Is High Ticket Closer a Scam? A 100% Cheaper Alternative.

Dan Lok has a 7 week course known as High Ticket Closer. I have expert level experience in this field (sales) so I’d like to let you know if his program is a scam.

I have to tell you the truth and that is that I didn’t want to fork over $2,000+ for his course since I’ve been making online sales for many years without having to spend this much on training and since that’s been working for me, that will be the alternative I will be showing you and I have heard mixed things from people who said they attended his seminars and done his training.

While I won’t make a conclusion on the things I hear, what I will say is this:

If you don’t have an extra $2,000+, and I can show you how to make high ticket sales without spending that much, then you may want to consider this…

high ticket closer alternative

Whether you decide on Dan’s program or not, know that this review will cover how high ticket sales can and should be made legitimately and you’ll have at least 2 different alternatives to choose from to work with, Dan’s program and the alternative one which I have had much success from.

This review, whilst not having an insider look is still going to be informative, because I have the experience to provide my own educated opinion on this program, I know a lot on this stuff, and I’ve looked up reviews for Dan’s program (they are pretty good), so let’s get to it:

The quick review of High Ticket Closer (HTC):

Price: 3 payments of $995 OR one time charge of $2,495.high ticket closer review

Also, Dan is the author of an eBook called F.U Money.

What do you get? 7 weeks of personal training from Dan, a said expert on closing high ticket deals.

What do you learn? Well this is where I turn to my own experiences + Dan’s sales page:

You will learn how to find clients/prospects that have money and sell them services they need for expensive prices.

This can even be monthly charges to “guarantee” you have a good monthly income.

You will likely find these prospects online, through places like Facebook, and you will have to start by identifying things you’re good at, to find clients who need those things, to then make the sales pitch.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

I have to say based on what I have seen, know about this matter and looked up on Dan, he seems to be legit, but he does have controversies if you look him up on places like YouTube.

But since I can’t comment on that, I’ll say that if you’ve never owned a business, or done online sales, looked up leads and are basically a beginner, I would honestly advise tying the alternative program because it’s a safer bet/risk.

This is because you learn the same kind of stuff about making online sales, but their way is through less risk in the money department. Plus having personally taken that program and done well with it, I have numbers to show that this all works:

high ticket closer alternative

The secrets to selling high ticket items (This is how it’s done):

Firstly, know that it’s a difficult thing to sell. You have to approach this subject from a different perspective and this is where I offer you my own experiences I’ve gained as an affiliate marketer and things I’ve learned from other programs on these subjects. 

And I have a list of personal case studies where I explain how I do high ticket affiliate marketing.

But this is a summary:

The first and most important thing to consider is that you have to find a much needed demand for a service that generally costs a lot. Here are some examples:

  • Legal consultations.
  • Financial advisement consultations.
  • Dating coaching, SEO.
  • And marketing consultations.

These are examples (there’s more) of things that generally people pay a lot of money for, some even going as far as paying monthly.

The second and arguably just as important factor is, you need to be good (and I mean that) at any one of these fields and/or others that demand a high payment for services, your goal would be to find leads and prospects with money who would NEED that, and then basically pitch that to them (which is step 3).

Closing deals, especially expensive ones is a hard thing to do, but it’s far easily done when the potential prospect knows that their money is in the hands of someone who can deliver on their promises. That experience you need to have as the second thing I mentioned sells itself.

For example:

This is the 101 formula for high ticket selling success:

And the way I explained it is the legit way of selling high ticket services and products. There are also the bad kinds of high ticket programs you need to watch out for.

I’ve mainly engaged in either selling low cost items and or those which cost monthly and add up to big overall costs in the long term, because those are easier to make.

With higher costs services and items, there is a far greater added responsibility and expectation on you for getting the job done, so keep this in mind as well. After all, you are being entrusted with a large sum of money to keep a promise/guarantee.

