Get a Free Consultation From Vitaliy, Full Time Internet Marketer.

Hi all, today I want to announce a new, free service I am providing on my website:

It is a free consultation with me, Vitaliy.

Need proof of my success/credibility? No problem, here you go:

To the top right, I have listed several important case studies and highlights of my career in internet marketing you are welcome to check out. Some of the most important ones are:

What my consultation provides:

I have helped various businesses and individuals get into making money online. The way it works is, I have people reach out to me privately all the time or publicly (here) and ask me questions. Depending on the questions/problems they have (such as how to get started or where to get started), I provide them with a pathway to help them out, and again, it’s totally free.

Who this consultation is ideal for:

While I have an official, public page where people can ask me any questions about this (here it is), I have found that many of my visitors can be shy about publicly asking me their questions and I totally understand this.

  • Perhaps you have a personal situation which you don’t want to disclose on the site.
  • Perhaps you have a private question you wish to ask me and don’t want to share it.

Whatever the case is, this new, free service allows anyone who visits this page, who seeks to make money online to contact someone privately who does it successfully and the communication is confidential.

Ok, so how does one get this free consultation? It’s simple:

Just email me personally here:

Now I have considered doing phone consultations, but there are a lot of people who visit my site who will want to take advantage of this service and communicating via email is the way I can connect and help everyone while still working on my own business. 

Now this is a service that works “within reason”.

By that I mean if you contact me with a “how do I make money online” or “how do I do this fast”, you will likely get a broad response from me. For the best possible results of using this consultation, tell me as many details as you can about what you wish to accomplish on the internet (besides making money online). 

If you have hobbies or prior experience with a career or business or you have a past story about how things didn’t work out, let me know. The more you tell me about yourself, your history and your goals in this business, the better I can help you succeed in it.

For example, I’ve had people come to me, tell me about them working in a particular field for many years and wanting to retire and if I could help them work from home. Based on the info they gave me, I was able to direct them to start their own business and they are now very happy as a result.

Now I ask that you PLEASE do not email me ridiculous, silly questions and to also understand that this is a service with LIMITS. This means that after I help you out and send you in the right direction, the service ends and I have to go to the next person and help them.

This is NOT a lifetime service and it will end when I feel that your question/issue has been answered and you are on your way to going in the right direction to make money online.

Once again…to get the free consultation, here’s what you need to do:

Just email:

Thank you for reading and I hope you guys take advantage of these consultations! Not many people on the internet who are successful offer them for free. I do and like I said I have helped tons of people get started and become successful.

With the help of someone who knows this business, you will save time and money. And believe me, when I first started, I wish I had a coach help me do what I do now, full time. It would have saved me a lot of time. Now I offer this to others, and once again, it’s free 🙂

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