The Fearless Momma Revealed. You Need to Read This Review.

In this review, I’ll explain all you need to know about The Fearless Momma, how it works (it does), but why I don’t recommend the system if you’re a beginner.

The Fearless Momma (2.0) summary:

Creator: Tammy Montgomery. the fearless momma review screenshot

Official site: I am not promoting it, but if you want to join, here’s the link. Read this review first though, then decide on buying it because I have a way better suggestion…

Price: $250. I’m not sure about up-sells, but it’s $250 one time.

How does it work? You basically buy traffic from solo ad websites, link them to a page where you collect an email list, then whatever people sign up, you promote either the actual Fearless Momma program to (and you can make $250 per sale) and/or the same formula can be used to promote other systems.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

This is a review coming from an expert and I fully understand what this program teaches and it’s odds of working. The more experienced you are at understanding email lists, solo ads, and targeted traffic, the better odds you’ll have of making money with this program.

However, if none of those terms made sense to you, then I do not recommend this program at all.

I decided not to buy it, because I don’t really like the way it teaches people to make money online (I know a lot about this), mainly due to it being very tough for both experts, and even more tough for beginners.

Again it CAN work, but there’s so many walls and things you need to realistically understand about the system (I’ll explain them all) that it’s very tough to make it work and even as an expert myself, I wouldn’t try to make money online this way.

Instead, if you are a beginner or even experienced…

Let me explain my position on The Fearless Momma:

I’ve gone through and reviewed SO many systems that operate in the exact same way as this program. There’s seriously nothing new about what this program teaches. 

Now I’m not bashing the system. I already said it works, but there’s less chances of it working when you understand why the system itself has so many hurdles to get through in order for it to work…

The real opportunity explained:

My personal opinion is that this system is designed to feed itself in the sense that it offers very high commissions and resell rights once you purchase the $250 program. In other words, the appeal of making extremely high ticket commissions for this program as an affiliate marketer is what drives people to buy it.

Spending $250 when you’re led to believe you can make it back quickly and profit quickly doesn’t sound like a risky investment, but keep reading on and I’ll explain why I’m not recommending this…

Now I believe the sales page DID mention 100% commissions meaning if you buy the system for $250, you can promote it and make a $250 commission on either some or ALL the sales you make.

This is certainly a MAJOR commission maker if you know how to leverage it properly and I believe that despite you making the big commissions on the front end, this system is probably going to sell it’s new, incoming members/buyers other products on the back end to make more money.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that operation, it’s totally fine. 

Here’s what I have an issue with:

The whole “appeal” of solo ads is mostly an illusion in my experience. If you’ve never heard of this term (You will see and hear it mentioned on the Fearless Momma sales page), it’s basically a form of traffic generation where you buy clicks and visits. 

This means you will likely have to spend money on at least the following things if you’re going to use this system:

1) A website and/or blog. They may recommend free ones, so this may or may not cost you something.

2) You may have to buy a Clickfunnels membership. I noticed that Fearless Momma uses this system to collect emails and it’s an easy way for you to do it too, without owning a website.

However, the issue is that it’s $97 a month (after a 14 day trial) so if this is true, expect costs here folks.

3) The solo ads themselves. The sites that offer solo ads are usually free to join, but buying the traffic, to get the clicks is not, and the better quality traffic you seek to buy (I’m sure this program recommends specific solo ad providers), the MORE you will have to pay.

Quality traffic generally costs more money through solo ads, it’s just the way it works. How much can you expect to pay? I would say anywhere from $50-$100’s for 100’s of quality clicks.

When buying these, you will have to rely on these clicks to convert into leads and then you will have to HOPE that these people BUY the Fearless Momma program from you. 

So keep in mind that the $250 investment is not where it ends. I just don’t believe it is with all I know about how is supposed to work, there ARE more costs involved.

But wait a second Vitaliy, I saw all those commissions on the sales page.

Doesn’t that mean the system works? Sure, I never said it didn’t. 

But this is where the part of being a beginner has to be talked about in this review. The sales reports you see from Tammy the owner and/or other testimonials are likely real. In fact, I say they are.

But you have to understand that these people KNOW online marketing. They understand the process of buying solo ads, collecting a list and converting it into sales. 

