’ve seen Billy Gene’s Marketing ads on YouTube for a year now (and you probably have too). Today I finally decided to review his program. Is it a scam?

No it’s not. Billy Gene is Marketing is good, and:

I was actually very surprised by this dude and what I found out about him. He has one of the shortest and best (One of the funniest as well) sales pitches I’ve seen from any marketer over the years, but that is also backed up by his own legitimacy on Google reviews, further making it more trustworthy.

However, a majority of what he teaches, I already happen to know (I’m also a successful marketer) and the way I learned this material was through an even cheaper alternative that actually offers more benefits and access to people like Billy, who are just as successful and charges WAY less for this same kind of info too (details below).

Here’s a quick look at myself and what I do before I continue with this review:

billy gene is marketing vitaly

I’ll be explaining Billy Gene’s Marketing program for you today and I will give the most unbiased review I possibly can, but I will also be recommending the cheaper, yet still as good if not better program as well. 

The bottom line is this:

You will be essentially be able to accomplish the same things with either program which is…

Unlimited success on the internet and making a living through it.

Watch this video review of Billy Gene is Marketing (it explains everything):

Besides that video, I also have more info on Billy, myself and the alternative in the next sections, which I have provided in text:

Let’s start this written review of Billy Gene is Marketing: 

billy gene is marketing review

Name of program: Billy Gene is Marketing.

Creator: Same name.

Price: $109 a month. That is the cost of his membership. But he also teaches paid ways to advertise yourself to businesses and find leads, which can also be added costs. No scam there, it’s just a rule: Paid ads cost money, period.

Info on creator: He’s an actual individual who runs an SEM agency out of San Diego. You can actually check out his company’s listing on Google itself and the average review rating he gets is 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

What do you learn from this program? You learn to find business leads and offer them services and helping them set up things such as:

  • Facebook business pages (fan pages).
  • YouTube channels.
  • Instagram accounts.
  • Business listings on Google.
  • And even things like website set up or even sales funnels from ads. 

Why do you do all of this? Well to get the business you work with more leads, so they can make more money and pay you for doing that.

How much can you make with this program? It depends on the agreement you and the business person you work with come to. It can be $100’s, $1,000’s, one time payments or even recurring payments.

It can however grow to be something that pays you full time and the more happy business leads you have working with you, the more you can make.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 stars.

The business is legitimate, but it is NOT a 100% full proof, there are many risks and chances you may spend a lot of money and not get results. I will be explaining these risks coming up…

Let me just say that I didn’t get the program, because I’m already an experienced marketer in most of the things Billy teaches.

However, I know he’s legit because of how explains things, terms he uses, the Google listing his business has and basically my many years of experience in figuring out legitimacy from scam showed me this guy knows what he’s talking about.

Diving deeper into Billy’s program: What you learn from him.

You will either find this program advertised on YouTube or other social media networks. Upon clicking any of the ads, you will be asked to enter an email and name.

This will take you to a 15 minute presentation where Billy summarizes his way of making money online and how he’ll be teaching this to you (it is summarized above):

The video gives you an example of how he operates by having him contact a local business lead that runs a trapeze center where people can visit. He claims he never met the guy (I’ll just assume it’s true), but he calls him up and offers him free leads in exchange for future business…

billy gene is marketing webinar

The business owner agrees.

Billy then has his team set up a Facebook ad that markets to people in the area that trapeze business is in (and he actually shows you this ad and breaks down why it works), and this attracts over 50 new people to the person’s business, from which a percentage take lessons.

The business owner ends up making over a $1,000 in the process and agrees to continue doing business with Billy. 

Then it is explained that this is what you’ll be learning to do and this process can be multiplied to earn more and more money. This takes you to the sales pitch where you’re advertised the $109 a month membership.

Is it really this simple to make money through Billy’s guidance?

For most people no. 

For Billy himself however, I do believe it’s easy and the reason why is because he has experience and even says his results are unusual because of that experience. When you market for so long and have enough success stories, you start to get that confidence that you naturally take and attract other leads with.

Not only that but the craft of marketing a business is also something that takes a lot of practice and the avenues through which you learn to do it through (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) each take time to learn and that varies based your starting point (how new or not new you are).

What is taught in this program is legit, no doubt, but the practice of it and getting the results from it WILL take you time and WILL cost you money. Here is a great way to look at it:

Let’s address the main risks:

As nice as Billy makes the opportunity sound, it is coming from a place where you already made it and he certainly has. But you who are looking to just get into it, are starting at the beginning.

What can you expect?

Well you can expect good training. And you can expect to pay extra money and time to put it to use, probably even a lot. Expect to probably learn things like:

  • Facebook Ads (you will have to pay for these if you want to try it).
  • YouTube Ads (same deal as FB ads).
  • Instagram Ads (similar concept, also spending money).

You will also have to learn how to provide other services like setting up fan pages, sites, sales funnels for businesses and all of these things require their own separate learning curves. 

The main risks are this: You will have to spend money and frankly there’s no real guarantee that you will be able to succeed with this. As legit as the training is, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s not easy and that you will have to practice and probably risk losing money at the start.

Other important risks: Whenever you’re dealing with business clients, it’s hard enough to find them, but then when you are getting them to pay you big, you have to deliver big and that may involve a lot of pressure.

And of course, there’s also this risk: Competition. If you think you’re the only person who is practicing this brilliant idea that is being pitching, think again, there’s plenty of others doing this too. 

I’ve pointed this out with similar programs like:

And more.

These programs cover very similar material but don’t seem to mention the realities and risks I just did. The good news is that they are all much more expensive than this one, making this the better deal (wait until you read about my alternative recommendation though, because that’s the best deal).

