The Amazing Selling Machine Review. Is it Really Legit?

The Amazing Selling Machine is a rare review for me, because normally, I wouldn’t recommend a very expensive program to anyone, but in this case, I will. It’s a good system but I will also tell you that there are alternatives to it and I will show them.

Quick Report on The Amazing Selling Machine:

the amazing selling machine reviewCreator: The Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.

Price: Close to $4,000 + other potential charges. There is also currently a free trial to check out certain aspects of the program as of 2020.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 stars.

Phew, it’s not a scam! The program is totally legit (spoiler).

However that price is going to make it difficult to move forward for many. They did release a free trial to check out certain parts of it, and you can check that out here. From my experience, there used to be times when the Amazing Selling Machine would close slots for new members, meaning if you run into this review at a later time, it might not be available. Just a warning.

Recommended? Yes, but there’s an alternative program which gets an even bigger YES from me, and it won’t cost you this much, and will teach you the same kind of stuff, and even more on making money on Amazon and other places.

the amazing selling machine alternative

What is The Amazing Selling Machine?

So this is a VERY comprehensive, 8 week course, specifically on drop shipping and doing it successfully through Amazon. In short, you will learn to buy low cost items that are actually high quality, sell them on Amazon and make high profit margins in the process and you basically keep cycling through this process to generate more and more sales. 

Pros of The Amazing Selling Machine:

1) One of the things which makes this program stand out in a positive way is that it has arguably one of the best training courses on making money with Amazon. While the Amazing Selling Machine focuses on doing drop shipping through Amazon, there’s other ways to make money on it, such as with affiliate marketing, and I have a good case study to share with you on this here where I show you examples of successful affiliate sites.

2) Good support and communication is provided with other members and the owners.

3) There are more than enough success stories with this program to suggest that it is not just legit, but that it also works quite well. And also my alternative program has tons of these too, see the success stories here.

4) They make it clear that this course is very intensive, meaning you have to work hard to make it work for you.

5) While I personally dislike drop shipping (because there’s many people who misuse it), the approach this program uses (also known as the Amazing Selling Machine 8) puts the customer quite high to provide them with a great product and happy experience, so it basically utilizes drop shipping the way it should be utilized. 

6) They boast about their money back guarantee and they do indeed stick to it.

6) There is from my knowledge a high ticket affiliate program offered alongside this product, meaning if you promote it, you can make good money promoting a legitimate program. This makes sense as there are numerous blogs reviewing this program, rating it highly and linking to it.

Cons of The Amazing Selling Machine:

1) I have to start with the price. While this is one of the ONLY high ticket programs I’ve ever recommended, it is still a HUGE investment. $4,000+ is not a joke and I have to say that no matter how hard you work or how guaranteed the results may be, if you don’t have this kind of money to spend, I would not do it.

2) The training is focused on a particular way to make money which is through Amazon and just drop shipping. But honestly, if it makes you good money, why worry about other methods right? Well this is a good argument, but I will say that there are more ways to make money than JUST drop shipping and through Amazon. You also have Google, Bing, Facebook and other sources to work with, to create multiple streams of income if you know how, and the training in the Amazing Selling Machine is in that sense limited.

3) Like I said above, there are periods when this program becomes unavailable due to closed slots and while I understand the reasons they do this (more focus on existing members and helping them succeed), the waiting periods from my past experience looking at this program have been LONG. Programs like Wealthy Affiliate have no waiting lists and anyone can join them, anytime.

Final Rating: The Amazing Selling Machine.

Green Flag (Legit)

6 out of 10 stars. Truly an awesome program, but it will be expensive and will require a lot of work for you. I personally prefer a more open ended business model from my alternative (it’s 90%+ cheaper). But if you are set on trying the Amazing Selling Machine, that link will get you there.

My final thoughts: Here is just as good if not better alternative to this program:

I will say that there is no other program online as of now that is better at teaching drop shipping the RIGHT way than the Amazing Selling Machine.

However as I said earlier on, there are more ways to make a GREAT online income than just through this.

1) Perhaps drop shipping may not be your thing.

2) Perhaps you would be better suited at not just drop shipping, but also making websites that get traffic through Google, other search engines, social networks and more. There are more audiences through these avenues than within the Amazon circle (which there are many off, but it’s still a small percentage of the other stuff).

3) Perhaps you’re better suited for blogging, making eCommerce stores, selling through affiliate marketing, making your own product and selling that, ect…

4) Perhaps you can’t wait until the Amazing Selling Machine becomes open to buy again. You just need to get something that works RIGHT NOW.

5) Perhaps you can’t afford it as of yet. I wouldn’t blame you here, it’s a lot of money to put in…

Whatever categories you fall into, my alternative will likely be better suited for you, here’s why:

The program I recommend, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) teaches VERY comprehensively, ACROSS the board on making money online through the above, other avenues.

While there are drop shipping training articles, here is the bulk of stuff you’ll learn in Wealthy Affiliate:

And remember, you can try a lot of it’s training for free:

1) How to do SEO and blog for money.

This is my main source of income today. It’s completely free to utilize this tactic, aside from buying a very cheap site. In fact, as Amazon Selling Machine 8 is the king in drop shipping training, Wealthy Affiliate is the king in overall training, particularly blogging and making sales through affiliate marketing via SEO.

2) How to do paid ads to get traffic and sales.

This includes Google, Bing, Facebook and other sources. I’ve used their training to make six figures, multiple times through various sites, using this exact training. See the stats here.

3) They also have Amazon training, but there’s is more across the board:

How to make sales on Amazon via affiliate marketing (something I do), how to make it via creating your own product, and there’s also training on drop shipping. In fact, I personally like this approach to making money than with drop shipping and here are Amazon success stories from members of Wealthy Affiliate who succeeded and continue to do so because of the training.

4) Price wise, this is where there is a STARK difference.

You don’t need to spend $1,000’s of even $100’s on Wealthy Affiliate, it’s free to try and only a measly $49 bucks a month if you wish to upgrade to their upper tier membership. 

5) And finally, it’s open and there’s well over 2 million members in the community.

Shortly put: More wide range training, MASSIVE success stories too, VERY comprehensive training, and an extremely low price to experience this.

The comparison:

wealthy affiliate vs the amazing selling machine

Now I am not telling you not to get the Amazing Selling Machine.

If you honestly have the money to put into it and work hard, it’s an awesome program, but as of now, it’s unavailable so if you don’t want to wait, put your effort and time into Wealthy Affiliate, an equally if not MORE comprehensive training program on creating successful online businesses. 

You can use it’s training to do the same stuff as the Amazing Selling Machine teaches and/or you can go a different, yet still profitable route and make a great income doing so. That’s what I’ve done:

You honestly can’t go wrong with either program, but you can lose a lot of money with one if things don’t work out and while it is a combination of the work you put into the program with the program’s training itself which determines your success, at least with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s FAR less risky, although the success potential is great with both options, you just need to work hard, regardless of which one you choose (or both).

And that’s one of the many things I like about both programs, yet my nod goes to WA because of my history and success with it and it’s price.

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