Can You Make Money With Udemy or is it a Scam?

Quick Report:Udemy review

Name: Udemy. 

Price: Free to join for BOTH students and instructors. 

Earning potential? Yes, but it varies on 8 different circumstances and ONLY applies to instructors. This will be explained as well as what would be the best “course” of action you should take to maximize earnings there.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.

Undoubtedly, you can make money from this place and it is legitimate. I will discuss the more “smarter” ways of doing it, but there are in my opinion shortfalls to the system that’s been built in which hinders earning potential and there are more profitable ways to earn as an instructor, just not through the actual program.

Spoiler: In short, if you (correctly) make a website which teaches what you would have taught through Udemy, you can potentially make far more and I will prove it later.

Udemy explained in a nutshell:

There exist a number of websites which gather knowledgeable people on any topic and pay them to create classes on those topics. Then people can come, pay for the classes and the instructors will earn money.

Out of all the websites which apply this formula (Lynda, an another good one is Skillshare, InstaEdu, ect…) none are more popular than Udemy. It is the biggest of them all as it contains hundreds of thousands of students and tons of instructors who constantly make courses. 

An example of how Udemy works and if you are qualified… 

In short, the formula is simple: 

Let’s say you are an excellent painter. Great, head over to Udemy, make a course on painting and sell it for whatever they allow. You can charge per student and however many register, that is how much you’ll make (minus fees).

Let’s take something else…perhaps you’re a retired economics professor, why not create college level courses on that site teaching what you know?

udemy options

What if you’re not an expert?

Well in that case, I would say you may very well be one and not know it. For example, in this articl on becoming an expert in niches, I pointed out how people may be good at a topic, yet believe that they are not qualified to teach it to anyone else.

In many cases, you may very well be wrong and that’s a great thing, because even people who aren’t “pros” can still make courses on this site!

Have a look on the right at some of the subjects you can create courses on. I’ll cover them more below, but here’s some to get your ideas running:

Either way, if you find you’re “qualified”, making courses there is free, but this place will take a portion each student’s payment.

How much? Enter…

How much you and Udemy make for each student who buys your lessons/courses:

As I stated at the very beginning of this article, there are by my count, 8 different scenarios in which IF a course you make sells, how much you make will be different. 

By my understanding, your commission for EACH course sold (as an instructor) varies between 25%-97% depending on HOW that course was sold.

For example:

Scenario 1:

This site allows affiliate marketers to promote their courses and if a person they refer to your course buys it, the affiliate needs to make a commission right?

Well in that circumstance, they would, they’d make 40% so if you sold a $100 course, they’d make $40, Udemy would make $25 (25%) and you would also make $25 (25%), the remaining 10% ($10) go to another party that is affiliate related. You will have to check the official Udemy support to see exactly how the revenue breakdown works.

Scenario 2:

You make a course, someone heads to the main site and finds it. In that case, you and the site split the earnings 50/50.

Then there’s other scenarios where you would make 97%, but in that circumstance, from what I have seen, your course needs to be discounted in order to be eligible. 

Why is this important? Well because…

You’re here obviously because you’re considering starting a career with this site, monetizing the knowledge you have, but you obviously want to know, how much, realistically you can make. 

With the above commission rates briefly summarized, you can now begin to estimate how much you’d make. It’s not as simple as pricing your course at a certain rate, then the math is simply from there.

It’s actually a bit more complex and really…circumstantial as you read through the scenarios. But now let’s get to a VERY important subject that connects with this:

How does one make the most money off Udemy? 

If you go to the main page, you will see the most popular courses sold in droves. We’re talking 100’s, 1,000’s and even 10,000’s of courses sold by a single person.

Adding up that these courses each cost somewhere between $5-$15 (typically), you can easily estimate that the people who make these are quite happy right? 

how much can you make with udemy

Well I would say yes, but how can YOU mimic that type of success? Enter the tips I would give you. Now fair warning, I am not an instructor on this site, I am however a successful niche marketer and know how to sell my knowledge through Google for a lot more than most would make in Udemy (and I’ll prove it shortly).

