Is 700 Profit Club a Scam? This Review Reveals The Lies.

I know how programs like 700 Profit Club operate and I’ll be exposing that in this review. I don’t know if it’s a scam, but I’ll reveal their 7 lies.

Quick Report:700 profit club review

Name: 700 Profit Club by a mystery person and that’s always a big issue…

Price: At least an initial $98+ investment, with a mandatory $22/month and other optional expenses. I am also absolutely certain that’s NOT the end of it and you will be pitched even more after you make that purchase.

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing about this program, from it’s sales pitch to what it actually sells you and HOW it does it is legitimate. There are so many lies that I saw through the sales pitch and that’s only in the first few minutes of listening to it! No I will not recommend the 700 “Profit” Club.

700 profit club alternative

700 Profit Club in a nutshell:

This is basically what we in the internet marketing world call a “hosting scam”.

What happens is that you are pitched a “miraculous” system that says if you sign up, you’re going to get some sort of business set up for you that will make you $700 a day. I’ll explain what this system most likely very shorty, but that’s the second part of the scam…

Here’s the first part of the scam:

Even if there is some sort of “amazing system” just waiting for you, in order to access it, you first have to buy a website and hosting and that’s where this program “gets you”.

After the sales pitch is done and you are transferred over to the checkout page, the first stage of up-sells becomes apparent and here is the breakdown:

700 profit club catch

You cannot access the “amazing” system 700 Profit Club has in store for you unless you make this payment and while you can elect to check off a few things to make that price a little bit lower (or a little bit higher), what happens is that your “business” that this program gives you will NOT be able to operate unless you purchase and keep the above offer.

This means at the very least, you are “forced” to keep paying this type of price over and over. But hey it’s fine if you get that crazy system they were promising you right? 

Enter the second part of this scam…

A measly $100 means nothing if you can make $700 a day or month so a lot of people may elect to go this route. However, the problem with hosting scams like the one being run here in my opinion is that the “system” you get is likely a bad website that’s supposed to have some sort of eStore in it.

The idea is that this website will attract visitors, they will buy from your site and the site will make the “promised” earnings, all on auto pilot. 

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve reviewed programs that run like this and every single time, the reality of what you get from a system like this is usually…

A bogus eCommerce website that you don’t know how to operate.

It can even be useless because it won’t get any traffic and it’s VERY likely that in addition to the hosting and website expenses you ALREADY paid to access this stuff, that they’ll pitch even more things to you such as traffic packages, coaching and other things.

In short…

In my personal opinion and based off a lot of experience, you’re going to get stuck with a website that has no real merit and you may also be stuck with paying monthly hosting expenses for this. And in addition, I really have little doubt you’re also going to get pitched a bunch of other up-sells. 

This program has lied to you a lot of times in the beginning, it’s only logical it’ll keep operating this way the further you get into it…

Just how many times does this program lie to you? The current count is 7:

I honestly couldn’t stand listening to the entire sales pitch because by the time a few minutes passed, I had already amassed enough points to completely debunk this program, but here is the initial list of lies I got from it:

1) Who made this program? No one knows. 

Would you ever feel comfortable buying from someone who never shows their face? 

2) Where are the credentials and proof of this system?

You hear a woman talking all throughout the sales pitch and I assume she is supposed to be the creator of the 700 Profit Club. Yet the only thing that comes close to seeing “her” face is this image:

There is absolutely NO evidence that this image is even real.

There was no name to the person who was speaking in the video and I am certain the images you see are some sort of stock photos purchased on third party sites. It happens a lot with these scam programs.

And further more, again, there is NO name to the person speaking. 

Would you like an example of legitimacy?

Take me, I actually do business on the internet. I have no problem showing my face (here is an example). 

And in terms of credentials, I offer them up all the time (I have various case studies on the upper right hand side) because I know how skeptical people are (and they should be) and that I need to earn people’s trust before anything.

3) This is a hosting scam.

I’ve already explained how such a scam operates, but it’s part of the many lies in this system. I don’t know much about the hosting they are pitching, but what I do know is that the way this is pitched is a total lie and I never trust the advice of a no named person to tell me what to buy. 

People should NEVER be forced (like they are in the 700 Profit Club) to buy anything until they are aware, educated and comfortable. 

4) The sales pitch says they aren’t selling you anything. Really?!

Here is a screenshot from it and I already showed why that’s a total lie…

5) They always make it sound like you’ll make money effortlessly and easy.

A majority of the biggest online scams operate under the way they market the idea of how easy it is to make money from home. I’m sorry to tell you this, but it is not.

I have done business through the internet for about 12-13 years and I can tell you that while the results CAN be remarkable, it does not come easy. You really need a legitimate source of information and training to tell you this and then you need to take that and apply action. This is how I and every other legitimate online businessman has done it.

6) The 700 Profit Club makes it sound like there’s little to no spots left.

