What is an Evergreen Niche? How to Find Them And Profit of Them.

If you have never heard of the term evergreen niche before, I will explain what it is very clearly. I have found that while most people do not know what this term is, the people who “do” really don’t understand it deeply enough and thus cannot properly take the right actions to make money of them. 

So what is it? My definition of what an evergreen niche is:

Basically it is a topic/subject that never actually gets old and is always being discussed by at least 1 group of people. Because there is never really a period where the topic gets less interesting or dies down means there’s always a way for regular an/or internet marketers to capitalize on the subject. In other words, the subject is always going to be fresh.

The rules to discovering if your niche market is “evergreen”:

Rule #1: If it deals with love (dating, relationships, ect…), if it deals with health (how to get rid of any health problems, quick health fixes, diets, ect…) and if it deals with anything related to making money, aka wealth, it is ALWAYS going to be evergreen.

Rule #2: Search for topics that pertain to a constant problem a group of people have and will have as I kind of pointed out in rule #1. Usually these have a variety of products constantly coming out and the more popular the topic and the bigger the demand for a solution, the more products you’ll have to promote. 

Rule #3: Focus on the subject itself first hand when looking at if a subject is evergreen, and not necessarily a product within that subject. If you stumble onto a big product that sells, connect it to a niche audience that may benefit from it and that topic may actually turn out to be the evergreen one. 

Ex: You find that a specific diaper (product) is selling well, then discover that it perfectly fits new mothers (audience) who are looking for the best diapers for their babies. And this is a problem that is always “fresh” to that audience. 

10+ examples of topics that meet one or all 3 rules:

I write a lot of blog posts that specifically detail evergreen niches, so what I want to do is link to 3 of them specifically that are all in that category rather than write about them all over again:

1) Here is one where I found at least 10 of them.

2) I also made one that covers another 3 of these, but one where you can sell some very expensive things. Here is that one.

3) And here’s one I really liked, it may have been the first blog that covered these sorts of things and my intention at the time was just to help people understand that they can find plenty of topics to make money from if they just consider an important rule (#2 below) that I’ll talk about. Anyway, here is that blog post. 

Right here we have 16 different subjects (17 if you include my rule #3 example). Are there more? Absolutely!

And you can use the 3 rules above to establish that. While I could keep giving you more and more examples, I think 16 is really more than enough to point out how they can be found.

Here’s one of the BIGGEST secrets to understanding this subject:

  • Generally, most of the subjects you ever find are always going to be evergreen. Go ahead, name a topic in the comments below and challenge me on that. Any topic that is common among groups of people is generally, always going to have new updates to it and that is always going to keep it fresh.
  • The ones which typically aren’t are specific products. In my experience, a product that is released onto the market eventually fizzles out because of an updated one being released or perhaps, something more advanced, cheaper and better comes out, making the old version unnecessary. 

For example: Take new diet ideas. Some of them become extremely popular, but most of them eventually become forgotten by the general audiences that are interested in them because something better comes out. That is an example of a niche that like I just said, fizzles out, meaning if you were to try and promote an old diet or anything that I like to call a “dead product”, you would probably get no sales or very few visitors who knew about it.

Another example: Who still buys the ORIGINAL iPhone? Very few people, maybe people who are phone fanatics possibly, but generally, most people move onto the next model, meaning that if you were going to promote the first ever version of the iPhone, odds are you would probably not be in touch with the general niche audience interested in that phone because most if not all of them would want the most updated one. So, promote the updated one, not the old one. 

The main point I want to make clear here is that…

Products come and go, but the topic is what really matters, for the evergreen niche, because as long as THAT is popular, products will always be released to meet the demand of the topic.

Does this mean we shouldn’t ever focus on finding products?

No, you absolutely should be looking for popular products to sell and promote and here’s one tactic I personally use, but products rarely stay popular over the years. Promote the hot ones when they are hot and move into the new ones (and or promote old ones if they’re better) when they get released, just don’t depend on one hot product to constantly be fresh in popularity and make you money forever…

I made that tremendous mistake with this example and though it would work forever, then in less than 2 years, the hot product went from getting me over 5,000 visits a day to 0 and you can guess how my profits fell from that! At the time, I devoted an entire website to JUST promoting that and it was a gigantic mistake which cost me a long term business opportunity. 

Either way, when that happened, I had to move away from promoting it specifically and find an evergreen niche audience that may have benefited from it. 

When I did that, I started a new blog, targeting the topic I knew was fresh and would be fresh and that gave me a far wider focus on writing content that would always in one way or another attract my audience constantly vs having just a single focus before.

My final thoughts:

So let’s say, given all of this information, you go out and find the “perfect” niche that is evergreen. What would have to happen after? 

Well provided that it really does fit all of the rules I put up, you would then need to do these extra things (consider step 1 done) and frankly, that is what would involve the hardest work and longest time to get done, but it would also ensure that you would make money for a long time. 

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  1. Adrian

    I guess each one of us that owns a website would like to think that they have found an evergreen niche and I think my website on fitness does.

    I would agree with you that it is better to focus on the subject rather than a product as products do come and go and new products get released to meet the current needs of people.

    So the challenge is to find the products that people actually want, if you can do that and promote it in the right way, you will do well.

    • Vitaliy

      That’s not a challenge at all Adrian, you can always monitor new products being released in your niche by looking at the news and fitness sites.

  2. Kenny

    I really like what you wrote here. I never heard the term evergreen niche. It makes a lot of sense to me now, a niche that will never die down over time, like an evergreen tree never loses its needles throughout the year. I am interested in starting some kind of online business and I will take into mind if my products will always be used or if they will die out after time.

  3. Jeff

    This is one of those things that I have always had a problem with…choosing a good niche to promote.

    I know an evergreen niche is one that will be profitable for a long time.

    I keep going back and forth between which one I should choose.

    I think the hardest part of choosing which one would work best for me, other than one that keeps my interest, is finding an evergreen niche with low competition.

  4. Jason

    I try to implement evergreen niches when I choose a niche, too. For example, I don’t want to be promoting coats in the middle of summer.

    Pick a problem people will always have no matter if the seasons change. They will always be on the lookout for what you have to offer.

    The money niche is good too as long as you can deal with a whole lot of competition. I wouldn’t recommend it to a total newbie because a lot of seasoned marketers are in that niche pool.

    • Vitaliy

      I agree with your point on coats Jason, but to an extent, having a regular niche site that sells will still get sales, even in the “non” seasons because they tend to be cheaper then so people stock up on them before the cold seasons hit. I wouldn’t worry about targeting the niche at particular times, if it’s evergreen and you like it, go for it, the sales will figure themselves out.

      Regarding the make money one, you are also right, but every evergreen niche tends to be competitive, but not saturated as I explain here 🙂

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