But my point here is that system by which I sell my knowledge (call it courses if you want) is not that different than if I were applying that knowledge to creating courses at the other site and it didn’t take a lot for me to realize this…

So let me now discuss tips to succeed with Udemy if you choose to join it to make money.

Here are 5 tips to attain success on Udemy:

These tips are basic tips I advise for anyone seeking to make an online business and if you consider Udemy as a place to make money online, then it is also a type of online business and the tips apply equally as well there too:

1) Be at the very least very knowledgeable in 1 popular subject.  

There are 15 main subjects one can make courses on within this site and each of these 15 categories have their own sub topics. For example, health and fitness is a main topic and has more specific topics within it such as self defense. 

The key really is to try and aim for a popular topic and by that I don’t mean ANY of the 15, but one that is big. For example, looking over ALL of the options for topics available, here are at least 10 I personally feel from my experience in marketing would sell well on this site:

popular niche subjects to pick on udemy

And based of these 10 examples (there’s way more than 10), here’s some ideas I would personally consider to make courses on:

E-Commerce: Make a course on how to set up an E-Store. Show people how you make a website and put things like checkout carts in it. 

Self Defense: I’ve often considered making a site on this topic as I personally study this. Make a course on helping women defend themselves (a breakdown of this niche).

Diet: If you know how to lose weight, make a course on the way you approach the whole weight loss topic. 

Language: Perhaps you speak Spanish, a popular language. Perhaps you have an easier way of teaching it than most do, great, make a course there. 

Tip: Of course to do any of this stuff, you have to first know it, and know it quite well, so make sure that’s step 1.

2) Mimic the “big dogs”. 

What I mean here is take the concept of the first tip, but go deeper in looking at the most popular selling courses, the topic they are part of and seeing which ones get the highest ratings + highest numbers of enrollment.

Match the ones you find with the ones you have great knowledge on. You can even cut down on research time by simply taking your knowledge then looking at the most popular selling courses that are closely related to that knowledge. Another way this strategy is known as is piggybacking (and it works).

This can give you some good insight at to whether or not the course you’re looking to make will do well. For example:

If you have knowledge on dieting and see that dieting courses are selling very well on this site, guess what, you can absolutely consider adding your own course there.  

Now when I said mimic, I didn’t flat out mean copy, I just meant, see which courses are successful to get an idea of what you may want to try on your own when you’re ready.

3) Make a high quality course when you’re ready. 

Although Udemy provides lots of tools to do this, in the end, the quality of content YOU create on your courses will not be based on the tools offered, by but the knowledge YOU possess in the topic you make it on. 

I have countless times seen in my marketing endeavors that the highest quality content isn’t always the prettiest. Even if you make a course and do something like record yourself talking about how to say…diet, as long as the information and you put out is concise and practical, you will be taken seriously and appreciated for it. 

Understand that many instructors who put out courses there aren’t really all that different from you. They are also just knowledgeable individuals in their fields.

4) Ideally, the popular subject you choose should also match something you’re passionate about. 

In my business, which is online marketing (Learn how to get started here), the people who make it far are those who can combine their passion with a popular topic. Not having one or the other is going to make it very difficult to succeed. 

5) You may have to subject your pricing to be low, to get featured more often.

I have read a number of blogs which did not say the best things about this organization (most review are good though), and while issues with customer support was one of the main ones, the other was that the system is set up to reward the company itself and those who price their courses at a low level. 

If someone makes a course, prices it at $100, they will not be featured on the homepage from my understanding. In fact, head over to the site yourself and look at the popular selling courses. They are ALL low priced at $15 and that is actually a knocked off price from the ORIGINAL price:

So on one hand, pricing your courses at this rate is beneficial to get more reach, but on the other hand, if you want to make more, you have that right, but you lose out on potential reach. As I read it, the low priced courses like in the screenshot above are the ones which get marketed in what they call “flash sales”. 