And considering Dan’s program is legit, this is what I assume he will be teaching you throughout the 7 weeks, so keeping that in mind, if you aren’t sure that you posses a skill or experience in a field that pays a lot, I would once again strongly consider the other program because it will for sure help you get started and grow into something like that, whilst making a huge business if you work hard.

Because you have to understand that even if you do get a client, if you don’t know your stuff, or how to conduct yourself professionally and deal with the client, they are going to bail.

And if you are sure you’ve got the skills, are experienced and have an extra $2,000+, I honestly have no reason to doubt Dan, because with 7 weeks, plus personal calls and support. It should by my prediction show you this same formula, but obviously in a more comprehensive training manner…

Final Rating: High Ticket Closer.

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. I found mixed reviews of Dan Lok (again most of the mixed views are from my YouTube research) but not really on the High Ticket Closer program, so I will say it is legit, but I’ve also stated my experiences in what he teaches, and know how you learn these skills and become successful without that investment involved.

My final thoughts, what the alternative program will teach you to do:

While I have already hinted and basically said it’s similar to Dan’s program, let me be more descriptive on all that here:

Am I advising against Dan’s program entirely? Absolutely not, like I said, I have no reason to not believe the man and his program and generally, without 100% proof to the contrary, I have no reason to believe Dan’s High Ticket Closer is a scam.

But what cannot be argued is that you’re comparing 2 programs, one which costs a lot and carries a lot of investment risk vs one that has no/low risk but teaches the same things and I’ve already described how the art of high ticket selling works successfully. 

That by the way was not information I picked up from Dan, but my alternative recommendation. That is just a snippet of the gold information they provide, for far less.

6 thoughts on “Is High Ticket Closer a Scam? A 100% Cheaper Alternative.”

  1. Well I’ve seen Dan’s HTC program for a long time now and I’ve wanted to join it, but $2,495 is almost half a million dollars in the country I live in

    It’s $375,000 I don’t have that kind of money. How does he expect me to come up with that much money? I’m there to learn how to make the money and live the lifestyle I deserve not spend what I don’t have.

    He needs to lower the price because I can’t risk a hand and a foot to buy that. It’s not like I’m rich and if I were I probably wouldn’t be here searching for a better way of making money on high ticket sales.

    • Hi Kookie, there are things you said about high ticket closer that I do agree with, but honestly, Dan has his own success and has the right to charge however much he sees fit for his teachings. When a person reaches a certain financial point, they will simply not lower their prices if the demand is high.

      However, as I have said in my review of Dan’s program, you need not spend what he charges to learn about high ticket selling and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you do to this. I would start with that program, because it is substantially cheaper and I’ve made high ticket sales through it’s teachings.

      Keep in mind that selling really expensive stuff isn’t the only way to go and to truly build a good business, you need to pursue building an online business through a passion, and you will get that from WA.

  2. Over the years I have found that the more expensive something is the less of them you sell. Also in order to sell the higher priced item the prospect requires a lot more hand holding. This makes sense since they are shelling out a lot more cash. I would rather sell a medium priced item with recurring income than a few larger items that require me to deal with high maintenance prospects that may or may not purchase. Just my opinion.

    • Actually, you have great points Tom. I have done some high ticket selling and it’s truly harder to sell things there, even if you use the best marketing tactics, people truly need to be warmed up more so for the sale. The only time I’d say you can make easier high ticket sales is when you, yourself are an authority in a particular field that people know that investing in will bring them a good return, in which case, they are very ready to pay you big money, but those things typically happen in things like consulting type niche markets.

  3. I have actually seen Dan Lok’s high ticket closer recommended by a popular YouTube channel called engineeredtruth. The Channel had over 300,000 subscribers on it and he generally makes a lot of good recommendations. So I myself had no reason to doubt that Dan Lok was a scam artist by any means. 

    With that being said, I think 2500 to invest is a lot of money for most people and i think people may want to look at cheaper alternatives before purchasing. Smart thing is always to shop around first before buying.


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