Is Seven Figure Profit Code a Scam? A Review From a Member.

I don’t believe Seven Figure Profit Code is a scam, but after buying and checking it out, I just can’t recommend it due to the quality of training I saw. Read this review to find out more.

Quick Report on Seven Digit Profit Code:seven figure profit code review

Price: I got it discounted for under $20. There was one up-sell I was offered after I purchased it, but the cost of it wasn’t shown unless I was ready to view the whole sales video. I

didn’t have the patience to do that, so I skipped it, but just know, there is 1 up-sell.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars.

The training is pretty organized and the instructions are simple to understand for beginners.

The big problem however is that they teach a very narrow way of making money online, which I honestly do not think will work and it also requires that you pay a lot of extra money to try this stuff. 

Recommended? No.

7 figure profit code alternative

So what is Seven Figure Profit Code about? 

It’s training on gathering an email list through a website and sending it over to a referral program called Now Lifestyle, an MLM program I have reviewed before.

The instructions are detailed and you are shown where to go, what to click, how to set things up which is why I said beginners should be OK with following through the instructions.

The training of Seven Figure Profit Code explained:

seven figure profit code members area

So this is a small snippet of the members area but what I want you guys to focus on is the part where it says “Build Website all the way through “Send Traffic”. This is essentially the part of the site which teaches you the system. So let me explain it:

Build Website:

Here you go through a series of videos of setting up a Click funnels page. You will have to get hosting to have this up and running and they recommend “Blue Host”, but strangely don’t link to it. They also point out they aren’t associated with them. It’s strange as usually programs make extra money recommending the tools they advise using…

Anyway, just so you know, Click Funnels is a program which helps you make email collection pages and then gives you stats on how many people sign up.

Collect Leads:

So there’s 2 videos in this section and what they have you do is buy an autoresponder program which will help you collect an email list through Click Funnels and store them.

Promote Products:

Now I honestly though they’d give me various affiliate networks to work with here, something like Clickbank or Amazon but no, this part of the training was showing me how to become an affiliate for the “Now Lifestyle” program.

This is a bit narrow, as it seems to look like an MLM program they’re trying to get you into, but they don’t link to it which again is a strange thing…

Anyway, this section of the training is going to show you how to promote that Now Lifestyle program.

Send Traffic:

In this final section of the training, they advertise you using a program called “Web Fire” in which you pay money to get visitors to your site.

So basically this is what 7 Figure Profit Code is teaching you to do:

  1. You are basically buying traffic on Web Fire.
  2. You are sending that traffic to your Click funnels site.
  3. You are collecting an email list and promoting Now Lifestyle.
  4. When you promote that network, you can make sales for each person who joins.

Seems straight forward, why the 2 out of 10 stars then?

So we have to talk about the big cons I saw (and the better option). Here are some of the cons I found while exploring this program worth noting:

1) The training is very basic stuff and the problem with this is that:

It’s enough to get you started, but frankly, it’s not as simple as it looks. 

2) Buying traffic from sites like Web Fire will get you traffic, but honestly:

It’s not as easy to get people to buy as it sounds. A lot of programs preach this mantra of buying traffic and collecting email lists, but it often ends up being lost money because the traffic doesn’t typically convert.

And they don’t really show the detailed ways of getting targeted traffic to your Clickfunnels site. Only truly experienced online marketers can make this work. Beginners will likely lose and waste money.

3) You are spending a lot of extra money on top of buying the program itself to make this system work.

It’s hidden fees in a way and I don’t like that. Plus the money spent isn’t guaranteed to make a profit, it never can be. This is where you as a member need to be experienced to understand complex material like traffic generation, relevancy, sales funnels and things that most people just don’t have any clue about.

4) Despite there being newbie friendly instructions:

The execution of those instructions in my opinion isn’t enough to make people make good money. You’ll probably see the system work in terms of seeing traffic land on your Click Funnels page and you may even start collecting an email list, but you need to take care of it and offer value to people who are on your list and the training doesn’t go over this…

5) I honestly think they over-hyped this program by a lot. 

Yeah they really hyped up their pitch, give me a break…

6) They limit the training on what you can promote and how you can make money.

They are teaching you to promote a program you know very little about. The ability to make money online exists and there are plenty of opportunities of things you can promote if you know where to find training that teaches that and 7 Figure Profit Code doesn’t do that, they just show you how to promote 1 network, albeit it vaguely…

7) Guys, I’m an online marketer and:

Being that I know about online marketing material and the value of make money systems that I review pretty well, I have to say that I rate the level of training in this program to be low.

It is organized and detailed, but the value offered is poor in my opinion.

Final Rating: 7 Figure Profit Code.

Red flag

2 out of 10 stars. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who reviewed this, call it a scam, but I wouldn’t get on that train. They didn’t buy the program, I did and I though the training was sub par, but not close enough to be recommended.

My Final Thoughts:

While I do feel like I wasted a little bit of money, it could have been worse. I also want to mention that on the members site, this program does try to pitch and get me into a program called $700 Profit Club, a program I did review and did call a scam, so watch out for that if you join (they run ads on the members area leading to that program). 

Either way, my advice would be to skip 7 Figure Profit Club and get into a program where there’s no risk in joining and you get the beginner friendly training, that also works and offers support.

What I recommend instead of 7 Figure Profit Code:

It’s simple: Wealthy Affiliate.

Here’s why my recommendation out values the 7 Figure Profit Code:

1) They offer vague training. My recommendation offers great valued training.

2) They offer very limited support/help unless you call a coach. My recommendation offers 24 hour support, for free through a live chat and free coaching.

3) They were rated 2 out of 10 stars. My recommendation was rated 10 out of 10 stars.

Overall, Wealthy Affiliate is the WAY better, beginner friendly and workable program to use in my opinion, and also because I’ve made a lot of money through using that system:

Thank you for reading my review of Seven Figure Profit Code!

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