Why Local Marketing Can Make You a Lot of Money Online

make money with local marketingAt this point in time, there should be NO doubt in your mind that the internet is becoming more and more popular. With it’s constant rise, more people are taking to the internet to find answers, buy things. In short, we are becoming more and more digital every single day.

With this rise, a lot of businesses are taking advantage of this trend, whether it be giant multinational organizations or simple local businesses in your area, smart business owners are recognizing that the future is truly within the internet and if they wish to make money and even more importantly survive, they need to make a mark there.

One VERY common problem I see newbies experience with online marketing is how to find profitable niches. They simply can’t choose one because usually it has a lot of competition or they have little to no experience with what the niches they are interested in.

This leads me to suggest one type of niche that is gaining momentum VERY quickly and has tremendous profit potential:

Marketing local businesses (online):

In all my years doing online marketing, it has only been twice that I’ve ever helped market a local business and boy am I a fool for not taking advantage of this earlier. If I had done so, I would have made a killing and continued to do so. 

Local businesses are extremely profitable niches (if you know which ones to look for) especially if you possess internet marketing knowledge. The amount of misinformation and scam artists roaming around and offering online marketing services to companies is astounding. Businesses are being ripped off and even worse having services delivered to them that are sub-par at best, even by places that claim to be experts in the field! 

Note: Here are 50 other profitable niches that aren’t related to local marketing.

However, the demand for local businesses seeking information and services to help take their company online and make it more profitable is in high demand and will be for many years to come. If you’re like me and have internet marketing knowledge (if you don’t, you can get it at Wealthy Affiliate), you can easily find hungry businesses ready to pay you to help them succeed. Also here are other good local marketing programs to learn from:

Out of the 2 places I had done business with, one ended up being VERY successful online and while I didn’t charge them much at the time, mainly because I was unsure if my knowledge of online marketing would also apply to local marketing, it ended up being very successful and I would then take that knowledge and look for other opportunities.

3 reasons you should do local marketing:

1) There’s tons of businesses ready to pay you good money to help them appear online.

Again, if you possess good knowledge of internet marketing, you are in a position of power and your profession is in HIGH demand. I don’t consider myself a know it all expert in online marketing, but the knowledge I possess is much more than most other places offer.  

You can learn basic local SEO knowledge from Wealthy Affiliate and help businesses thrive in your area while earning a lot of money in the process. You can charge whatever price you feel is fair OR you can even form a contract where you earn a piece of the company’s profits making a potential for residual income VERY likely. 

Here are just some businesses you can find in YOUR area and help them (and you) make money:

  • Law firms (This is a big one).
  • Gardening stores. 
  • Book stores.
  • Construction stores. 

Remember, when it comes to local businesses, we’re not talking countries, states, provinces. We’re talking cities, towns, boroughs. Very specific areas.

2) The demand is high and the competition is often very low:

Not only are there very few people offering services to help businesses succeed online, but the competition online itself is also VERY little. 

The second one is very important because if you wish to succeed online with your niche, you need to have little competition to make a mark. It just so happens that local businesses and advertising them online is in many cases a nearly clear field with no competitors. 

Look for a basic gardening business in a country and you’re bound to encounter tons of competitors. Look for a gardening business within a specific town or city, and you’ll be lucky to even find any place (unless it’s a metropolitan area). 

Because there is such little competition, you can get much faster results by helping businesses make a website, set it up properly so that it gets a lot of exposure online and more customers. I’m sure if you looked around your area, you’ll be able to find more than one business who is looking to expand online. 

3) It’s SO easy to sell the idea to businesses and get hired to do the work.

Helping a business expand online is much easier thank you think. It requires:

And that’s it.

Most businesses who try to get involved online usually hire someone to make a website for them who charges outrageous prices. This is simply a waste of time and you can sell businesses the idea of how much they’ll save if you do it instead of the competitors.

There are also many times when businesses look for and SEO companies in helping them market online, but in my experience many of these places don’t offer the value they charge. There’s another way you can convince a business owner to hire you.

Another benefit you can add is that running a business online can be very cheap. A website can cost someone $10 a year while hosting can cost around $6 a month. There’s no real estate fees, no property taxes, MUCH less red tape than you can imagine.

Tell a business person all of these things and add how much more potential for expansion there is if there business is seen online and they are bound to get excited at the thought of what this may bring.

How to take full advantage of the local marketing opportunity:

If you are completely new to internet marketing, I suggest you learn how it works from my #1 recommendation, then apply theget training on internet marketing training and find local businesses who are looking to expand.

There are people who do this full time and make a handsome living helping other businesses rise. I am personally becoming more and more involved with this because I can see how much potential there is.

10 years down the line, as the internet becomes more and more popular, the demand for internet marketers is going to become even higher, college courses will be offered on the subject and the market place which at this time is VERY noncompetitive is going to become very competitive.

Take advantage of this opportunity now while there’s still plenty of space available.

By the time the competition catches up, you will have already made a name for yourself and have a great reputation. In my example above, when I helped that one business increase their sales, they recommended me to other places and plenty of new doors opened up to me. This is the power and potential of knowledge within internet marketing combined with an ever increasing demand for it.

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