Why I Cannot Recommend The Magic Submitter Tool.

magic submitter tool reviewI first heard about the Magic Submitter Tool when I did a product review a few months back, but never really looked into this specific program until now.

While it does have it’s benefits, I simply cannot recommend it because in my opinion anything that deals with backlinking is a bad form of SEO. 

Magic Submitter explained in a nutshell:

It’s a backlink type software program which takes your content and distributes it across different places which then link back to your website, giving it backlinks and in theory higher ranks in search engines. That’s really the main point. 

Based on initial impressions, the support is good and you get to control a lot of what the tool does. Obviously, the main goal of people who try it is to have websites and keywords rank high faster through this tool. 

I achieved great rankings and traffic results without using tools like Magic Submitter:

magic submitter tool alternative

Now with this alternative mentioned, let me say that before I get on with this review, that compared to other similar tools on the market, Magic Submitter certainly does have it’s pros and there are initial results that you will likely see from it. 

However, I can’t give it a thumbs up because:

To me it doesn’t really matter how many perks this tool has. As soon as I saw the word backlinks, that’s all I really needed to know. I’m not a fan of this approach to SEO because in my experience it doesn’t yield long term rewards and most importantly, it’s an approach to marketing that search engines do NOT like.

Now I want to clarify one very important thing:

Backlinking in general is not a bad thing. It all depends on WHAT types you use. Here’s example of good quality backlinks.

For instance, if I were to make a video and link it to my website, that’s ok.

However, if I were to use a tool that submits my article/video/ect… to tons of miscellaneous areas, then provides a link back to my page, that in my opinion is a bad idea. The main reason is that it’s all meant to try and fool search engines into giving you higher ranks and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

Don’t try to game search engines. It’s their house. Their rules. You violate those rules and you will be punished.

In the case of backlinks (the no-no version), in the long run if your site is caught using them, it has a good chance of losing all it’s rankings through what’s known as the Google slap. Believe me, you DON’T want this if you’re looking for long term results. It’s more than a pain in the you know what to recover from this and most of the time it won’t happen because it will take a HUGE amount of effort and time. 

As I said before, when I originally encounter Magic Submitter, it was through a program which helped people with SEO. The program is called OMG Machines.

At the time, I had little information on Magic Submitter, but understood that it was a backlinking program. My overall score for OMG Machines wasn’t very high, and one of the main reasons was because they endorsed this approach to SEO. Knowing more details now about Magic Submitter, it solidifies my rating even more so. 

Interestingly enough before I even heard about Magic Submitter or OMG Machines, I was part of a program called Bring the Fresh, whose part owner at the time was one of the main owners of the now OMG Machines program. Now part of the training at BTF (at the time) involved using a similar system like Magic Submitter. I guess they endorse similar SEO principals.


BTF is out of business and my experience with their backlinking teaching DESTROYED 2 of my websites and I got into a huge financial dispute because of that. Now this doesn’t mean that OMG Machine is bad nor does it mean that the Magic Submitter tool is bad, but this is all part of the “old way” of backlinking that I learned is NOT good for SEO.

Truth be told, I did see results from using this program, though they were very mild and this was back in 2012 when this sort of approach to SEO was still considered very practical. Either way, times have changed and if you plan on using Magic Submitter or any type of backlinking software, you need to know a few things: 

  • Results in most cases will only be initial. 
  • Long term wise, you have a good chance of getting penalized by Google. As for other search engines, I’m not sure. 
  • Backlinks no longer hold the same weight they used to. Not even close frankly. It used to be quantity based meaning the more backlinks you had, the higher rankings you would achieve. This is no longer the case. 


  • It could work in the short run.
  • The support and options are pretty decent.


  • Negative SEO effects in the long run very likely. 
  • Backlinking like this is becoming less beneficial. 

Final Rating: Magic Submitter

2 stars

Red Flag 

2 out of 10 stars. I just can’t recommend this program. I believe in more stable, long term approaches to SEO, rankings and getting quality traffic. Here is my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate that’s a perfect training program for learning to do that.

My final thoughts:

Whenever I rate programs as a red flag, usually they are scams. Magic Submitter is not a scam, but I will personally never use it because I cannot recommend this approach to ranking websites higher. 

The bottom line is that with this kind of stuff, the long term risks outweigh the short term benefits. I’m more for long term results and want to have the peace of mind that my site is doing fine and will continue on that road.

With backlinks (the ones I am against), I feel that I would constantly be looking over my shoulder, worrying about a potential side effect coming along in the form of lower rankings and lost business. I just don’t want that. I doubt anyone looking to build a stable/long term online business would either. This is my opinion and you’re obviously free to do as you please. 

In today’s world of SEO (2014), things have shifted far from backlinks, black hat methods, artificial approaches to SEO and more towards helping people by providing them high quality information and content that has them coming back to your site and sharing the information with others.

It’s actually always been that way, but now more so than ever, it’s proving to be true since sites that produce exceptional high quality content will always get the higher ranks, more visitors, more success while the ones living in the black hat era will continue to step on the same rake. If not right away, then sooner or later.

6 thoughts on “Why I Cannot Recommend The Magic Submitter Tool.”

  1. Thanks for information. I actually planned to buy this software. Still I have no idea how Google reacts with this tool. I will cancel it.

    • If this is the type of tool that tries to trick Google, then you can bet it won’t like it Dan. Don’t use any “magic” tools for SEO, they are all in one way or another outdated.

  2. What do you suggest to people in order to rank on page 1 of google for certain keywords if magic submitter isn’t that answer. I purchased this software 2 years ago but since canceled the service.

  3. I agree, stay away from this one. I used it about a year and a half ago, when I was still new online and got suckered in. Fortunately I got out fairly quickly. Your review brought back bad memories. Thanks for sharing.


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