Is High Ticket Hijack a Scam? A Critical Review.

I got access to the High Ticket Hijack program and in this review want to explain if this program will really help you make more affiliate sales for promoting very expensive programs and/or if it is a scam.

Here is a brief overview of High Ticket Hijack:

high ticket hijack review homepage screenshot

Price: About $30 for me.

Upsells/OTO’s? Oh yes.

5 of them and each has a downsell, so you got through 10 sales page after purchasing the initial program. I didn’t get any of them and frankly was annoyed by seeing all those sales pages.

Summary of the program: The goal of this program is to help you make more sales by giving you pre done sales pages and bonuses you can use as extra incentives to promote the offers.

The program has 3 main high ticket offers, where you insert your affiliate link and when it’s all set up properly, and people visit that affiliate link, they will see “your” bonus offers if they sign up for the main offer and if they buy the offer, they will be given the bonuses and you will be given the commission/s.

Overall score: 2 out of 10 stars.

Do I recommend this program? Not really, and there are a few reasons why which I will get to in the cons section shortly.

There are uses to this system and I will also explain them, but ultimately, the main issues I have with this program are that it helps you promote high ticket programs that I personally do not endorse because I feel they are too expensive and some may be schemes so using a program to promote these kinds of offers is a bit unethical to me.

Do I recommend something else? Yes.

high ticket hijack alternative

What is High Ticket Hijack (HTH)? Understanding what it’s all about:

I did give a brief summary of this program just now, but when you get into specifics and here is what is going on:

This program helps you promote 3 specific and expensive offers and they are:

Here is a screenshot of these 3 systems:

high ticket hijack members area

Now out of those 3 offers, I have only really reviewed the first one and I gave it a cautionary (yellow) rating.

The other 2 I will review in the near future, but they are all classified as high ticket programs.

You can become an affiliate for each one (you will have to likely register and possibly PAY to be a member/affiliate first).

But once you become an affiliate for any of these 3 systems, this is where HTH comes into the picture and helps you…

They will give you bonuses and certain codes to input your affiliate link in for each of those 3 programs and whichever one you are signed up with, you will use and promote that link. These links can point to the sales page of the ticket offers and/or webinars that each offer has.

For example:

If I were a member of say Super Affiliate Network and I wanted to promote it with the help of HTH, I’d take my affiliate link of Super Affiliate Network, head over to HTH, input it, and get the new URL to promote to people. Then they would see the bonuses and special incentives to get into the Super Affiliate Network and if they would, I would still make the commission.

It’s basically an extra way to get sales and I could also do that for the other 2 offers and this program is set up in a way that allows you to also collect an email list in this whole process, but you do need to have an autoresponder, like Aweber handy to use this.

What about traffic? What does HTH teach about this?

In order to promote any of these 3 offers, you need traffic and while I have my own methods of getting it, when it comes to the HTH program, here is what they teach about it:

There are 3 main ways this program teaches you to get traffic to your affiliate offer:

1) One is through using solo ads on a popular website called Udimi.

2) Another involves using Instagram and creating images in the make money online category and promoting from there.

3) And the third one involves using YouTube ads. 

Honestly, other than the Udimi training, the other 2 were a bit generalized in my opinion and considering how much time and money it would take to make each work, and the risks associated, I would not really use these methods at all. I think the traffic training in HTH is pretty poor and WILL involve more money to be spent in most cases and this is on top of having to run an autoresponder.


1) I do think the bonuses that are set up for you offered can help improve sales for promoting these expensive offers.


1) I don’t personally like promoting high ticket programs like this (I promote offers like these, but not in the make money online market). Like I said I only reviewed one of them and I didn’t say it was a scam, but the high ticket business in the make money online industry is very questionable because of how deep it goes into your pockets. I don’t think its right to promote such expensive things.

2) I find that other than the software to make the bonuses and set up the customized affiliate links with them, there really isn’t much remaining value in this program. Perhaps one of the 5 up-sells holds more, but I got so annoyed with the sales pages for those, I didn’t really bother checking them out.

3) You can make your own bonus offers for an affiliate promotion without having to do it with this type of program. It really doesn’t require much skill.

For example, I give people incentives like my free coaching if they join a program I promote on this site called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s really easy to set up these bonuses without buying programs like HTH.

4) Again, the traffic training in this program is poor. I really think if you are a beginner, these methods are likely not good to use because of how poorly they are presented and I think you may waste a ton of money experimenting with them in order to make a single high ticket sale.

Final Rating: High Ticket Hijack

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. Other than the pre bonuses and set up, I find a majority of the other things in this program are not really worth it. I also do not believe in these high ticket system promotions and feel that is it way better to promote high quality, lower priced programs like Wealthy Affiliate to help people make money online.

My final thoughts:

There really isn’t much else I can say regarding HTH, other than that I do not like the high ticket business and the tons of programs that pop up in it that are REALLY expensive.

As a successful affiliate, I don’t really look at high commissions as a good thing, and I am very picky about promotions I choose to promote, because I want my customers to know the offer they buy is legitimate, is not a scam, is not a pyramid scheme and works.

With many high ticket offers, including the above 3, like I said before, you will likely have to join these programs and pay for them in order to promote them, so slap those extra expenses on top of the other stuff in HTH and you’re likely going to be putting in $100’s at least to get started with this stuff.

And that kind of set up is not something I will ever recommend or promote to people. As for alternatives, if you are looking to make money online, I can’t promise you any get rich quick schemes, but a program like Wealthy Affiliate will teach you better ways (in my opinion) to get that done and I can offer you my personal help with it.

And again, with the high ticket business, there’s legitimate and illegitimate products and services you can promote. And I can tell you that the Wealthy Affiliate would teach you how to find and promote the legitimate ones.

High Ticket Hijack

About $30

High Ticket Hijack score



  • The software and it's bonus set ups can help increase sales.


  • So many more costs involved to using this (solo ads, autoresponders, signing up with the high ticket program and paying for it, ect...).
  • Poor training in certain parts of the program like the traffic generation lessons.

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