This is not the type of stuff that you can master quickly as a beginner. It’s NOT as simple as buying solo ads and making sales on autopilot, it never is, when you’re a beginner.

As I said, I am indeed a REAL expert in this field and I personally never recommend anyone promote programs through solo ads. They just cost too much and have a low sales rate. There are far safer and cheaper investments to make, that can end up making you a higher profit margin.

Now what needs to be mentioned is that there IS training with The Fearless Momma program to help you with learning their style of making money online and replicating it, but no matter how good the training is, there’s 2 main obstacles to always consider in this case:

1) The learning curve. You will have to undergo it if you are a beginner.

2) The extra costs on TOP of the $250 spent on the program to try and make it back on top of the learning curve and time it takes to understand how to make the system work.

Final Rating: The Fearless Momma.

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. I just don’t like the idea of making money online through their strategy because I know all the extra costs and obstacles it requires you bypass if you’re new to it. And I also don’t like the idea of re-promoting the same system to people who will have to undergo the same struggle.

My final thoughts: 

I don’t care about the $250 commission I could get from promoting this system, I care about the practicality of people who try and buy my recommendations to make money from it and I personally feel that while selling the Fearless Momma would be easy for me, I wouldn’t do it because I feel there’s better ways people who take my advice can make money online:

The Fearless Momma is not a scam, and there is potential, but there’s also a lot of obstacles as I’ve said numerous times before. While the recommendation I have also comes with it’s own learning curve, it’s free to try and I’ve achieved my results thanks to it. I really believe (and frankly, know) that you will be able to get better results from it too.

The Fearless Momma

$250 and other costs likely.

The Fearless Momma score



  • You can potentially make high commissions off each promotion of this program.


  • It's very self promotional and I don't like recommending these types of programs.
  • Likely more costs after membership is purchased (solo ads, Clickfunnels).

4 thoughts on “The Fearless Momma Revealed. You Need to Read This Review.”

  1. Thanks for this review of The Fearless Mama! The sales pages on these programs always make it seem SO easy to make money. But once again, it looks like this is not the case. What gets me isn’t just buying the program, but all the hidden costs that come along with it. 

    In this case, you might need a website. (I understand it could be a free one, but are the free ones any good?) You might need Click Funnels. $97 a month? Holy moly! And then buying solo ads. Getting into this would really make me nervous. 

    I appreciate you laying it all out. I’m not sure I would be able to handle all of the costs for this one… 

    • You probably wouldn’t if you were a beginner Christina and that’s the warning I had to give people. There are other costs involved to using this formula. Never mind the $250 price tag or the opportunity to make that same stuff in commission, it’s the other costs you’ll pay to try and make that work. 

      As for the free site question, yes they are good and can do just as well as paid ones, but free websites typically are owned by the company/person who lets you make them on their hosting service, so they can basically unplug it anytime they want. 

      This isn’t something that happens often but I like to FULLY own the website I’m building my business on. To be honest, the program, Wealthy Affiliate does give free sites but they also have their own registrar to buy domains through at a very cheap price that I would recommend.

  2. Making money online is never an easy thing. A lot of online entrepreneurs do take advantage of this: Our hunger to make money online and use it for their own gains. To find a system that is ideal for both beginners and experts can be difficult which is why when you do, you have to stick to it. 

    We are always tempted to promote any product that has the potential to give us very high returns but how many of us don’t really consider those we sell the products to and if they would really benefit from it. This is something a lot of us do not consider and I can tell you that it is something I have probably also thought of doing.

    If I was to come across the Fearless Momma program, I would have probably involved myself with it, but reading your post, I have become more enlightened and would avoid such a program in the future. Thanks for sharing.

    • No problem Jay. I also used to think of promoting things without the thought of how it would benefit the people I was selling it to. There is this underlying tone when people try to sell you stuff, where you as the reader can tell if the seller cares about solving your problem or if they are just trying to sell you things and if they get the latter vibe they are not going to buy anything from that seller.

      The ability to listen to, understand and solve the customer’s problems are what generate sales, but then there’s the other side (again) of who you are selling to and selling them systems which only really aim to promote themselves are not systems I would ever recommend.


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