This is actually (and supposedly) how this platform makes a lot of it’s money and why not?

Constantly selling to a LARGE group, low priced courses is a guaranteed money maker and it’s something you additionally have to consider as a potential, future instructor of this site. 

Final Rating: Udemy

Green Flag

8 out of 10 stars. I have on several occasions referred to this organization as being one of the most legitimate places to earn money from the internet and I stand by that. However, having seen the earning potential from running a personal website, that is on the “outskirts”, there’s more potential there. Nevertheless, it’s legit, it has holes, but it is a legitimate opportunity.

My final thoughts: Why I don’t make courses on Udemy (More money can be made outside of it):

I do online marketing and I make websites (About me). My conclusion (and I will prove it) is that if you correctly make a website and do exactly what you would do through Udemy, you will make more money through your own personal website than the other option and you will reach a lot more people.


Allow me to explain the system through a perfect example and it is literally the same as making an online course, the only difference is that it’s on your own website:

On one of my personal websites (this one), the topic I teach people about is how to make money online. My site instead of getting featured on Udemy, gets featured on Google.

While one gets 100,000’s of hits, the other (Google) get’s millions. My reach through having my site show up on Google is exponentially greater than if it would appear on Udemy. 

And to prove it like I said, allow me to take ANY best selling course there, their overall (estimated) revenue and compare it to how much my website has made:

Here we go (the proof):

Following my own advice on success tips for Udemy, I went to look at the MOST popular course on making money online (since that is what I’m good at). So I first looked at affiliate marketing since that is a branch of online marketing.

Here is what I found:

udemy courses on affiliate marketing

So I labeled them 1, 2 and 3. Now the key is this:

If you find and click on ANY of the courses I listed, you’ll find the number of enrollments in each. The key is to take the total number of enrollments, multiply it by the price they charge and you will get the total revenue made (remember, minus the fees). But for the sake of things, I’ll just assume they keep 100%. It wouldn’t matter…

1. The first course (which has 203 ratings) has 14,290 people enrolled. It was made in March of 2014 (and I put in the date for a reason as I’ll explain). The price of the course is $15. 

So let’s multiply 14,290 by 15. That equals: $214,350.

Incredible stuff obviously, but remember this is a TOP selling course. Not everyone who makes a course on affiliate marketing will make it that far.

Also consider that it was made in 2014. If you evenly distribute that revenue across 3 years (it was made in 2014 and we’re in 2017), each year this course made about $71,000+. Again, incredible stuff. 

2. The second course was made in 2016 and has 5,159 students. At $15 a pop, they made $77,385 in 2 years. So about $40k a year. 

3. The third course on the example (the one which says Clickbank Success) has 12,893 students (basically 13,000 students). At $15 for that course, this baby has made nearly $200,000! And since it was made in 2014, for the sake of argument, that’s almost $70k a year. 

And on the note of Clickbank success, I’ve got some crazy six figure story on that here.

If you needed more proof Udemy can make people money, you just got it. But…

3 things: 

1) I did say my websites have made more. 

2) We didn’t take into account how much of that revenue went to Udemy itself and other affiliates. Chances are the the REAL revenue made by the instructor is FAR less than the amount I estimated. 

3) I took the rarest and most successful examples. Most of the courses on their site will simply not get as far as these 3. 

Nevertheless. I can honestly say I have made more through owning a website and doing what these people have done through Udemy. 

Let me prove it:

Here is a report where I indicated that my website last year made 70k+. And that is after all fees. That is MY total revenue.

Here is a report where another site I had made nearly $200k in a single year. 

And I have more if you want to read it…(top right where it says case studies). I did for the sake of honesty single out the most popular ones, although I have had another $100k+ site in the past I didn’t mention. I feel those 2 examples will suffice. 

