Is Cash Money Sites a Scam? A Review of What I Found Out.

I just tried getting Cash Money Sites and what I experienced wasn’t exactly a legit thing, and may have been a scam. Let me explain what happened in this review.

Here is what Cash Money Site’s sales page looks like:

cash money sites review

Here are a few things about this review to note:

1) The way I found out about Cash Money Sites was through a suspicious. possible scam website.

2) Then we have the claims that it’ll show you 5 ways to make money online and other methods of generating $1,000’s.

3) The only reason I decided to buy this program for the $37 it was advertised for was because it was said that this program was connected with Clickbank. Now you may or may not know about Clickbank, but it’s an awesome organization that I’ve done business with for years and purchased products from.

4) Whether or not you buy something from there that you like or don’t like, they will ALWAYS refund you without a problem if you have any issues or just want that refund. Now knowing that this program was connected with Clickbank, I felt safer making the purchase and in hindsight, I had to refund it, but I’ll get to why later…

cash money sites alternative

So why exactly did I choose to return Cash Money Sites?

There’s several reasons:

1) There were a lot of extra requirements after I purchased it.

First, this program actually asked me to contact a phone number after purchasing the product to “confirm” I was legit.

This is so outrageous because after buying the program, and using my credit card, I had already confirmed who I was:

cash money sites review

In my professional opinion (Yes I am an online marketing professional, but I’ll get to that later), this whole “call us” is a stunt to get you to buy coaching or other up-sells.

I have NEVER in all my years of buying internet marketing programs had to pay and not be given access to anything unless I called them first, this is nonsense. 

2) This program tried to get me to buy a hosting program.

The next clues which led to me run to Clickbank support asking for a refund, was that there were links on the very same page (the ones asking me to call the number), which led me to a hosting site. 

And when I did, I realized exactly what was going on…

Here’s what Cash Money Sites really is…

It is a program (scam) that gives you the impression that by buying it, a magical, profit generating site will be created for you, but the site itself is already questionable because once again, in my professional experience, programs which do the exact same thing this program is doing, are scams, they are just trying to get you to buy a hosting account, which costs monthly and fills up their wallets monthly.

I didn’t see the website that I was supposed to get, because I’d need to purchase the hosting and call that number first, and I am avoiding that in every way I can because I know the hole it leads down.

Luckily I have no fear in getting my money back because again it’s all associated with Clickbank.

Now I do have to note real quick, that I’ve been seeing these scam programs show up on this network more and more lately and this is not good, they are soon going to look like Clickbetter which is a similar organization, but one that truly went down hill after they started approving too many scam programs to sell on their network.

Ok, I’ve said enough, time to show you what works:

Ok so let’s begin with this:

Cash Money Sites is said to be a program which generates a “profit producing” page for you. Well in my experience, letting a company or person make you a page with these promises is a BIG mistake, because unless you know marketing or how to operate it, you won’t get answers to that unless you pay more, that’s been my experiences with similar programs.

But the idea of having your own profit generating page is possible, but the thing is, you need to learn how to make it yourself and not outsource it to a mystery man or program to do it for you. 

And as long as you do this through a good training program that I will show you, I promise you, that this course is the way to see success, and it’s also the course that costs least:

Final Rating: Cash Money Sites.

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. I saw enough, quickly enough to know what I was getting into and I got out ASAP. Thank you Clickbank for being a dependable way to retrieve my money if I run into scams like these, but MAN, please do a better job of scanning these programs on your network, otherwise, they are going to take you down…

My final thoughts: 

I really hoped I could see some training from Cash Money Sites, it would at least justify a closer look and possibly a better score, but with no training offered, only promises of a profit generating site “only” if I call a questionable number and get hosting, has always turned out to be a scam in my experience.

I know, believe me because this strategy is used by many scam sites and even if this program is NOT using that strategy, seriously, you guys (the creators of that program) need to rethink your marketing, it just pushed me away as soon as I saw a “call us” number, that has ALWAYS turned into a sales call and I’m not risking putting my number on your list or the possibility of you sharing it with other companies and having them solicit me (which also happens).

Anyway, with that rant over, as you can see, I have said a lot about my experiences with these programs. I encounter them a lot and I know the “M.O” they work under. So in this review, I gave you my warning about Cash Money Sites and what I personally thought of them.

One final thing (About Cash Money Sites):

After I made the $37 purchase, I was taken to an up-sell for $197, which I didn’t want to buy, but I right clicked the “purchase” button and it automatically charged me the $197. Good grief, that was not a good feeling, but again, with Clickbank running things, I am 100% sure I will retrieve my funds. 

Update: It did thankfully get a refund, but the very act of this program charging me like this says a lot and it’s not good, in addition to the other things I’ve outlined in this review.

Another “good” update regarding this program is that apparently it is no longer up in the Clickbank marketplace (I looked but couldn’t find it). IF this is true, then it means there were enough complaints for this program to be removed from that network. 

4 thoughts on “Is Cash Money Sites a Scam? A Review of What I Found Out.”

  1. Thanks for this heads up. In my experience with ClickBank, it is very hard to see which products are legitimate and which ones are scams.

    Too many people are sucked into these funnels because they believe the lies stating they will earn money quickly. This is something people need to understand: it is entirely possible to earn money online but it requires time, effort and the support of a genuine program like Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for flagging these types of products up.

  2. I was scammed so many times that I decided to just stick with Wealthy Affiliate. Sometimes it is just not worth it to get distracted by these unknown products. The step-by-step affiliate marketing videos and wordpress platform provided by WA is sufficient for anyone who are interested to start their blog.


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