The idea of marketing through “scarcity” is common practice among scams and even some legitimate programs. With the 700 Profit Club, we’re looking at the former and I can prove it:

A) In internet business, you don’t usually have physical products to market, they are typically digital, meaning there is no limit to how many you can give out. If I write an eBook, a limitless supply of people can download it. 

B) This site says they have 30 spots available, 29 are taken up (from what I remember) and that this offer is going to close soon. Here’s why that’s a lie…

I’m doing this review in early September of 2017. I’ve seen reviews on Google for this program since February of 2017.

I can bet you that there have been WAY more than 30 people since Feb-Sep who have come through this 700 Profit Club site and signed up and they all saw the same message on the scarce availability and bought into it. 

7) They criticize cheap sales pitch pages as scams and then do the exact same thing…

700 profit club screenshot

At this point, this is just insulting and I think you are beginning to understand why I personally couldn’t continue to sit through the rest of the sales page and listen to this lie. 

I had enough and by this time, 7 lies was more than plenty for me to assume this program was NOT one I’d be recommending or further trying out.

Could there be more than 7 reasons? Oh. YES.

But honestly, it’s just a waste of time to keep this going.

I think I’ve made enough points by now to explain why there’s not enough reason, at least for me to trust this questionable program called 700 Profit Club.

So let me give you my rating of it:

Final Rating: 700 Profit Club.

0 stars

Big Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. I’ve provided 7 reasons they lie to you and that’s 7 good reasons why this program is not worth trying.

My final thoughts:

Exposing these scams is something I love to do because I have been in the position of the person who has been scammed many times (read my story) when I first started, and I know how they work, exactly what they do and how to avoid it. 

At the same time, like I said earlier, I have an actual recommendation for a GOOD, trustworthy program and I can tell you if you try it and actually use it, you can really build a truly legitimate business. 

And while I recommend actual programs that work, I still know that scams like 700 Profit Club will continue to exist. If nothing else, just remember the same points I made about it if you ever run into a scam like it in the future and I promise you will avoid a lot of financial problems…

4 thoughts on “Is 700 Profit Club a Scam? This Review Reveals The Lies.”

  1. Hi, Vitaliy, more than anything else that has to do with affiliate marketing, (owning an online business), what gets me angry are these scam opportunities that still pollute the internet such as 700 profit club.

    The thing is that a naive individual who has never gotten involved with running an online business would most likely get tricked into the idea that he/she would make $700 per day through this bogus program. The uninformed person would tell him/herself, “That’s $21,000 per month” and like a fool go all in. Get rich quick schemes are nothing but a fantasy and unfortunately too many people, daily, still fall for them.

    As you pointed out in your review, almost from the moment that a person foolishly signs on to this scam, he/she is immediately hit with the scheme requiring that the purchase of a domain name for a new website along with other slick deals would add up to around $100. The individual had been forced already to pay for 3 months worth of service by this fraud outfit, a major part of the entry fee.

    So, the individual now has his/her own website. It looks as if this program offers no formal training/education to help the individual promote his/her business online. He/she would just have a big empty website with no content on it.

    What would the individual be promoting, even if the selection were nothing but digital products? It looks as if, on his/her own any type of education regarding so many aspects of running an online business – selecting a niche, learning how to do keyword research and SEO strategies, writing relevant content, promoting the website, etc… would have to be found, somewhere online. 700 profit club certainly would do absolutely nothing after they stole that person’s initial join fee.

    And yet, somehow this person could easily make $700/day stated by this company?! What a bunch of nonsense. Unfortunately as I stated earlier, unless the person would conduct research on this opportunity first, and also read your article, investing even 1 penny into this program would be money lost.

    Your grade of 0 out of 10 for this scam opportunity was absolutely correct.

    • Hi Jeff, you are completely right. I remember lack of education in this business also led me to make the same mistakes people do who invest in this program. I although thought blindly, didn’t research the products before hand and was taken for a lot of money. 

      I absolutely give people the same exact points you made today because as long as an opportunity to make money exists, very few good and many bad programs will continue to be produced. It is important for us to distinguish between them and help people who are uninformed to be able to do the same thing. 

  2. Hello Vitaliy, and thanks for posting this scam review. I’m glad it was you and not me sitting through their presentation, because that sort of thing drives me mad.

    I’ve had my share of failure from unscrupulous marketers out there, and I appreciate you waving the big red flag to help folks avoid being taken.

    I relate to what you’re saying about how obvious it is to recognize the blunt lies of this program; even the name screams scam, since it sound like the familiar “700 Club.”

    Also, thank you for guiding people to a legitimate way of earning online through honest hard work. I wish you continued success in your marketing efforts!

    • No problem Edwin! Believe me, it wasn’t easy to have to listen to that presentation. I’ve listened to so many of these that I often just start to blank out to avoid feeling foolish.


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