Is Evergreen Traffic Academy a Scam? I Purchased it.

This is a rare review of Evergreen Traffic Academy because I actually bought it and want to give you an inside look. Is it good? Is it a scam? 

Here are the answers:

It is good, it is not a scam, but this program has a few general aspects that I don’t think would serve beginners well. I will explain exactly what I mean as you read this review and I give you an inside look into the program…

Evergreen Traffic Academy review (summary):

evergreen traffic academy review

Creators: Greg Konenko and Stephen Ciancio.

Price: $17 (Great value).  4 up-sells:

2 for $27.21.

Then the 3rd up-sell features 3 different offers for DFY sales funnels that use the training within this program. You can buy 2 funnels for $77, 4 sales funnels for $107 and 8 sales funnels for $137.

Finally, the last, 4th up-sell is an entire done for you business set up using all the training tips within the program (but again, it’s done for you) and that is $1,497.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.

Great program. However, I believe most of the training will be easier to get done if you are an intermediate individual to online marketing. If you are a complete beginner, start here:

What’s Evergreen Traffic Academy all about?

This is a training program that teaches you to create the following things:

  • A personal blog on a niche topic (here is an example).
  • A YouTube channel to funnel the traffic from to the blog.
  • A Pinterest account to also funnel to the blog.
  • You will also learn SEO as a third source of traffic.
  • Then you are taught how to monetize all these traffic sources when they come to the blog (affiliate marketing, opt ins, ect…).

But before you create those things, you are taught how to discover and pick an evergreen niche market, which if you’re unfamiliar with, I explain here.

But once you pick one out, each of those above things I mentioned that you make has their own training to go through within the program. Overall, there are 7 training modules and if I were to summarize this program to you in one sentence, it would be explained like this:

You create a blog and learn to get free traffic to it from Pinterest, YouTube and SEO (Organic Google rankings). 

These 3 sources of traffic can provide a lot of plentiful visitors to your site from which you can monetize off. I personally know a lot about the SEO part and have had some success with YouTube like here.

However, one of the untapped sources of traffic was always Pinterest and to date, I will say that Stephen’s programs which often cover Pinterest have been some of the best training in that regard.

Details on the training inside Evergreen Traffic Academy (members area revealed):

evergreen traffic academy inside look

Like I said, I bought the product (the first, $17 one, not the up-sells). The core of this program, as I said earlier is 7 training modules.

Here is a summary of each:

Module 1:

It is hosted by Greg and goes over case studies on the results of using the traffic sources. Greg has several videos in this module where he showcases how much traffic he is getting to his blog from YouTube, Pinterest and SEO.

Module 2: 

This is where you officially start doing things on your own by selecting a niche topic. There are a few videos where Greg explains the process and for the most part I like it. Here’s my personal free training on niches that is in my opinion equally useful that you can check out.

Module 3: 

This section has you create your own website for the niche picked out in Module 2, and there’s 18 videos here, taking you from the process of picking a domain name, to setting up the hosting, to cleaning up and preparing the site for traffic that will come from the next modules.

Module 4: 

In this module, you begin to learn about your first of three free traffic sources, YouTube. 9 videos are provided that take you from creating your first YouTube channel to making your first videos and even learning keyword research, specifically for YouTube and they have a product recommendation here: VidIQ. I have my own success stories with YouTube, check one out here 🙂

Module 5: 

Here, you get into the second of three free traffic sources, which is Pinterest. I have to be honest, I went over this section briefly, but fully intent to return to study up on far more carefully since as I said, this is one of the main traffic sources I haven’t mastered yet and I do like how Greg teaches it.

Module 6:

Finally, here you get into SEO, which is the third and final free traffic source within the training of Evergreen Traffic Academy.

I have to agree with about 60% of what was taught here, but one thing I disagreed with was how Greg focused a lot on using special SEO tools (which in my opinion can be very faulty) to basically “steer” your SEO efforts when you blog.

By that I mean they will tell you how much keywords to use, how many links to get, and so on, it’ll be like a site audit that happens in real time as you blog.

To me personally, I feel this takes away from the main message of SEO which is high quality content and to be honest, if you’re a beginner, I don’t think this module would be very good for you to learn SEO from. It’s not wrong, I just happen to think a different, less tedious style would serve beginners better:

Module 7: 

This final module is all about monetizing your blog from the 3 traffic sources. You can make money many different ways here, affiliate marketing, list building, you name it.

Then there’s some bonus sections as well as links to the original up-sells mentioned earlier. And there’s also links to join Stephen’s private FB group as well.

Final Rating: Evergreen Traffic Academy.

Green Flag

7 out of 10 stars. I really liked this program and to be honest, if you already possess a site and some internet marketing experience, this program, for the $17 (base product) is a steal and well worth it. But for beginners, it’s something I’d hold on buying until they gain more experience (start with this, it’s better).

My final thoughts:

I’ve been a fan of both Stepfen Ciancio and Greg Konenko since I started buying their programs (they usually partner up to make programs such as this one) so naturally when I see a new product out (such as Evergreen Traffic Academy) and it’s by these guys, it’s almost an instant buy for me.

However, what I typically notice is that the products that are put out by these guys, while providing awesome training that is in theory good for beginners, is usually in practice, better for intermediate people.

