Is Computer Workplace a Fake, Scam Site? Yes it is.

There’s no clearer way I can say it than that, but yeah, Computer Workplace, by the fake Ann Wilsoncomputer workplace review isn’t a real program (and I’m being specific here since there’s other programs by this name or term).

Too many times I’ve reviewed programs like these on this website and too many times, it’s turned out to be a scam.

5 reasons I believe Computer Workplace is a scam:

1) I’ve been monitoring this operation for over a year now. There’s a central program behind Computer Workplace that is continually trying to sell itself to the unsuspecting public. 

Having a long time ago purchased the program behind all this, I can safely say…it wasn’t a good purchase for me.

2) For over a year now, this program has “masked itself” under names like Computer Workplace (currently) and names similar to it and there have been MANY, believe me.

3) I’ve done my best to expose them each and every time, but it’s changing at such a rapid pace that it’s hard to keep reporting on it. Here’s an example, Computer Team. As you can see, I’ve been chasing this scam for quite a long time now!

4) One thing these programs do is that they get affiliates (or just pay them directly) to promote these programs. 

Usually you’ll see these promotions on websites that are called work at home special reports, which are fake sites that typically show you scams and call them work at home opportunities. 


5) In fact, one of the easiest ways I’ve come to discover the “latest scam” being run is that I bookmarked one of these fake sites, known as which pitches these programs and readily updates them.

What this site basically does is shows you the supposed, 3 best work from home opportunities and just pitches these scams and this was how I discovered Computer Workplace. 

Odds are in a few days, that “top 3” list will update when the name of the program changes. But either way, if you’re looking to keep up to date on the name changes going on, that’s the site I’d do it through (I just wouldn’t take their recommendation seriously, because again, in my opinion, it’s a fake news site).

Literally, all I did today was I had this page opened, and on it were the 3 previous programs it was recommending, all I did was update the page and BOOM, suddenly Computer Workplace is now one of it’s top recommendations (give me a break).

But quite honestly, I wouldn’t even waste time doing this. Now that you know the operation going on, it’s better to focus on legitimate options instead…

Are these 5 reasons not enough? Ok no problem, here’s more:

6) I made a bold statement in the beginning of this review, that Ann Wilson, the person behind this system wasn’t real. Want proof of that?

Here you go:

computer workplace ann wilson fake

It’s up to you if you want to give money to a program whose creator isn’t even a real person, but I figured it would be good to let you know about this FACT, that they, themselves admit to. And again, to me, this isn’t anything new, I see it on a daily basis, not just with this program, but the plethora of other fake programs like it that I see.

And in contrary cases like myself, I promote programs and make money from doing that yes, but I do show my face. In fact, since I am promoting something better on this particular page, here is proof I’m real and info about me.

7) And I will make one last argument against this program and that is the ever repeating lies about how easy it is to make money from home. They have calculators, fake stories, exaggerated and vague explanations on how this program works, and I assure you, NONE of this is as simple as it’s made out to be, 100% guaranteed. 

8) Just recently, a new scam of this branch came out: Learning Advantage and I’m telling you, it’s the same fake opportunity being pitched.

Final Rating: Computer Workplace.

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. I gave at least 8 reasons for a 0 score and I hope those reasons were convincing enough. 

My final thoughts: 

I will leave this review and expose of at this final point and continue this article by going into actual, legitimate alternatives…

Right off the bat, if you’ve been seeking one that works, this is the one for you:

Now I can’t make the same claims Computer Workplace did about how “easy” the system is, because the truth is that it isn’t, but it’s organized, beginners can do it and through putting in an effort, you can see incredible success from it like I did.

And the fact that I mentioned how I’m real above and gave a link to my about me info, I also assist people with succeeding with this legitimate program too. Get the details of Wealthy Affiliate.

Here’s a quick snippet of how the alternative system I recommend works:

This is probably a simple concept to understand just based off that explanation, but it does take work. Yet, I’ve been able to do very well with this type of approach to working from home and recommend to you the same Wealthy Affiliate program that helped me learn this very same system.

Unlike the other program’s entry fee of $97, for which you get a lot of promises and in reality, the opposite, this system is completely free to try. 

Whether or not you believe this kind of system would work for you, I strongly recommend checking out more info on how this works. I provide a very detailed review of how this whole thing works, plenty of examples and if there’s any questions, you’re more than welcome to ask me anything, anytime regarding it. 

Unlike Computer Workplace, you’ll find complete legitimacy behind my personal success story and the program that made me successful at working from home. I don’t hide behind fake pen names and neither does the program that taught me the things I just told you about.

With all that said, I’m glad you found this review of Computer Workplace before you stepped into their web (I’ve stepped into it plenty of times so I already know!).

Computer Workplace


Computer Workplace Score



  • None at all.


  • These programs are renowned for changing names.
  • I have had bad experiences with these sorts of programs (I did buy many of them).

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