The reason people like Billy succeed at this is because they have had years to grow their reputation and get more positive reviews. People who seek business help go to people like him, not a newbie whose just getting started, know this.

Final Rating: Billy Gene is Marketing.

Green Flag: Legit.

6 out of 10 stars. I think Billy is overall a good guy and generally speaking an amazing marketer. I may even classify him as an internet marketing guru I trust, but I’m still debating on that.

I don’t always like watching his ads, but as a fellow marketer, I admit, he knows his stuff and probably more than me. However, I really believe in the alternative program to teach you Billy’s stuff. 

My final thoughts: Time to discuss the alternative I keep mentioning:

I’m going to try and keep this short, because this has been a long article already…

I already briefly explained who I am. Both Billy and I are internet marketers (I am specifically an affiliate marketer), but he has taken a different path where he works with clients, and I have taken one where I run my own websites, drive my own traffic to it and only rely on myself.

I personally like my route, because dealing with clients (which I have in the past) can get annoying and overwhelming if you are operating by yourself. You can manage 1 client, but multiple ones? Then it can turn into a headache. 


What I learned to do was through a program called Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s the brief breakdown of it:

And here is how it’s similar to Billy’s program:

And by the way, in case you’d like to know more about Jay, here is a snippet from his profile within Wealthy Affiliate and what he does (in addition to what Billy does):

Wealthy Affiliate vs Billy’s program. Differences & similarities:

Want to see success stories for extra proof? Here you go:

Besides my own which you saw above, there’s way more to show, here’s just a snippet:

Some of these people make their money the same way I do. Others make it through Jay’s training and basically doing what Billy teaches. 

Like I said earlier, you can do both if you like. I personally prefer running my own online business, than dealing with other people. Some prefer the opposite. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the ability to do one or both, with less risk and way more options.

My final thoughts:

Billy’s business model is legit.

He literally practices it and his program basically trains you to do this stuff too. You can do this as an individual freelance person, or you can even reach agency status and have people working for you like he does.

And like I explained, the Wealthy Affiliate teaches you these things too. You just risk less (less costs!) and you also get many more additional benefits from the membership. Join here.

While the price of Billy’s program is actually great vs the other similar programs in this field that cost $1,000’s (I mentioned 3 of them earlier), this is still a tough business to get started in and it does take time to learn and become successful at this, because it is an advanced craft.

I know about this craft, have been in it and can tell you it’s tough.

If you learn how to grow an online business, and can help a business do it, great, but you also have to learn to deal with customers and that’s another side of the business that’s often not talked about.

Angry customers, annoying customers, that happens a lot when you get paid a lot to deliver results and to reach Billy’s level where he can confidently find leads with ease, really takes a long time to reach.

I assure you, word of mouth marketing is a big reason why Billy is almost on auto pilot when it comes to gaining new leads, but he had to reach that with hard work and practice. 

You WILL have to go through that period too if you want to get there. I grew my business thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, but I also went through my own learning curve.

Unlike other businesses, WA has one of the most hedged ways of teaching you to succeed:

Helping you drive free leads to your site. What this means is that if you don’t get the amount of sales you want, you lose nothing and can still keep growing.

Either program is great, but you get more from WA.

I’ve already compared both programs and I can tell you that WA stands alone in all the benefits it offers it’s members, for the free membership and low price it charges if you choose to upgrade.

You’ll essentially learn the same stuff Billy would teach you if you upgrade to the $49, check out Jay’s webinars and put them into action. That dude is just as good as Billy, if not better and I’m serious when I say that, he has immense success doing this stuff too, and he’s VERY ethical.

In any case, I hope this review has truly helped you understand the Mr. Gene’s program as well as it’s risks and alternatives. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Is Billy Gene Marketing a Scam? Check Out This Review.”

  1. I agree with you that Billy Gene Marketing is not a scam. Billy is, indeed, an experienced marketer who knows with confidence that he is thriving on the online marketing platform. One of his Youtube videos has over 2,800 viewers while another advertisement video has over 1,600. His Facebook rating is six stars meaning that he has become a super affiliate marketer in this field.

    Compared to Wealthy Affiliate, his expensive $100 a monthly subscription is really outrageous. Wealthy Affiliate can make a beginner start with no cost at all. If he/she has to upgrade then it would only be a $49 dollars monthly subscription. 

    This amount of money is nothing compared to the excellent superior training one can receive with experienced and well qualified trainers in the names of Kyle and Jay with his award winning live training under Magistudios. 

    Other senior trainees add color to the training by engaging in answering or helping their colleagues who are stuck 24/7. The tools and facilities found at Wealthy Affiliate are also incomparable to any kind of online training.

    • Hi Joseph, overall, I agree with you, but I am surprised by a few things you said about Billy Gene’s videos, like some of them getting over 2k and 1k views. I though this was low, so I visited his channel on YouTube and most of them are around that amount, some surpass 40k views, but that’s not too regular. 

      Honestly, he doesn’t really need that big of a reach. A few customers signing up for his marketing services can already provide him with a six figure income and/or having a few people join his monthly membership can also bring in some decent money.

      Also, what is this 6 star rating you mentioned on Facebook? Isn’t that stuff graded up to 5 stars? Just curious.

      But yeah, the big picture is value in Wealthy Affiliate in our opinions exceed that which Billy offers for more than 2x as much.

  2. Hey thanks Vitaliy for the mention in your post! Appreciate it.

    I’ve seen Billy’s ads on Instagram and he certainly does sounds a very ‘Wolf of Wallstreet’ pitch. Thanks for the interesting review.

    • Thanks Jay, interesting mention of the Wolf of Wallstreet, I didn’t really think about it, but he does have a “that” sort of convincing tone, although I’d say Billy strikes me as a legit dude.


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