This is because the membership area doesn’t really have a comments section. You can sign up to Stephen’s FB group and ask it there I assume, but typically it is better to have a Q & A section WITHIN the members area of the site. 

Also, putting into practice the tips these guys teach WORKS, but beginners will always have doubts on if they are getting it done right and they need support and perhaps even more detailed training to get over this hump.

Intermediate people won’t have issues blazing through the training and putting the stuff into action due to their experience. So if you are a beginner, while Evergreen Traffic Academy is good and recommended, here is what is far better for you:

That’s my personal opinion and honestly, both these programs are great for making money online. I just feel the beginner will have less walls and hassles to get through with Wealthy Affiliate.

There’s nothing wrong with trying out WA first, and then using the training within Evergreen Traffic Academy to add to your online business that you’ll be making.

I will say that WA itself has a plethora of more benefits and less tedious work to go through such as setting up a site (in Stephen’s program, it’s a lot of steps, in WA, it’s FAR less and takes under a minute). Plus there is IMMENSE instant support available.

I’m personally going to keep going through Evergreen Traffic Academy to add to my knowledge base of traffic, but no matter what, I can tell you all right now that the program which has gotten me to being a fully sustained online marketer and working from home has been Wealthy Affiliate and continues to be that.

14 thoughts on “Is Evergreen Traffic Academy a Scam? I Purchased it.”

  1. Hi Vitaliy! Probably this course is valuable, but, there are so many courses online that teach the same or similar things. Even FB and Pinterest itself have great tutorials about how to get traffic. However, the price is not high and upsells are a matter of someone’s choice. Knowing the techniques and tactics on how to manage FB and Pinterest is a very valuable skill. I am not using Pinterest yet though. I might consider starting using it! Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Igor, absolutely you will find free courses on these networks and getting from them online, but in the case of Evergreen Traffic Academy, we’re talking about a system that’s made by successful marketers with a good reputation and considering the general course is pretty cheap to access, I’d get it if you’re looking into marketing on these networks.

  2. Hello Vitaliy, this is a very helpful in depth review. I have tried to avoid shiny object syndrome and just focus on Wealthy Affiliate since I’m a beginner and have a full time job. 

    Wealthy Affiliate keeps on evolving its platform which I really like. There is immense community help there. You have mentioned that Evergreen Traffic Academy offers good Pinterest training but do i need to buy all the upsells just to learn the Printerest traffic method? 

    I bought some other programs similar to Evergreen Traffic Academy and got too many upsells and not enough support. I like the training program to be long term which is there with WA. Thank you for the article.

    • Hi Francis, no, there’s no need to buy the up-sells for the Pinterest stuff, it’s there in the basic training and it’s very good. But ideally, since you are focused on the long term business, Wealthy Affiliate is the right place for you in my opinion.

  3. Hey Vitaliy, awesome post. Your review was very helpful and I felt that I learned a lot from it; I have to ask though, how long were you using this product that you reviewed, and do you still use it today? Thank so much for the information you provided, its good to know that there are still some legitimate products out there that’s inexpensive enough to try it. Good job!

    • Hi R.J, I still have access to this program and am slowly making my way through the course. I just keep very busy with my current business, so I don’t usually have too much time remaining to learn new things, but I can tell you this program’s legit.

  4. I have purchased other Stefan Ciancio and Greg Konenko products. Overall, they are pretty good. I use both SEO and Pinterest to get visitors to my website. I have done very little with YouTube or videos. So learning to make videos is my next challenge.

    Personally, I do not have issues with upsells. I would rather have a basic product at a low cost than a more costly product with features I won’t use or don’t need. At least with the upsells, I can look at the features I decide if I want them or not. In other words, I prefer the a la carte approach.

    • I like your point Glen and if most up-sells functioned this way, I wouldn’t have an issue. The problem with most MMO products and their up-sells is that they usually give you such a hyped pre-sell for a low cost making you believe you get more than you really do. 

      It’s not until the first up-sell hits that you realize all that promised stuff was in the up-sells, not the main product and that is what I despise about up-sells.

      Fortunately, I cannot relay this feeling to Evergreen Traffic Academy or most of Stefan’s products that I’ve purchased in the past. He usually delivers quite well on his main one.

  5. Hi Vitaliy, I was interested to read your review. The initial price of $17 is amazingly inexpensive, but reading further, the cost of additional funnels makes the program more expensive. I imagine that if the teaching is effective enough, as a subscriber I would be able to earn enough to warrant those additional costs.

    An alternative program, you recommend for beginners is Wealthy Affiliate. You also enjoy the Evergreen Traffic Academy. So, is your recommendation for beginners to join Wealthy Affiliate and when they reach a certain level, join the Evergreen Traffic Academy and place focus on that more so than Wealthy Affiliate?

    I look forward to reading your response.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Valerie, every beginner should go to Wealthy Affiliate. If they do, then the only reason I’d recommend Evergreen Traffic Academy is for their Pinterest training. 

      Knowing WA though, they will eventually cover that network as part of their training, in which case, recommending Evergreen Traffic Academy won’t make sense anymore, but for now it does.

  6. Hey Vitaliy,

    This course seems very interesting, in the way you describe it. I’d like to be able to master Youtube, and, specifically Pinterest in order to drive free traffic to my blog.

    Would you suggest it for a Wealthy Affiliate member, given the number of trainings and videos that it hosts?




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