And I would not call myself the most successful website businessman, yet my 2 examples alone either match or bypass even the most successful instructor’s courses above. 

Can you do this too?

If you can make a course on Udemy, you can do what I do (because it’s basically the same thing!).

Let me explain again.

  • In my example, I have a website on making money online. I teach people this subject.
  • How is that ANY different than if I were making a course on Udemy? 

The blueprint is nearly the same, the only difference is the platform. You are essentially doing the same thing in both scenarios.

Now in my case, the subject is making money online. But will yours be different? Probably.

Whatever the case is, let me ask you this: 

If you pick a topic you want to make a course on, would it be more profitable for you to build your own website on it OR make a course on it? 

Reasons to go with a personal site over Udemy:

1) Your reach (your audience potential) is FAR greater with a website than it is through Udemy. No question about it. You’re comparing it to Google and it doesn’t matter how inexperienced you are at marketing, you already know for a fact Google is bigger.

2) Your earning potential therefore is more since the audience reach is bigger. 

3) Udemy may be easier to start with, but with a personal website and proper training, what you can earn may be far more and that’s because the reach is always bigger in any niche topic you choose, because again, you’re comparing it to Google.

4) You are FAR more in control of everything. Your website is YOUR property. You can price your services the way you want. 

5) In terms of marketing, you will still have a huge number of people visit your site, more so than through Udemy if you do it right. Therefore, you can charge what you feel is fair and let them decide.

What I’m saying is…

Perhaps your efforts would be better spent and rewarded if you had a personal site where you taught of this vs if you taught it at Udemy…

Now can you do both?

Sure, I will never say not to and I’ve proven both options work. You can even say that Udemy feels more of like a salary type job whereas my option is more of a business. 

In any case, if you have the knowledge for a particular topic, you can totally make courses and/or a website on it. And I prefer the latter because I am in control and I can make more and can help more people.

What to expect and how to increase success rates:

Now the truth is that not every single course/website you make will be successful.

Your odds of making your efforts bear fruits will depend on your personal effort and having the right platform that’ll help you do it. 

You can’t just expect to join Udemy and make a gold mine course from day 1 without knowledge and you certainly can’t expect to make a gold mine website from day 1 without training. 

So for Udemy: If you choose to go this route, use the 5 tips I gave to increase your odds.

And if you choose the personal website:

That said, I hope the tips I gave you for success in one area or another will help you! I really wrote a lot more than I should, but think about it, I just provided an extra course on my site.

This article will get a lot of reach and the fact that my site has 100’s of articles, each reaching out and getting countless visitors every day shows the far bigger potential you can get if you take it and combine it with your knowledge/passion.

36 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With Udemy or is it a Scam?”

  1. I have been hearing about Udemy and that people could make money on it but I didn’t know what it was about. Thank you for a very thorough review. I now have a much better understanding of what Udemy is. Seeing as I have already started with Wealthy Affiliate, from everything that you have mentioned in this review, it looks like it will be best for me to stick with Wealthy Affiliate and try to make my website a success, compared to trying to pursue a way to make money on Udemy.

    • I agree Reyhana, it definitely sounds like you are more interested in pursuing your “own” business and certainly with a personal website, it’s in your full control.

  2. A good review and an easy read. It’s good to see a WA member providing a competitor with a legitimately good review score. While WA may be the “ducks nuts”, that doesn’t take away from other offerings necessarily and I feel you have written about both Udemy and WA in a good light here.



    • I never have an issue reviewing a good program Nate, I just often find the majority I find are bad. I’m always happy to give people other programs to try even if I am not affiliated with them. Perhaps Udemy will suite certain people more so than WA.

  3. Great article! I would have to say that I have partaken in both aspects that this article covers.

    I DO have my own website and do affiliate marketing AND I have prepared online courses!

