The 10 Best Niches For Online Consulting That Pay Big Money

Offering online consulting services can pay you big if you know which niches are the most in demand and more importantly, if you are an expert in that niche. I’ll show you 10 in today’s article that you can use to bring in more leads, more clients and make big money from it.

The 10 Best Niches For Online Consulting That Pay Big Money

Here are the 10 niches that are great for doing online consulting with:

  1. Dating coach
  2. Law consulting
  3. Medical consulting
  4. Psychiatry consulting
  5. Therapy (online)
  6. Business consulting (any field)
  7. Self defense (consulting, zoom classes)
  8. Fitness coaching
  9. Dieting help
  10. Online gaming

Now if for whatever reason none of the 10 niches apply to you, the good news is that you can still start an online business of your own in pretty much any subject and here are over 50 niche ideas that are really a great way to brainstorm the possibilities.

Now let’s move forward. Before I show you the 10 niches, let me say that in order to create a profitable business out of them (or any niche related to online consulting, there are 5 steps required for this:

Here are the 5 steps to creating a profitable online consulting business:

how to make money online with consultations

The essence of these 5 steps is to create a website, trust and attract people to it through blogs and/or videos who would absolutely be thrilled to get your advice. 

Now these 5 steps are broad, but I will explain how you can get each of them done correctly further below. What I want to get across is how each occupation below has the potential to really get you so much more business than you already have. Once you understand that big picture, then we can get into the details of getting started on that.

The 10 niches that are perfect for starting an online consulting business with:

1) Dating coach. Earning potential: Up to 6 or 7 figures easily.

Are you some sort of dating guru that’s had a lot of success? Well you can actually share your knowledge through a blog and accumulate people who will pay you to get advice from you. 

This is a big market where both genders are very frustrated for information on how to succeed in it. If you can offer that, you’re going to get a big line of clients wanting to talk to you. 

For example: There is a case study I looked at involving a man named Corey Wayne who is a life and dating coach. He created a YouTube channel and shared his expertise on dating there, and attracts big ticket clients to do phone consulting sessions with him. See this dating coach YouTube case study here.

2) Law expert (legal consultations). Earning potential: 6 figures and up.

If you are a lawyer or attorney and have passed the bar and/or already have an existing firm, would you say no to more clients? Absolutely not! 

So by establishing a blog through which you answer common legal questions, you can really establish that you, the licensed expert and/or firm can really help people out and thus get clients.

Now if you have a local firm, you will not only get extra local clients, but your knowledge through your blogs will get ranked on Google and attract people from all over the state, country and province. Having more people pay you for consultations is going to become an extra branch of your business and it’s going to greatly expand it.

3) Nurse, doctor, naturalist, ect. Earning potential: 5, 6 figures and up.

Imagine a moment one or more of the following scenarios:

You are a doctor. You have an office and a practice or perhaps you can’t afford one and operate from home, but you require more patients.

Why not expand your practice by making a website through which you offer consultations for a small fee? People constantly seek answers to medical problems and there’s many who would rather not go to the doctor or pay a lot of money for it, so if you can offer those services for cheaper prices, you can be sure people will take you up on it (and keep coming back to you).

4) Psychiatry expert. Earning potential: 6 figures and up.

I would say the same type of opportunity applies here as does if you’re a doctor. If you hold a degree in psychology/psychiatry, there are MANY people in need of help in this topic. 

5) Therapist. Earning potential: 5, 6 figures and up

I’d say if there is one occupation where experts in the field get more clients than psychiatry, it’s people who are therapists. I’ve heard from more than a few who paid several $100 per hour to speak to these people. 

But imagine for a moment how many cannot afford that insane price (and just how many can get that type of service from someone who just listens, but I am ranting at this point…) and how many would LOVE to, in the comfort of their own home see a friendly face who gives good advice and helps them heal? 

Now one thing I’d add to this is that when you have your website, you can list many common problems people come to you for and the solutions/advice you give them. To someone who lands on your blog who sees this advice and agrees with it would greatly help them make that leap to contact you personally and pay you to hear them out.

6) Business expert. Earning potential: Up to 7 figures.

Online business experts, financial analysts, people who can recommend which stocks to buy and various other occupations which fall into this category are people who will absolutely get clients no matter what.

If you have good business experience and can help other upcoming businessmen get going on this, you will be absolutely set. 

For me, I am experienced in online business and many people come to me for advice on how to set up their website, how to get it traffic, ect…, for which I am more than happy to offer free advice, but should they want more, I can easily start charging for consultations, but more importantly, what I usually do is refer them to a program called Wealthy Affiliate, where they can learn that on their own.

