Bye 9 to 5 Course Review. Is it a Scam or Does it Work?

Bye 9 to 5 happens gets a lot of positive feedback from people and in this review, I’d like to give you my take as someone who does much of what Jordan’s course teaches you (YouTube monetization and beyond).

The first thing worth noting is that this course is not a scam, not even close. It’s very legitimate but I would say it has good competition and other alternatives worth talking about in this review as well! So let’s breakdown this program:

Quick report on Bye 9 to 5 Course:

bye 9 to 5 review

Name: Bye 9 to 5 Course by Jordan Mackey.

Price: $247 if you use the discount timer option ($799 regular price).

Does this program work? If applied, yes.

Final rating: 7 out of 10 stars (legit).

I give Jordan and his program a lot of praise in this review and do recommend it.

But in addition to that, you can also find good alternatives to it as well.

As you read this review, and find out more, you’ll learn what’s inside Jason’s program, what to expect and depending on your budget, to go with either his program or another alternative like it.

But on that latter topic:


Here is what you need to know about Bye 9 to 5 Course (full review):

It’s basically a 20 class/module course on learning to build your own online business through YouTube. You learn everything necessary to do this from things like:

  • Niche selection.
  • Affiliate marketing on the videos you make.
  • Monetization tactics (off YouTube videos).
  • Growing subscribers and more.
  • YouTube SEO and how to utilize it in your videos.
  • Making videos without showing yourself.
  • And much more.

Though I did not buy this course, going through Jordan’s page talking about each module of training and how he does things, it has a lot of similar methods I personally use. I actually make money through YouTube (as a side thing) and many of the things shown to me by Jordan are exactly what I use and thus know it all works.

For example:

  • I currently run a channel with many 1,000’s of subscribers.
  • I make about $500 a month if not more from YouTube monetization alone.
  • I also actively run affiliate marketing promotions across many of my videos and multiple ones make me commissions.

Long story short, while I’m sure that Jordan has a lot of new stuff to offer me, I already know what works in this field to know what to do (and my business is growing), but on the other hand, if you’re coming to this program as a complete beginner, then you will likely be able to get a lot of value and quality training from the Bye 9 to 5 program.

I especially like the focus on making a YouTube channel on your niche as this in my experience is a very important part of the success you can get in any business.

Note: Jordan’s program does go beyond YouTube business too.

While the heart of this program revolves around YouTube success, there is a lot of other side training added to your membership in Jordan’s program and here is just a small sample:

In fact, I’m going to be a bit lazy here and just show you a screenshot of all of Jordan’s material:

bye 9 to 5 bonuses screenshot

Bye to 9 to 5’s end goal:

In the end, this whole course’s purpose is to help you build a legitimate business online through YouTube for the most part and other options, to help it become an automated thing.

As a person who lives that lifestyle, I can vouch for this business becoming an automated thing for you and while it does take a lot of work at first, when it starts to bring in automated profits, you can relax a bit more, but do note that nothing is long term and you will have to keep growing and maintaining the business, even when it’s profitable.

It applies too all things in online business, whether it be YouTube, or blogging, eCommerce or any other field out there. You can learn more about Bye 9 to 5’s course here.

Final Rating: Bye 9 to 5

Green Flag (legit)

7 out of 10 stars. Being that Jordan shows the different modules in his program and I know that this system works, I can confidently say Bye 9 to 5 is a legitimate system and highly recommended.

My final thoughts:

There really isn’t much to criticize here other than maybe the price (which is still a good deal in my opinion).

If you look at’s review of Bye 9 to 5, it’s very positive and that combined with me knowing this material works, it’s really a good program to go with if you are not shy about starting your YouTube business (and doing more than that).

I do want to offer some alternatives, being that I do this personally and one of them is with Wealthy Affiliate. It has courses on all materials in making money online, which also includes YouTube, but specifically for the YouTube part, one of it’s members happens to be someone like Jason, but his name is Chris and he provides great training on YouTube monetization as well.

Info about Chris and how to try his YouTube training in Wealthy Affiliate (for free):

The big benefit of Chris’s training (and Wealthy Affiliate) over Bye 9 to 5 is a few things:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is free to try.
  2. Chris’s provides webinar training on YouTube success which you can try for free too (8 hours).
  3. Wealthy Affiliate offers expanded training in just about everything (more than Bye 9 to 5).

Here is where you can access Chris’s training in Wealthy Affiliate on the subject of YouTube ads, so if the $200+ price is a bit much for Jordan’s program, you can get equally great information on this there (for 14 days). You can also click the image to your right to also be taken to the welcome page of Chris’s training to see a preview of what’s to come.

Chris has over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, makes a great income off it, and isn’t shy about sharing what needs to be done to make this happen for you. As someone who follows advice on the matter, I can tell you that:

  • It works.
  • And it’s very similar to Jason’s material in Bye 9 to 5.

Additionally, you can also access other training in Wealthy Affiliate while there and stick around afterwards for a low monthly price. But all of this is explained within the webinar class, which again you can see yourself for 14 days free.

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