Is Get Weekly Paychecks a Scam or Can it be Trusted?

get weekly paychecks reviewAfter carefully looking through Get Weekly Paychecks, I don’t think the program is a scam, but overall it is my opinion that it’s really not worth trying in the first place. And there are many reasons for this so let me explain what you need to know. 

Update: Get Weekly Paychecks isn’t around anymore.

While checking out it’s pricing, years after my initial review, I had found that the domain for this program didn’t have anything on it.

It appears the program is no longer around.

Therefore, let me say the most important thing you need to take from this article:

get weekly paychecks alternative

If you wish to learn more about what Get Weekly Paychecks was, then continue reading this original review from here…

Get Weekly Paychecks explained in a nutshell:

It’s a program that helps people promote MCA (Motor Club of America). MCA is a service which deals with helping people with more than just road side assistance (towing, gas, ect…), but also does other things in regards to medical expenses and other things most places like it do not do.

One might say that Get Weekly Paychecks teaches affiliate marketing for MCA and it’s actually true, but as I go on with this review, I’ll explain how the experience I have gained in the same field, as well as the training I got would be better suited for you than using Get Weekly Paychecks, even though it’s still a good company.

Now some people have speculated that MCA is a pyramid scheme (MLM type business) because it has a referral program which any person who signs up to can work with. I will be doing a separate review on MCA in the near future and will let you know if I believe it to be a scam or not. Either way, I will not be promoting MCA or this program to anyone because I find too many issues with it (explained below).

But returning to the main point of promoting the company, you can become a salesperson for MCA and earn money through getting other people to join through you. But the problem which most people encounter is how to do this successfully.

Enter Get Weekly Paychecks which is basically a training program which costs you $20/month that teaches you to successfully promote MCA itself. I’m not certain on this but I believe Get Weekly Paychecks may actually be an affiliate for MCA itself. It would make sense as the amount of money they can make would be ridiculous to say the least…

Training you get (well got) in Get Weekly Paychecls:

Training within Get Weekly Paychecks revolves around both online/offline marketing type tactics. You’re looking at things like advertising through Facebook, Craigslist, ads (both online/offline), ect…

While the training itself isn’t bad and you can certainly get results from it, there are issues I find with both MCA & this program I really need to point out…

Why I can’t recommend Get Weekly Paychecks:

There’s 3 reasons:

1) I just don’t believe in MCA itself.

Although I haven’t looked through the entire business itself, I can already spot a few things I don’t like such as it’s service being overpriced with other competitors (AAA, auto-insurance companies, ect…) and the fact that they are pushing their referral system. I honestly think a lot of people join MCA for the sole purpose of making money through it and not focusing on receiving it’s services.

As I said before, I can’t speak for MCA’s services, but I believe there is an MLM model involved here which I am not a fan of at all. You get commissions off every person you refer to MCA and if the people you refer get others into the program, you also make a small percentage. 


I have reviewed MCA. I found the company, though in MLM type format is not a pyramid scheme, but at the same time, there are reasons I don’t recommend Motor Club of America explained in that review.

get weekly paychecks alternative

2) It “limits” your opportunities. 

This is just my opinion and you may have a different viewpoint, but let me explain what I mean: 

As I said earlier, a lot of people join MCA/Get Weekly Paychecks in order to succeed in making money through it. But the training within either program revolves around you only promoting the business itself. Yes you can work from home doing this and possibly make a career out of it.

So in that sense, there is definitely an opportunity. Also if you have no interest in building your own online business based on a personal idea/passion of yours, then you can certainly try becoming a sale’s rep for MCA. 

But I’ve been in online marketing for years and in this industry you can build an entire business out of knowledge and/or idea. I just feel that if you put all your time/effort into promoting MCA, you’ll really be limiting yourself in the long run because there’s just SO many opportunities out there, with this one called Wealthy Affiliate being my #1 recommendation.

3) There’s a lot of competition & the odds of you succeeding aren’t high.

There’s a lot of people promoting MCA & likely Get Weekly Paychecks, at least in the offline marketing world. In my experience a lot of people who try to promote MCA online don’t really know how to do this correctly and most likely fail.

In fact this kind of trend happens almost all the time in these sorts of business ventures.

  • Sometimes it’s because of the company itself.
  • Sometimes it’s because the people are uninformed.
  • Sometimes it’s just because the people are plain lazy.

Either way, there’s going to be competition in this department (a lot of it) and unless you possess truly awesome sale’s potential, it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed in this business. This is my personal opinion based on years of experience in sales, mostly in online marketing. 

It is also true that if you get referred to the company by a sponsor, that sponsor may also help you succeed by teaching you methods he/she personally uses. Not every sponsor is the same.

  • Some just get you into the business to make money off you.
  • Some just don’t care.
  • There are also those who legitimately try to help you out because their future success in many ways is dependent on you. You make money, they make money. In our case here, your sponsor to MCA would be Get Weekly Paychecks. 


  • You do get services from MCA itself.
  • You can make money through this program.
  • The training in Get Weekly Paychecks is pretty good.


  • MCA deal with MLM type marketing, something I am not a fan off. 
  • There’s a lot of competition in a very saturated marketed.
  • There’s really cheaper alternates to MCA making it difficult to sell to people. 

Final Rating: Get Weekly Paychecks

4 stars

Yellow Light (Caution)

4 out of 10 stars. It’s OK but I really feel that you’re better off pursuing other alternatives. And since it’s not around anymore, here’s the original and still the better program I recommend: Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Thoughts:

I will be posting a review of MCA in the coming days (Update, I did!). I have already done much research on it and don’t feel it’s a company that I’d personally ever buy into for roadside assistance and it’s other features, never mind the referral program.

It’s because I feel there are better services and that if you’re looking to succeed online, that there’s way better opportunities out there to work from home that I can’t recommend either MCA or Get Weekly Paychecks. Yes through this program, your odds off succeeding within MCA do increase, but in the long run, I strongly feel your time/energy is better spent elsewhere. 

Get Weekly Paychecks is not a scam in my opinion, but again I will not be recommending it. If you have a personal experience/opinion you’d like to share on this subject, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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