A Good Niche Idea That’s Guaranteed to Work: Selling Kayaks

In early March of this year, I began writing on “little” niche ideas I had been coming up with to help people who are starting out in online marketing. This article will be the second where I talk about a good one I found while recently coming home from a vacation and frankly, I see no reason why it won’t make money.

That’s the thing about niches, they can really pop out anywhere, at anytime and if you’ve got the marketer mindset, just about every experience you go through, whether in your daily life, on vacation or even if you’re just passing by something, like a sign can really become something you make money of.

What is this “good niche” you speak of? Well it’s kayaks.

While vacationing in Florida for over 2 weeks, I was trying a lot of different sports and activities. I was jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, diving, ect… and out of all these water sports which I did enjoy doing, the one which really impressed me and I ended up doing 2 times was kayaking. 

Even as I was paddling through the waters, landing on different islands and really enjoying how peaceful it was, in the back of my mind, I was thinking about how great it would be if I had a niche site set up for this topic. 

But wait, isn’t kayaking a broad niche? Yes and no.

It is actually sub topic of water sports and water sports are a sub topic of sports in which case yes it is a niche and a good one! 

In addition to trying this out 2 times, I also went to several Wal Marts and looked online at how much these things cost. I can’t really buy one because I live in an apartment in New York so it wouldn’t fit me to have one handy unless I get some kind of storage space, but man, if I lived in areas near water, lakes, rivers, even oceans, selling kayaks as an affiliate would be a booming business for me. 

Now the last time I wrote about a good niche idea which was here, I ended up making a page on it and I’m warning you readers right now, if you’re into kayaks or any specific water sports, make sure you make a page on this as soon as possible. I’m telling you, the money is insane when it comes to this niche. 

Facts about the kayaking niche that will blow your mind:

The term kayaks gets over 2 million searches MONTHLY:

niche idea kayaks

2. Million. People. Plus! And this is also a potentially high ticket niche for affiliate marketers.

Now it’s almost a 100% sure that if you make a page on this, you probably won’t rank for that main term but you have to know that your goal with any niche site is to occupy as much of the other online space as possible on this topic.

Which means instead of targeting the general term “kayak”, target:

  • The different types there are (inflatable, whitewater ones, portable, ect…).
  • Accessories that go with them (paddles, life vests, ect…).
  • Make instructional videos and blog posts on on how to use them, clean them, take care of them, get the best prices, ect…

These 3 topics within the niche site can provide you with at least 200+ blog post ideas and then if you also add videos of yourself paddling or showing people where to go? Man, you’ve got yourself a site that can make big money.

Well how much money can one make with this niche?

After looking over Amazon, the prices I saw at Wal Mart which vary from about $50 for the cheapest inflatable ones to over a $1,000 for the high end kayaks, and taking into account that Amazon has a 4-15% commission rate, I estimate that affiliates can make (if at a 4% commission):

Somewhere in the range of $2-$40+ and if you reach 15%, then it’s $7.50-$150. But this is for Amazon. There maybe other big name sites or even individual businesses that sell kayaks which you may find a different rate for.

How would I go about making money in this niche?

Well for one, you need to know about kayaks and love them, a lot. I do not recommend you get started on this kind of page unless you love it or know about it. Even if you don’t know a lot, just the fact that you like it will push you to learn more about it and you will be able to become an expert overtime.

Next, I would create the page and then go about making an about me section there. It is crucial that if you are into these topics, that you include at least 1 picture of yourself on a kayak. 

Next I would begin looking at keywords and compiling them to use for writing blog posts and possibly making videos which for this topic would be very beneficial! I’ll get you started by giving you a few keywords that’ll be great for this niche site:

niche idea on kayaking

It is very important that you first write posts that are informative. I normally do not like to start writing on products and linking them to affiliate offers right away. I typically like to wait until I get organic traffic first. If I were doing this, those are the first 10 keywords I would write content on, giving me 10 articles and a page that is well on it’s way to becoming an authority niche page.

And then there’s the content you can create from just product reviews, which is just going to add dozens if not more content ideas and articles to your page giving you even more authority. 

And when it comes to the products, I recommend reviewing those which already sell well and you can easily find those in this specific topic by either just visiting a local water sports shop and asking them which kayaks are popular or just going to Amazon and using the Amazon best seller strategy that I personally used for some of my sites.

And by the way, I did use it for this topic (visited Amazon):

making money selling kayaks

There are a ton of these products to review in this niche. Each of those kayaks has it’s own model name and that model name is it’s own keyword. Here’s just some of the terms:

types of kayaks you can sell

If you know how to do keyword research, see for yourself how popular those terms I just provided are. There’s people who look for these specific models online. What if they found your site that reviewed it and purchased it of you? That can make you some good money.

For the above screenshot (the Amazon one), I was only showing you the products I found on page 1 of results and in that case, there were several pages with well over a 100 products, meaning you have over a 100 article ideas available.

Don’t most people buy this product physically vs ordering it online?

