What is Computer Trends? I’m Seeing This Scam Over And Over.

Hey guys, so for the past few months, I’ve been monitoring an ever changing program (in name) that I would say may even be a scam.

It has changed names at least numerous times since I first noticed it and at this particular point, it is known as Computer Trends.

computer trends review

I want to tell you to be very careful with this program for a number of reasons:

The name changes. This is a common.

The same people who made this program have switched program names numerous times. Before it had the same word “computer” in it, but the next word was originally geeks, guidance, people and technical guys. I may have missed 1 or two, but know that this program had these names before. Now the latest word is “trends”.

Here’s the evidence for that:

It has also changed the name of the work at home lady behind it who is really not the true person behind it. Now in this program she is known as “Rhonda Paul” and in the previous ones, it was the same lady, the same picture but the names were Karen Williams and Linda Taylor.

It’s also insulting to note that these pictures actually say that they are stock photos to “protect” the privacy of the actual person. This is such nonsense. If you have a legit program, show your face, that is the bottom line. I happily show my handsome face with the program I recommend to people:

The switch ups this program has gone through is absurd…

Out of the many programs I’ve been carefully following to expose, this is the one which changes names the most but luckily the people who created it are quite unoriginal when they change it, so I know right away what it is.

It is also because of my experiences and knowledge from inside this program that I give it the following score:

Computer Trends (CT). My rating for it:

0 Stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. With all the history I have with these programs over the years, and all the evidence I provided to prove it isn’t authentic, what other score could I possibly give?

Ok Vitaliy, so if this is a scam, what’s legit? 

The good news about people who stumble onto articles like this is that I provide you guys with an actual legit program. Program which rely on name changing and tactics used in CT are usually programs that are either scams or very low quality. Name changes just don’t happen on their own, they happen when these 2 things are present.

So that being said, I do indeed have a work at home program that I recommend to people: Wealthy Affiliate.

Now within this program you learn to create websites and place affiliate links on them which provide commissions. This is actually the same type of explanation you see on the CT site, but I have debunked this many times.

For those who don’t know, link posting which is what CT says you’re doing is an EXTREMELY generic phrase that makes you think that by just placing a link, you earn money.

This is perhaps 1% of the real story. Here’s the other 99% of it:

On the internet, there’s numerous ways to make money, and one of those ways is to do affiliate marketing. In essence, the idea is that you create accounts and get approved by certain programs which sell things, which then makes you their seller & promoter, but instead of buying the product, you just get a link to promote it.

However, in order for that link to make money, you need people to click on it. And that is actually one of the hardest things to do because there’s a lot of factors which you need to have down:

-You need to find ways to get clicks.

-You need to make sure those clicks are quality clicks meaning the people want to buy and not just people clicking with no intention of doing so.

This is something most programs, including CT don’t really tell you and it is one of the reasons why this lack of transparency leads to people failing. These programs give you a very limited, blanket impression of how this business works, but as someone who is in it and knows it deeply, I know very well how different the true story is.

If programs like CT were honest, they’d never get you to buy them…

So let me explain it this way:

The Computer Trends program is currently $97. Knowing how they operate, they give you some discounts here and there, but ultimately, the training you are provided is pretty low quality. They don’t go as in-depth as they should into link posting and they certainly don’t teach you the right ways to make a living doing this.

Because of bad training and lack of transparency, in addition to deceptive claims, is it really any surprise that people end up failing when they try programs like these? I don’t think so.

So, that brings me back to the program I originally recommended…

In short, we teach you the REAL way to post links to make money. There is a 4 step process (It’s explained here with examples), which while simple to understand takes work to do. If you’re going to work from home posting links, you NEED to understand this FACT.

I’ve worked online for many years and failed because my mindset was that of a get rich quick approach and every time I had that intention in mind, the result was failure and programs like Computer Trends which fueled that illusion didn’t help.

So I want to share that lesson with you guys here, right now so you get it right immediately and are closer to success. When I changed my mindset and got to work, with a program like Wealthy Affiliate guiding me along the way, I succeeded:

Now ever since I’ve been going around online, looking for programs which don’t tell you these things (Like Computer Trends), I’ve discovered a lot of them and I’ve guided people to Wealthy Affiliate in doing so, and this has made people very happy. 

So anyway, to summarize, I’ve explained and hopefully provided you with enough proof on why Computer Trends is either bad or just a scam and at the same time, I’ve also provided something that I know works which I hope you’ll check out 🙂

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