Is Learning Advantage a Work at Home Scam? My Review.

Programs like Learning Advantage are usually easy things for me to review and that is because I have purchased, refunded and reviewed SO many work at home programs exactly like this, that when I saw it and the same red flags, I knew what was up.

This review of the program will be short, not very positive (and you’ll see why), but there is something optimistic in all of this that you’ll find and that is better alternatives so let’s get started.

Quick report on Learning Advantage:

Creator: Abby Carey.learning advantage review

Price: $97.

What does it teach? In short “link posting” and making it sound as though it is the key to making money from home where the most links you post = the more money you make (this is ridiculously out of context and false).

Rating: 1 out of 10 stars. 

Out of all the work at home scam programs I review, the “link posting one” like you see with Learning Advantage is the most common.

Now I cannot actually say for sure if Learning Advantage is a scam or not (I didn’t want to buy it), but I can tell you that my experience, 99% of the time, these kinds of programs DO end up being scams and because I’m so tired of wasting money and scheduling refunds on these kinds of programs, I’m just going to give you some startling bad news about this program and that is all the fake stuff they use to try and get you to buy it.

Truly legit alternatives:

learning advantage alternative

Continuing the Learning Advantage review…

So let me go back and say this again:

I really have a lot of experiences with these kinds of programs and let me run you through the way they work:

There are “outlet websites” on the internet that pretend to be fake work at home report sites and other fake review sites.

These types of websites are typically the ones which push programs like Learning Advantage. In fact, one of the usual sites I look at to see if it’s promoting a new program is Top Jobs Reviewed and I have to say, I have NEVER seen it promote a legitimate program. 

Anyway, moving on, I can’t even tell you how many times I played the “let’s check this out to be sure” angle and bought the program only to see again and again, how bad it is when I did, and then have to go through the process of getting a refund.

Did you know the creator of Learning Advantage isn’t real?

Oh yeah, if this is a surprise to you, then believe me, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fake stuff these so called work at home programs are notorious for. I’ve even got proof:

learning advantage fake creator

Now let me ask you, would you ever feel confident buying a program from someone who isn’t authentic about their identity? I wouldn’t.

And it gets worse (you don’t even need to buy this program to see this):

I hope by this time, I’m making a better case for you as to why I decided not to buy this program, but believe it or not, if a fake creator wasn’t enough, then:

  • The picture they use to show the creator (Abby something).
  • The story of the mom associated with Abby.
  • The images of supposed success stories.
  • And more…

Are not real. These programs consistently use purchased/recycled images and just change names around, over and over. Here’s some examples:

These are 3 of the many work at home scams that are nearly identical to Learning Advantage and they all use (sometimes the same) images of the supposed single mom and the same exact stories and claims. You’ll also find they use the same text and so on.

And after years and years (I’m not kidding, I’ve really been exposing these programs for that long) of these programs being in business, I’ve figured out long ago how they operate and it’s really simple:

They just get promoted through the fake sites I told you about above.

They give themselves broad names (like Learning Advantage).

They just recycle and copy/paste the same sales letter, with the same image, but just change the name of the “creator” who you know isn’t real.

They just switch it up (the name of the program if they are getting bad PR.

Final Rating: Learning Advantage.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. Again, without buying it, I can’t say for sure if Learning Advantage is a scam, BUT with all the other stuff I’ve proven like the fake creator thing and all the other similar scams like it that I’ve bought (regretfully), I think it’s hard to blame me for not taking the plunge this time around. I am not going to buy this program and don’t recommend you do it either for the warnings above.

My final thoughts:

There’s a few final things I want to mention regarding Learning Advantage and the topic of working from home:

1) Please don’t make the mistake of mistaking this program for similar ones that also go by this name (there’s a few, but they have nothing to do with the working from home topic as far as I know).

2) If what you’re looking for in this work at home industry is more “job” related, then you may find value in this article on actual work at home jobs, vs the program I was suggesting as an alternative. 

3) If you find more look alike programs like Learning Advantage (and you will if you look at the sites I mentioned above that promote them), you’re welcome to let me know, but I assure you, it is highly unlikely that any of those future programs will ever be legit. This has been the case over and over for years since I started finding out about them.

I’d rather you just take one alternative I showed you which is the program I recommend or the work at home jobs resource I provided and focus on building an income that way.

Learning Advantage


Learning Advantage Score



  • None.


  • This program has the "classic" scam elements from many programs I've tried before.

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