Is Next Job at Home a Scam? It’s Not What You Think it is.

To my disappointing surprise, Next Job at Home did not turn out to be the site I had hoped it was, because it doesn’t actually promote the kind of work at home job opportunities you’d imagine. In this review, I’ll be explaining what happens after you sign up to this program and why that is the case.

Quick Report on Next Job at Home:

Creator: job at home review

Price: Free, but there’s a really big catch to that! 

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

Unfortunately, this program doesn’t show anything close to a work at home.

Instead, it turned out to be one giant site trying to play as the middleman and get me involved with programs with which it was affiliated with.

That itself isn’t the problem though. The problem is that many of those programs it’s affiliated with are in my opinion total scams and this is why the 0 rating was handed out to this program.


next job at home alternative

Folks, here’s what I originally thought/hoped Next Job at Home would be:

Based on the homepage, the free sign up and the promise of being sent job opportunities to work from home, I had assumed that I’d be emailed a list of real, actual opportunities for available work spots in my residence area and/or at least some sort of salary type work I could apply for and be paid legitimate money for. 

Then I could apply to one or more of them, get approved to become an employee and start earning. This is what I had hoped would happen and I want to know from you, if you though the same thing.

If you did, then boy, were we all wrong (and so was I).

Here’s what Next Job at Home turned out to be instead:

This site is basically acting as an affiliate and what it does is it promotes affiliate programs for you which could be anything from the following things:

Nothing about openings for traditional work, nothing about a salary, just third party sites you need to join and sometimes pay for which earn the owners of the program a commission (there are sites similar to this one like Be The Boss Network).

In fact, I got my first preview of what was to come from being a member of this site on their very own homepage where while they pitch a free membership to you with the benefits of becoming one, there are 3 ads to the side of the same page, all linking to get rich quick scheme I had seen before:

Cash Finder System. Here’s an example:

next job at home members area

Now I won’t deny that Cash Finder System is not actually a scam, but at the same time, it’s not actually a salary job, it’s just training on real estate. How can a site which says they’ll show you opportunities for work pitch this as one of their things? Maybe a fake job site will do that and I think I know what I’m getting at here.

But perhaps, it was a fluke, maybe if I joined the main membership, I’d find some legitimate, actual work which pays a salary.

Nope, that’s not what happened:

From the moment I joined, I was pitched 5 different things I could join for “work” and none of them were actually things I’d consider actual jobs. In fact:

All 5 of these things were either the same link to the Cash Finder System, a link to a paid online survey sites and one that was something involving MLM I believe.

Contrary to the link titles which make you think one thing, here’s what each of them points to:

1) They say you can work from home today.

I assume it could be an immediate work opening but no, it’s a link to Cash Finder System, which I already explained.

2) Data entry.

I suppose it’ll be an opening for me to work for companies and get paid a salary for entering data or account type work right?

Wrong, it’s just a link to a paid online survey site and let me tell you, those are horrible ways to try and make money.

3) A typing opening.

Oh boy, but wait, the link is broken, so this is another fake posting I suppose.

4) Some entry level offer.

What could it be? Could I be joining some position and starting at a low salary? Nope, that’s not it, instead it’s another broken link so I don’t even know what it was supposed to be.

5) Another “work at home” posting.

But we already know at this point, it’s not going to be what we think it is. It turns out, it’s a link to some network marketing training or sales training of some sort. You have to sign up and consent to get telemarketing calls. Who wants that? 

So yeah, the 5 opportunities are just misleading titles in my opinion and at this point, all I think that this program is doing is trying to spread it’s members across as many of these places as possible and earn a commission fee in the process. 

They do mention in a little disclaimer below the 5 “opportunities” that some fees may be required. That should be a red flag right there folks.

Final Rating: Next Job at Home.

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. This turned out to not be the program I though it would be and that’s a bad thing. I recommend my personal list of legit sites to work from home.

Ok, so if this opportunity doesn’t work, what do you recommend Vitaliy?

So I have to be honest, I’m actually in the same type of business as Next Job at Home, in the sense that I too promote certain programs as an affiliate marketer that give people opportunities and help them out. Now you could say that I’m being a hypocrite for negatively talking about this program, then admitting I do the same stuff, but hang on to that thought.

I don’t market like they do in the misleading sense, I just sell people stuff that I know helps them with whatever problem they are having and mention that it works, I don’t lead them into something completely different than what I say I do, and unfortunately, Next Job at Home in my opinion does.

Now that I got that out of the way, I want to offer you guys 3 different alternative options, 2 of which I am completely unaffiliated with.

The first 2 options are:

Joining free sites like and It just so happens that Next Job at Home isn’t the first misleading work site I’ve come across and each time I have, I’ve always told people to join those other 2 sites instead.

They are both free and you can actually see local, REAL salary work in your area.

Like I said, I have absolutely NO affiliation with these 2 sites or the opportunities they recommend, so feel free to sign up to them and know that you’re actually going to see real job listings that offer a real opportunity in the salary sense.

So to sum it up, those 2 sites are what Next Job at Home should have been, if it were legitimate that is…

The next option is learning to do what I do:

Promoting things to people can be a legitimate way of making money. For example:

1) You can set up a blog to promote products that help people with losing fat.

2) You can set up an eCommerce site that sells hair products for people with thinning hair.

3) You can create ads to funnel people who have skin issues into buying products that fix skin issues.

These are examples of legitimate ways to practice promoting things online, aka affiliate marketing and it’s the exact stuff I do. Unfortunately though, a lot of programs (hint, hint) don’t practice that and mislead people.

So while what I am about to recommend, I get referral credit for, I’m being open with you guys about that. Let me explain:

To do what I do requires good training, good help from experienced people, and tools like websites. It’s hard enough to find one of those things, but all three at once? Definitely not easy. Which is where the program I am affiliated with comes into the picture. It’s name is Wealthy Affiliate.

It offers those 3 things to help you do what I do:

Training on creating profitable websites and helping people out. And there’s no telemarketing, no spamming, no nonsense, just good training and good help. And without a catch, there’s a free way to join it, without being hassled to upgrade. Here’s more info:

So like I said, this is what I do and even if you’re not interested in that, you are more than welcome to look at the first 2 opportunities I mentioned above which are also completely legitimate and free.

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