    The most enjoyable has definitely been the creation of my own website. It is solely mine and I LOVE that fact. It does come with its own set of issues, one of which I am struggling with now! TRAFFIC! You HAVE to have traffic to your site in order to generate money. This is something that I will continue to work on keeping in mind that hopefully one day, I will make it BIG! ((:

    With my online courses, I have gotten a paycheck, but it was very minimal compared to the time spent preparing the lectures.

    Overall, my goal is to continue developing and working on my website!

    • It’s great that you have experience with both things Misty, but it didn’t sound like the online courses you made were in Udemy. Were they on another site/platform?

  4. Hello Vitaliy, what an interesting blog discussing the benefits of using Udemy. I was unaware that there was an online platform where you can sell courses based on topics that you have great knowledge in. It seems very legitimate, and I am considering working for Udemy someday and create courses that would teach people about affiliate marketing. As of now, I am in the progress of building a successful business online in the sneaker niche. Once I am done with that, I will really start working on making this business successful. Thanks for the vital information on Udemy, I have learned something new today.

    • Hi Ahmad, you are right to focus on your sneaker site. Whether it’s this site you use or another successful one, if you decide to transfer over to Udemy and teach about this business, you will ideally need to provide your students with a case study site to help them see how this all works, so naturally if at the time you start making the courses, if you already have that successful site to lean on, not only will it help the students trust and recommend you to other students, but it will also serve as a fall back project which can still earn you money if the courses on Udemy do not work out.

  5. An extremely interesting and detailed review on Udemy. I have taken a few of their courses, mainly to learn Scrivener as I am a writer but I had no idea one could actually become an affiliate.

    Becoming an instructor is probably the way to go as you say, but can we really earn a livable income with Udemy other than being an instructor? But even there the competition may not make it a viable proposition.

    Thanks for the intricacies of this site, it has certainly opened my eyes to what is and what is not possible.

    • You’ll find competition in any area where you can make money Althea, Udemy is no different. I did suggest making courses on more popular topics to potentially bring in a wider audience from within their network to earn more money, but that effort you make, as I emphasized can easily bring in more through your own website. 

  6. Wow! Very detailed review on Udemy. I never really heard of it until recently and wanted to check it out, so it was a happy meeting finding your review. Thanks for informing me on what it truly is about, as I had a different Idea. I can see how it may be helpful to some, but I agree it is better to have your own website. Myself personally, I enjoy creating and having everything being done or mostly done by me. Would you also feel the same regarding your content and website?

    • Well with Udemy, you would be the one doing your own work, but in terms of how it would pay would be determined by Udemy, but yes I agree as well that if I do my own work, I’d rather be in control of how it compensates me. 

  7. Wow, this is very interesting. I have heard of Udemy and I went to their site just to see what it was like. This was awhile back but I never really paid much attention to what all they were saying. Udemy sounds tempting but I can see what you’re saying regarding the benefits of having your own online business. I really don’t think the instructors really make a lot of money in Udemy…much better to teach someone from your own website.

    Having my own website gives me control and I can keep my earnings for myself to apply to my online business.

    Thanks very much!

  8. Yes I heard of Udemy and have also read about them extensively. Udemy is definitely not for me, I want a course of studies that can get approved by an accredited school and as far as I can see a lot of the tutors are not on the top of their subjects, and may not give the desired content for one to get qualified in a college or university. 

    • Hi Neville, I certainly understand your point but I find nowadays colleges and organizations that act as accreditation centers do not carry the same weight. Though I prefer my own website to Udemy, I do have to ask, what if the person providing the course wasn’t “certified” by any of these official organizations, and yet was still successful in what they were teaching? I would still consider doing the course then.

      I find that often many organizations that give certification is not actually a sign the course is good. At the same time, we have to watch out for the opposite, which is why I propose the good teachers who do Udemy courses or make their own website SHOW their audience/students their history of success, to prove that their teachings work.