As for people who do this and make good money, one great example is Alex Becker who is a famous internet marketing expert and basically does consulting for gigantic businesses that pay him good money for helping them grow online. And he easily makes millions from this.

7) Self defense. Earning potential: 4, 5, 6 figures or higher.

Yep, you can help people out with their martial arts through online consultations and I learned this very well from running a blog documented in this case study, after seeing just how passionate people were about learning how to protect themselves.

Being that I could not meet all of them in real life, the opportunity is that I could have easily spoken to them and offered advice through Skype, whether it be to join a local school or tips on how to improve their skills. 

If you have legitimate knowledge in self defense (perhaps you were in law enforcement, or in the army, special forces, or you run a school), think about all the demand there is for self defense out there?

You can set up Zoom classes and lead your clients with private or even class work.

8) Fitness training. Earning potential: 4, 5 figures and higher.

Usually you’ll find these people at the gym giving out private lessons, but if you’re an excellent fitness expert and you’re limited to an X amount of clients at your gym, imagine how many other potential clients you can get through a website and maybe something like a YouTube channel where you give out advice. 

How many people out there can’t physically come and meet you, how many of them are out of state or in another country? Yet through a website/video channel, you can get them and make more money.

It would not be difficult to see what exercises your clients are doing through video and recommend what they can change in their routine/diet.

9) Dieting advice. Earning potential: 3, 4 5 figures and higher.

This is something that I would honestly do if I had the time since I do run a weight loss blog, but time constraint has led me to let it run on auto pilot through affiliate marketing, yet you, who may in fact be great at advising people on weight loss can come up with custom meal plans and recommendations for people seeking to drop their weight and improve their health.

10) Gaming professional. Earning potential: 3, 4 figures and higher.

I wanted to use a wild one as the last one. Competitive gaming is a huge industry which has millions of followers. Here are just some crazy popular games which get stadium filled fans when events take place:

Starcraft, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and pretty much any type of game where there is a competition/skill element involved.

There are people within these games who are professionals by trade, who stream themselves playing and offer actual private lessons through Skype and other means. I’ve actually done something like this in the past where I paid a guy $40 for an hour to help me out in a video game.

It sounds insane, but my experiment wasn’t really for gaming purposes, I was trying to see how good I can get at it to possibly start my own website/channel and teach others, so it was more of an investment (which didn’t work out by the way).

But seriously, gaming is huge, and in addition to that, you as a professional gamer can also sell things like gaming computers and accessories, an additional revenue generator to consider…

How any of these niches can become successful online consulting businesses:

Whether you’re involved in one of the 10 things above or not, the key to making ANY of them work is to have a website and get the intended audience to the site.

  • So if you’re a doctor, the intended audience you need is people seeking medical advice.
  • If you’re a gaming professional, the intended audience is people who are also interested in the same game you excel at.
  • If you’re a therapist, the key is to attract people seeking therapy for whatever condition they have.

And this is actually not tough to do if you’re great at your occupation. What is tough is getting the type of knowledge to make this work as intended so you become successful at it. Following the above 5 steps is not enough for beginners who want to make this an extra branch of their business, but…

Here are 5 training programs to get your online consulting business moving:

  1. Bossless Forever.
  2. Sam Ovens Consulting.
  3. Billy Gene is Marketing.
  4. Millionaire Middleman.
  5. Wealthy Affiliate.

I strongly recommend the last one (Wealthy Affiliate) for people because it’s cheapest and provides great training on building your online consulting site in whatever niche you chose and attracting the clients to it, via Google, Facebook and other options. The other programs are good too, but sadly are VERY expensive.

I’m telling you, armed with this advice, and the experience you have in your job/occupation, you are going to expand your business beyond anything you can imagine. 

It is well worth trying this out. You can literally work from home by doing this and/or travel while consulting with people through Skype. Online consultations are already the future of business expansion and by not taking full advantage of how to get as many of them as possible, you are really inhibiting your own success.

19 thoughts on “The 10 Best Niches For Online Consulting That Pay Big Money”

  1. Vitaliy,

    What a great and novel idea. Can’t think of many people or websites that I’ve seen or heard of that offer live consultations via Skype. I’m sure that you’ve really opened a whole new world for many people. One group that I can think of is retired people that have years of experience to share in their field of expertise. It would give them an extra source of income and something to do in their free time, of which they probably have lots. Thanks,


    • Thanks Ed, there are a number of successful marketers like Jon Morrow who propose this approach to making money. Certainly retired people can make something of this, but before they reach the consultation stage, they will first need to build their site up well enough to get the traffic to convert into profitable consultations, which is why Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion is the best starting point for them.

  2. This article definitely cleared up how to leverage consulting in your business. Occupation 1 is definitely something I could have never imagined could be leveraged for money. Guess people are worse at dating than I realized haha.

