What to Promote on Clickbank. My Six Figure Results From it

Having been a top earner on Clickbank multiple times (proof coming), I know how to pick out what to promote there and this guide will show you that.

The 2 methods I use to find products to promote on Clickbank:

what to promote on clickbank

1) Find a top selling product on Clickbank, and then create an entire promotion off that (this is more micro niche focused and has risks).

And I can use YouTube, blogging, and paid ad networks to promote the product through. Or:

2) You can create a niche site, then find a relevant CB product and promote it on the site.

In my experience, the second option is what brings in the REAL money because the audience there can reach limitless amounts whereas the first option can be quite limited as it’s quite rare that a CB product gains a lot of popularity. 

You can have even the most popular items on there get 1,000’s of searches on Google, but niche topics can dwarf that by many times, which is why I rely on the second option. There’s just a wider audience to target and make sales off, period. 

Ok, so let me get to the proof I promised about my Clickbank results:

clickbank diplomas I got

First, my 2 diplomas from Clickbank (For being recognized as a best seller for them):

Funny enough these 2 diplomas literally came from promoting one diet program (even though I have sales for other products on that network).

I list ALL of the details of what this product is (or was because it’s no longer on Clickbank) on my $500k report from Clickbank, but overall, this scenario occurred because I chased a niche (the second option I indicated above). 

I was also fortunate that the program I was promoting was very popular itself, pretty easy to sell and had low refund rates. All of this stuff are things you can see on ANY Clickbank product you choose to promote, and I’ll show you the specific numbers to look at as you continue reading.

Now I do also want to say that I currently focus on doing affiliate work for different networks now like Amazon and another called Wealthy Affiliate.

My interest in Clickbank products honestly depreciated since the product that got me these 2 diplomas left the network, but that doesn’t change that the network itself is still a goldmine if you know which products to look for to promote as well as HOW to promote them. 

This will be explained in a moment when I get to finding the right CB products in it’s marketplace.

Here’s 5 major lessons to note about promoting on Clickbank and making money at it:

1) You don’t have to promote multiple ones off this place.

Most if not all your success can come from just 1 promotion you sell and I am proof of this as about 90% of my sales from that network actually came about from a single promotion (see the details link above).

2) Finding a good thing to promote on this network can be tough.

There’s a lot of people who tell me that CB has a lot of low quality stuff and this is true to an extent, but in all honesty, you can make the same argument for even the biggest networks out there like Amazon. I assure you that in every product category they have, there’s a majority of them which suck. The key is to know how to tell the difference and that leads me my next point…

3) Know your niche audience well and know the product you’re promoting to them, well.

For example, if I know nothing about betting systems (a category of products found on CB), it would be quite foolish of me to try and promote anything in that category to a niche audience interested in betting systems.

I simply would not be able to produce a good enough review page to earn the trust of my visitor and you can bet (no pun intended in this case) that they won’t buy anything from me. A good affiliate marketer needs to understand the product and the audience which would love it.

Too often, I see make money online programs teach this exact and incorrect approach of picking out products and then promoting off that (strategy 1 that I listed above) and this is absolutely a guaranteed way to fail.

Now if I know my niche topic well, you can bet that I can write a good review of the thing I am selling and tell people about how so and so will work for them by providing an ACCURATE amount of facts and data to help them see that they are getting a good deal! 

I also want to say that with regards to niches, here’s 100 and I can tell you on that list, many of them have great tie in promotions you can find on CB.

4) It often “pays” to buy the product you’re looking to promote before you promote it.

As there are indeed a lot of low quality things on CB, it’s important that you filter through the plethora of options you have and sell the one which is going to make your niche audience happy. Now this is not a mandatory thing, and there are affiliates who “get away” with selling a product they don’t own, but it can absolutely add value, authenticity and quality to your sales pitch if you own the thing you’re selling, and if you try it and can talk about it to people interested in it. 

There’s just a sense of safety when people who are interested in buying something hear from someone who purchased it. That way they know what they are getting and what to expect and that makes paying for the product less stressful and something they look forward to doing.

5) Typically you will want to look at the most popular selling things on CB with the following things:

The highest gravity (over 50 is good) and lowest refund rate (Under 5%).

These 2 parameters are what I personally look for INITIALLY when I am looking to find a new thing to sell from CB. But while this process is easy and CB does provide you with a list, you will want to filter out the choices you have with the other 4 things I just listed above. 

Here is a tutorial where you’ll find specific details on how to recognize which things are selling well on CB and what is worth promoting. But again, this is the easy part, the hard one is running it through the other 4 things before it. 

But trust me, doing this will really help you make sales in the short and long run because it will align the necessary things you need to get the right audience to love the thing you’re selling and want to buy it.

How I find what to promote on Clickbank (step-by-step):

1) I am going to make sure that I have a niche topic/site and that I have a PhD in it (metaphorically speaking, but you get what I’m saying here)! 

2) I will head over to the Clickbank Marketplace and look at the category or categories of things that relate to my niche topic best. So if I am into health and fitness, that is the category I’d pick here.

3) I will see the top selling products in the category I chose and then carefully examine the top 5-10 product’s sales pages, the gravity, the refund rate, how much I can get paid, if the price is fair and so on.

The better the sales page, the higher the gravity number (again, over 50 is awesome) and the lower the refund rate, the more I know the product I want to promote is the right one!

4) I will (if I am truly passionate about it) buy the thing I am promoting so I understand it well.

5) Once I pick out the promotion, I will write a review of it on my site or pitch it to my niche audience and let them know how awesome it is and with experience on the subject and/or knowing a lot about what I am selling, I will be able to come up with a great sales page to get people to buy this stuff.

Here’s some examples to help you:

1) I have a knee site with the niche audience being people with knee problems, so I hop on CB and find a good knee program to sell (after examining it through the filter I just mentioned).

2) I have a diet site where the emphasis is losing weight quickly, so I also hop on CB and find a program called the 2 week diet and make sure my niche audience understands that it helps them lose weight quickly (see the connection of how the niche audience gets the solution in my promotion?).

3) I find a niche audience of people who want to do cleansing, hop on CB and promote the “master cleanse” to them (this is an actual program on CB that I’ve made sales through by the way).

This works very well and if you’re new to this whole concept, trust me, you need to begin with a niche. Don’t just find a product and start selling it without an audience that would best benefit from it as well as no experience on it at all, know it before you sell it…

4 thoughts on “What to Promote on Clickbank. My Six Figure Results From it”

  1. Great article on one of the most popular affiliate marketing sites. Clickbank is a great source of products but only (as you mentioned) if you know how to find the right product to promote. This is a great way for new people to start who do not have any products (or know how to create new products) it is a good starting point. Do you know of any tutorials or websites for people to join and learn affiliate marketing?

  2. Hello there Vitaliy,

    This is by far the best tutorial I have seen on making money on clickbank. The walk through and examples have really been insightful to me and I have bookmarked your post to refer to it later. I would really love to have you coach me on affiliate marketing with Amazon one on one. You seem to be well acquainted with it. Even if I have to pay. I am willing. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Dave, I don’t charge for coaching, but I do advise people join Wealthy Affiliate here so I coach them inside that program. Also I don’t really focus as much on Amazon promotions as much as I do on other things, but the way I make money with them, with Clickbank and/or other programs always comes down the same, exact principals which is marketing the best products to a specific niche audience. 


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