  9. Thanks so much for the insight! There are so many classes and instructors already on Udemy it seems like there may not be enough space for me there. Your article said there was another way to make money online, but the numbers you gave regarding your own success varied a lot from year to year. Could you tell me what your average income would be for a given year using the system you recommended. Thanks!

    • Hi Matt, I did link to an article where I showed how much this website made last year. I expect it to get bigger this year because I am using very stable strategies to build it, strategies taught to me by Wealthy Affiliate. As to the numbers, I am aiming to hit $100k this year.

      Now this is specifically for me and a site based on a hot niche market. I don’t know which one you want to do so it would be hard for me to estimate what your potential success may be, but what I can tell you is that if you follow the same strategies I listed for Udemy and/or decide to make your own online business through Wealthy Affiliate, you will be successful and will have a strategy to follow to turn that into a stable business. 

  10. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks. I thought your review on Udemy was really thorough.

    Udemy vs the #1 recommendation is a no brainer. Why would you want to give up earnings that you can put into your own business for fees for someone else’s platform?

    I agree that using your own site where you are in control is the better option to do the same thing, which is sharing your knowledge with the people or students looking for the knowledge that you will be providing.

    WA University is the better option for helping you create your own site where you then provide the knowledge you have.

    I like the case studies you provide. I’ll definitely be returning to go into depth there. Since I’m new at this I could certainly use all the help I can find .

    Thanks for your thoroughness.

    Great site.


    • Hi Rudi, I appreciate you agreeing with my points but I do have to say that it also makes sense for some people to use Udemy vs Wealthy Affiliate. Like I said, someone who makes a potentially successful course on Udemy (and I explained how this is done) may experience faster profits, initially through this option whereas with a personal business, there is a “hibernation” type period where while the business is building up, there may be no profits INITIALLY and that can often frustrate people and have them quit, unless they expect this and know that it’s normal.

      However, as I’ve made multiple successful sites over the years, and still continue to do it, Udemy is just not the right option for me because it really would inhibit my success and profits as I would not be in charge. So for someone who enjoys freelance work and doesn’t like to be bound by another company’s rules, building a website is better for me and like I said, in the long run, it is potentially FAR more profitable.

  11. I have never knew that this was an option to work online this way, I am working on an online business with a affiliate company and just started to get a site up and running, 

    If I ever want to find a way to earn more money online I will have to look into Udemy as I had never heard about before checking out your website.

    • Hi Todd, I would stick to your online business for now, Udemy can work, but I am certain that if you succeed with an online business, you will not have to worry about Udemy being a plan B.

  12. I had never heard of Udemy before. So this is interesting that you can become an instructor and possibly earn an income as such. But for all the fees taken out of what you earn, I can agree that you can make this money on your own through a different route without all the deductions and more of a 100% return.

    • Well for something as close to a 100% as possible, your only real option would be a personal website and selling your own products and services. That being said, if you run your own page and promote affiliate products, there’s quite a few programs, like Clickbank which offer some lucrative commission rates FAR higher than Udemy, although I will admit, if you can get a good amount of people enrolled into your course/s, you will definitely make a lot of money.

  13. Hi Vitaliy, I am glad you did this article as I have used Udemy before to learn some skills. I have never created a course there but its something that I have always wanted to do.

    I know they have been around for some time and there are a lot of instructors and students who use this service.

    I am really good at teaching so that’s why I wanted to give Udemy a go and create a course as a way of helping others and getting some awareness of my own blog.

    Thanks for clearly explaining the compensation scheme as I was unsure how it really worked.

    I was not aware that affiliate’s could promote courses so that seems to be a good way of getting traffic to your course.

    Thanks for highlighting all the different strategies I will be looking into Udemy in the near future.

    It seems that it’s is quite highly rated and trusted by a lot of people.

