How to Use Quora For Marketing Your Site, Promotions And More.

Hi guys, so if you ever wondered if it’s possible to market or make money through Quora, the answer is yes. Although the ways to do it aren’t simple or quick, I have personally found through a recent case study I personally did involving it that there is huge potential to attract people from that site, to yours and to gather a following, collect an email list and sell people promotions.

how to use quora for marketing

The following case study will explain how I do it, how you can too and more. Now I do want to say that while I am still a bit new to Quora, I have gotten some decent results from the following strategies I am using and am scaling them now, so this case study is more of an open ended experiment which will probably be updated in future posts. For now, I’ve gotten some promising results and I want to share them with you:

So let’s first define what Quora is…

This is a site where people come to ask ANY questions they want which are then categorized under different types of subjects and then answered by the community within that site, with people who may or may not know the answer. These people can respond to your questions with just about any length of an answer with links, pictures, info graphics and more. 

With 100,000’s of people viewing it, asking questions, getting answers and there being a thriving community within this spot, people have flocked to this site in hopes of making money.

Here are some of the things they’ve tried to do (which are actually bad):

-People try to answer popular questions on Quora and input their affiliate links or pitch their products/sites as the answer.

-People try to answer in ways that act as solicitations to get them a following or money.

-And people have just blatantly responded with hopes of gathering a following to then market a product to.

I’m sure there’s more things to be said about the wrong way people have tried to make money on this site, but these are the most common things I’ve seen in my time on it.

Now it is worth noting that the people who made the policies to this page do not like it when you do these things. They do not allow people to put in things like affiliate links as the answers to questions and generally, a bad answer will not get any “up votes” from other people reading your responses. This will generally tell others that the answer itself is useless.

So how then are you supposed to make money on this site, how are you supposed to market your brand, your name, your website, your products, ect… when the most obvious methods are closed to you? 

Well there is an answer which I am about to tell you regarding this. But I do want to let people know that if the bad methods of answering questions are things you rely on as a “marketer”, you are no such thing, you are just a spammer and don’t know how marketing really works. So let me explain how I do it:

5 steps I use to market on Quora the right way:

Step 1) The first is to actually register on the official site. Put up your picture, answer questions, create a LEGITIMATE profile. The more real you are with this, the better it’ll be guys. Don’t be deceptive here. People in this place need answers and that goes hand and hand with authenticity. 

Step 2) Quora has you select from a list of things you know a lot about when you sign up. I personally suggest picking a specific niche topic and subjects that best describe it.

In my personal case, I know about making money online, SEO, ranking websites, working from home, that sort of stuff. So when I set up my profile, I selected topics and categories which best fit these things, but the important thing is that these subjects I just listed are all part of making money online, which is a niche.

If you have multiple niche topics you know a lot about, I’d suggest picking the one you love the most for starters because believe me, the more you select, the more questions you’ll get and it can quickly become overwhelming.

Step 3) When setting up your profile, this is where you’ll be marketing your site, your opt-in, your FB fan page, whatever it is you are seeking to promote to people. I personally do not suggest putting affiliate links. Instead, offer people good quality stuff.

In my personal case, I link people to a online marketing course I created for them. People who visit it get a week’s long tutorial on making money online. There’s a lot of value.

Now I do also want to point out that I am not telling people to visit my page. I provide my credentials, I let people know about my resume (results) and then I tell them that I provide free training and that’s where I enter the link.

Here is how my Quora profile looks:

Step 4) You will be given questions to answer based on the subjects you’ve selected when setting up your profile. This is the starting point to building up your reputation, credibility and a following on Quora. 

In my case, I started answering any questions I felt I was qualified to answer related to making money online and SEO. I recommend people, when answering questions following a simple format:

1) Answer the questions for sure that you know the answer to.

2) Provide a QUALITY answer, but try to keep it short. This means, answer the questions as directly as possible, explain what to do, but try not to get into a whole story.

3) In some cases, when it makes sense to, add a little plug to your profile page and say that you have more tips there because the answer is too long to respond to here.