This is something I did worry about and I do believe in many areas especially where there’s large bodies of water and water sport stores is where most people will buy kayaks, but based on the fact that there is are huge keyword searches for these topics and, at least based on Amazon, that people look like they are ordering them online and leaving reviews means there are enough groups of people that prefer they have it sent to them which means you can promote them.

People order a lot of things online and I would not be surprised if large products like these would be included in their online purchases!

Just one sale on a high quality kayak can earn you over a $100 and if you want to go further and you live in an area where water sports are popular, why don’t you open up a shop and sell it to people there? You can technically make a lot of money this way too.

People would come and rent them from you and by having a site as well, you can also sell them to anyone, anywhere. If you just prefer doing the affiliate thing and don’t want to bother owning them and selling them, that’s fine too, just have the site, promote them there, let the other vendors worry about it while you keep a commission.

How would I structure my content on this site to sell the kayaks?

As I said before, I would focus a lot on writing informational content, at least in the beginning. I don’t like pages that do nothing but sell me stuff. In my experience, blogs that sell more are those that inform people about a topic a lot before selling because then the customers have more trust and you have a much more likely chance of conversion rates happening. 

Now it is also important to funnel every post I have to related posted I’ll be making on this website to other relevant posts, aka interlinking accordingly. 

In other words:

  • Let’s say I have 20 informational posts on things like how to use, clean, manage and get the most out of kayaks (these are informational posts). I can link all of them to one review post where I recommend a specific brand for beginners.
  • If I have a post on different accessories for this topic, I can link one or more of them to posts where I review the best ones in each category and sell them.
  • Every informational post can also link back to a product review or other information posts to make the site much more rich in content and make it something that people will love to read and share with their friends. 

In the end, the goal is to provide the highest quality content information I can for this topic and help people make the right choice for the kayaks they’ll buy and the other accessories they can also have while at the same time making it known that I am (or you are) the right person to turn to if they ever have questions. 

With a topic that has several million people searching for it and hundreds of topics you can go over on the page you make, this is another example of a big and legitimate money making site that can be made if you work hard.

All this sounds great, but what if I’m a beginner?

Everything here sounds awesome. After all, who wouldn’t want to make a successful page like this?

But if you don’t know how to create a niche site or maybe this isn’t your niche (here are 50 niche examples) and make blog posts targeting keywords or none of those terms make any sense, you will need training to understand all that and make this happen:


But if you are experienced, know how to make niche sites and enjoy kayaking, you need to take advantage of this amazing idea right away.

Let me know what you think about this idea I just showed you and if you plan on making own page from it. I’d love to know if there’s more ideas you can add to this already, just about guaranteed idea to make it even successful.

9 thoughts on “A Good Niche Idea That’s Guaranteed to Work: Selling Kayaks”

  1. Great niche idea. And it just goes to show that one can sell just about anything online that you can think of. In fact the more obscure, the more successful you are likely to be.

    The only part about selling anything is knowing something about that niche or at least being interested in what you are researching, or you could run out of ideas to write about.

  2. I think the kayak niche is a good one. I’ve done kayaking a few times and I know exactly what you mean about how peaceful it can be paddling around in calm waters and beaching it on little islands to take a look around. And going by your Jaaxy searches, it looks like loads of people are researching kayaks but not many people are actually writing about them.

    • No there’s actually plenty of blogs on this Darren, but most of them are not going to beat the one which really goes deep into exploring and writing so much about it and I’ve laid out which topics one needs to cover on their site for them to beat the others.

  3. Great niche idea mate. Thanks for the ideas of targeting the niche such as looking at different types like inflatable and whitewater. I like how you go through the process of creating the site and what you need to do.

    I can’t believe that you can get 200 blog posts on this topic. Sounds like a goldmine.

    • 200 would be actually be a small number compared to the vastness of this topic Owain. My first goal would be to hit 50 blogs, then slowly reach the 200 point. I think within a few years, hitting 500 blog posts on this niche is very possible.

  4. I do love to Kayak in the Summer months as I live by a large lake.

    We have one for everyone in the family and really enjoy getting out on the water as a family.

    You are right that there are so many opportunities to create a niche site if you just look at what you enjoy doing first.

    I may have to look into this as my next project, or a form of this with a twist.

    You have me thinking…



    • I would make this one of your main projects Wade because it already seems like you like this topic more than enough to write a lot about it.

  5. Hi Vitaliy,

    Although I am not a big fan of water sports still I love the way you explained all the basics of how to make a successful website. I am making a website on basketball and got some interesting ideas from this post.

    What do you recommend, should I directly start reviewing basketball related products– which I am doing right now, or should I write about basketball basics and technique first?

    Looking forward for your reply. Thanks once again for providing this wonderful information.



    • Hi Aman, the thing is basketball is extremely broad for a niche topic. I would try to tackle something like basketball sneakers for men and review different kinds in articles while also providing articles that talk about tips on how to play better. If the niche site becomes more popular, you can then start reviewing more common topics like actually selling basketballs and maybe jerseys. Another niche you can try tackling is basketball jerseys for men which is big.


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