    • Glad to hear you’ve tried Udemy’s services Barry. Keep in mind the best way, as I mentioned to succeed with them is to create courses on the most popular subjects available. That may not guarantee your course will get the attention you want always, but it’ll at least put your course in a competitive and popular sub topic of Udemy which, if it’s good enough will get enough eyes to buy it and help your course rise higher. 

      Also keep in mind that you should balance out which option is better, Udemy or a personal website as advertising your site through Udemy isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds, they are strict about letting people do that type of stuff…

  14. Wow! Great article. I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I’ve previously signed up for Udemy. In fact, I still get ads from them on a regular basis. But I’ve never done anything with them. 

    I really appreciate the depth you’ve gone into on the subject. Have you ever popped in and held a class? I can totally see where having your own web site would be more profitable. 


    • I’ve often thought about it Erika, but my reasons were because I was looking to take the students and start an email list out of it. However, Udemy does have strict rules about that stuff and I did ask them prior to making a decision, when I got their answer (which was basically a no), I decided to continue along building my existing websites.

      There’s really no reason in my opinion for someone who has a profitable website to move into Udemy, unless they just want to play around with the possibilities. 

  15. Wow! You seem very successful and driven. I love the fact that you mention it’s easy for someone to teach something if they only believe in their skills.

    Thanks for taking the time to break down Udemy. I’ve poked my head around that site a few times and wondered if it would be worth trying to teach a class. I didn’t realize that you (the teacher) retained so little of the overall percentage.

    If I wanted to create my own website and teach from that, how would you suggest marketing that? It seems like it would be hard to compete with Udemy and other already established sites.

    Any advice would be great!

    • Hi Kayla, the thing is as I pointed to in the article, with your website you are directly involved with Google which not only functions outside the confines of Udemy, but also gets more traffic. But overall if you want to learn about the whole website thing, just check out the other business building program I suggested, Wealthy Affiliate, I offer quite a few examples and a blueprint on how that works there which should clarify everything 

  16. It seems that the the ways to make a living online are absolutely infinite and your well written and detailed post exemplifies this.

    I think that in the years to come we will look back and compare the invention of the internet to the invention to the wheel for its impact on human society.

    I have never heard of Udemy before but I am now aware of another potential earning opportunity to apply your expertise.

    • Yeah Udemy is huge Everton and I like the analogy you draw with regards to the internet, I also think similarly about it.

  17. Hi Vitaliy,

    I really enjoyed reading your very detailed article about Udemy! I must tell you, I absolutely LOVE Udemy! As a start-up online entrepreneur, I’ve been really low on cash, and Udemy has been an absolute lifesaver! I’ve actually managed to do some amazing courses for very little cost, and some are free! The free courses are not rubbish either…this company has integrity – they add value even on their free stuff!

    That being said, I’m also a huge fan of your other recommendation. Wealthy Affiliate is another company that offers amazing free content which enables massive learning! The step-by-step training you get there, I’ve not seen anywhere else! 

    Both are great companies, thanks for the article.

    • Hi Natalie, I’m glad to hear Udemy worked for you. Believe me, I very much believe they have good tutorials on a wide array of subjects, otherwise, how can one explain why there’s so many members there? 

      And I did also rate this program very high, 8 out of 10 stars, yet I rate WA a bit higher (9 out of 10) for the more open ended opportunities it offers. Some will find Udemy to be more to their liking which is fine, but I personally prefer to not have any boundaries when I’m doing business, that’s my personal opinion.

  18. I’ve taken two courses on Udemy, both of which had over 1,000 enrollees. I always thought to myself, man these instructors are making a killing. Also was thinking about setting up a course myself. But it looks like, after commissions and fees, the instructor earnings is not that great. Thanks for putting this review out there.

    • You have to consider IF your course will be as successful and for many instructors there, getting to even a 100 enrollees may not be be feasible, which is why I added niche topics you may want to tackle there if you want to be a successful instructor. But yes, their fees and payouts differ. You really have to weigh if doing your own website is a better option and in my opinion it is.


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