Are Most Warrior Special Offers (WSO) Worth Trying?

WSOIf you’ve been in online marketing, odds are you’ve heard of the Warrior Forum, a popular place where internet marketers of all levels can meet, discuss strategies and share different products. There is also a section called WSO which provides it’s members special offers on products being sold directly through that forum. But are they worth trying out?

In my experience no and I want to explain exactly why this is. You see in my personal opinion, I feel most of the new products released to the Warrior Forum tend to be hyped or in many cases just another program or approach to online marketing I am not a fan of. 

I will say this though: I do find the Warrior Forum to be helpful in the area of researching new and upcoming internet marketing products. In fact, I’ve done tons of reviews on this site that I’ve found out about through the Warrior Forum, although in pretty much every singe case, I’ve rated the program either a red flag (avoid) or yellow flag (caution). In either instance, no products I’ve ever reviewed from there turned out to be good, although some had the potential for that like Forever Affiliate

Moving on…

In my experience, many of the products that are promoted as WSO’s tend to fall into one of the following categories:

Black hat marketing: This is probably the most common. I see tons of programs and products being promoted there that I would never risk using and that’s because they are aimed at trying to find loopholes in search engine systems. I find this approach to eventually lead to failure because search engines constantly update their system to filter out sites and programs which attempt to find loopholes within them.

The black hat marketing industry is huge and in spite of all the updates being done to search engines, they are still thriving because people are constantly looking for shortcuts to internet marketing success. There are certainly ways to do it through black hat methods, but as I said before, in my experience, they often lead to massive failure. I learned this many times, especially when I tried this place.

It’s no surprise the Warrior Forum is one of the most popular places to find black hat marketing products, but I would urge anyone/everyone to stay far away from them. How can you tell if it’s black hat?

If it promises fast results or some sort of automation as well as keywords such as: Content spinner, backlinking, content creation and similar wording. Those tend to be associated mainly with these sorts of products.

Hyped: Oh boy, this is also a big one. In my personal experience, 99% (if not more) or all products I’ve reviewed, including those on the Warrior Forum, including their special offers are hyped to no end. They promise extravagant results, but very often fail to deliver. Many times this hype is often associated with black hat marketing products. 

Re-packaged products: This happens very often too. Re-packaged means there was an older version of a product/program and was re-released, usually under a different name and promises huge things. Sometimes these can be good, but re-packaged products in my experience usually mean the original wasn’t successful or good and it’s unlikely the new version will be any better.

MLM promotions: MLM is rising at a scary pace, especially online since it’s much more convenient and cost effective to start them there. I do not like MLMs in general and would never recommend them because I feel most of them are pyramid schemes. How do you spot them? Often times you will see products that promise you $1,000’s in commissions.

This is usually a sign it’s an MLM. I’ve found many on the Warrior Forum:

  • My Online Business Empire, also it’s partner MTTB.
  • Empower Network.
  • Big Idea Mastermind.
  • Pure Leverage. 
  • And the list goes on and on…

I have never rated an MLM high on my list and personally recommend staying away from them. Usually they require you to buy expensive packages ($1,000’s) before being able to sell them to other people and get 100% commissions (thus the promise of $1,000’s in commissions).

One thing I will also note is that there are a lot of programs especially MLMs which teach people to promote their products ON the Warrior Forum in the WSO section so you’ll often have people affiliated with the program make a post about how awesome a program is and how much money can be made. I personally never trust reviews that seem too bias and recommend skepticism and further research if you are looking to buy the product/program.

Scams: Yes there are a lot of scams promoted on the Warrior Forum (in my opinion at least). They’ll usually fall into one of the above categories, or in some cases, people will just call them out in the actual forum itself. 

Upsells: A lot of WSO’s sell for very little to get people hooked and then up-sell them once they buy. Be very careful of low priced products as they usually signal more promotions once you buy.

Final thoughts:learn internet marketing

The truth is that just because there are a lot of products on the Warrior Forum I would never recommend doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still a pretty decent place to do research and get information. Although I tend to shy away from advice given there because I feel many people there recommend approaches to marketing I never would. 

Either way, instead of looking for the “next best thing” on the Warrior Forum, instead use proven methods of marketing that absolutely work. They do take more time to see results with, but in the long run you do get stability and I would pick that anyday over “fast results” that as I said before usually lead to failure down the road.

Having been involved in online business for years, I learned that doing things the standard and proven way always works. I have also tried the fast approaches to success and in every instance it failed. Learn from my mistakes and do what works!

You can certainly keep checking out WSO’s, but when you’ve been in this business as long as I have, you’ll understand most products, regardless of their promises are just hyped. Stick to what works and you won’t waste your money or time. 

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