5 Ways to Make Great Money Online (Without a Website).

Having a website isn’t required to make money online (but it is still one of the best options). However, just as the title of this article says, you’re going to find out about 5 ways you can money online without having one.

Each method I will show you are options I’ve personally tried and made some decent money through, and I will also provide a list of resources and info you should use if you decide to try one of these ways out.

Do note, that despite there being 5 ways to earn online without a website, doesn’t mean it’s easy, as these options all come with their own pros and cons too.

Ideally, I would say that owning a website is something you should look into having if your intentions to run an online business are serious, but we’ll get to that after I go over each option first.

how to make money online without a website

Here are the 5 ways of making money online without a website summarized:

  1. Creating YouTube videos and monetizing off them through multiple means.
  2. Making Facebook Fan Pages, driving traffic there and then selling offers through it.
  3. Collecting email lists and promoting offers via email to the list.
  4. Creating paid ads to drive traffic to promotions/squeeze pages.
  5. Using freelance sites like Skillshare & Udemy.

I’ll go over each method in a moment, but as someone who has been making money online for a long time, let me quickly explain why having a website beats any of these methods:

ways to make money online without a website alternative

Now let’s get to these methods:


1) Making YouTube videos.

There’s a few ways to monetize with YouTube videos:

  • Affiliate marketing (my preference).
  • Running ads on your videos (you first need at least 2,000 subscribers). 
  • Promoting offers you own in the description of the YouTube videos.

I’ve personally made numerous YouTube videos and directly linked them to an affiliate promotion before.

You also have a nice set up these days to customize the videos you create to send people to where you want them to.

I have some case studies on this:

Additionally, you can also set up donation buttons and memberships for your subscriber base on YouTube these days. Here’s how to get started with YouTube.

Now this potential isn’t easy to reach.

YouTube despite being as big a it is, is still a competitive market. Just making a video and putting it up there isn’t a guarantee that it’ll go viral or you’ll build up a subscriber base quickly. 

All of these things take time, like any other business to grow and while you don’t need a page to create a thriving business on YouTube, you still need patience, the ability to at LEAST sound good on camera (if you don’t want to show yourself) and you have to possess some sort of knowledge that people would find helpful.

Here’s some things I’ve personally seen that are in demand and people have grown 100k+ subscriber channels through:

  • Political commentary on trending political events (response videos).
  • Videos sharing knowledge on common, hungry niche markets like fat loss.
  • Creating top 10 videos on any type of subject that’s huge (phones, cameras, ect…).
  • Making YouTube channels on evergreen niche markets.

If you want to start making YouTube videos, you have a number of options available, including uploading them through your phone, but many people like to record themselves and put them up that way. Another option you have if to use free programs like ShareX (which I personally use), that record your screen and microphone so you can share knowledge that way.

2) Facebook fan pages.

my facebook fan page

Facebook Fan pages are also set ups where you don’t need to own your own page, but it’s also a thing that needs time to grow. 

Considering you can accumulate a fan base through offering good content and even running Facebook ads to get people into the fan page, you can grow a good number of members through a Facebook Fan Page.


Again, I have to bring up people doing political commentary as I find those people not only have thriving YouTube channels, but in addition set up fan pages that also thrive very well.

And just as well, if you posses knowledge in the same hungry niche markets I listed and linked to above (as well as other similar topics), you can truly grow a good number of subscribers. 

But what about making money through this option? Well there’s a few, really lucrative things to consider:

1) You can do things such as offer consultations if the hungry niche market you picked out has some element of coaching involved. Things like dating advice would be a great example.

2) You can do Facebook Live events and attract your audience to an offer or affiliate offer you’re promoting.

3) You can set up an email list and funnel the subscribers there and then monetize through emails you send them.

4) You can cross market with an existing YouTube channel for instance and offer free content, and on the YouTube videos, offer links to offers as well as the option to do YouTube live events where you can get donations.

Note: I’ve included a link to my own fan page if you’re interested 🙂

3) Building up an email list. 

For this, you MAY briefly need a page, but the set up is so simple, you’ll feel like you never made one. Trust me, you don’t want to cheat yourself the ability to make good money online and sometimes you’ll want to break the “no website rule”.

The idea with email lists is that if you can collect a profitable one, you will not even need a website eventually, other than to collect the list, but you’ll be making money off the list on the back end, so that will be the way to do it without a website.

Your goal with this method is to collect an email list and market products to that list ranging from affiliate promotions to your own. This is not an easy task if you’re new, but it does fall under the rules of no website necessary (technically).

If you want to do this, my suggestion would first be to read the following article on how to collect an email list.

I would also suggest that if you follow this strategy, that you also get yourself an autoresponder like Aweber.

The overall goal is to target a niche market and create YouTube videos, paid ads and/or Facebook fan pages that attract that niche audience to your squeeze page where you collect the email list, and once people are on it, to send them emails to build up their trust, and eventually sell to them.

List building is profitable but often done wrong. If you wish to do this, then I also suggest reading the following article on why the money is not in the list. I know it sounds contradictory but it explains the right way to do email marketing (list building) overall.

4) Running paid ads to a squeeze/sales funnel.

Traffic can be attained through paid and free means. Most people should work through the latter, but through paid means, if you know what to do, you can get a lot of traffic to ANY source you wish, be it a squeeze page, a YouTube video, a FB fan page, an affiliate offer, whatever it is that ends up monetizing you on the back end.

