Is EZ Money Team a Scam? An Insider Review.

In this review of EZ Money Team I will explain the mixed feelings I got from being a member there, because some of the things it teaches, promotes have a mixed bag when it comes to actually working. Overall, I do not recommend it, and I’ll explain why.

Quick report on EZ Money Team:

Price: $37.
ez money team review

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

Honestly, I thought for sure this program was a scam until I bought it and had a look inside. It’s a mixed bag of general information on making money online, some of which is good and bad.

They do try to link you to join another program called Affiliate Bootcamp by Russell Brunson, and then there’s another similar attempt when they try to sell you coaching calls, and that’s the part mixed with online survey recommendations is what disliked most about this program.

Recommended? I personally say no.

But I will give you guys an inside look into the program as a whole and explain each part of it, and then you can decide if you should get it or not. 

ez money team alternative

What is EZ Money Team all about?

So this is a program which provides you with 8 different ways to earn money online. A few of these ways cost extra and that cost varies on which option you select to test out, while others are free to try out. 

In a moment I’ll summarize each of the 8 options, but let me tell you that one of the reasons I don’t recommend EZ Money Team is because each method, even if it works will require more than the explanation given about it from the EZ Money Team program and for the ones you’ll need to buy extra stuff for, that itself will come with it’s own learning curve and time needed to succeed.

The 8 options of earning money online through EZ Money Team’s training:

Here’s how the program looks from the inside (they call it the locker room):

ez money team members area screenshot

1st method:

The very first thing this program tries to push on you is speaking with a coach.

Now I personally have a particular viewpoint on this whole coaching thing in these types of programs in that I avoid them, but in this case, I actually tried to see what I could do, so I clicked on the link to schedule it, I was sent to a log in screen to make an appointment, I signed up, but got no confirmation message (the log in was correct).

So I can’t really say anything about this method with 100% certainty other than my experience in with what similar programs do when they offer coaching calls and that’s that you really get more sales pitches than coaching. This is why I avoid them and stick to this kind of legit coaching:

2nd method:

Ok, so in this method they link you to a program called the Affiliate Bootcamp which was created by a guy named Russell Brunson who happens to be a VERY popular and famous internet marketer.

In this program, you learn to promote his Click Funnels program and it involves going through a lot of steps to do it and this training is outside the realm of the EZ Money Team program.

All I can tell you here is that EZ Money Team is promoting this program to you (when I clicked I noticed the link was an affiliate link), meaning if you buy it, the people who made EZ Money Team gets a commission, so I guess that puts you guys on the same team and kind of explains why this program is named this way…

Either way, I did NOT go through the affiliate bootcamp, because that would require a whole other review. And if you do sign up, you will eventually have to upgrade to a monthly membership of either $97 or $297 depending on the membership level you choose.

3rd method:

Here they show you how to become an affiliate marketer for their own program. You fill out a form to register to become an affiliate for the EZ Money Team and basically what this entails is sending traffic through your affiliate link to this very same program.

Now in terms of how they teach you to send traffic to the site, they promote to you a solo ads program called Udimi, which you have to pay extra for and when you do, you will have people send traffic to your affiliate link (What are affiliate links?), which if they buy, EZ Money Team will reward you with a commission. 

Now I personally stay away from solo ads or directly promoting programs like this, because in my experience you spend too much to get enough back in return, so I wouldn’t try this type of method. Promoting this company in other ways may work out, but if you decide to do that, solo ads would not be the method I’d go for…

4th method:

Here we get into what they call “gigs”, which is optional, other ways to make a buck online and in this gig you are shown how to create an online store and generate revenue through it.

You get training on setting up Shopify stores and a general website to sell your stuff through, but I have to be honest, while there are numerous lessons in this section, they are short, vague and in my opinion tough for beginners to get, so I honestly wouldn’t consider this method to be as practical as they say unless you already have experience on it.

5th method:

Here they talk about doing Facebook live videos and a whole tutorial on growing a following there.

I honestly have very little experience with this approach but what I can comment on is that the lessons here were also vague just like in method 4 and as someone who knows the detailed instructions on needs to make money online, the training here in my opinion just isn’t enough, it’s too vague and short.

6th method:

Here are shown how to make YouTube videos and make them monetize. I agree that YouTube itself is an awesome program to make money through (I’ve personally made over $20k through YouTube with affiliate marketing) and the tips here are OK, and while again the videos here are short and the instructions are vague, because YouTube itself is a platform that’s easy to figure out, the instructions here are generally easier to put into practice.

7th method:

Here you are shown how to earn off Fiverr, which is a website that offers gig services, usually in the realms of things like buying traffic, getting video testimonials and website building services. Here they show you how to make your own services and sell them, which is once again…very vague stuff.

I haven’t personally been involved with Fiverr too much, but I can tell you that many services offer there aren’t of the highest quality and while you CAN make succeed through the site, usually it’s going to happen IF you are someone who has an online business and experience in fields like online marketing and can share your services with others there. But it’s not in my opinion a place where beginners can offer gigs and do well, you need to have experience.

8th method:

The final method is in my opinion one the worst one out of the 8. It 3 paid online survey sites to join:

  • Survey Savvy (bad).
  • Swag Bucks (OK), and
  • Vindale Research (bad).

These sites pay you VERY little for answering their surveys so to consider this a gig that you can make money off is laughable. I’ve done enough paid online surveys to know that the industry is generally a scam, I would NOT use this option at all.

And that concludes what you get in the members area.

Final Rating: EZ Money Team.

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. Some methods work, others are just a waste of time, but overall, the stuff taught here is a lot harder to execute than they make it sound, and that’s due to the fact that so much of the training is so poorly explained (without enough detail) so it’s not easy to make money, sorry.

My final thoughts:

While my impression of this program prior to buying it was bad, it did slightly improve after I got it, but not even close to the point that I would recommend it, which is why there is a low, 3 out of 10 star rating.

EZ Money Team


EZ Money Team Score



  • I liked some of the 8 methods of making money in this program.


  • Some recommendations they have push you into buying other products.
  • The explanation of many of the methods isn't complete enough in my opinion.

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