Is Navigate The Web a Scam? Why I Cannot Recommend it.

Well folks, I managed to find yet another supposed work at home program promising easy money and it’s name is Navigate The Web. Is this a legit program you can trust or is it a scam?

Well in this review, I’m going to explain what I experienced after trying to buy it and exactly what I think and know about it (and it’s not good).

Here’s a quick report of Navigate The Web:

navigate the web review

Price: $97 and downsells to I believe $67 if you try to leave (just hit back button to activate discount).

Creator: Julie Clark (If you’re wondering if she’s real, she isn’t!).

Up-sells? I know enough about these programs to say YES, there will be up-sells.

My overall rating of it: 0 out of 10 stars!

Is this a recommended work at home program? No.

Do I recommend a better program? Yes…

navigate the web alternative

Let me explain what Navigate the Web is:

This is indeed a work at home program where you’re taught some general ways of making money online. I can’t really dive into specifics because I wasn’t able to purchase the program and here is proof:

navigate the web purchase

Now if you’re wondering why I wasn’t able to purchase it and why it says I already have it, the truth is that this program was called something else, long ago, when I did purchase it and to be quite honest, I can’t remember that program’s name (I buy and review programs so often, that it’s hard to remember which one teaches what).

But what I do remember is that whatever the name of it was originally, it cycled through a plethora of different names within the past year. The conclusion I came to about all this name changing nonsense is that the program wasn’t good and changing names would help them (the creators) attract new customers. 

Here’s a simple test I always do to test if these programs are legit or a scam:

First, if I find a new work at home program being pitched and suspect it’s a scam, I’ll still try to buy it just to see if it’s true. If I end up buying it, I provide people with a full insider review.

Then, if I cannot buy it and am given a message such as the one you saw above, I assume I already tried that program before and that it was bad. 

In the case of Navigate The Web, we already know I do have (or had) the program and the conclusion wasn’t good. So that’s really one of the main points I want to make in this review of that program.

Other sneaky/bad things going on with the Navigate The Web program: 

So with Navigate The Web, there is a new name for the creator of it: Julie Clark. I’ve run across many different work at home program scams that look like this current one I’m reviewing and typically the names are different, but the photos are the same.

In the case of this program, the picture associated with Julie Clark is a stock photo, meaning that it’s a purchased photo of some model and that basically means that it isn’t her and the “reasoning” for not showing the real Julie Clark (if she’s even real) is this:

Citing “Privacy” as an excuse to not show the real person is a VERY poor excuse if you ask me. Folks, I’ve been around the work at home world for a long time and if there’s 1 major tip I want you to leave my website with, it’s this:

Never trust a program where the person doesn’t show their face, ever! 

Legitimate work at home programs simply never engage in this kind of tactic of hiding. Furthermore, there’s already proof on the actual Navigate The Web sales page that Julie Clark isn’t real. Simply click the “disclaimer” link if you’re ever on that page and you basically get this:

So there you go, even the real creator of this program can’t show their face or name for that matter. Knowing all of this, would you really want to trust Navigate The Web with your money and to teach you how to make money from home? I wouldn’t.

These are the tests you need to do whenever you see programs like these. Don’t jump so quickly and buy the program being pitched to you.

They like to trick you with pop ups on acting quickly, but don’t fall for that, believe me, they don’t want you to leave their page and are desperate to get your sale, so whatever pop up or sale they pitch to you if you stay isn’t going anywhere. Take your time, investigate the page, look up the program on Google, look it up on sites like mine or if you don’t have time…

Just leave a comment anywhere on my site mentioning the program name and I’ll see for myself if it’s a scam. 

Final Rating: Navigate The Web.

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. Any work at home program which lies to you as much as this program does (and I didn’t even get into every lie it hits you with by the way) is not a program you should try. Furthermore, I found 2 more programs that are exactly like this one, which are by the same Julie Clark but with different names for the program itself. I’ll be doing reviews on those coming up on this site, soon!

My final thoughts: 

Folks, it is absolutely possible to work from home and this is coming from a guy who does it. There’s different ways you can go about it (freelance writing, making your own blog, ect…), but just know that the most legitimate options out there aren’t easy, in the sense that you can’t just do things like type a few words, enter a few numbers or do a few minutes of work and be paid a supplementary income, its just not possible.

Now before you get upset, do note that I said I work from home full time and my income earnings are quite high there, but it’s because I followed legitimate paths to reach that level and worked hard for it, that I now enjoy this result:

The very same program that taught me to reach this level of income from home is the same program I am now showing you. And unlike Navigate the Web or the tons of scams that look like it out there, you’ll see my face and the face of the creators as well as see income proof that it works. 

If you have any questions about Navigate the Web, this review, or working from home, just ask me below. I can definitely lead you into the right, legitimate way to do it, but the best is definitely the program I just recommended to you.

One final thing about this whole review:

The term “Navigate the Web” is very broad, and I’m also sure there’s a lot of Julie Clarks out there in the world who are actually real people. So if you landed on this article for an entirely different subject like surfing the internet and making money on it or you found a different Julie Clark, just remember…

This whole review is in reference to a work at home program called Navigate The Web, whose fake creator name is Julie Clark and if you are looking for ways to work at home, I have provided that solution to you in this review.

Navigate The Web Program


Navigate The Web Score



  • None.


  • I don't believe Julie Clark is real (they usually aren't with these programs).
  • I've had experiences with these work at home programs before and I know how they turn out.

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