    Also, I think it’s awesome that you threw occupation 10 out there, I was an avid gamer in the past. Ah, how I’d love to make some cash doing that!

    • Well you certainly have that option and now know how to monetize it Enrique. And you would be surprised at the keyword stats people in the dating niche type up, it’s a big market.

  3. Your article was clear and informative. I have retired from an a helping occupation and have been thinking about setting up an online forum to offer the same help with something like Skype. You article has been really helpful. The 5 steps are very practical. I know Wealthy Affiliate, but, for some reason, had not thought about applying my idea for an online help site to that practical format. Thanks for your article. It has given me a shove in this new direction.

    • No problem! I would like to clarify that it would be better to have a site, not a forum, but it can act as one. You’d get better traffic and more narrower clients this way.

  4. Hiya, you’re right, it is a huge business in giving their own advice privately for a set fee, I witness that on a number of sites I looked into it so it’s a big business. It’s about social proof and recommendations and on that alone, the word will spread around resulting in people opinions, giving a testimonial from their experience and making the consultants types of practices and occupations a good reputation, legitimate and not a scam.

    • Well you’ve got the right idea about the flow of popularity, but to get there, you need your site to be getting traffic from Google, otherwise, it will not reach that point of mass people asking for your consultations.

  5. I love the fact that offline jobs can be introduced online and you also get to earn from doing so. Awesome read and I definitely love the short and precise guidance given to each and every profession listed. I have picked up quite a few options that I can try out to myself (the gaming expert) and will see how that works out. Any advice to offer?

    • Depends on what type of gaming expert you’re talking about:

      You can be one of those competitive gamers who plays skill based games and gives advice to other people trying to get good at it. You may also want to consider live streaming if that’s the case and/or YouTube videos.

      You can someone who simply does a play through in any game that’s popular to also get views, for that I’d go with YouTube.

      Either way, centralize this on a blog site, write reviews and also diversify your content with video making through the methods above.

  6. These really are great ideas for making a living online, its pretty brilliant if you think about it, the idea of being a therapist who works on skype or just through the internet in general. Another great suggestion is the youtube gaming video one, there really is a lot of money to be made there if you know how to.

  7. Online consultations! Now that is a wonderful idea. I would never have though of that as a way of making money online.

    I would love to find an online consultant who could give advice on websites and how to improve them to make them more profitable and appear higher in the SERPS.

    Can you recommend anyone who can provide a service such as this at a fair price? Most places I have found charge around $200 per hours which is crazy!

    • In Wealthy Affiliate. you can get this advice for free Philip. Their training has it all on SERP ranking. You can also ask me specific questions on SERPS on this site as well. Provided the question isn’t too complicated or will take forever to answer, I’d be more than happy to answer you.

  8. Good article, I like the ideas presented on how to start a business online. We don’t often realize that we are all knowledgeable about something so we should find our niche. The problem is that not everyone can be a good writer even when passionate about their field and Skype is uncomfortable to a lot of people but I would assume it’s something you would get used to. Do you recommend any trainings on using Skype?

    • Well I haven’t considered that people can be shy or bad writers, but honestly, you need not be a phenomenal writer to produce great content, I actually don’t write very well, but with basic writing skills and the ability to make your point, you will be fine. The rest is indeed practice.

      If your occupation required you to speak with people, the transition of doing that over Skype shouldn’t be difficult.

  9. I enjoyed reading this and can definitely see potential for the aesthetic stiff – dating, fitness and diet advice. These fields seem to be so huge at the moment, and I agree that offering online advice could be a real winner.

    I have quite a bit of marketing experience, and do a lot of offline training in using social media for business. Do you think there would be a demand for that type of online consultation? I look forward to receiving your feedback.

    • Well in this case, you are essentially still offering online business advice and a branch of that advice can pour over into social media, so sure, it can work Mara.

      You just have to find clients who are specifically looking to expand their business via social media, target keywords which they type and explain certain tips you would use, and offer the other aspect of advice through the consultations.

  10. I really believe that there is a huge demand for real experts online in various fields. There are way too many people posing as experts in multiple fields just for the sake of promoting offers and products. Believe it or not, you only get a hand full of people online who really have the viewer’s (customer) best interest in mind.

  11. Vitaliy! What a great presentation of an idea using Skype for business on a regular basis. Personally, I use Skype daily for connecting with my friends and family, but purely for personal reasons. I know that people in big cities use Skype for business quite actively simply because it is easier to get it done via Skype than try and fight the traffic to get to a professional you need help from. International business can flourish using Skype as well, especially for those who speak more than just one language. I think I got an idea for that just reading your article. Thanks!


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