One “only” needs to look at the following networks to see that there’s many ways to get traffic:

Now with the exception of Google Ads, you don’t really need a page to use these networks, you can simply set up squeeze pages and funnel traffic there through the 3rd option above. 

A place like Google ads WOULD require you have a GREAT website that isn’t doing affiliate marketing to be approved for ads. 

Now a quick note on direct linking to affiliate offers and how it can be used through these networks…

If you’re going to directly link to an affiliate offer, ONLY do it through YouTube ads, where you run the ad, send it to a YouTube video which reviews whatever you’re promoting before linking people to it. 

The reason why is because in general, direct linking to affiliate offers doesn’t work (I’ve tested it and so have many, the evidence overwhelmingly says that direct linking through ads is NOT a good way to make money online).

PPC is also advanced like email marketing so I wouldn’t get into this if you’re uncertain or inexperienced. Read this guide to pay per click first before you get involved with it.

Quick note: How to get training to succeed in options 1-4:

While I always tell people to join Wealthy Affiliate to learn one of the best ways to make money online, that in 99% ofmarket hero image it’s training deals with doing so through a website. 

Being that this article deals with earning without one, I will suggest another AWESOME program that specifically tackles ways to monetize online through those 4 methods I listed above:

The program is called Market Hero and it teaches all of the above methods I explained. Now I do want to make it clear that it also teaches making membership websites, but the traffic generation part (1-4) can be done without it and the training at Market Hero is so far the best I’ve seen on these options.   

Note: I have to disregard Market Hero because I found the training to have issues so no, it’s not recommended!

5) Udemy/Skillshare.

Both these places provide compensation for people who set up online courses and pay you per student or in Skillshare’s case, it’s a redistributed compensation (see details on Skillshare here). 

There’s people who make some great money producing content and courses on these sites. I personally believe that if you have good content and services to offer, that you can, on the back end make more through a personal website, but the topic of today’s article deals with doing this WITHOUT one, so we’ll stick to that. Learn more about Udemy here (I’ve included a link to Skillshare above so you learn about that too).

Bonus: 5 other options to make money online without a website revealed:

There’s a bunch of other methods to earn online without a website and here’s at least 5 others:

more ways to make money online without a website

Which ways are best for beginners?

There’s many of you who will find that one or more of these 10 options will be MORE than you can handle to make something extra, so if you do decide to start this, and you’re a beginner, any of the methods above work, but these 3 are very advanced so I would reconsider them:

  • Facebook Fan Page.
  • Paid ads.
  • Or email list building.

Stick to the rest, as these 3 are more for knowledgeable marketers.

Why making a website is something you should consider:

It’s the most profitable and best option for beginners (that’s the short explanation).

I believe those who look for ways to earn without a website are those who think that they are somehow cutting corners and avoiding necessary work, when it’s really the opposite. All of these options I listed, even the beginner friendly ones on their own require expertise, a learning curve and ALL have their own chances of success and failure, it’s not like they are “easy” because they don’t require a website.

Being that I’ve made money online with and without a website, I can tell you that having your own page gives you more control, as with these other options, you are technically at the mercy of the program you’re dealing with.

For example, your account could be shut down on YouTube or these other places. Despite you being the “owner” of the channel or using the services above, they are honestly not yours, in the end, the company that made the is in charge and they could get rid of you any day.

Now of course, having a website comes with it’s own problems, but out of the other 10 options, you own it and building it up isn’t as tough as you may think. Use a program like Wealthy Affiliate to teach you how to make it successful and I promise you’ll change how you look at these other options (even though they are awesome on their own too).

6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Great Money Online (Without a Website).”

  1. Thanks for all the great info on this. It is good to know that you tried these yourself and made some money. All too often that is not the case with people writing these types of reviews and posts.

    Also thanks for being authentic and pointing out the pros and cons of these suggestions, and not making it sound easy when it is not. Building an email list is so important and does take time unless you are fortunate to JV with the owner of a large list early in your online career.

    Thanks for the heads up on Market Hero as I was not familiar at all with that. Thank you.

    • Joint ventures are usually successful when the product owner can make a deal with a very experienced marketer who has a following, a list or in general is very successful. Most product owners will not risk engaging in JV’s unless they know they are dealing with a dependable online marketer. 

      Also I do want to point out that I did not try many of the options here, but I just know they work because my similar experiences with having a successful website is what branches out into these other options, where one isn’t necessary.

  2. This is really interesting. I’ve asked a lot of people I know to be making money online what exactly they are doing so I can do and make money as well. The major things they all told me is to get website for myself. I am still learning how to build a website and I came across this post. Thanks for educating me because i have seen better options to make money online.

    • A website is probably the best option to go with IF you’re trying to build a business Lok. I certainly have a few and I would recommend them, but there’s WAY more stuff involved than just having a website. 

      I don’t know how specific these friends you mentioned told you to be besides offering the advice on getting a website, but I will say this:

      If you are considering the website route, you’ve gotta get good training to start you off the right way and get you to the point of making money with it and Wealthy Affiliate, will be the best place to start this.

  3. I must say that I like this article primarily because it gives me a chance to learn more about earning cash online. So many times I heard that making a website is a must if you want to succeed online but I see that it is not true. I would go for YouTube as email marketing is way more difficult than streaming videos. Thanks a lot for such motivation.

    • Hi Daniel, for business purposes, I would agree that a website is your best option. But it’s not an option that many are ready to focus on, and so you have a bunch more alternatives to consider instead now 🙂


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