Adsense Lab Review. Does it Really Work or is it a Scam?

I received a promotional email today from someone talking about Adsense Lab and decided to research this program. This review is going to cover what I learned about it and if it really works.

Quick Report on Adsense Lab:

adsense labs review screenshot

Creator: Anirudh Baavra.

Price: Currently $39.00. Upsells are also possible since this is a JVZoo product.

How does it work? After seeing the sales page and analyzing what I know about such subjects (it’s a lot), this is what I believe this program to be:

Adsense Lab is a software you use to create ready made content for your website/s. The content that is created leverages popular news topics across the world and creates things like quizzes (a form of content). 

You can then connect that content created to your website so it’s posted there. Included with this is the option to socially share that content across many different social media networks. 

The idea is that Adsense Lab, by “easily” creating popular content can appear on search engines and through social media channels, can drive audiences that are interested in these subjects to your site in large amounts (a lot of traffic basically).

You make money from this traffic by putting up Adsense ads on your site so when the audiences land on your site and click the ads, Adsense will pay you money. The more traffic you get from using this software, the more you can make from the Adsense network itself (theoretically in my opinion).

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

Recommended? I will say no and while I will get into details on why in this review, the main points are:

  • The “easy money, no work” type message I see on the sales page in my opinion is nonsense. 
  • Plus what I know about the subject of making money from Adsense, makes me very skeptical of this program.

I won’t call Adsense Lab a scam, but based on what I know about this type of program and this subject as a whole, in my opinion, it won’t be as easy to make money from this software as it’s marketed, in my honest opinion.

And I will also say this regarding alternatives:

adsense lab alternativeAn honest disclaimer about this review of Adsense Lab:

1) First, I need to admit I did not buy this program (the reasons why are due to my knowledge on this subject and the whole easy money making claim like I said earlier and I will cover it further shortly).

2) As I also said above, my knowledge on making money online is pretty vast (about me). I’ve made over $1 million with affiliate marketing.

3) I also have experience with using Adsense and have made a little bit of money from that (There’s more money to be made with other methods which is why I don’t focus on Adsense so much).

4) Note: This program can often be confused for Adsense Labs (with an S) which was made by Google.

How Adsense Lab is “marketed to work”.

The very short video presentation on the official Adsense Lab website presents a pretty simple story and here is my interpretation of it:

You buy a simple software program that connects to your site and in 3 easy steps, it creates content for you that attracts viral traffic, from which you can leverage Adsense ads off on your site.

There is no “hard work” required based on the site’s own claims and it’s supposed to be easy to use and make profits from. Here’s a screenshot to show some of these claims:

adsense labs claim screenshot

4 reasons I am not convinced in Adsense Lab working as it’s marketed to work:

This is where I’ll get into the main reasons why I stopped myself from buying the program:

1) Naivety has made me lose a lot of money online before.

I’ve had a plethora of bad experiences buying programs like these from places like JVZoo, and the marketers who create and then sell products on that site often love to use disarming keywords to sell me their stuff, like:

  • How easy their system is.
  • How easily it’ll make me money.
  • And how the creator/s of the program succeed so much in using so and so program.
  • They typically vaguely explain how their system works and that vague explanation often covers up the reality.

2) Finding that “easy money” internet marketing product is still a unicorn (it doesn’t exist).

Never have these claims actually been backed up once I bought the program/s and this disappointing lesson I’ve learned again and again is why I am not a believer in Adsense Lab. 

Pushing a few buttons, investing a little bit of time and making a lot of money is not how money is actually made online and to believe such a thing is foolish (learn from my lighter wallet on this matter!).

I know how much hard work is required to succeed with internet marketing (and believe me, if you can stick to it, the results you can get from internet marketing are amazing), but automated tools like this one which give people the impression that they can get a shortcut to money in this business have always been 100% false in my personal experience.

3) Duplicate content concerns within Adsense Lab.

A portion of the Adsense Lab sales page says they have over 100 premade campaigns on different subjects to make quizzes and content on.

This is fine, but if multiple people use the same campaign, and use the same software, they’ll be making the same content, which will be duplicate content and that will not rank well on Google or in general.

There are also clues about “automated content generation” which for SEO, ranking and organic traffic online is a big RED FLAG (only original and unique high quality content is what gets results).

I firmly do not believe this approach to making content will get your site traffic.

4) The theory on how this should work, works, but for practice, I don’t believe it.

You cannot get high rankings on Google or high traffic from social media channels if:

  • You are generating automated content.
  • And for social media, if you have no following, sharing this automated content you make will not get traction/traffic.

There’s a RIGHT WAY of using the Adsense Lab strategy to get a lot of traffic to your site and make good money from Adsense and I’ll show you it in a moment. But for now:

Here’s my final rating for Adsense Lab:

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. This type of program will generate content for you, but from my point of view, I would never connect this generated content to my site for fear of having it flagged by Google. I also think the marketing for Adsense Lab is VERY hyped and know better about the reality of such a strategy working.

My final thoughts: How I would adjust Adsense Lab to get traffic and money online from it:

This is the part of the review where I want to prove to you that I am not just making these claims out of nothing and that the experience I have eluded to in this post is real.

Here is a sample screenshot of one of my sites which gets traffic for proof beforehand:

traffic info on my site

Such a site could have made $1,000’s in Adsense profits, but because it does affiliate marketing, it’s made WAY more. And again, the Wealthy Affiliate program is where I learned to do this from (as you can too, since it’s free to try it).

What I want to do is briefly explain how the formula Adsense Lab uses can actually be tweaked in certain spots (without the automation parts that I think are it’s biggest flaw) and applied to get amazing results for your website (and money from Adsense itself too or even bigger networks like Mediavine and AdThrive).

Because I’ve made more than one site that gets a lot of traffic, here is how it can be done:

1) Create a website which is entirely focused on a specific niche, not sporadic topics that are all over the place. Here are 100 niches to consider as an example.

2) Review the most popular products and write up about the most popular topics in the chosen niche by writing review pages for each product you are reviewing and information pages on the topics you’re covering for your niche.

  • Reviewing more popular products in quantity = getting more traffic for those reviews from Google.
  • Talking about popular topics for the chosen niche = getting more traffic from Google too.
  • This is a proven strategy I cover in my post on what to blog about to make money online.

3) Use things like Google Alerts to monitor popular trending news topics for your niche. This can also give you plenty of ideas to write about.

4) The whole goal is to intelligently create content that will GET your site TRAFFIC in droves and these methods are the same ones I use. You will have to write that content (do not rely on automated content generators as that is black hat).

5) Give your site about 6 months to get trusted by Google and then it will begin to have a downpour of traffic from it. Then and only then will you want to install Google Adsense to your site and make money from this traffic.

Now I know how tempting it is to go with a program that claims you’ll make money very fast vs my formula that says you’ll get results in 6 months, but I have been in that situation on MANY occasions, chasing that fast money and for me, it has never worked.

This is why I do not recommend Adsense Lab, for the very same reason it continues to peddle that message of fast money that I personally know to NOT be true.

I invested the time to make my site using the above formula and it’s because of that I was able to get results and still make a FULL time income from my site in the process.

Again, legitimate hard work is what is required for success in the make money online business and if you believe my position on this subject, then the Wealthy Affiliate will help you channel that ambition and get your own results, with your own personal site they’ll help you build (and I’ll help you with navigating and getting results with that program as well).

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