I’ve gotten follows, views and clicks from this although I will admit, right now, the results are too small to make a final conclusion on. Like I said before, I’ll add an update to this case study in another article if it comes up, but the trend is promising as people are liking my answers, clicking on my profile, following me and clicking on the link I provide in my profile.

Step 5) Don’t get too carried away with answering too many questions in this place. The reason being is that it can get very time consuming. I take about 5-10 minutes a day to answer a few questions. I do this because I have other pages and bigger priorities to worry about, so I need to focus on that, but spending just a few minutes a day answering questions on a subject I know a lot about is a sure way to create a following, get clicks and sign ups to your page.

It’s a great way to market it. You basically grow your reputation through Quora this way and people will reach out to you if you give them good responses to their questions. 

Why use Quora? Here’s a few good reasons to consider:

If you already have a site generating you money or are focused on that, let me tell you, there’s more money to be made there and you should focus on that (here’s a course you should try if you’re not successful at it yet). But adding Quora as another branch of marketing that site doesn’t hurt at all. Here’s why:

1) Firstly, I need to mention that Quora questions get ranked on Google and very often, they appear high up, so you can get free traffic and exposure from this alone. So make sure to answer questions related to your specialty, especially the most obvious questions, as those are most likely to get views from Google.

Remember, the best answer/s get up votes and this tells other people viewing that THIS is the best answer to the question.

2) The more questions you answer, the more views/exposure you get directly from Quora itself. Naturally this leads to more exposure of your profile and followers (provided you give great, detailed answers).

3) Growing a following on Quora can also directly help grow your your following on whatever it is you’re linking to from your profile there: Your blog, your promotion, your FB page, your opt in list, ect…

4) It’s NOT hard to do. Like I said, I take a few minutes a day to do this. In just a few days of this short effort, I generated over 500 views. Imagine what consistency would turn that number into…

5) If you’re a blogger, you can get some cool content ideas just from the various questions you see asked on Quora. I have seen a lot of topics and questions asked which I then researched to see if they get searched by others and they do! If you find questions that then turn out to be popular keywords worth writing about on your blog, it can help your page get more traffic from this. Here’s other ways to do it.

With all this said…let me know if you guys use this place too and if you have further questions on it. I also would love to know if you guys personally have your own strategies for marketing on it as well!

Reasons not to use Quora…

I have found that it takes a lot of time to gain a following on Quora and because I already work on a blog website a lot, and that is making me money, I have personally decided that spending too much time on Quora is counterproductive for my online business.

It still has good uses and I have begun to use this site more for brainstorming niche topics and keywords, more so than trying to get a following. 

While there is still potential to grow your own image on this site, I find it is better to grow it on a social media channel outside of Quora and even better, to grow it in a website or YouTube channel you own. This can provide a lot more exposure to you and your business.

6 thoughts on “How to Use Quora For Marketing Your Site, Promotions And More.”

  1. I used Quora a few times but once, they removed one of my answers saying that it was spam. But I never put in any affiliate links. Since then, I was a bit scared to keep using it. But I will follow your tips and see if that brings in anything better. Thanks for a great post!

    • Interesting that they did that Reyhana. Either way, keep providing good, relevant answers and I’m sure it’ll help you maintain a good reputation on Quora and grow a big following.

  2. I actually used Quora for a long time and I answered and provided links which go to my site for more information. I still get traffic to those pages from Quora. And I’m wonder about something. For example, someone asked a question about running shoes and I linked my answer to promotional content. If I do this often will there be any penalties?

    • There may very well be Furkan, Quora doesn’t like affiliate linking of this nature. The other idea should be fine.

  3. Hi Vitaliy, now that you mentioned it, I do see a lot of Quora’s Q&As; show up on search results. Most of the time, they are quite helpful because there will be a lot of people contributing to the topic so you get expose to different opinions.

    I am in the make money online niche and I use the platform frequently to extend my research on certain topics. It’s also a good place to discover new products to review.

    • Yeah I’ve been doing that too recently. Questions in that particular topic pop up quite often on Quora so it’s a good scavenging ground for content ideas!


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