Is Easy Cash Code a Scam? 4 Risks Revealed in This Review

If I had a list of scam signs to look out for when buying internet marketing programs, Easy Cash Code would check out in just about everyeasy cash code review single box. In this review, I’ll explain the 4 major ones I saw.

Because of all these signs I saw, I decided not to buy it and I think you’ll agree with my position after you see these signs too.

Now these same signs I will tell you about are the ones I learned about through many experiences of buying bad programs and then having to go through a bunch of red tape to get my money back. 

However, in spite of these negative experiences, I am able to make a full time online income with truly good programs, the best of which I’ll also show you in this review, because that is the one that got me results…

Let me say 3 things before we get into this review (they are important):

Firstly, let me say that I’m usually the type of person who WILL buy an make money online type program like this, even if there are signs that there’s some shady, potential scam going on, but in this program’s case as you already know, I’m glad I didn’t buy it and stuck with my main, legit program that makes me money (That’s coming up).

Secondly, I did some background research on Easy Cash Code and what I found vindicated my decision in not getting it. I’ll be sharing the info I found with you shortly. I cannot confidently say that the program is a scam, but the problem is that what it gives you (based on what I found) isn’t very realistic to make the kind of money it says you’ll make (up to $500 a day, give me a break…).

Thirdly, I’ve personally made $500 a day before and even more than that ($1,000+ in some cases, see the case study) through my legit program alternative and let me tell you, it’s NOT a simple level to reach, especially for beginners.

It takes time, it takes hard work and it takes experience. To say that this is achievable for anyone, at any level, at a quick speed is unrealistic and deceptive.

easy cash code alternative

Now I will proceed with the review of Easy Cash Code and give you the scam signs I promised to show you. Usually most bad signs will not deter me from buying it, but in this case, wow, I am glad I didn’t go through with this…

The warning signs that Easy Code is a scam:

So before I even started researching this program, there were initial things that worried me:

1) I saw the sales page. That was the first major issue. Here’s why:

The lady that was pitching this program to me, saying how it was making her good money looked like someone I could find on Fiverr, pay money to, in order to give a positive review (this later turned out to be true).

In other words, false testimonials. It happens often with questionable programs and a good example of this is a program called Home Income Millionaire . Generally speaking if a program isn’t good enough to produce natural, positive testimonials, then it’s usually a sign it isn’t good.

If you want to see legitimate testimonials from a program that works, then check out the Wealthy Affiliate program. You’ll quickly see how the authenticity of the people who try this system is far more authentic than places like Easy Cash Code. Plus since there’s many Wealthy Affiliate success stories, it adds to that.

2) Promises of making money so simply are usually 99.9% of the time, false.easy cash code alternative

The more hyped a sales pitch is, the more likely it is to NOT be true. Making money online fast is often the biggest and deceptive myth about this business which you have to watch out for.

I believe in only 1 case, out of the 100’s of programs I’ve seen, has a hyped sales page ever been proven true and even then, then program didn’t turn out to be amazing.

3) $18 is what’s being charged. But is this it (Upsells).

After seeing that $18 was the price, I had a very strong suspicion that there would be up-sells.

Programs like this one simply do not “end” with such a small charge, quite the opposite, the small charge is the first of many, which then add up to big money spent.

As I said, I buy a lot of the programs I review and 9 out of 10 of them always hit you with upsells. There’s even some that lead to extremely high ticket charges which I 100% tell people to ALWAYS avoid.

If you want to see examples of what a make money online programs can charge you, see this review of Millionaire Mentors Alliance It’s charges can lead all the way up to $70,000+! Then there’s programs like AWOL Academy and High Ticket Closer which are more on the 4 and 5 figure end of costs.

The point is, high ticket charges are NOT uncommon with programs and in recent years, this has become the NORM for many programs to pitch you.

Now the reason I am tying the Easy Cash Code program to high ticket programs is because this programs on it’s sales page says you can earn $500 daily, which in my experiences tells me there may be a high ticket upsell somewhere in the mix, because those income claims usually go together with high ticket systems. So beware.

4) And finally, they literally say all charges are none refundable.

This is what caused me to exit the checkout page.

I kid you not, I was literally typing in my credit card information and clicked the buy now button, but because I luckily had a small typo in the credit card number, it didn’t let me buy it, and when the page refreshed, that’s when I saw in clear, bold wording that there would be NO refund, for any purchase I made.

Here’s the proof:

easy cash code refund policy

Folks, refunds are a must in this business. I get the person selling to you is protecting themselves, but to invest in something that has so many scam signs and not have INSURANCE that your money can be reclaimed if you’re not happy, is a huge blow to this program’s score. 

I’ve studied, purchased and reviewed 200+ programs like this and 99% of them ALWAYS offer a refund. I would never suggest anyone buy a program which would not refund them their money.

5 things I discovered after researching Easy Cash Code even more (I was basically right):

So I checked and cross referenced information on this program from several blogs. This is what they all commonly agreed upon:

1) This program does not end at $18, and like I suspected, there are and will be up-sells, 3-4 of them after you purchase the $18 program. 

2) The same lady I mentioned in the warning above is in fact an actor you can hire from Fiverr to do positive testimonials for you.

Like I’ve said in many programs before which engage in this practice. If your program is good, why hire someone to say it’s good? Let real people, make REAL testimonials.

3) The $500 claim is indeed hyped. I get it, it’s a marketing thing, but I take my experiences, and the claims and training that is inside Easy Cash Code, they are hyped, and I honestly believe making UP to $500 a day with this program is VERY unlikely.

4) And indeed, all the other blogs I saw talking about this program did also mention the NONE refund policy. As soon as I see that, forget it, the program is a no go for me. Losing $18 potentially isn’t a big deal, but if you include the up-sells, that if you pay more means more money spent and potentially more lost, then it’s a risk that gets bigger and bigger with each purchase.

5) And finally, what I saw that is actually being shown to you inside this program is just ways to re-promote the program and make money as an affiliate for them. In other words, you join Easy Cash Code and get tactics on promoting it to other people. And based on what I’ve seen, I’d never want to promote this program to other people.

Final Rating: Easy Cash Code.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. No refunds and simple money making promises make me believe the only person easily making money in this exchange is the owner of this system. I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

My final thoughts:

I generally take the risk and sometimes lose money in buying these sorts of likely scam work at home programs but in this case, I feel I made the right decision. Usually my reasoning for even buying a program, even those which worry me is that I want to provide people with as good of a review as I possibly can.

There is training and opportunity within Easy Cash Code, but more than anything else, there are far more risks and cons in getting involved with this program than benefits based on what I saw.

The 100% safer, truly legit alternative:

The great news about all of this stuff I said is that it just further vindicates my decision to recommend the TRULY better program that helps people with making money online…

Here’s just 5 simple reasons why the program I’m about to unveil to you is recommended above Easy Cash Code:

Aside from that, I hope I was able to answer your questions regarding Easy Cash Code. If you have any further things you’d like to ask or add to this review, leave your comment below.

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