Auto Home Cash Code. Why it’s Not Worth $97.

Quick Report:auto home cash code review

Name: Auto Home Cash Code.

Price: $97. 

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

You simply don’t need to spend $97 on an eBook whose content you can find online and for way less if it costs something.

This is the main argument I make, but there will be others worth noting. And I will also recommend something better for you.

Recommended? No.

What is Auto Home Cash Code? 

Well at first glance, it appears to be an eBook on helping you become a successful eBay seller. However, I did discover this program while trying to look up a previous, and scam program I reviewed known as Auto Home Profits

Sounds similar doesn’t it? Well there’s also another program that I feel like this one may be connected to and it’s just the basic “Home Cash Code” program, which is actually no longer online, but the reason I am putting this info out there right now is because I investigate common scams online and the ones I just listed have been known to be such, they just change names often, so I try to find the new names they go under, and that’s how I found this original program in the first place.

Now this brings me back to the main program review and why I tell people not to buy a simple eBook that’s this much money. So here are:

5 reasons I would avoid spending $97 on this (and what to get instead):

1) No eBook is ever worth this much.

I’m an online businessman and have spent money on various eBooks and physical books dealing with the topic of businesses. At most, it cost me $30-$40 and at least, it was either free or just around $10. Even the best ones out there, these days are about $10.

2) Considering the value of the eBook is high, here’s the next big problem…

Even if the content of the eBook is good, the problem is that content in eBooks in limited in the sense that you will have questions on what to do after you read, no matter how comprehensive it is. And this is where you will need more help and answers.

Usually when I direct people to places that teach them to make money on places like the internet, it is usually connected to some sort of program/community where their future questions can be answered and they can get help when they need it.

3) Lots of this stuff is common sense.

Now I have to admit, I have not read this eBook, and it’s for the same reasons I am listing to you right now, but I do make money online and have dealt with places like eBay before. I can tell you that setting up a merchant account and selling stuff isn’t exactly difficult. Plus…

4) If you are looking to become a businessman through eBay…

Then you can find cheaper resources on the subject and even free resources via YouTube and Google and that’s me telling you the facts without compensating off it in anyway. There’s tons of sites, videos and success stories which people are sharing for free on this very subject (as well as others).

For example, while I am not engaged much with eBay, I can tell you that I make money via blogging and I share a lot of my knowledge for free on this website (just have a look at my blog list and you’ll see). And the point is that I’m not the only one doing this.

5) So on the checkout page, there is no other link besides the buy now link.

No privacy policy, no disclaimer, no safe links to show me I am buying a legitimate product from a legitimate source. Now this is the type of stuff that would make me pause before hitting the buy now button as I know many online scams which lack similar things.

Now I’m not saying this is the case with this particular program and I can’t make that claim unless I buy it, but most if not all legitimate programs/products out there have these default links and safeties in place and Auto Home Cash Code does not appear to unfortunately…

And these 5 big things are cons I’ve deduced by simply looking over the sales page of Auto Home Cash Code, seeing what’s missing, the signs that perhaps it may not be an intelligent or worthwhile buy and comparing it my own knowledge. 

Final Rating: Auto Home Cash Code.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. I want to give the eBook the best nod possible, so I want to pretend it’s really good, the problem is that these 5 arguments are still very rational to have and still a reason that I would not buy this eBook for the current price it’s being offered at. I wouldn’t even buy it for $45. It has to be fair value.

Have I personally done business on eBay and if so, what advice would I give?

Yes I do have experience with this subject, although my main driver of business continues to be blogging (here is how I make it work and how well), here is a quick resume of the things I’ve done on eBay:

My first “business” attempt at succeeding on eBay involved selling “Magic The Gathering” cards I didn’t need. I made a few $$$ profit. Obviously, this is a joke in terms of success, but hey I’m being honest with you here, the next story is actually a big success story:

But the big one was when a former friend of mine and I discovered a popular fitness product and managed to find it on a wholesale site for far less. We ordered many copies of the program and re-sold it on eBay. As a result, we were making a lot of sales daily and in some cases, we would sell out before we were able to restock with new copies.

The problem with this business model however was that we were penalized by eBay for doing this as the original creator of this product didn’t want competition and as a result, they shut us down for this, although they couldn’t really produce good reason for it. Either way, we had our moment.

Now the things I’ve learned is this:

If you can find popular selling items on eBay (look for popular selling products on TV, Amazon and commercials), then find them somewhere locally or online through a whole seller, you can then buy them up through that whole seller and put them up on eBay. This is actually something that is known as “liquidation selling” and it is actually done more so on Amazon, than on eBay.

Also one other thing I’ve noticed through my experience is that when you are bidding against other people who sell the same thing, find the person who is bidding the lowest and go 1 cent lower than them. This will make you auction more appealing to them and this is a strategy I know works because it worked for my friend and I when we had our business running. 

I also want to add that in my opinion, it is better to do business through Amazon than eBay because of their popularity. If you plan on doing business there, I would recommend a cheap eBook like Liquidation Gold to help.

And finally, my whole thing with selling things online is to do it without owning the item, aka being an affiliate. I find this provides the least risk and the least amount of work (no need to order to store items). But it does take work in the shape of content creation and that often requires a lot of writing. But it is a very good business model that’s made me over $1 million and the best way to learn this model is through this source, the same one I used.

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